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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 185 : The Knight of the Battle
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The Knight of the Battle
by ericajen

As he ran through the various and numerous portraits of Hogwarts, Sir Cadogan contemplated his existence. He was feeling rather bitter and resentful to the fact that he was unable to participate in such a battle as the one taking place before his painted eyes.

He was, after all, a brave and noble knight! He wanted to fight! He wanted to assist the great Harry Potter in defeating the hooded infiltrators of the school! Of course, he was certain that everyone knew what a superb knight he was, but he wanted to show them his incomparable abilities as well.

He also wouldn’t mind impressing the lovely Damara Dodderidge, who he had noticed some time earlier was following him around the castle, though she was trying to be inconspicuous in her conquest. Having her on his mind, Sir Cadogan glanced around the area he was in – a corridor on the third floor, it appeared – and saw Damara across the hall whispering something into the ear of another woman in a portrait, her eyes trained on him.

She blushed furiously when Sir Cadogan locked eyes with her and the blush only deepened when he puffed out his chest and sent her a saucy wink. She placed a hand over her mouth to hide her pleased giggling to no avail.

Satisfied that he had Damara’s undivided attention, Sir Cadogan turned his concentration to the various duels that were occurring throughout the corridor. There was one particularly close to him that he had an excellent view of. He, of course, did not recognize the Death Eater but he did vaguely recall the other dueler as the Gryffindor Seamus Finnigan, though his face was thoroughly covered in scrapes and bruises.

“Fight, Seamus Finnigan! Fight!” Sir Cadogan called out, waving his fist in the air wildly in what he thought was a powerful and encouraging gesture.

Distracted by the shouting of his name, Seamus got hit with a hex from the Death Eater he was dueling. The impact had him on the ground, but not horribly injured.

“Bloody hell!” Seamus yelled at Sir Cadogan. “What’d you yell at me for you git?!”

Sir Cadogan ignored Seamus’s complaints and continued to cheer him on as he resumed battle with his cloaked opponent.

“Show him you strengths, Sir Finnigan! To not let him get to you! He is but a mere obstacle in your path to nobility!”

“What the hell?” Seamus asked in amused disbelief, though he didn’t take his eyes off the Death Eater. “You are one mental portrait!”

“I am a brave knight!” Sir Cadogan disagreed firmly and without hesitation. He puffed his chest out further and wielded his sword. “Let us duel to see who is the better knight!”

“I’m kinda busy, mate,” Seamus replied, as if he were speaking to a small child. Which, to be fair, was something Sir Cadogan tended to act like.

“Coward!” Sir Cadogan shouted at him but Seamus didn’t respond and instead focused fully on his own fight.

For the next several minutes, Sir Cadogan shouted random, bizarre, and slightly insane things at the many duelers scattered around the corridor. Most ignored him but he received a fair few strange and annoyed looks. He also occasionally took the time to smile charmingly at Damara who was looking very impressed with his brave and confident attitude.

After managing to stun his adversary, Seamus, though out of breath from the strain, wandered over to the portrait Sir Cadogan was in.

“How’s that for a fight, you loon?” Seamus asked him.

Sir Cadogan looked Seamus up and down as if surveying him and then spoke slowly, “It was… impressive. You are a worthy knight indeed.”

“Bloody right I am,” Seamus responded and then left as quickly as he had come, in search of a new fight.

“But I am the best knight of all,” Sir Cadogan stated assuredly to Seamus’s retreating form.

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