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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 183 : Blood Purity's Not Worth Bloodshed
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Blood Purity's Not Worth Bloodshed
by mizzxpearl

Crabbe is dead.


Was he my friend? He used to be….but he wasn’t when he died. He didn’t care about friendship anymore. He only wanted to impress our ‘master’.

No. His master. Not ours.

I pull myself up, and even this simple task feels like a major feat to accomplish, which is funny. I haven’t been hit by any spells, yet I feel as though I’m recovering from the cruciatus curse. My feet slowly carry me down the Hogwarts staircase. All around me, rubble is falling. Hogwarts doesn’t look like the castle it once was – it just looks like piles and piles of rubble, unfit for human habitation. I maneuver my way around the broken chandelier, but I don’t know where I’m going. I just know I don’t like this anymore. I don’t want to be a part of this anymore.

I just want the fighting to stop.

I finally look up at the battle ranging on all sides of me. A little Ravenclaw girl is trying to take on Dolohov, who is twice her size. I watch her as she tries her best to dodge his spells, but every missed jet of green light seems like a sheer stroke of luck. I know she won’t be able to keep this up for long. She will never come out of this castle alive. She’ll die right now.

I look down at right hand, which is tightly clutching my wand. Here from the staircase, I have the advantage of a surprise attack on Dolohov. If I just mutter a curse from here, I could perhaps save the girl’s life. She must be no older than fifteen.

I raise my wand, but nothing comes out of my mouth. I just stare transfixed at the fight. What would it mean if I mutter the curse? Would it mean that mean that I don’t want this anymore, that I want Potter’s side to win?

I know the answer to that. I never wanted this. Yes, I wanted blood purity – I didn’t want bloodshed.

If I hadn’t let the Death Eaters in last year – if I hadn’t fixed that vanishing cabinet – maybe Dumbledore would still be alive. Maybe Dumbledore along with all of these innocent people dying right now would still be alive. I should have told Dumbledore what was going on last year. I should have hidden where he told me to, last year on top of that tower.

“Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!”

The girl’s voice jolts me out of my thoughts. She’s still fighting, but she’s barley hanging on. I’d give her around ten more seconds to live.


This girl doesn’t deserve to die.



Will her parents be proud that their daughter died fighting in the war?



Crabbe’s dead.



Where are my parents?





Dolohov falls back in surprise and the girl hits him with another jinx. I look down at my right hand – my wand hand – and see the wand pointing directly at Dolohov’s face.

Weasley had called me a two faced bastard not even ten minutes ago.

I guess he was right.

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