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The Mirror Of Erised by cherishiskisa
Chapter 1 : The Mirror Of Erised
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Draco Malfoy enjoyed wandering around the castle when the halls were empty, lit occasionally by streaks of moonlight, quiet. He liked the feeling of being alone. Even though he was only in his first year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Draco was already a very promising young wizard, and as he walked through the deserted nighttime corridors, his footsteps were silenced by a powerful spell that he wouldn’t officially learn until fifth year, and he was more than a little hard to see (with the help of a third year spell). He liked discovering something that he was sure no one would find out about for several years-- just the week before, he had found a room that changed depending on your needs. And then, as he walked through another corridor lined with doors leading to God knows what, he hoped he would find something there, too.

Several empty classrooms failed to catch his attention and he had almost resigned himself to the fact that he wouldn’t find anything that night when he reached the last door. He almost held his breath, hoping for something interesting, but then caught himself, decided that that was foolish, and pushed the door open.

He was greeted by a seemingly empty room and, disappointed, almost left, but something in the corner caught his attention. Something was shining there, and, not even pausing to think about whether or not it could be dangerous, Draco approached it.

A large mirror at least twice his height stood in front of him. It was clearly very old, and dust streaked its surface. The shape and design was simple, yet imposing. He stood there, looking at the mirror itself, not in it. Words that he could barely read in the dim light were engraved across the top, and he squinted to read them.

Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi. 
The words were certainly not in any language he could read, so he shrugged and looked into the mirror for the first time.

He nearly fell over with the shock of seeing someone in the room with him; he could have sworn he was alone. He looked around, heart racing. No one. He was the only person in the room. But... then... who was she?

Draco risked another look into the mirror. Yes, no doubt about it-- the mirror was showing someone else right next to him. He took a few steps closer to the mirror. He cautiously stretched out a hand and brushed his fingers lightly along its surface-- no, the girl couldn’t be painted on it. He stepped back again. Yet she was indisputably there, standing to his right, smiling serenely.

He looked at her. She appeared to be at least a year younger than him-- so he guessed he didn’t know her yet. She was a few inches shorter than him. Her eyes were almost unimaginably huge, and a light, silvery color that he thought was blue, but the it was impossible to tell exactly in the dusty mirror. Her hair hung in light waves to her waist, and she played with it lazily as she looked straight back at him. Radishes hung from her ears-- no. Wait. Draco peered at her; they were indeed radishes. He shook his head and smiled. They couldn’t be. Why would anyone wear radishes as earrings?

She was really quite beautiful, in an ethereal sort of way. Draco wondered what her name was, but then decided he’d meet her next year. She had to be a witch. She would probably be Hogwarts age soon and getting her letter and then, next year, she would come here. They would meet. Draco sighed.

“I’ll come back tomorrow,” he whispered-- a promise he would try to keep.

As daylight broke over the Forbidden Forest, Draco Malfoy fell asleep thinking of the lovely, mysterious girl in the mirror.


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