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Demented by The Forgotten Muse
Chapter 6 : All Silent in the Broom Closet
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Chapter Six
All Silent in the Broom Closet


His hands slammed against the wall on either side of my head, trapping me between the cold stone and few inches of air before his chest.

"Start. Talking," he hissed.

I stared up into his face, suddenly aware of the subtle differences between Sirius and his brother. The most obvious being Regulus's cold elegance and Sirius's, well, anything but. His silver eyes bore into my soul as he glared back at me. As if he could see the story of my life, every happy moment and every sin.


The corner of his mouth twitched in annoyance and I added that to the growing tally of emotions I was feeling from him at the moment. Anger, resent, pleasure (at just having kicked some serious Slytherin ass, I'm certain), and just the tiniest hint of fear. He didn't speak again and his eyes were starting to flash even brighter with rage.

"I...I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you want me to-"

"What the fuck was that back there?" he spat.

"What? What, in the name of Merlin, are you going on about?"

"What. Happened. Back. There?" he enunciated slowly as if I was too stupid to understand the first time he asked.

"I'm sorry, but I don't see the need of recalling the events that just took place considering you were there," I sniffed, awkwardly trying to fold my arms into a defensive position. "W-wait. You were there. Why the hell were you there?'re supposed to be in Hogsmeade! You followed me!"

"And it's damn well that I did too! I thought I would find out something like this about you. Making deals with the Slytherins. You were just waiting for them to come. Just wait until the guys hear about this! The little facade you put up in front of them will come crumbling down in a heartbeat."

"I've done no such thing! And that doesn't even make any sense! Why would I help you fight them if I was trying to make a deal with them? Besides, you heard me turn down what they offered! And how did you follow me? I couldn't see you. I did spells that would have revealed you! How did you do it?"

"Stop trying to change the subject," he snarled as he kicked the bit of cloth he was holding earlier into the corner.

"Me? Me? I'm the one trying to change the subject? make me sick! You are the absolute quintessence of ego! You think everything in the world revolves around you, Sirius fucking Black! You are nothing but an arrogant bastard!"

Everything he was feeling, all of it, he'd somehow been holding back on. I'm not saying that the emotions weren't there, but they had been...muted. And now they were blaring full blast. They crushed me in such a way that I gasped in horror. Hate, pure hate. And wild, untamed anger. If I'd ever thought I'd seen those emotions before, I'd been wrong. Those weren't the feelings that made people commit cold blooded murder. Those were as fickle and insignificant as butterflies to these.

"Oh? Well, I would rather be an 'arrogant bastard' than a misanthropist like you any day."

"Misanthropist?" I shrieked. "You think I want to be treated like this? I am like this because of petty people like you that can't see past stereotypes and which girl would be a fun shag!"

"I do not! And who I do or do not shag has nothing to do with you! Or your tendencies to watch other people in the act," he added bitterly.

"Oho! So it all comes back around to this. Is that why you're the only one who doesn't like me, Sirius? Is that why?" I taunted. His lips curled as unattractively as is possible for his handsome face. I could easily imagine my expression being a mirror of his.

"Let me put this nice and easy for you. I don't want you to be any more confused than you already are," he literally growled.

My blood was racing with hot emotions of my own. His fueling mine, mine fueling his.

"You think the other guys like you. But you are wrong. Dead wrong."

I glared at him trying to ignore the needles poking at my eyes. I refused to cry in front him. I wouldn't give him the pleasure of seeing me shed tears. I wouldn't let him feel as though he had some upper hand in this situation. Most of all, I couldn't, let him see how badly this was affecting me. My stomach grumbled loudly but both of us pretended not to notice.

"Remus had deluded himself into thinking that just because you are a dementor and he is a werewolf, that you just have to be the bestest of fwiends. James only accepted the invitation to impress Evans. He doesn't like you anymore than I do - he's just using Remus as an excuse. And Peter! He's only sticking around because the majority is too. Because Remus and James are." He narrowed his eyes. "It seems I'm the only one with any sense these days."

That...that bastard. How could he hate me, no anybody, so completely and thoroughly? And could could I even stand right now? I could barely breathe. My skin crawled, my eyes burned, muscles ached, tongue swelled and practically gagged me. And all because of this one boy? All because of Sirius?

My head spun. The smallness of the closet made the feelings even more concentrated than usual. And the fact that he was experiencing the purest emotions I'd ever felt in my life wasn't exactly helping. Pure, of course, in the sense of having pure cocaine, not as in those pure of heart.

I was dying. I had to be. An overload of negativity and my stabbing hunger. I was literally killing myself from the inside out. I was eating myself away. I was trying to get to those happy emotions, but there were none. Was this what Dumbledore warned might happen if I didn't eat?

Ah. There went my legs. My knees slammed into the filthy floor, the crack almost as bad as the sound Regulus's head had made against the wall. My vision wobbled as I stared at Sirius's feet. Oh Merlin.

"Oh, poor little Soulsucker. Is the truth that hard to handle?" Sirius sneered.

Ow. Ow, my head. My whole body ached. This was not good. I had to be dying. I started to sob, my plan not to show weakness well out the window now. No, no. I couldn't die now.

"I-I can't..." I slurred as my palms hit the area near my knees. Faint worry streaked through Sirius. He nudged me with his foot. The gentle swaying motion was enough. I threw up, just missing his shoes as he jumped away.

"Are you okay?" he wondered aloud.

I groaned and held my stomach. The acidic smell of my own regurgitation revolting. Through my growing tunnel vision, I could see a dark reddish colour to my vomit. The metallic taste in my mouth along with the bile confirmed that I'd thrown up blood. That couldn't be good.

I was weak....I slumped to my left on a crate of cleaning supplies. Yes, there was no doubt in my mind that I was dying.

Sirius knelt near my head. I focused on his face as I spoke. Albeit, he was the cause of my death, but I wanted his face to be the last thing I ever saw. If nothing else, I simply hoped that it would haunt him for the rest of his life.

"Y-your...fault," I wavered as my tunnel vision closed and I went cold. Then I lost consciousness.


Yay for another cliffhanger! (did anyone else watch "Between the Lions" as a kid? Remember Cliff Hanger? That always pops into my mind. "Cliff Hanger hanging from a cliff and that's why they call him Cliff Hanger!") Please don't hate me. I know this chapter is really short and frustrating, but I had to end it here.

On a happier note, I reached 200 reviews the other day! Thanks, guys. You are the rock to my roll...or some other equally cheesy saying.

Aaaand, it's my birthday on August 27th! Drop a review because I love presents :D The big 1-7 for me. I can (legally) drive with more than one non-blood related person in my car and go see R rated movies without a parent. I'm so bad ass now. Haha yeah right.

Almost forgot...the person in this chapter image is Felicity Pagenaud (aka the girl Sirius was about to get busy with last chapter). A little mention of her this chapter so I felt like showing you how I picture her.


~The Forgotten Muse

P. S. Sorry for the extra wait, but the chapter was rejected for the first time because I was careless and didn't realize I posted the text twice XD

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