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Sanctus Espirtus by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: This is a Next Generation story. And While i am putting some Harry potter Characters in here, there will not be many scenes in which they are involved. For some this may be the only chapter in which they appear.
So Most of the characters are of my own Creation, but those who are not Belong to J.K. Rowling. Enjoy. Also September 21 happens to be a sacred holiday in the Wiccan religion. It is the Autumnal Equinox and wiccan religion plays a big part in this story.

The night was dark and eerie and the forest was alive with dark activity. It was the night of September 21, one of the four most sacred holidays in the wizarding world. In the distance a baby cried. The woods heard all, and they, the creatures of the night moved forward, curious

about the sound.
    "Take it away," a male voice said roughly.
        "No!" A woman’s voice faintly echoed.
    "I will not have that Merlin awful creature in my home!" The man’s voice came again. The leader of the creatures stepped forward and smiled. It was a cold malicious smile.
        "Please Harry! I beg you! He is only a baby, please." 
    "Maybe I would Ginny, if it were my child; but it is the bastard son of that mongrel. You were the stupid whore and this is where it has left you. Get it out of here!" Harry bellowed. 

 Minutes later, a woman dressed in a cloak stepped to the edge of the forest carrying a small bundle in her arms. The wind howled harshly through the trees. The woman gently set the bundle down and ran back into her home.
The leader stepped forward and picked the bundle up, showing it to the others.
    "This is the prophecy child, the one destined to be our King, and so one day he will. He is to be called Frost Sanctus. I will take him as my own child," the leader spoke to them. The crowd cheered. Then the leader raised his left hand over the child and gave him immortality.

On the same night, in London, another child was born.
    "Isn't she beautiful?" Laura Malfoy asked breathlessly.
        "She is, Laura, she is," Draco said softly, holding his wife.
    "What should we call her?" 
        "Angelica, Angelica Espiritus," Draco drawled slowly.
    "Why can't we call her Angelica Malfoy?"
         "She is the saviour of the clans, Laura. She belongs to the clan, not only to us. We have no right to call her, Malfoy."

Laura nodded at his words.
    "I bless thee my child," they spoke together.

This was the night that was the start of the end. The wizarding world had changed. The world was in danger since the destruction of the Ministry. All the wands had been destroyed with it, and three children, the next generation in the line of long family trees, held all the power. They were the saviours and the darkness. The end would come, and it would be horrifying.
Frost Sanctus would be King of Darkness. Strong willed and selfish, he would rule over the wizarding world in terror.
But there was hope: a girl child, his equal.
Angelica Espiritus; born of Light to rule with Darkness. Wise and clever, she could end the terror. 
But still the end would come.

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