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Don't Ask, Don't Tell. by Alonia187
Chapter 1 : Donít Ask, Donít Tell.
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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Hermione finds out that Ron is cheating on her. After she confronts him, yelling and telling him off, she heads to the Leaky Cauldron and right into the arms of an old enemy of theirs.

Can Hermione learn from her mistake with Ron? Will Harry approve of her new boyfriend? And what does this have to do with Draco Malfoy anyway?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:

Tears. Hurtful never-ending tears trickled down her sorrow face. Her emotions were numb as she slowly sipped her mug of firewisky as memories from earlier that day came flooding horribly back to her.


She had just gotten home when she saw that the door unlock and was open about an inch or two. Pulling out her wand just incase the remaining deatheaters were inside; she kicked the door with her foot and moved around the corner of the front door. Nothing except Ron’s clothes and someone else’s clothes.

Looking around she checked on her security spells and they were alright, nothing was wrong in that sense. Then came a soft pounding sound and a loud moan coming from her bedroom. Hermione’s heart thudded hard as she went to go see what was going on. The door was wide open and she saw that Ron was in bed with someone else. Someone that wasn’t Hermione.

“Harder Won-Won!” the woman cried as Ron then shouted from the feeling as Hermione felt sick to her stomach, betrayed and hurt.

The anger quickly engulfed Hermione as she thought of Petrificus Totalus as she pointed her wand towards the couple and everything ceased. When Hermione walked into the bedroom, she saw that Lavender Brown was wearing her new sexy night gown that she had bought the day before.

‘She can have it for all I care. I don’t want it now since its ruin.’ Hermione thought as she crept closer to the bed.

Hermione released them from the spell and then thought of the defensive charge before Ron or Lavender could do anything except experience a lot of pain.

“How could you Ronald!?! I thought you had changed from the War, I take it that’s a lie, among the thousands that you said to me?” Hermione snapped at him after the spell was broken.

“I have changed, Hermione! It’s you that’s hasn’t,” he replied back, jumping off of the bed and putting on his pants.

“What do you mean that I haven’t change since the War? You don’t think that I too have lost friends? Wake up and look around, Ronald I have! You’re not the only one who-”


“If you say my brother’s name then get the bloody hell out of my house,” he hissed dangerously at her.

Hermione felt the horrible pain on her face as the tears swelled up and leaked down as she gathered up almost all of her clothes; except her ruin night gown and was gone in a puff of smoke.

She at once went to Harry’s house, and only found Ginny at home, however she let her in. Ginny listened through all of it as she then saw the memory and afterwards was livid. Ginny sent letters to her whole family except Ron.

Hermione took a long hot shower and then did something that surprised Ginny as she burned all of her clothes and then said “I’m going shopping, Ginny. I’ll see you later on tonight,”

Ginny couldn’t help but stay where she was as her best friend was gone again. Spending the whole day to herself, Hermione bought a lot of new up-to-date clothes and used Ron’s money to buy all of them. After she sent the many bags of her new clothes to Ginny’s house, she decided to go get something to eat from the Leaky Cauldron.


For the past five hours that she has been here, Hermione softly touched her swollen and sore cheek and sighed. She honestly thought that everything was fine between her and Ron. Knowing that Ginny was worried sick for her, she bet that Harry was looking for her but she didn’t want to leave just yet.

“Granger?” she heard a voice that she knew anywhere.

Looking up through her tears, she saw Draco Malfoy holding on to some packages and such. Draco however was awfully concern on why she got a nice shiner on her face and then he noticed her new outfit with her mug of Firewhisky.

“What Malfoy?” she hoarsely asked him, hoping he would go away.

“Scoot over,” he told her and set his things down.

He made her scoot when she didn’t move over for him. The lantern lighting only showed the softness of her bruise as he moved closer to see it better. Hermione wanted to move away but he held onto her waist.

“What happened?” he whispered softly in her right ear.

More tears came trickling down as she finally broke. Draco; surprised by this, wrapped his other arm around her shaking body and was putting two and two together.

“I found them. Ron, her. Our bed. He cheated on me,” she told him between her sobs.

Grinding his teeth together, Draco held her tightly to him as she sobbed some more over this situation. Ronald Weasley will pay for this. Draco didn’t care if Ron goes missing for a couple of days, no one would miss him and Draco knew that Potter wouldn’t mind either if he knew of this situation of Hermione and Weasley.

‘Hermione? What the bloody hell? ….Hermione.’ he thought and looked down at her as she was looking down.

“Where are you staying?” he asked her, hoping he would get a good answer from her.

“Harry’s and Ginny’s for now,” she weakly replied to him.

“Alright. Does Potter know?” Draco asked her, hoping that she would say yes.

She remained silent as she sorted through her thoughts. Draco gently rubbed her shoulder just to distract him self from her awaiting answer.

“Yes they do,” She replied to him as she softly smiled at him though it hurt.

Nodding to her, he gently kissed her forehead as he asked a waiter to bring them some food and something besides Firewhisky. From a far, two pair of old blue eyes saw all of this go down. Writing it all down, she couldn’t help but to gossip about this entire new couple.

“I wouldn’t do that, Rita,” came a strict voice.

Looking up she saw a very livid Harry Potter and asked “Why not?”

“She’s been through a lot for today. Hold it off until next month,” Harry replied to her.

Rita heavily sighed and nodded, not wanting to be a beetle stuck in a jar again.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Harry whispered to her as she gathered her stuff and nodded to him and was gone.

Hermione and Draco didn’t know that this had gone down but they weren’t too worried about that yet as Harry watched over them for a while. He didn’t know where this new relationship between the two of them was going but he knew that Malfoy would treat Hermione much better then Ron ever did.


Author's Note:
Alright, it's a first one-shot in long time for me. So I hope you guys enjoyed it and may be, just may be, that this will turn into something else. Don't get your hopes up thou. Anyway, Please Review since I am a little unsure of this one-shot.


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Don't Ask, Don't Tell.: Donít Ask, Donít Tell.


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