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Assume The Position by Twinklestar
Chapter 2 : Lets Dance Like Leprecons
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Quinnie Carter.

Incredible image by tina.loves @tda(:



“I cannot believe we told them we were looking for a Polar Bear, that just so happens to be our friend in a bikini!” Quinnie is currently stabbing her sausage with her fork, really pissed off. She thinks she ruined her chances of ever getting with Lupin because his best mates think we are messed in the head.

Which we are. But I feel so bad, for Quinster. Maybe I will have a chat with Potter and Black…

Hahaha. As if! With my luck I’d end up telling them about some squirrel wearing a speedo.


I pat her back with a sad smile. “Maybe he finds it sexy?”

Quinnie stares at me like I have twenty eye balls. “Are you saying he might find a Polar Bear in a bikini sexy?” she asks with her jaw dropped. I chuckle and shake my head. “Of course not! Maybe he thinks you’re funny and finds it cute?”

Quinnie sighs sadly and looks over at the Gryffindor table. The Marauders are staring right at us. Yay, for us. Except that they were staring at us like we are talking about how we are going to kill them and hide the bodies.

…. I was thinking sticking them in an oven, over heating them, and then leaving the bodies in Fletcher Monroe’s trunk. But I’m almost positive Monroe will know it was me. Douche.

Merlin! Why me, Abigail? Why me?” Quinnie shakes her head and eats her breakfast silently and miserably. I even catch her snarling at her bacon.

I glance at the Marauders to find them not staring at Quinster and I anymore. I sigh in relief and go back to eating my delicious breakfast. It was peaceful and quiet for a long while. Which I really need and want. It’s Monday morning and I was up all night with Quinnie who kept having nightmares about the Ninja Turtles and the Marauders.

Don’t ask.

“Ew. Look what the cat dragged in.” I roll my eyes automatically at the voice. I know that voice way too well.

Fletcher Monroe. Or what I like to call him at times: Bonehead. Believe me, if you knew him like I know him, you’d hate him too. He has to be the bloodiest biggest dick to be in this school. He even comes before Amber Tile. Yeah, he sucks that bad.

“Don’t you have someone’s homework to copy?” I raise one of my eye brows as I ask him.

He sneers at me before he sits across from me at the table. Quinnie seems to finally notice him and rolls her eyes and goes back to eating a bowl of what looks like smashed brain. Oh, its oatmeal. My bad.

“Why, you have some homework for me to copy?” he winks at me and smiles, showing his pearly white teeth. I glare at him and cross my arms over my chest.

“Leave us alone.”

Fletcher laughs and takes toast from the basket in between us. Monroe’s best mate decides to take a seat beside him. His name is Mason Sherwood and he is completely gorgeous. So gorgeous he could even be more hotter than Sirius Black. I try not to stare because he’s my enemies best friend.

“Good morning, ladies!” Mason greets Quinnie and I. I smile friendly but Quinnie has fallen asleep in her bowl of Oatmeal. I nudge her shoulder and she shots right up.

Bits of Oatmeal drip from her face. Yucky.

“What, is there something on my face?” she asks me worried. She doesn’t want Remus to think she is a slob.

Fletcher erupts in chuckles and Mason just stares at her dumbstruck. I just continue to stare at her trying so hard not to laugh. “You’ve… got.. Some oatmeal.. On your face….” I tell her between my giggles.

She frowns and wipes her face with the cloth Mason had handed to her. She thanks him quickly and narrows her eyes at me. I smile cheekily at her and she smiles half heartedly with a shake of her head. Her two pigtails have managed to stay dry and not touch the yucky smashed brain.

I sigh after my laughter has died down and stand up. “Come on, Crazy Q. We have to head off to a tortured hour of McGonagall’s screeching.” Quinnie stands up and grabs her books. She smiles shyly at Mason and glares at Fletcher before walking away.

I wave to Mason. Fletcher waves to me. I roll my eyes and follow after my crazy but lovable best mate.

“Mason’s pretty cute,” I tell her with a grin. She shrugs her shoulders and I frown in response. I thought I would try and get Quinnie to think of another boy besides Lupin. Only Merlin knows if he will ever even take a glance at her now that James and Sirius think we’re murderers.

“I fancy Remus,” she reminds me simply. I sigh unhappily and adjust my school bag on my right shoulder before she says, “But, Sherwood has gotten pretty cute.” I giggle and punch her shoulder playfully.

“Oh my sponge dipped in caramel. STOP! There he is.” Quinnie points down the corridor bouncing up and down on her heels. Lupin is standing in front of his class waiting for the doors to open. He stares down at his shoes.

“Oh,” I say and keep walking until I feel Quinnie pull me back. She stares at me weirdly. “I can’t pass him. Are you crazy? I’ll probably fall on my arse and show him my knickers.”

I chuckle quietly. “Well, let him take a look at what he can have,” I joke but receive a punch in the arm. Ow. I only like punching is if I’m the one doing the punching.

“Come on. I’ll make sure you don’t fall.” I grasp her wrist and drag her down the corridor until she decides to start walking on her own beside me. I laugh as she wipes her nose to make sure it was clean. Crazy Q.

As we walk slowly pass Remus, I am surprised when he looks up and smiles at us. Right before he waves, looking intently at Quinnie. I am so shocked I stop walking and let go of Quinnie’s wrist. But Quinnie keeps walking!

I am about to shout to her but she walks into the wall. Remus and I both gasp as Quinnie takes a dizzy step back with her hand on her forehead. I am about to run over to her but she takes off running down the corridor.

I look at Remus and grin awkwardly. “She’s… fine.”

I run off after Quinnie and find her dancing like a little Leprecon. I stare at her with an eye brow raised and she smiles so big at me I think her face is about to blow up.

“He smiled and waved at me!” she exclaims and continues with her dance. I laugh and decide to join her in her little dance. Maybe he does think her creepiness is cute.



“I hate Potions!” Quinnie pouts and crosses her arms over her chest. I chuckle at her child-like behavior. She only hates Potions is because she isn’t one of Slughorn’s favorite students.

“I love Potions!” I tell her with a cheeky grin. She rolls her eyes at me with a small smile. “Only because Slughorn has been wanting you in his Slug Club since you walked into this bloody school.”

She’s right. Slughorn only loves me so much is because we’ve known each other since I could crawl in diapers. You see, Horace is my neighbor back at home. When I was really small my Mum and I used to bake him sweets and leave them in front of his front door. He always said they were delicious.

Speaking of Professor Sluggy; he opens the classroom door and greets us with a dimple grin. I smile back as Quinnie forces a smile out but it looks like a grimace. I hold back a laugh as Sluggy looks at the floor scared of Quinnie’s look.

Quinnie and I sit at one of the back tables beside one another. Hopefully, Sluggy wont be a douche this year and pair us off with other people randomly. I really hope not. It’s my last year here at Hogwarts and last year I had to work with smelly Severus Snape for the whole entire year.

He really needs to shower. I tried telling him that in a nice way but he glared at me and called me a vile word in the middle of class. I was so embarrassed but at the end of the class, someone hexed him into the Jelly-Legs Jinx. It wasn’t Quinnie so I have no clue who it was.

But I love him. With my whole itty bitty heart.

“Ugh! I wish we had Herbology. It sucks we can only take that class until Fifth Year. I should start a petition…” I tune out the rest when I see Fletcher come strolling in with a lopsided smile.

He catches my eye and winks. I roll my eyes as he sits at the table in front of Quinnie and I. Of course he would. He bloody would. He loves to make my day as awful as it can get. Not even Amber Tile gets under my skin so much.

Speaking of which, she just walked in. Looking beautiful as ever and walks over to Fletcher and ruffles his blond hair. I roll my eyes. Could she be anymore of a flirt? We’re in a bloody classroom for Hell’s sake!

“Are you jealous?” Quinnie’s loopy.

I stare at her like she’s crazy(even though she is). “Well, you’re staring at Monroe and Tile like you want to bloody rip Tile’s limbs apart.” Damn. Quinnie is too observant.

“I’m not jealous. Quinnie are you on some new medication? I just think she’s being inappropriate when we are in a classroom.” I explain and smile at her. She sighs and nods her head before opening her Potions notebook. I see a written ‘Mrs. Quinnie Lupin’ in neat cursive in her notebook.

I snort but hide it with a cough. She looks at me weirdly. “Are you sick? Don’t come near me! I can’t get sick in case Remus kisses me.” She pushes me away and I almost fell off my chair.

Oh, wait. I did fall off my chair.

“Ow! You pushed me off the bloody chair, woman!” I shriek whilst rubbing my now throbbing head. Quinnie smiles innocently and goes back to writing more annoying Lupin things in her notebook. I growl to myself and is about to stand up until I see a hand dangling in front of my eyes.

I look puzzled as I stare at it. “You’re supposed to take it so I can help you up.” The voice sounds amused but I do not recognize it. I look up to see the gorgeous Sirius Black. I force a grin and he helps me up.

I almost fall back down when he smiles at me. “Are you all right?” he asks me, staring at me oddly. My jaw drops as I stare at him. I notice a freckle right above his right eye brow.

Oh, Merlin…

“She’s all right. Must have taken quite of a fall. Sorry, Little Red.” I hear Quinnie say and she leads me back to my chair. Sirius smiles one last time and walks over to his table with Peter Pettigrew.

I rub my blue eyes. What in the world…

“You were totally just checking out Sirius Black,” Quinnie whispers to me. I just notice that Slughorn is speaking and had just started class. I shake my head at her and give her a Get-Real look.

“I’ve assigned partners for all of you. Once I call your partner, go and settle at a table and I will hand out the directions for your lab this afternoon.”

I groan as does the rest of the class. Sluggy was known to partner students who we’re complete opposites. I better not get Peter Pettigrew. Or I will hurt somebody. Hahaha, just joking. I’m a Huffle. We don’t do that.

Many students were paired up. Some liked their partner and others got into an argument with Slughorn about their partner. I just hope I like my partner.

“Quinnie Carter and … Fletcher Monroe.”

I laugh and Quinnie glares at me as she packs up all her things and walks over to Fletcher’s table. Fletcher looks like he was just told his puppy had run away. I hope it does.


“Abigail Button and … Sirius Black.” Merlin, just strike me now.

Of bloody course Slughorn would pair me off with Sirius Black. I’ll probably stutter like a crazy person and he will think I have some sick disease that I caught from Quinnie, and so he will tell Remus and Remus will never look at her again-breaking my dear best friends heart into tiny pieces.

“Hey,” he greets me with a charming smile. I literally have to hold onto the edge of our table to keep from falling. He is so gorgeous.


“Hi,” I say quietly just as Slughorn comes by and hands me the instructions to our assignment today. I sigh to myself and read all the directions. Sluggy want’s all of us to brew the Babbling Beverage Potion. I’ve never brewed it before but I have heard of it. Quinnie’s older and bitchy sister slipped some into her cup last Thanksgiving. She said some hurtful things to her non favorite relatives.

“So, what are we supposed to make today, Malady?” I stare at him in awe. He just called me his lady! What do I call him, Maguy?

“Um, the Babbling Beverage Potion,” I answer him quickly and busy my eyes with staring down at the parchment in my hands. I am the worst when it comes to talking to cute boys. Especially popular cute boys like Sirius Black.

Sirius laughs loudly and snatches the parchment out of my hands. “Right. I’ll get the ingredients and we can brew it up!” He tells me enthusiastically. Is he really excited to be making a pointless Potion for class? I definitely am not.

He walks off before I get a chance to reply and I am stuck sitting at a lonely table at the back of the classroom. Looking like the loser I am. Oh, nutter.


I look up in surprise to find what caused the explosion. “YOU BLOODY MONKEY! WHAT DID YOU DO?!” That voice belongs to Quinnie. Oh, dear. I can’t help but laugh as Quinnie repeatedly hits Fletcher’s arm with one of her text books. Her blonde hair is spiked in many different directions like she had stuck her finger in an electric socket.

Everyone crowds around their table and laughs before Slughorn rushes up looking somewhere between confused and amused. Sirius finds his way back to my table with a smirk on his face. I grin back at him.

“What happened here?” Slughorn asks Quinnie and Monroe. “THAT IDIOT RUINED THE POTION!” Quinnie yells and crosses her arms over her chest with a gruff look on her face. “I DID NOT! I DID EXACTLY WHAT THE DIRECTIONS TOLD ME TO!” Fletcher yells right back at her.

“Oh, my. Mister Monroe, I think it is best you head off to the Hospital Wing,” Sluggy tells Fletcher with an amused smile on his face. Fletcher stares at him confused. “I feel fine, Sir.”

“Yes, but your face is not so fine, Mister Monroe,” Professor Slughorn tells him with a laugh. I see Fletcher shrug and pack all his books. When he stands and turns to face me, I finally see what Slughorn was talking about.

I laugh so bloody hard I almost slip off my chair when I see Fletcher’s eye brows completely blasted off his face. He sneers as he walks past my desk and I stifle a giggle behind my hand. Wow, I am so gonna buy Quinnie all the plants she bleeding wants!

“Well, someone is looking exceptionally dashing today,” I hear Sirius joke with a small laugh. I giggle beside him and we begin our work on the potion. I didn’t stutter once.



“Remind me to hex Monroe later today,” Quinnie tells me in her low I-wanna-kill-somebody-right-now voice. I laugh before saying, “Of course I will! Even though getting his eye brows blasted off his face was perfect revenge on that tosser.”

Quinnie laughs evilly before collecting all her textbooks on my desk. We begin to walk out of the Potions classroom before Slughorn stops us with a smile. It takes everything inside of me to not groan right now.

“Miss Button! I’d like to tell you the potion you and Mister Black brewed today was magnificent. You make lovely partners.”

I smile and thank him. Quinnie grumbles vile words under her breath beside me. “I also want to remind you that I am having a Slug Club Meeting soon,” he says with a hopeful smile. I sigh deeply before telling him, “I’m sorry, Professor, but I’m terribly busy. Maybe the next one.”

Slughorn smiles politely before nodding his head and letting Quinnie and I walk out of the classroom. Once we are out of ear shot, Quinnie chuckles. “I think he has an illegal crush on you,” she says.

I make a disgusted look and gag. Quinnie laughs and locks arms with me.

“So, I was thinking on using the Bat-Bogey hex on Monroe,” she says casually. I chuckle and reply, “I think the Jelly-Fingers Curse during dinner will do.”


Second chapter of Assume The Position. (: please review and tell me what you think!

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