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Hannah Abbott's Guide to Relaxation by GloGirl3223
Chapter 1 : Hannah Abbott's Guide to Relaxation
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters

“I’m too stupid, I can’t take these exams!”

Had I really just wailed that in the middle of class?

“Miss Abbott!”

Apparently, I had.

Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, stared at me. Her dark brown eyes were wide with shock that a student from her house could interrupt a lesson. I was not able to meet her startled gaze, and rather stared determined at my pot of lovage. I had the strangest feeling in the back of my throat, almost as though I was going to throw up.

I was not going to throw up.

“I want to go home!” No, I did not throw up vomit, but I did throw up word vomit, which resulted in a few giggles from my classmates along with some startled looks.

And now I’m sobbing.


In the middle of class I had proclaimed that I was stupid and that I wanted to go home. I didn’t want to go home. Did I? Part of me wanted to forget all about Hogwarts, return to my house cuddling under my Holyhead Harpies sheets, and never return to finish my education. What good was an education anyways?

My mother believes that education is everything. She was also a Hufflepuff not to mention a Prefect. Naturally, I followed in her vast footsteps of accomplishment. Unlike my mother I was currently the subject of ridicule because of this outcry about my O.W.L.s in the middle of Herbology. The Ordinary Wizarding Levels were a series of tests that a student must take at the end of their fifth year to be able to move on and take certain classes in their sixth. From their rumors, and the amount of homework we had procured this year, they were horrible.

I had to be the first to crack under the intense amount of pressure.

I stood there, sobbing, unable to look at anyone in the class. My face was hot and I clamped my mouth shut to insure that no more word vomit would gurgle out of my lips.

“Mister Longbottom,” I heard Pomona Sprout start to speak to my Herbology partner Neville Longbottom. “Will you please escort Miss Abbott to the infirmary?” I didn’t think I needed an escort to the Hospital Wing of the school, but at the present moment I didn’t care. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to run out of there.

“Yes, Professor.” I heard Neville agree and he took my arm. He guided me out of the fifth year greenhouse and down the path to the castle doors. He kept quiet throughout the walk, leaving only my strangled sobs to be heard by any passerbys.

I was shaking violently. I had made a complete fool of myself in front of a fifth year class. Knowing the majority of the students at Hogwarts, the knowledge of a fifth year having a panic attack over O.W.L.s would spread like wildfire. I was the newest piece of gossip, until someone else cracked, leaving me feeling utterly humiliated.

As soon as we entered the large Hospital Wing, Madame Pomfrey greeted us with care. Although she had a stern look and voice, the school nurse was kind to any student who entered the doors for any reason. Guiding me to the first bed, she sat me down and looked towards Neville.

“What happened, Mister Longbottom?” She asked him. I looked down at my hands in my lap, still shaking and crying.

“Hannah- er- had a break down.” Neville Longbottom did not appear to like the idea of repeating the incident to Madame Pomfrey, but he did so with care and he had soon left me and Madame Pomfrey alone.

“Try and relax, Miss Abbott. I will go and get you a calming draught.” The school nurse left to find me a potion to get rid of my tremors and sobs. I was left to think how many students had come to Pomfrey in the past for a calming draught over the many years that students had to take exams.

I buried my head in my hands, hoping I was not the only student this happened to. I would already be the subject of mockery. Surely, I did not need the title of “Panic Attack Abbot.” I could almost hear my classmates’ laughter echo through the hallways.

Or was that real laughter?

I looked up from my lack luster palms and noticed two boys, identical in looks, wandering into the Hospital Wing of the castle. Their laughter disturbed the paintings, on the walls near the door, who stared daggers at them. They, however, didn’t seem to notice the paintings that stared, or the quivering girl in the first bed.

I recognized the identical twins as Fred and George Weasley. I was in the same year as their brother Ron Weasley, and it was easy to tell who was a member of the Weasley clan. They all had flaming red hair and freckles on the bridge of their nose. The two twins were beaters for Gryffindors’ Quidditch Team, and were finishing up school this year. Fred and George also loved to cause trouble. A few of the Hufflepuffs, who were younger and more naďve than myself, signed up for their trials. I know a few of them end up in the Hospital Wing.

I then noticed something peculiar about one of the twins. George - or maybe Fred – had entered with an enlarged tongue hanging from the side of his mouth. I nearly threw up actual vomit at the sight of the huge tongue. I stared at the other twin instead, as he threw his head back to laugh.

“You two again!” Madame Pomfrey all but shrieked, as she exited her office with a smoking goblet in her hand. “Another mishap with a spell, I assume?” Pomfrey did not wait for them to answer, but rather motioned them to the bed next to mine. She came to my side and handed me the smoking goblet. “Here you are, Miss Abbott. Drink up and rest.”

With that, Pomfrey turned back to the two trouble makers. “What happened this time?” The nurse sounded exhausted, and I wondered how many times she had to deal with the Weasley twins. My guess was more than a few. I brought up the goblet to my lips sipping on the substance, feeling a euphoria fall upon my shoulders almost instantly. I held back a sigh, but began to eavesdrop on the others, while I continued to down the calming potion.

“Just a charms mishap.” The twin without the increased tongue spoke.

“I didn’t know Professor Flitwick was doing a lesson on bodily enlargements.” Her way of phrasing things caused the two boys to snicker. I watched them from the corner of my eye and saw that the one without the large tongue had noticed me finishing off my drink.

“It was an accident, that’s all.” He said to her and Madame Pomfrey rested her hands on her hips.

“I’m sure, well, I’ll be back in a moment.” She left to return to her office leaving the boys snickering once more. I placed the goblet on the bedside table and returned to my former position, my feet dangling off the bed and my hands in my lap. I did not dare to look up at the two laughing boys, but instead began to count the pleats and wrinkles in my uniform skirt.

“So what are you in for?”

My head darted up to look at the red haired boy without the engorged tongue. It was very difficult to keep focus on him. The disgusting tongue of his brother could pull looks from anywhere, but it wasn’t a sight I was particularly fond of. I did not know how to answer the twin. I didn’t feel like telling him how I had a panic attack over O.W.L.s, but I didn’t have anything visibly wrong with me.

So I decided to lie through my teeth.

“Upset stomach.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all.” I answered him quickly before averting my gaze from the brothers and returning it to my lap, where I believed it belonged. The lie wasn’t entirely false. As soon as they had entered, I felt queasy from staring at the tongue and my panic attack also hadn’t helped my stomach at all. However, now I was feeling quite calmer in almost every aspect.

“You’re in Ron’s year right?” The twin asked me. I still didn’t know which twin I was talking to, but I knew that he was talking about his brother Ron who shared a year with me.

“Yes, forgive my manners,” I said looking up and held out a hand, “I’m Hannah Abbott.”

“I’m Fred, and this is George.” Fred said pointing to his brother with the enlarged tongue, who attempted to speak, but noticed that I was trying not to look at him. However, they both shook my hand and smiled, or, in George’s case, attempted to smile.

“Pleasure.” I said keeping my eyes averted from the gross nature of Georges mouth. “What happened to his tongue?” I asked attempting to make small talk. In truth, I was hoping to figure out what had really happened, and why they were hiding from Madame Pomfrey.

“Ton-Tongue Toffee.” Fred quickly answered, “We perfected them last year, but sometimes the swelling doesn’t go down. A little hiccup, but luckily Poppy’s got a good antidote.” And as if right on cue, Madame Pomfrey bustled out of her office with another potion and handed it to George.

“Drink up,” Pomfrey said before turning to me and taking the goblet from the bedside table. “When you feel better, Miss Abbott, you may return to class.” Then she left us alone once more. I didn’t really want to leave. With Fred and George, there was no ridicule. I was safe in the walls of the Hospital Wing, but if I left I was sure to be teased by my classmates for becoming a spaz.

“You’re a Prefect?” When I had looked back to Fred he was staring at the silver badge near my Hufflepuff crest on the left side of my robes.

“Oh, well, yes.” I said nervously. I wondered if Fred thought that I would get him into trouble, but he only grinned.

“Not going to turn us in are you?” He said his eyes widening and his lips pouting to make him look more pleading. I laughed, which was unusual for me.

“Don’t worry, I was just curious.” I saw the gleam in his eye and felt something else in my stomach. It could not have been a product of the Calming Draught Madame Pomfrey had given to us, but rather a nervous flutter. Fred had been watching me, an amused gleam in his eye.

“You aren’t really in here for an upset stomach are you?” I was taken aback by Fred and chose to look at his brother, whose tongue was returning to its normal size after a few drops of the potion. It was still disgusting.

“I am.” I tried to sound defiant, but when the words rolled out of my mouth they sounded more like a question.

“This isn’t over O.W.L.s- is it?” Fred may have been a trouble maker, but he was smart. It was then that I decided to keep my mouth shut and go back to counting the pleats in my skirt.

“You know, we only scored three O.W.L.s.” George interjected and I looked at him. He talked as though he was swallowing his words, but his tongue was returning to its normal size.

“Yeah, load of bollocks anyways.” Fred said waving it off, “We’ve been working on ways to help kids in your years get out of class. It will certainly help keep the stress off.”

“I’ve heard about you using kids as testers for your creations.” I said watching them, “At the Prefects meeting I was told to confiscate anything of yours that I found.”

“Well, if you don’t want to try anything-,”

“I don’t want to test anything.” I interrupted.

“Well than you at least need to lift your spirits. I haven’t heard of anyone having a breakdown yet.” I looked down again not meeting their eyes, “But if you do, just try and relax. Or come to Poppy for some rest. She understands.” Fred said leaning over to pat my knee. I looked up meeting his eyes as my breath caught. I had never been attracted to a boy at Hogwarts, but I could not help noticing Fred’s sparkling eyes or the kind smile on his lips.

The boys had always been no-good trouble makers in my head, but now I could see that they had good hearts too. They both smiled at me sympathetically.

“Try and relax, Hannah.” Fred said standing up beside his brother.

“Yeah, and if you ever want to become a tester for the Skiving Snackboxes…” George started.

“Let us know.” The twins said in unison before walking off, talking about a new idea to sell. I watched Fred as they walked away; I knew the difference between them now. I could see it in their eyes because looking at George I didn’t feel a thing, but looking at Fred Weasley made my heart soar.

* * *

I had been the talk of the tables in the Great Hall for the next few days. During a Dumbledores Army meeting, I had overheard Cho Chang discussing it with a few other girls and decided it was best to duck out of the meeting early. Dumbledores Army was a secret club to help students learn defensive magic, because the ministry had sent a teacher who only taught theory, rather than practical Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Though, I had been able to keep relaxed remembering every time that I got too stressed to recall Fred Weasley’s words to me.

“But if you do, just try and relax.”

I could almost feel his hand on my knee again.

It was difficult to attend any of the DA’s meetings, because I would see the twins. I wondered constantly if Fred thought of me as much as I thought of him, but he would spend most of the time talking to his brothers, Hermione, or Harry. However, it was not long until Dumbledores Army ceased to exist, after a sneak had exposed them to Dolores Umbridge, resulting in Dumbledore having to be dismissed as Headmaster.

In truth I was sadder to have lost the chance to see Fred Weasley, than I was for the lessons to end. Now, I would only see them at mealtimes or occasionally in the hallways. I would find myself looking for Fred, attempting to find him in any crowd. When I would go the library to study with Ernie and other Hufflepuffs, I would look around frantically searching for them even though I knew that the last place the noisy troublemakers would be, was in Madame Pinces’ library.

It was in that library that I decided that I would talk to Fred Weasley the next time I saw him. I was already seeking him out wherever I went, so why not make a move and talk to him? So it was decided, I would talk to Fred.

The next day, I found myself walking through a corridor with Ernie Macmillian by my side. However, as he droned on about a tricky potion in Snape's class I found myself staring at a peculiar sight. Standing at the end of the corridor were the two boys that I wanted to see so badly. Fred Weasley and his brother George stood waving their wands and setting off some foul smelling objects.

“Fred.” I heard my voice come out almost strangled and took a step forward. I had disregarded Ernie saying my name and instead approached the boys. I ignore the sounds of busy students and shouts from Professor Umbridge behind me. My heart was beating so loudly, it had overtaken those sounds before I reached the boys.

But Fred Weasley did notice me when I approached him, or maybe he had noticed Umbridges shouts from behind me. Maybe he hadn’t felt my presence as strongly as I had felt his. It was then that I heard a loud explosion overtake my heartbeat. I was soon covered in a foul, sticky smelling substance.

“Hannah!” I looked up and caught Fred’s eyes. He looked alarmed seeing me standing there proving that he hadn’t noticed me, but he had noticed Umbridge. I watched as his brother tugged on his shirt and the two took off down the hallway with the toad-like woman in pink running after them.

My eyes watched them as students rushed around to follow the spectacle. I soon felt my feet following them also. I was unable to stop myself as I saw that Fred and George Weasley were finally caught in a corner by the Inquisitorial Squad, Argus Filch the grounds keeper, and by the toad herself, Dolores Umbridge. I saw other students that were also caked in the same green substance I was.

I watched Fred. His eyes would never deter from Umbridges’ stare and he looked confident. I guess he was a true Gryffindor. I noticed the brooms flying overhead, but didn’t realize what was going on until they mounted their brooms. My heart sank to my knees as I watched the boy I had recently fallen for zoom away with his brother.

* * *

Time passed and summer 1996 had come around, O.W.L.s had come and gone. I had ended up accidentally multiplying my ferret during the Transfiguration practical into a flock of pink flamingos. Although I was humiliated, I remembered Fred’s words.

I remembered his words every day.

I figured it was time to thank him for helping me get through my fifth year of Hogwarts. He had always been there with me. Even if it wasn’t a physical being, he had stepped into my thoughts allowing me to remain calm in times of great stress.

So I stood in front of 93 Diagon Alley watching as kids, teenagers, and adults walked in and out of the shop. I wondered to myself if Fred Weasley would recognize me. Times had grown darker and they had a new business to focus on.

I decided to take a deep breath and enter the joke shop in Diagon Alley. It was amazing, the place was booming and there were amazing things to look at. But now was not the time to window shop. Now was the time that I had to take courage and talk to Fred Weasley. Stepping forward, I walked to a short blonde haired woman standing at the register, helping an adult with their kid buy a round-like thing that was covered in pink and purple fur.

“Excuse me,” I said as the man and child walked away. The cashier looked up at me with a huge smile.

“Welcome to Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes, how may I help you?” She was a little to bubbly for my taste, but maybe I was being impatient.

“I was wondering if the proprietors were in, specifically Mr. Fred Weasley?” I asked very politely, I figured if I acted older it wouldn’t seem odd or out of place. Maybe this was for business, she didn’t have to know.

“Let me check,” The blonde girl eyed me curiously and fled into the back room. I raised my hand to adjust a blonde curl of mine over my shoulder. When I was younger I would set it into pigtails every morning, then as I grew up it became a pony tail. This summer I decided to do a little experimenting. I figured to look my best and be noticed, I would need to let my hair down for a change.

I saw the girl come out of the backroom with an almost solemn face. “You can go back.” She motioned with her thumb over her shoulder and went back to helping a customer.

“Thank you,” I merely said before moving around the counter to the backroom. Outside in the main room of the shop, everything was bright and people were happy. Behind the curtain of the backroom, everything had a more serious tone. There were products on the wall and a few old Wizards browsing the selection, but they paid no mind to my entrance.

I could see the Weasley twins talking to an older man, but one of them stopped to look up at whoever had entered their more serious room. When my eyes caught his I knew which twin it was. My heart beat faster and I could feel a smile spread on my face. A smile spread on his too.

“Ah, excuse me gentlemen.” He said to both his brother and their customer. He moved over to me and smiled.

“Hannah Abbott. Didn’t think I’d see you for awhile.”

“’Ello Fred, amazing shop you’ve got.” I responded to him noticing the way he touched my arm when he greeted me.

“Were you the one who talked to Verity?” He said and I automatically assumed that Verity was the cashier in the store.

“Er, yeah. I just wanted to say hi really.” And to thank you for your help with relaxing, oh and to tell you that I’ve had a crush on you since you gave me that good advice. Really, I was obsessing over him. I realized this and felt my face flush of color.

“You alright, Hannah?” He asked. I felt his hand reach out for me as nerves decided to take over.

“Just try and relax.” I wasn’t sure if I was hearing his voice from memory or if he was repeating his words. I looked up noticing that he was staring hard at me. Not a stern look but rather a concerned look. I decided to believe that he was saying the words and felt strangely stronger.

“I wanted to thank you,” I mumbled out breaking eye contact with him.

I heard his laugh before he spoke, “Doesn’t sound like you want to thank me.”

“No, I do!” I said frantically looking up, “I mean your advice really helped me through my O.W.L.s.” When I met his eyes, I noticed the sparkle of amusement in them and how much smaller I was compared to him.

“What did you get?” Answering that question would be difficult. I did not feel particularly proud of my achievements at her O.W.L. examinations, but Fred had told me his so it was only fair.

“Five O.W.L.s. Got an E in Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and History of Magic. An A in Charms and Defense.” I rattled off from memory.

“Much better than me, do you have any idea of what you’re going to do?” I looked up at him biting my lip and shook my head solemnly.

“I was going to be a Healer, but I needed better marks than that.” I didn’t get any O’s or a passing grade in Potions.

“Ah,” I felt him pat my shoulder affectionately before dropping it by his side, “Well, if you ever need a job after Hogwarts come see me.” I smiled at him as George appeared next to him.

“Hey Hannah, alright summer?”

“Yeah, just popped in to see how business was doing. Amazing to see a new shop boom like this, but I suppose everyone needs a laugh in these times.” I said and the three of us just smiled politely at each other. After a minute of awkward silence and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to speak to Fred about my crush, I decided it was best to head out.

“Well, I’ll be seeing you once more before school I’m sure.” I said taking a step back.

“Yeah, drop by if you’re in Diagon again.” Fred said smiling at me.

“I will, take care and good luck.” I said waving as I disappeared into the main room and quickly out the door of their shop. I found my mother waiting for me outside looking through some used books. I felt my lungs finally take in adequate breath and my mother gave me a shy smile.

“Alright, Hannah?”

“Yes, mum.” And we left to have a drink at the Leaky Cauldron.

* * *

I did not see Fred and George for a very long time, but I still had somewhat strong feelings for Fred. I did date near the beginning of my sixth year, but it was short lived and lack luster. Life began to slow down and my mind was brought to other subjects. In the midst of my sixth year, my mother was found dead and I left Hogwarts.

The world became a darker place.

My father, as a muggle, had the ability to hide me away from the wizarding world. The only contact I had was through my owl, Copernicus. I would send letters to my friends from Hogwarts, Susan or Ernie, and they would reply back giving me news. When I should have been in my seventh year of school, I was in hiding. I was a half-blood who lived with her muggle father. My pure blood mother was dead and buried in Godrics Hollow, and as I lived in a muggle village near Essex, I felt at a complete disconnect from the Wizarding World.

I did receive a note from Ernie Macmillian at one point saying he was hiding out in the Room of Requirement –where we had our D.A. lessons – because of what the school had become. After that I no longer received notes from my friends and began to wonder what was going on out there.

Then a new message came in an unusual form. I had been digging through my old Hogwarts things on May 1st and found my Dumbledore’s Army magic galleon that displayed a new message from Neville Longbottom. It was a call to fight for Hogwarts. Although I did not have the courage and bravery of a Gryffindor, I would do anything to support my school.

I did not have time to coerce my dad into the thought of me returning to a world that had killed my mother, so instead, I just left. I returned to Hogsmeade by way of apparition. I had, in fact, apparated right into Hogs Head with some other former students of Hogwarts. We all clamored upstairs and climbed in a hole behind a portrait of a girl only to enter the room of requirement.

I saw Ernie and other D.A. members and quickly embraced them before getting the run down. I also saw Fred Weasley for the first time since the summer of ’96. It had been almost two full years since we had seen each other, but still my heart beat wildly against my rib cage.

It was then Harry Potter returned with the decision that we were going to fight. Ernie had practically pushed me out of the Room of Requirement making me unable to catch up with anyone, uncluding Fred Weasley. As we left the room it dawned on me that I was terrified of fighting. Before I had left school, my Defense needed work, so it became worse because I did not have a lot of practice while at home with my muggle father. We had lived like muggles until I was seventeen where magic was only to be used in times of need.

“…relax.” It had been so long since I had remembered Fred’s words that I could now only remember one of them. I followed my house mates into the Great Hall. We sat for a moment listening to McGonagall who was briefing the younger students. Ernie had stepped up proclaiming his want to fight, but I ignored everything except the chilling voice of Voldemort breaking my concentration at the Great Hall doors. Fred Weasley and his family had entered just in time to hear the sinister tone requesting Harry Potter.

I moved quickly, after McGonagall dismissed the students, towards Fred Weasley, who was talking with many older people, which I had overheard to be the Order of the Phoenix. I didn’t exactly know who that was but as soon as Fred and George turned away from the group Fred caught sight of me.

“Hannah!” He exclaimed, “Better come with us, we could use the help.” So I trailed, I hope that this would afford me the chance to tell him what I had been dying to tell him for almost three years. The boys were setting up charms on passageways, but I just stood stupidly watching them.

“Fred, I need to talk to you.”

“About what, Hannah?” Fred asked procuring the charms on another entrance, George had moved away quite a bit affording me some privacy. I heard a crash somewhere beyond and guessed that the battle was beginning. I had to tell him now because if I died without telling him I would never forgive myself.

“I’ve wanted to tell you since fifth year, after our talk in the Hospital Wing.” Fred did not look like he was really listening to me. I felt frustrated. “But after D.A. fell through, and then you two left.” I motioned to George who was much further down the hall now.

“Then summer came around and I wanted to tell you, but George was there.” I mumbled out and Fred turned to follow George. “Dammit, Fred Weasley!” I shouted and saw that he had turned around. It was then that I marched up to him grabbed his face and kissed him.

I had kissed a boy before, but never like this. I had never taken the initiative and walked up to a guy and kissed him. But with Fred, I did. I finally pulled away after a good thirty seconds of just awkwardly kissing him and looked at the bewildered smile on his face.

“I like you Fred Weasley.” I said strongly. I may not have been a Gryffindor, but there were times when I could be brave.

“Fred!” He was given no time to respond to my brave remark for Lee Jordan, and a few other students, came bounding up to us as a noise came from the passage way. We all drew our wands and I looked at Fred who didn’t exactly look at me, but rather looked at the group of us.

“Well, I think this passageway is thoroughly guarded.” Fred said and I looked down at the ground as the castle shook and Harry Potter approached us.

“Nice night for it!” Fred shouted and we all began to take positions as Harry Potter ran off down another corridor. My heart was now hurting and I leaned against a wall for balance, it was then that a Death Eater popped out of the passage way falling prey to one of Freds charms. A few more Death Eaters followed their friend’s path. This resulted in the beginnings of a battle. I felt myself get knocked off my feet and thrown. I saw another Weasley, Percy, enter.

He and Fred were dueling a Death Eater and Lee Jordon had helped me up, I watched as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley came back down the corridor. Lee Jordon and a few other students had led a Death Eater down a passage and I turned to help. However, I looked over my shoulder before turning down the corridor. I could not pull my eyes away from Fred Weasley who was laughing with Percy.

Another Weasley had entered the room; I didn’t see who it was, because the fight began to grow worse.

Then it happened, the room had exploded from a heavy spell.

I screamed loudly when I was forced against the wall. Others in the room were also thrust against the walls. I stood up slowly, watching the red headed people circle around a body on the ground.

George, Percy, and Ron Weasley surrounded the crumpled body Fred Weasley.

Fred Weasley was dead.

A sob strangled in my throat and I could not watch for any longer. I ran down the corridor jinxing a Death Eater without even noticing and found myself in Moaning Myrtles bathroom sobbing. The day went on and so did the battle. It was May 2nd and my heart hurt.

After the battle Fred’s words in my head and his death escaped my memories. They had died along with him. Fred Weasley was no longer in my constant thought as he had been for the past three years. I was not haunted by his words for relaxation when I was under the stress of the battle, instead I just fought mindlessly.
At one point, after the death of Harry Potter, I followed Seamus into battle continuing the fight. It turned out that Harry was not dead and he and he-who-must-not-be-named soon fought to the death. And Harry was the one to live.

Once the war was over, I found myself near Neville and the sword of Gryffindor. I did not speak and just sat. It would be like this for the rest of the day. The adrenaline in my body would wear out and I would be left with nothing. I had learned to cope with stress the past three years of my life by remembering Fred Weasley, but after the battle of Hogwarts I learned that I could cope with stress many different ways.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, I did think of Fred on occasion, after all I would remember how my bravery as a Hufflepuff began with kissing him. Soon, memories of Fred faded as I grew older and had my share of boyfriends and later a husband. I did not need my O.W.L. scores for my job as landlady of the Leaky Cauldron so I did not fret about them any longer.

I was relaxed.

A/N: Did you like it? Let me know below! This was for Shlesha's Randomest Pairing Challenge. Thanks to my beta Yaj. If I've made an error or you think I could do better, leave a review!

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