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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 175 : How You Fight a Battle
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How You Fight A Battle
by propertyoftheHBP

“Bombs away!” Pomona Sprout shouts as she drops a Snurgaluff plant out of a window in the West corridor of Hogwarts castle. She hears a satisfying splat as it lands on what can only be assumed to be an Acromantula’s head, for a giant spider runs off into the distance of the Forbidden Forest clicking its head off.

“One down, Neville, keep them coming!” she yells over her shoulder to one of her students.

“Take it, Professor!” he yells, a plant writhing in his grasp. “Hurry, please! It’s going to explode on me!”

Hustling about, she quickly turns around and casts a quick “Wingardium Leviosa!”

The plant, still twisting and turning about, lifts up and out of Neville Longbottom’s arms, floating over to and past Pomona and directly out the window. She pockets her wand, brushes her hands off and gives Neville a look that says “Well done”.

He hurries over to the window beside her and the both inconspicuously peer out and down. The plant lands with a squish onto the head of another Acromantula, which causes it to scurry off in the direction that the other one went. Confusion ensues between the Death Eaters down below, giving the Order of the Phoenix time to cast a couple of curses the enemy’s way.

“…That’s exactly what we want to happen,” she says to no one in particular, watching the scene below them with glee. Neville shares a similar expression upon his face and they both turn away from the window, in the direction of the wheelbarrow of plants.

“What have we got next, Professor?” Neville asks as Pomona begins rummaging throughout it, pulling out a couple of roots, one right after the other, and saying, “No, not this,” and “Something else will have to do.”

Moments later, she pulls out a snarly tangle of green vines with a cackle that would cause those who did not know the circumstances to worry themselves. “We’ve got those Death Eaters now, Neville!”

“Devil’s Snare? Are you sure? I mean, it could land on one of us…” Neville, the ultimate Herbology student said, with a look of apprehension on his face.

“Ah, but it can be Imperiused. Why didn’t you think of that yourself?”

“Why didn’t I think of that myself?” Neville repeats, watching Pomona take the struggling plant towards the window with awe. “Absolutely. It has a conscious of its own, so it can clearly be controlled by outside forces.”

“Exactly, my boy, exactly.”

With a flick of her wand and a low murmur of “Imperius,” the plant stops its fight and hangs limply in the air, entirely at the command of Pomona. With more jerks and twists of her wand, the plant floats itself outside and hangs stagnantly over the battle underneath them.

Pomona peers outside and Neville once again follows. After placing the plant directly above her target, she flips her wand downward quickly and it falls directly on the man with a silver mask. Screams from he and his fellow Death Eaters echo off the castle walls as they struggle to remove the plant whose expertise was strangling.

Pomona and Neville watch until the plant fully latches itself to the man and it is to be assumed that it will not be releasing its grip anytime soon before turning away and back to what they had earlier dubbed the “Wheelbarrow of Magical Wonder”.

“And that, Neville, is how you fight a battle,” Pomona says with a smile.

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The Final Battle: How You Fight a Battle


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