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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 10 : Stones
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While walking back to the common room, my mind raced to find a way out of this situation. Any way I thought about it, ended up with Levi and myself locked in a broom closet or drugged. Do I really have the time to sit through all of these games and still try to be head of the class? I knew I could just ponder it for hours, but I decided to find a distraction instead.

I concentrated on the slabs of stone beneath my feet, wishing that they could give me an answer. Stupid lifeless stones that don’t give me the answer. I pause when I hear the hollow, echoing voice of Peeves, the resident Poltergeist.

I know it’s rather cruel, but I enjoy watching Peeves screech at the first years. The look of pure horror and panic on their faces makes me giggle. And it’s not like I can do anything to stop him. Once Peeves picks his target, you better beeline it for Moaning Myrtles stall because that’s one of the only places he won’t dare to haunt. I know all this from personal experience, of course. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much?

I wait quietly to hear a sign that Peeves is terrorizing someone nearby. I only had to wait a few minutes before a dolphin-like screech echoed from a corridor not too far away. I walked quickly towards the deafening noise. I wonder if he dumped a bucket of toilet water on the poor fellows head. Or if he accomplished even better, like light their clothes on “fire”. So the unsuspecting suspect is under the impression that they are being burned alive, when really the flames are cool as ice. Again, I know all of this from personal experience.

I let out a disappointed sigh when the shrieks start to fade and I shift my attention back to the stupid stones. I hear multiples of footsteps quickly approaching, but it’s too late when I bulldoze full force into an unsuspecting student.

The opposing student managed to stay grounded, where as I went toppling over on to the cold stone. My parchments flew everywhere and my fresh new black ink was now leaking all over my school robes. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. Trying not to over react in front of this…..oh my. They are still standing there aren’t they? They turned out to be my cousin Hugo and his gang of highly obnoxious friends. He let out some weird pubescent chuckle and reached out his hand to pull me to my feet.

“Are you alright there, Lil?” He rolled his eyes to his friends, clearly establishing that I am one of the uncool Potters. Well, the only uncool Potter.

I barely mumble a response and fall to my knees to organize all the papers and save what’s left of my ink. I wait to hear them walk away, but all I can see through my hair is Hugo and his massive groups of friends kneeling down and helping me pick up my things. One of the boys waved his wand and all the ink returned to the bottle. I peer through my hair and grab the massive stack of parchment from his arms and the bottle of ink from the boy.

“Thanks Hugs” I blurt while shoving them messily into my bag. “I have to go, er bye!”

Hugo’s face paled when I accidently let slip his most embarrassing childhood nickname. Who dare damage his street cred! He groaned and quickly searched the faces of his friends, probably hoping they couldn’t have possibly heard my pathetic little voice. When one mate, I believe Charlie Swater, erupted in fits of very unmanly giggles, I knew that Hugo would just hex me on the spot.

“Hugs?” Charlie sputtered out. “What are you, a teddy bear?”

Hugo turned his icy glare on me and I gulped. Escape options let’s see, run back to the library and circle back when the coast is clear or blast through the gaggle of popular boys. When I see Hugo reach for his wand inside his robes, I impulsively move. Instead of being logical and running away from the herd of gentlemen, I push through them clumsily while they let out sounds of pain and laughter. My elbow collided with one boy’s stomach and he keeled over in pain. I could feel the blood rise quickly to my cheeks and my heart beat erratically. By the time I make it past them, they are all laughing hysterically.

“Come back here Lily!” Hugo was shouting desperately, while trying to calm down his groupies at the same time.

There was no point in running, seeing as Hugo played Quidditch and he was rather fit. So I turned around and waited for the unstoppable anger of Hugo Weasley to catch up to me. To be truthful, he looked pretty frightening. His eyes narrowed and cheeks blaring red, at least he didn’t look out of breath….

And I closed my eyes, waiting for the deafening blow...

“LILY POTTER COULD AT LEAST TRY NOT TO RUIN MY LIFE!!” He shouted so loud the veins lining his temple looked like they were about to explode. I opened my eyes after he finished yelling, there goes my favorite old childhood theory “If I can’t see him then he isn’t there”.

“Hugo, I think you might be overreacting.” I said quickly, trying not to reawaken the monster that is Hugo Weasley’s anger.

“Do you realize how PERFECT I seem to them?” His breaths were shallow and fast. “Do you know how much WORK it takes to have the right friends Lily?”

I felt a little crack in my chest. Like my own cousin didn’t even know me.

“Don’t bother explaining your social issues to me Hugo…”

Immediately his face softened and he let out a guilty groan. He stepped closer to me and opened his arms for a hug.
I’m not too sure I want to hug the cousin who just almost “Avada Kedavra”ed me into the next dimension.

“Hugo, I don’t like hugs...” I took a step back, glancing side to side. Now he didn’t look angry at all. His face was stretched into a huge grin. Without warning he took a huge step forward and wrapped his enormous arms around me.

“I missed you Lily.” All of these emotions were giving me whiplash. Hugo hadn’t hugged me like this since 2nd year when he failed his first potions exam. Missed me? He had plenty of chances to see me, try every day.

“I go to school with you Hugo; it’s hard to miss one another.” He winced and withdrew his arms from around me.

“Awww, you know what I mean Lils!” He took a step back and the guilty look was beginning to slowly creep back.

“Actually I don’t know ‘Hugs’.” Was he completely mental? “Care to explain?”

“Don’t make me state the obvious.” Oh, so he is thinking what everyone else is thinking. Why bother talking to that Lonely Lily girl, she’ll only hurt your reputation by her pure freakishness.

“You are absolutely right Hugo; I won’t make you go through all the trouble of stating the obvious.” The tears were welling in the corners of my eyes, and for once in my bloody life I will not fall for Hugo’s stupid little innocent and guilty look.

“How could you push me to the ground and then somehow come yelling at me for some stupid reason?” I felt the tears slowly fall down my cheeks. I can’t stop the words.

“How can you just pop into my life and treat me like utter shit and then ask for forgiveness?”

By now, I am full out sobbing and all these words won’t stop slipping through my lips.

“I may appear to be tough to everyone because I don’t have any friends, but really you should know how much you hurt me.”

Hugo stood there with his mouth agape. I just flicked my hand motioning for him to leave me alone and he reluctantly turned around and ran up to his noisy friends. No matter how much progress I make one day, at the end I still always manage to end up alone.


Pretty long chapter I must say! Well, I'm looking a little low on to fix that problem?

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