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This Animal I've Become by i cried the verse
Chapter 15 : Horror House
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Chapter 15: Horror House

October 20th 1972

Two people broke out of edge of the forest and slowed down from their fast paced run. They stood in a vast clearing made up of long, green grass and sticks that reached their ankles. There were patches of dead grass in various spots in the clearing. Looking around, the clearing seemed to go on for miles into the sunset. The nearest thing to them, besides the trees of the forest behind them, was the rarely used cement road half a mile away from where they stood currently.

The older and taller woman wiped her brow with the back of her hand, and then placed her hands on her hips. She breathed deeply as she tilted her head back; her blonde hair that was beginning to show grays, cascaded further down her back in her pony-tail. Her gray shirt was soaked with sweat, and the part of her legs that weren’t covered by her shorts showed little cuts from branches and bushes in the forest.

The other person was a young girl who reached the woman’s shoulders. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, just like her companion’s, but her hair was a dark brown instead. Even though the girl looked small and fit, her breathing was labored and harder to come by than the older woman’s. Her pale face that was covered with freckles was flushed red from exhaustion. Like the other woman, her white shirt was soaked with sweat and her legs were covered with little scratches.

“Mom,” the girl gasped as she bent over with her hands on her knees. She was trying to catch her breath. “Is this – really necessary?” She took another deep breath, “Every week?”

The mother nodded in response. “Every week,” she said, with a French accent, lightly laced in with the words. She took a couple more deep breaths before saying, “And after a while – maybe we can change it to – at least twice a week.”

The girl stood back up straight and gave her mother an incredulous look. “You can’t honestly – expect me to – do this – twice a week. That’s insane,” she complained as her hands grasped her sides. Her eyes were squinted slightly due to the setting sun in her peripherals.

The mother gave her daughter a calm smile. “You can,” she said encouragingly, “and you will.”

They were quiet for a few minutes as the mother, leading the daughter, began walking along the forest’s edge to help cool them off and stretch out their strained muscles.

Once the younger girl gained her breath back, she tried to reason with her mother, “I think twice a month is good instead. I mean, the lycanthropy already keeps me sort of fit, and even then you don’t let me out of the house too much without you. So I honestly see no reason why I need to do this twice a week.”

The mother shook her head and stopped walking. The girl immediately followed her mother’s actions and turned towards her. Identical icy blue eyes met.

“Holly, believe it or not, I’m not going to be around forever,” she replied seriously as she rested her hands on her daughter’s shoulders, making sure to keep eye contact. “I could die any day, at any time. Being underage, the only way you’ve been able to get around is with me or the floo. But there may come a time, no matter if you’re underage or not, that there will be nothing but your own two feet to help you get away. No apparition, no floo, just you and your feet. And in order to ensure your safety, you’ll need stamina; technique and strength will only get you so far. When evenly matched, it’s how long you’ll be able to outlast and outrun your opponent that counts the most.” She paused for a second while tilting her head to the side slightly. “Get what I’m saying? This is to help you have a better future, a future where I may and may not be alive for.” The mother cupped her daughter’s cheek and gave her a small, sad smile.

Holly returned the sad smile and nodded as her mother dropped her hand. “Yeah, I get it, Mom,” she replied.

The mother smiled and said, “Let’s go home, ma chérie.”

September 15th, 1976 – Full Moon, Sunday

Addie walked down the trail towards the gamekeeper’s hut. There were a few people that saw her on her way down, giving her a weird stare. They were wondering why she was dressed in a pair of running shorts, a white wife beater and a set of dirty looking running shoes with her wand sticking out of the waistband of her shorts. Not many people wore muggle clothing, even though it was the weekend. She looked worn and about to fall over from exhaustion, but she felt more on edge than ever. Yes, she was a little tired from the lack of sleep, but she was twitchier than normal and a little out of it. Addie needed to run, she could feel every muscle screaming to be moved and pushed.

The hut came into view and Addie quickly made her way to the front door. The hut was made of cement and had straw on top of the roof. She could see a pumpkin patch filled with different sized pumpkins growing behind the hut. All-in-all the hut looked a little shabby and old, but sturdy all the same. It looked large enough for only one room and not much else. She wondered how a half-giant could fit in live in the small hut; she imagined he would feel rather claustrophobic.

Once she made it to the wooden door, she raped her knuckles against the door rapidly. Addie could hear some shuffling coming from inside of the small room. In a few seconds, her knock was answered by the door swinging open. On the other side of the door was a large, half-giant named Hagrid who adorned a dark bushy beard and a large rounded stomach. Even at her height, she had to tilt her head back to properly look at his face.

“‘ello there,” he greeted warmly, his mouth spreading into a large grin. “You must be Adelaide Ferrari, Dumbledore tol’ me all ‘bout you.”

Addie grinned, “Not everything, I hope.” The large man laughed. “And you’re Hagrid, I presume.” Hagrid nodded smiling still and stuck out his hand. Addie took it, her hand barely fit around his forefinger. “Well, I just wanted to meet you and let you know that I was going to go for a run.”

“It was nice meetin’ you, Adelaide,” Hagrid replied as Addie stepped down his front steps. “Now don’t you ‘esitate to stop on by for a visit ye’ hear?”

“Of course,” Addie answered with a smile. “Whenever I can.” She stood upon the dirt road leading to his hut, looking even further up at him.

“Alrigh’ now, you go on ahead. Jus’ be careful, the forest can get downright dangerous at times,” Hagrid said waving his hand. “But don’t let me waste yer time.” Addie nodded and began to walk around his hut towards the lining of the trees.

“Don’t forget ‘bout the flares if somethin’ happens!” Hagrid called after her.

Addie laughed to herself as she turned around and waved her hand in acknowledgement to his reminder. “No worries! My bite’s worse than my bark!” she yelled in return grinning. She heard Hagrid’s laughter as she turned back facing towards the trees. Hagrid knew what she was, as well as Remus; it was only right. He was a type of half-breed as well and was the one who dealt most with the Forbidden Forest. It was mainly a pre-caution that he knew about them. He was closer to the Shrieking Shack and Whomping Willow than anyone else on the campus.

Addie stopped at the edge of the forest, placed her wand on the ground, and stretched out her whole body. Once she was done stretching, she grabbed her wand, stood up straight and stared into the forest. It was dark and she could only see so far, but could see farther than the average person of course. She took a few slow deep breaths as she shook out her limbs and rolled her head around. Once she stopped moving she hopped up and down a few times in her spot and took one last deep breath before running off into the forest at a fast pace.

A few years ago she hated running. Running made her fatigued and sore, and basically was a waste of energy. But after a while of running constantly, she had gotten faster, swifter, and agile. She also gained a lot more endurance and was able to run for miles, especially before a full moon, before having to stop. The running fulfilled her need of movement and dulled the edge she felt. This was a fast way to burn off the energy that kept her up at night. She tried to run yesterday morning as well to help her sleep better that night, but she couldn’t seem to get away from people long enough to go out on her own. Running again felt great. Addie loved the feel of her heart pumping and racing, giving her some sort of high nothing else could give her, and feeling her muscles being pushed to their limits.

She made her way through the trees at a rapid pace and with her wand in her hand. Once in a while she pretended that there were opponents around her throwing hexes at her. Addie worked on her technique and dodged in and out of the trees, changing up her route at every turn. The trees, even though it was light out, made the forest rather dark with only a little bit of light shining though the leaves and branches above her. In the dark, she was training herself to watch for any sort of movement possible. There was not a lot of wildlife; she had come across a few rabbits, ran past the Thestrals, heard the birds, and spotted a few other four legged creatures, but nothing dangerous enough to put her life at stake or attack her. The forest was vast just like the ones back at home. She was quickly trying to memorize every route and root at the bottom of the trees. It wouldn’t do her any good to lose her way.

About two hours and fifteen minutes later, Addie had emerged from forest breathing heavily and with a flushed face. She walked towards Hagrid’s hut and back a few times. On her last trip towards Hagrid’s place, she heard the door open up and saw him stick his head out to look towards her. “Blimey! You’ve been gone fer a long time,” Hagrid told her, surprised. “I was jus’ ‘bout to go after ya.”

Addie smiled up at him and wiped her forehead with her arm. “Don’t worry about me, Hagrid,” Addie told him. “If I take longer than four hours, you’re allowed to come find me. Otherwise, I’m fine on my own.”

“Yeah, alrigh’,” he agreed apprehensively in a lower tone of voice with a nod. “Lunch’ll be in ‘bout half an hour. Best you make an appearance.”

“Okay, thanks again, Hagrid,” Addie said smiling as she walked past his hut and up towards the castle.

“‘Twas nothing,” he replied before retreating back into his hut.

Since the days were still long, both Addie and Remus were allowed to sit in the Great Hall with their peers, just to throw suspicious people off. Neither ate much. They ate a little bread and meat, just enough to tie them over until the night time and not so much that they’d regurgitate it an hour later because their stomachs couldn’t handle it. Both Remus and Addie looked pale and tired, but Remus looked even more sullen than Addie did. Remus had friends to cover for his sickness, attitude, and absence, but Addie only had herself to look after her. She had to keep up appearances.

When it came to be thirty minutes after dinner had started, Remus had gotten up and left to head to the Hospital Wing. There were a few other students who were done with dinner and leaving, but most stayed behind for the desserts to show up. No student paid him much attention as he left the Great Hall as fast as possible, which he was glad to do since his muscles felt like they were going to cramp up at any second. Luckily, the Hospital Wing was located on the floor above; Remus really didn’t have the energy to go much further up the stairs. He was starting to feel a little pain and shivers up and down his spine. Remus could feel it easily; the wolf was ready to be let out.

Heading into the Hospital Wing, he was thankful to find it empty of any patrons and was just in time to see Madam Pomfrey walking out of her office near the back.

There were two rows of gurneys, evenly spaced against the sides of the Hospital Wing, with large windows on each side that reached up to the high ceiling. There were off-white partitions that were placed between each bed and pulled back to show that the bed was unoccupied.

In the far back, past the office and Madam Pomfrey’s living quarters, and unseen by people who walk in the main doors, was a large separate room filled with a bed of its own, well two now. Originally this room had been used in the earlier days when they had to isolate students who contracted deadly viruses that could easily spread. Before Remus had arrived at Hogwarts, it was used as storage space. There was no more use for the room since there were large advancements in potions and spells that had eliminated most diseases, or at least stopped the person from infecting other students. Once Remus started school there, they had cleared out the room and made it the place where Remus could recover after the full moon without anyone seeing him.

“Ah, Remus dear,” Madam Pomfrey greeted Remus with a smile. “It’s so good to see you again. Your summer was well I hope?” She was rather short and stout, especially compared to Remus; she only reached his chest. Madam Pomfrey looked to be no older than in her late thirties, early forties with a kind looking face. Her face looked worn down with signs of lines from aging, stress, and worries. Contrary to her looks, Madam Pomfrey was strict when it came to healing and keeping someone well. She was one of the top Healers Hogwarts could find in all of England.

Remus had always held a soft spot with Madam Pomfrey. She felt as though he was her own son, especially since she had been caring for him for at least five years after the full moons and the occasional jinx or hex in between. He was exceptionally kind and polite to her. She believed he could have chosen a little bit better friends, mainly for the fact that at least half of her patients came from their pranks and tomfoolery, but she also knew that they cared deeply for Remus and were good to him for what he was. Most friends would have exposed his secret and ran like the wind in the opposite direction once they came on to his secret.

Madam Pomfrey pulled him in for a hug as Remus replied, “It was relaxing, thank you, and yourself?”

“Spent a good portion over in Wales with my family,” she replied before she pulled away. “It was a good summer this year,” she stated smiling before she asked him, “When is the new girl supposed to get here? We should leave shortly.”

Remus shrugged. “Soon,” he said. “She knows to get here soon before dinner is done.”

Madam Pomfrey nodded. “Well, wait for her here,” she told him as she took a step away. “I have to do one quick thing before we leave.”

“Okay,” Remus agreed with a nod as he watched Madam Pomfrey walk back to her office. He walked over and sat on one of the beds, waiting for Addie to show up. He could hear Madam Pomfrey shuffle around papers and set of footsteps resounding through the corridor. Then he could smell her. Her scent wasn’t as strong as before, thankfully, but it was still potent enough to the point where he could smell her before even seeing her. A few seconds later, Addie strode through the Hospital Wing’s large doors.

Addie glanced around the Hospital Wing, taking in the room for the first time all the while heading in Remus’ direction. She gave Remus a gentle smile as soon as she was close enough to him. “Sorry I’m a little late,” she told him as she stopped in front of his spot on the gurney. “They weren’t letting me go.”

Remus smiled and would have chuckled if he didn’t feel so tired, yet wired at the same time. “What excuse are you using?” he asked with his head tilted to the side a little.

Addie had the energy to at least laugh a little before replying sarcastically, “Well, there’s this time of month for girls-”

“Okay, okay,” Remus cut in with a hand up as he tiled his head back and squeezed his eyes closed. He certainly did not want to hear about the female cycle at the particular moment. In fact, the whole subject about that made him slightly squeamish and uncomfortable. “I get it, no need to explain.”

She laughed again. “See how well that works? Boys don’t want to hear it and girls completely understand,” Addie explained. “Cramps can be bad enough that girls can barely move at times. It’s horrible really.”

“So I’ve heard,” Remus muttered while giving her a pointed look to drop the topic that they were talking about.

“Okay, fine I’ll stop,” Addie surrendered with her hands up and a grin pasted on her face.

At this moment Madam Pomfrey had started leaving her office and started to ask, “Has she-” She stopped herself from going further in her question and smiled as she walked towards the two werewolves. “Hello, I’m Madam Pomfrey, dear,” she said kindly as she stuck her hand out to shake.

“Pleasure,” Addie replied smiling as well and shook her hand. “Addie Ferrari.”

They dropped hands. “It’s time to get going,” Madam Pomfrey said and gestured for both of them to head out.

The three quickly headed out of the Hospital Wing after Madam Pomfrey posted a note saying that she would be back in twenty minutes. Thankfully mostly everyone was still at dinner, so no one except a few first years saw them as they slipped out of the Entrance Hall and onto the grounds which were deserted as well.

Outside, the wind started to pick up slightly due to the time of day. It was approaching dusk and the sun was beginning to set in the distance, it hued the sky into colors of pink and orange. The outdoors was a pleasant setting, and would have seemed to be a nice to Remus if the full moon was not rising in a matter of hours. Beautiful scenery tended to lose him when it came to the nights of the full moon.

The Whomping Willow was not particularly hard to miss. The tree was planted in the middle of the grounds and was highly dangerous to get near. Avery had explained to Addie one day that the tree tries to hit anything that gets near it; probably the most violent plant he’s encountered in his life. Students were forbidden to go near it since last year a first year, now a second year, almost lost his eye trying to touch the trunk.

The walk down was quiet until they drew closer to the tree. “I’ll be back just after sunrise to fetch you two,” Madam Pomfrey told the two of them. Then she reminded sternly, “Now remember to transform in separate rooms, we do not condone inappropriate behavior, no matter what you’re going through.” Remus had the decency to blush lightly whereas Addie just smirked slightly with a roll of her eyes.

“I’m not sure how much people have told you about the Whomping Willow, Miss Ferrari,” she continued to say. “But the branches will only stop swinging when you press a certain knot at the base of the tree. Of course, no one else can know about this, or else someone might try to get through on the wrong night, and I’m sure the consequences would be dire.” She glanced at Remus briefly who was looking and toeing at the ground below him.

They had finally arrived at the tree, which was still at the moment, but started to move due to their proximity. Madam Pomfrey took out her wand and looked around them for a stick big enough that wouldn’t break when pressing against the knot. When she found a rather thick one, she levitated it and shot it towards a certain place at the base of the tree. Once she hit the knot, Addie looked up at the tree and saw that it pulled itself back into place and stopped moving.

“Alright you two,” Madam Pomfrey said as she gently pushed the two teens towards the tree. “Be safe and good luck.”

Remus gave her a reassuring smile, as did Addie, and took the lead towards the tree and slipped into the small opening. Addie looked back at Madam Pomfrey who held a look of sadness and worry. Addie didn’t try to reassure her with another smile, but merely waved in goodbye and followed Remus’ lead through the hole.

Madam Pomfrey sighed as she watched Addie disappear after Remus. With a shake of her head in sadness she turned away from the tree and headed back towards the castle. She didn’t like to think about what two of the students were going to go through that night and for the rest of their lives either.

The tunnel was wide enough to fit about three skinnier people, dark and smelt heavily of dirt. Both of them had to bend over slightly to be able to walk through; Remus had told her that it was the perfect height during his first few years before he had shot up like a weed. It was practically pitch black, so both had their wands out as they made the trek through the long tunnel, careful to not trip on the uneven floor. There were random planks of wood that were placed on the ceiling and walls to help reinforce the tunnel, just in case if the magic was to ever give way. They were quiet the whole time they walked through the rest of tunnel, seeing how neither were in the mood to be talking much.

It took a few minutes to finally reach the Shrieking Shack, as they met at a dead end that had a trap door placed above the end along with a short ladder. Remus unlatched the door above them and opened it up. He then motioned to Addie to go through first and he followed immediately after.

The Shrieking Shack was nothing like anything Addie had seen before. If it wasn’t for her increased night vision, she would have had a hard time seeing at all in the dark house. The house was made solely of a dark gray wood and the windows were boarded up with thick planks. There were a few gaps between the walls to let in some light, and also air, in and out so that no one could suffocate. The air in the house was old, stale, thick, and musky. She could still smell the trace of Remus in the house. Since he had been transforming there for so long, his dried blood was sure to be everywhere as well as his werewolf hide’s hair, which both lay scattered throughout the house.

Addie moved out of the way for Remus and let him climb up. She held out a hand for him to grab and helped him into house. The floor where they were standing on only held a staircase, a cupboard underneath it and a door leading to what she presumed was a bedroom of some sort.

Remus led her up the rickety stairs which groaned under their weight, but didn’t budge. Addie held onto the handrail that was chipped and broken in a few spots. A few times she ran her free hand along scratches on the wall. This was the place Remus had spent the last five years of his transformations, not counting the ones that went on during the summer. So in total he had spent a good 45 moons in the shack, give or take a few moons that may have been during the holidays. Either this place was like home or hell to him; Addie bet on the latter.

The next floor held the living room which held torn apart furniture and broken pieces of wood lying around. The front and back doors had numerous amounts of scratch marks; Addie assumed there was a very strong spell made by Dumbledore on the doors in order to assure that Remus wouldn’t accidently escape one night. There was also a destroyed kitchen in a separate room off to the right side and an open door leading to a bedroom and bathroom on the left side. The furniture in the bedroom and bathroom met the same fate as the living room and kitchen. There were small patches of dark, dried blood that Addie couldn’t see very well, splattered across the walls and furniture.

“The plumbing doesn’t work, it’s only there for show,” Remus informed her, his voice slightly raspy, as he gestured toward the kitchen where the sink was located. The kitchen counter was torn apart. Addie was able to see into the cabinets easily because most of the cabinet doors were ripped out or off on their hinges.

He then led her up another set of stairs that were even more damaged than the previous ones. Most of the hand rail was broken off and the steps were ripped open in a few spots. Addie guessed that most likely they repaired crucial things like the stairs and doors; it wouldn’t do anyone any good if he broke out or fell to the bottom of the house.

The top floor had the same eerie feeling as the rest of the house. There were three rooms and a bathroom. The largest room, which sat immediately at the top of the stairs, contained a destroyed dresser and a king sized bed with dark sheets that were surprisingly in decent shape except the posters of the bed which were scrapped at frequently. Madam Pomfrey continually fixed up the sheets and mattress for Remus so he had a place to lie down before and after the moons. The other two rooms were smaller, but were in more of a disarray than the master bedroom. Each room had boarded up windows with small spaces to let light in. The small bathroom was in-between the two smaller rooms and was torn apart like the rest of the house. Upon all of the walls and floors was smeared with dried blood and scratches, and the floor had deep gashes from Remus’ claws tearing at the floor.

In conclusion, the place looked like a horror house.

Remus stopped them at the top of the stairs. He pointed to the largest room and said, “That’s where I usually transform, but you can take that room if you want. It’s just bigger than the rest was why I took it in the first place.”

Addie shook her head, “No it’s alright, I’ll just take one of the other ones.” Remus looked at her weirdly when she didn’t walk over to one of the spare rooms, but to the master bedroom instead. He watched as she flopped face down on the closest side of the bed with a heavy sigh. With her right arm, she whacked the other side of the bed. “Come lay down. The moon won’t rise for a couple hours,” she said into the pillow.

Remus sighed, not in the mood to object, and walked over debris from obliterated furniture and laid down on his back on the other side of the bed. He looked over at her and noticed that her eyes were closed. She looked oddly peaceful, like she didn’t look as if she was about to turn in a monster in a few hours. He sighed once more and looked up at the roof for a few seconds before closing his eyes as well.

Neither could fully rest, their muscles would twitch, and on the bed they could feel or hear each other’s little movements. Both hearts were pounding at an upbeat pace making sweat make an appearance.

“So how’s this gonna work again?” Remus asked quietly, his words almost slurred together as he turned his head and looked at the girl beside him.

Addie opened her eyes to look at him and drew in a breath, “I’m guessing that your wolf is going to see me as a potential mate, which is only natural I guess. But being an epikefalí̱s I should be able to gain the role as alpha, even though I’m a girl and I obviously don’t have a werewolf mate. So that means I have to dominate you in order to gain the upper hand, and in turn I should have a little control over you during the full moons.”

Remus nodded. “Well,” he said before looking up at the ceiling, “I hope it goes well then.”

The corner on Addie’s mouth twitched as she replied saying, “Me too.”

Neither Remus nor Addie felt like talking after that, just laying there was good enough for them at the moment; knowing that there was someone else going through the same horror as themselves eased them slightly. And for Remus knowing that there was another werewolf who could look out for him when he wasn’t in control of himself was an immense relief.

About an hour after lying down, a fierce chill ran down Addie’s spine causing her to inhale sharply through her nose. She let out a tiny groan as she opened up her eyes and sat up on the bed. Remus had looked over at her through lidded eyes. He had felt a lighter shiver than she had, but knew why she was getting up.

“Moon’ll be up soon,” she muttered, her voice scratchy, as she rubbed her face with her hands. Remus nodded and sat up as well, stretching as he went, trying to expel any tension he could.

“There’s a small compartment,” Remus said shakily with a slightly raspy voice, “under the second floor board next to the window in all the rooms. Just leave your clothes in there for the night.”

Addie nodded absentmindedly, feeling a rapidly growing headache coming on. She stood up off the bed and made her way to the door. She turned around once she was in the doorway. “Good luck, Remus,” she told him quietly as she met his eyes.

Remus tilted his head slightly from being entranced; her eyes were practically glowing in the dark room, almost looking like two diamonds sparkling. “Yeah. Thanks. Same to you,” Remus finally replied with a shake of his head. “See you in the morning.”

Addie gave him a curt nod in acknowledgement before closing the door to the point where there was a small gap between the door and the frame. She walked into the adjacent room and closed the door to the same point as she did the former door. As she rolled her neck and rubbed her temple, she walked towards the boarded window. Quickly she found the second plank and worked to get it open with her fingers by trying to lift the smaller end that stuck out a little higher than the other boards.

After a few seconds, she managed to get it open. The compartment under the plank was small and rectangular and extended under the neighboring two pieces of floorboards.

Without trying to irritate her muscles too much, she took her wand out of pocket and slowly peeled off her clothes. First she took off her sandals that she preferred to wear full moon nights, then went her sweater, next came her shirt and bra, then finally her sweatpants and underwear. She wore baggier clothing to avoid her clothes rubbing up against any cuts she may come across, as well as the fact that they were easy to slip on and off without having to worry about tugging and pulling at her clothes too much. She put her clothes in the compartment in the same order that she took off her clothes and finally placed her wand on top of the pile, making sure they were organized looking, before replacing the piece of wood she had taken out.

Naked as the day she was born, and sighing heavily, Addie moved to the middle of the room, careful to avoid the broken pieces of furniture, and sat down with her legs pulled up to her chest, ankles crossed.

Remus followed nearly the same pattern as Addie. He had shed his clothes until he was bare and placed them neatly in the compartment under the floor. He then walked to an area that was void of any obstacles and unknowingly sat in the same fashion Addie had.

It took a few minutes before the first signs of the transformation made their appearance. A heavy set of chills broke out throughout their bodies and both felt as someone was pounding their head against the wall. Each bone in their bodies began to ache and each muscle began to involuntarily twitch and contract. A sweat broke out across their skin as goosebumps appeared.

When the moon was a minute away from breaking over the horizon, both of their breathing started to come in short gasps and their heart rate began to increase exponentially. They could hear their blood rushing in their ears. Painful tremors ran through their body as their muscles began to tighten and loosen themselves repeatedly. These signs increased in damage rapidly as soon as the first wave of moonlight streamed through the small gaps in the boarded windows. The full transformation wouldn’t occur until the whole moon was in the sky, which meant that these precursors would last longer than they hoped, but they weren’t as bad going through the actual transformation itself.

The minutes ticked by slowly. The moon wouldn’t fully rise for another twenty-five minutes and each second seemed to last a lifetime. Each shock that passed through their system made them gasp and moan in pain. It was like someone was putting a massive amount of pressure on each limb and bone. The pre-transformation pain did not match the pain someone went through under a Crucio, but the actual transformation itself went close into comparison to the pain the Cruciatus Curse could inflict.

During these long minutes, both teenagers had ended up laying flat on their backs, Remus with his legs stretched out and Addie with hers bent upwards. They could hear each other breathing and sounds of pain as the time ticked by.

Seconds before the moon was to fully break over the horizon, the pounding, pulling, pushing all increased tenfold making both teenagers stop breathing. It was as if someone held their hands around their lungs and squeezed tightly, forcing all their air to leave their system and stop them from taking any more oxygen in. Addie’s mouth was shut tightly, her teeth grinding against each other fiercely and her eyes were clenched shut. Remus, on the other hand, had his mouth opened in a silent scream, but like Addie, his eyes were screwed shut.

Once the moon broke finally broke the surface in the distance, everything seemed to happen at once. Air finally made its way back into their lungs and systems, making them gasp hungrily for oxygen. Their hearts thudded at a rate that felt as though it was about to pop out of their chests. Then, if it was at all possible, the pain seemed to escalate to unimaginable proportions. Each felt as though needles were being jabbed into their skin from every angle and daggers were ripping their way across their flesh. Their backs arched off the ground, trying to expel the pain circulating throughout their bodies. Searing, hot pain was all they felt for what it seemed to be hours.

The first sign on the change were their eyes. The pupils dilated and the irises tended to gleam brightly in the darkness. Next came their limbs and bones. Each bone in their body began to dislocate and break itself, reforming to the state that suited a wolf. After that their internal organs began to ripple and reshape themselves, making them feel sick and nauseous. Meanwhile their skin seemed to rip and disappear rapidly, almost as if it was a thin coating. Patches of fur grew in the places where the skin tore apart. This was all part of a painful process that took only half a minute to undergo, but a lifetime to the people who had to endure it.

Remus was the first to let out any sign to discomfort with a scream as his bones started to break in multiple places. His body was on fire. He felt like he was in a never ending cycle of pain, wishing for it all to stop and leave him be. His screamed turned into growls once his throat had changed and his reformed jaw had snapped back into place. His face elongated rapidly and his teeth began to shift, sharpen, and grow. Finally his fur had finally overtaken his body, giving him a coat that matched the light brown color of his hair. By the time his face had completely transformed, Remus had lost his mind to the wolf.

No matter how many times she had gone through transformations, Addie could never get used to the pain. Even though she had been through this cycle since she was born, the feeling of being ripped apart and her blood boiling through her system made her scream in agony. By the time she was fully transformed, her fur being the same dark brown color as her hair, she laid completely still on the floor, exhausted from the transformation. That was one of the few downfalls of being her kind; you could still felt every ache in your bones and rip in your muscles as you tried to move in the wolf form.

The house became eerily silent after the growls and screams had stopped. Only breathing could be heard. After a little time had passed, each werewolf began to stand up off the ground on shaky legs. Their werewolf forms were only a little bigger than themselves as humans. They were broader and had more muscle.

The male werewolf stood up on all fours and took in his surroundings. He was back to the broken down house, the place where the three animals came to let him out of the prison and let him roam the forest. There was something different about this night. He could easily smell another werewolf in the area, in the house for that matter, and a female no less. Padding quickly and silently as possible, he made his way to the door and used his nose to open it. He followed the scent to the next room and opened that door the same way he did to the first one. His front legs made their way through the doorway and stopped when he saw the female werewolf in the center of the room. He made to stand up tall, with his ears pointed up to the ceiling, his shining eyes following her every move.

She stood up slowly and stayed still. Addie could tell that Remus had stepped into the room, ready to dominate, but she couldn’t let that happen. When she met his gaze, Remus growled low in his throat from the challenge. She watched as Remus slowly walked fully into the room. There was just enough room for the two of them when they started to circle each other. Addie was not surprised when Remus had suddenly leapt through the air towards her, his jaw snapping fiercely.

Addie had jumped away just in time, making Remus slam into the wall, and moved to attack him. Remus had recovered quickly and tried to fight her off using his front paws. She avoided using her claws as much as possible and avoided being scratched by his. Creating new wounds was not on her list of to-dos.

They kept attacking each other, Remus trying to obtain dominance over the Addie and Addie trying to gain the advantage with every second that passed. The pair moved about the room and eventually made their way down the stairs and into the living room where there was more room.

Growls, snapping jaws, and heavy breathing echoed throughout the house as the two wolves fought. There were brief pauses between each attack, just to catch a breath before fighting again. Addie’s blue eyes gleamed in the dark as did Remus’ light brown orbs as their fierce gazes met each other across the room.

There were a few times when Addie was close to pinning Remus down, but at the last second he would tear out of her grip and try to gain the upper hand. It was taking longer than she thought to take control over Remus, but she didn’t give up. Things would become a whole lot worse if she wasn’t able to take the alpha spot away from him. There was no way she was going to be mating Remus, or any other werewolf, in her werewolf form. The thought just made her want to puke.

It was nearing about forty minutes after the transformation took place in which the trap door in the basement could be heard opening. The two wolves had stopped their fight, but didn’t move a muscle, their gazes still locked. Remus was bleeding from a cut on his side, a cut made from broken furniture, whereas Addie had a gash on her left shoulder from Remus’ claws.

A set of paws were heard running their way up the stairs before they stopped at the top. Still neither wolf moved. There was a bark, but no movement from either werewolf. There was another bark and movement as a black dog ran around the room and stopping once again at the top of the stairs. When there was no movement, the dog huffed and scampered back down the stairs towards the trap door.

Once Addie heard that the dog went through the trap door, she made a break for it. She broke off eye contact and practically flew down the stairs with Remus hot on her heels, barking at her. It took a little maneuvering to get completely through the trap door, but once she made it through, she sprinted through the tunnel, almost catching up to the large, black dog in distance. Remus was gaining quickly on her, making her speed up. She barked at the dog to move faster or else they were going to over take him and trample him. The dog looked back and sped up to go as fast as he could.

Thankfully the entrance was within eyesight and the dog quickly climbed his way through the hole. Addie followed his lead and shot out of the hole at a fast pace. Not even bothering to slow down or take a glance around, she tore for the woods. Remus broke out a second later and trailed after Addie at top speed, growling as he moved.

Addie barely registered the stag that stood amongst the edge of trees with a rat on its antlers and tried to get as far into the forest as possible. Behind her she could still hear Remus chasing after her. His barks and paws reverberated throughout the forest. She managed to pull out a little farther ahead of Remus and tried weaving different routes between the trees to try and get even farther.

As they were running, Addie remembered a few paths from her run earlier and tried to go in a direction familiar to her. During her morning run, Addie had come across a small clearing, just large enough to allow two werewolves to fight each other so she tried her hardest to find it once again. She made a sharp right around a tree and saw the clearing up ahead of her.

Upon entering the small clearing, Addie was able to come a full stop and turn towards Remus who was still running at full speed towards her. The speeding werewolf leapt through the air toward the stagnant werewolf, his jaw snapping and growls sounding. Addie waited until he was closer before jumping towards him and pushing him off to the side. From the force, Addie was pushed harshly down towards the ground.

Both werewolves stopped and stood up. Their breathing was labored as they began pacing around in a circle once again. Suddenly Addie leapt towards Remus who charged when he saw that she moved. Remus tried to dig his teeth into her shoulder, but she had pushed him away before he was able to clamp down on her.

The small battles continued on just the same. Addie avoided hurting him too much as well as she avoided getting anymore scratches or marks from him. She barely registered when the three animals, Sirius as the dog, James as the stag, and Peter as the rat arrived and stood watching them. They were off to the side and watched worryingly. Sirius, being canine, had to partake in such activities during their first moon together and had immediately surrendered to him. The time was passing by quickly as they watched their friend fight. It was already nearing one in the morning and the pair was still going at it.

Remus was tiring, as was Addie, but she had a little more energy and strength left in her to overpower him. They were in the perfect spot for her to finally end this miniature war they were participating in. There was a tree a few feet away from them on her left. When Remus had jumped towards her, she immediately shoved him as hard as possible against the tree.

Remus had hit the tree with a yelp and slid down to the ground at the base of the tree. Addie quickly made her way over to him and pinned him down to the forest floor. Instantly she placed her mouth around his neck and applied pressure to his throat without breaking his skin. Remus tried to get out of her grip, but Addie tightened her hold against him and he didn’t have enough strength to escape her grasp. A whine escaped his mouth as he went limp underneath her paws.

Addie slowly got off him and backed away a few paces watching as the wolf slowly stood up and tried gaining his breath back. After a minute or so Remus took a few steps forward and lowered his head to her before collapsing to his side and showing her his belly in a submissive fashion. Addie gave a wolfish grin and nipped at Remus before turning and running towards where the three animagi were. Unsure of what to do, Remus slowly got up and followed her a little.

Addie barked happily at the three boys. Sirius had returned her grin and barked back. She slowed to a stop next to Sirius before nudging him with the end of her snout and then looking at James and nodding over to Remus. The two continued to stare at her as Sirius tilted his head to the side with a small noise of confusion making itself known. Addie huffed before once again pushing Sirius forward again with more pressure so that he actually had to take a few steps forward. She had to nod towards the other werewolf before they had gotten the message.

Sirius looked toward James and barked before bounded forward towards Remus barking happily with James trailing after him.

Addie smiled before lying down on the forest floor, tired from the events. She watched them as they played around and rough housed, Sirius and Remus more so than the others for obvious reasons as they were both canines. After a few hours they got Addie to finally get up. And she seemed happy while fighting playfully with them.

A few hours passed before Addie had signaled that the sun was about to come up. She never knew why she always seemed to know when the sun rose, she just believed that it was her animal instinct that told to prepare for the change that was coming.

It didn’t take long for them to make it back to the Whomping Willow. Peter immediately scurried off James’ back and pressed the knot at the bottom of the tree. The tree stopped moving and Addie had coerced Remus into the hole before she followed after him, Sirius’ barks echoing throughout the tunnel around them. They climbed their way back through the open trap door and Addie flipped it close before shoving Remus up the stairs.

The beginning of sunrise was just starting when they made it to the top of the steps, Addie nipping at Remus’ feet to keep moving. The lead werewolf had stopped outside of the main door, whining as he felt pain ripple through his body. Addie felt the same pain but still pushed Remus forward into the room. Remus stumbled into the room and slowly staggered to the ground, panting.

Addie closed his door as much as she could before making her way slowly into hers, the stinging and jabbing pain affecting every inch of her body. She nosed her door closed before collapsing in the middle of the room.

The change back to being a human was just as long and just as painful as changing into a werewolf. The pain was similar, and the transformation was done in reverse. Flashing, hot pain tore through their bodies once the sun had fully risen in the sky. Growls and howls of pain filled the house and could be heard across Hogsmeade.

Their bones began shifting, breaking, and reforming themselves back to their human state as their fur began to disappear and skin made their appearance. The howls turned into screams and yells as their organs and muscles changed along with their throats. Then, the final stage was when their eyes morphed back to their original states.

What felt like hours later, the two teenaged werewolves felt all the pain from the transformation lift off them, only to be replaced by sore throbbing coming from every inch of their bodies.

They laid panting on the floors, covered in blood, dirt, and sweat. They would human for another 28 days before having to relive this nightmare. This full moon was only the first of many to come for the two werewolves together.

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