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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 14 : Crack
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“Bye Hogwarts.” I said gloomily from the carriages. I had done everything to prevent this moment from happening, yet here I was, on the last carriage out.


      “Don't be so gloomy Kiersten!” Halley clucked at me.


      “I’m not gloomy! I’m angry!”


      “Because of Potter? C’mon Kiersten, how much longer could he be mad at you?” Caitlin argued rolling her eyes at me. “The guy adores you.”


      “Oh yes, that’s why he kicked me out of his room last night, right Caitlin?”


      “I swear to you, he’ll get over it.”


      “No offence or anything Keri, but why do you care so much?” Dom asked me. At this point everyone in the compartment looked at me, and I didn’t have an answer.


      “I don't know.” Was all I said not looking at any of them, but I could have sworn that they all were sharing a look as if they were in on a joke that I wasn’t.


      The train was busy with overjoyed little children going home for the holiday. I promise that before we all found an empty compartment six people wished me a “Happy Christmas”, six!


      “It wouldn’t hurt to say you too you know.” Dom said attempting to lift her trunk above our heads.


      “Do you need help with that Dommy?” Drew asked her coming in and putting the trunk effortlessly over our heads. Dom swooned at him, yes, actual swoonage had just came across Dominique Weasley’s face.


      “Thanks, you want to sit in here?” I glared at her but she completely ignored my facial expression that mirrored a murderers and patted the seat next to her.


      “I dunno—James might…” He trailed off looking at me quickly and then back to Dom. “No, I think Fred had to show me something actually.”


      “So Fred can come in too!” Dom didn’t seem to be getting the point.


      “Yes…but I think I’ll just come back later okay?”


      “Fine.” But you could tell that she was pissed. Sometimes I swear, that girl is thicker then Femalè Grey.


      “See you.” Drew said smiling at me a little before walking out.


      “Oh god Potter told them!” I wailed as soon as the door shut.


      “Told them what?” Halley asked looking up from her witch weekly magazine.


      “About Project Abyss!”


      “Well you had to have seen that one coming Keri, they’re all best friends!” Dom said as if she knew all along what was going to happen.


      “Well now it’ll be awkward with them too!”


      “He’ll get over it Keri, I promise you that. It just may not be anytime soon.”


      But I don't want to wait anymore! Don't you get it? I don't want to wait!” I was shaking slightly now. But I wouldn’t cry in front of them. I wouldn’t.


      “You always tell me that patience is a virtue, and your right. You have to wait, even if you don't want to.”


      It’s been a month Dom, a whole month!”


      “Oh my god just admit it Kiersten! Please! Save us all the pain of hearing you mope and just fucking say it already!”


      Everyone was silent for a moment staring at me. I thought about just pretending to not know what she was talking about, but it was no use. They all knew anyways, even I knew now. But saying it out loud would be like making it all real, and I don't want to do that.


      “I—I’ve never felt like this before.” Was what I managed to choke out.


      “Quite obviously!” Dom said letting out a small laugh to ease the tension. “And he feels the same way, just so you know.”


      “But I don't want to like him Dom! Why do I have to like him?” I was looking anywhere but at their faces.


      “Well, firstly your acting as if he’s some sort of varmint. James is sexy and you know it. Secondly, you need to accept that you are perfect for each other. You’ll even him out, and vice versa.”


      “It’s kind of hard to say any of this to him when he wont even look at me.”


      I looked out the window at the swirling sky. No one said anything but I could tell from their reflections in the window that they were all staring at me with sympathetic eyes. I didn’t want sympathy, I just wanted everything to be okay again. I saw Dom get up and sit next to me. Next I felt her hands go around my shoulders. “You should really come to my place for Christmas.”


      “No, I have to go home.”


      “But why?” She sounded aggravated again. “You don't even like your father for gods sakes!”


      “That’s not the point,” I finally turned around to face her. “The point is that it’s your family and I don't want to intrude.”


      “Have you not freaking met the Weasleys’ and Potters’? We are the most obnoxious family in the whole effing wizarding world! It’s not like anyone gives a damn if you decide to pop in this year! Everyone loves you anyways!”


      “I know, but still, my dad shouldn't be alone for Christmas.” Dom gave a clucking noise and looked to Caitlin as if to say I was a lost cause. “It’s true, he shouldn't!”


      “Well, it’s just me and my parents at Christmas, so you could always come to my house too.” Halley piped in smiling at me.


      “Yeah, and my mum and dad think your wicked cool and awesome at Quiddich so they’d love to have you.” Caitlin said nodding along with Halley.


      “No, I’m going home.” I think that you could tell by my voice this time that it was a final decision, and I never change my mind once it’s made up, never.


      “Well lets play exploding snap!” I tried to hold back my groan as Dom did the exact opposite. Halley has this really weird obsession with exploding snap. Sure, it’s a fun game and all, but after all of these train rides with her winning it gets a tad bit old.


      “Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun!”


      “Okay.” And I faked a smile that I’ve gotten way to good at making look real. It was going to be a long winter break.




      “It’s snowing! Isn’t this great Keri? It’s just in time for Christmas!” Dom was joyfully bounding off of the train to her waiting family. It was dark, and it was snowing, and I had just lost twelve rounds of exploding snap consecutively to Halley. Saying that my life sucked would be an understatement.


      “Hey Uncle George!” Dom grabbed my hand and ran over to her nearest relative. I openly groaned before putting on a smile to meet Freddy’s father.


      “Why Dommy! You’ve been in practically no trouble at all this year. I’m disappointed in you.” The funniest part was that he looked sincere in what he was saying. Like father like son…


      “Oh god I know! I’ve gotten away with a lot of it though! That’s good right?” He beamed at her and told her that she was a genius child. So this is where she gets the encouragement from I’m guessing.


      “Ah Dominique, Kiersten!” Mrs. Weasley, Dom’s mother, said pulling Dom into a hug first and then me second. “How ave you girls been?”


      “Horrible, they ran out of chocolate frogs on the train.” Dom said shaking her head dramatically.


      “How orrible!” Her mother sounded genuinely serious. Okay, so she gets the rebellious side from Fred’s dad and the air headed side from her mother. I wonder where the temper fits in?


      “Oh god it was! But that’s okay, are we going to nana’s for dinner?”


      “Yes we ar, ar you comeeing with us Kiersten?” She tuned her big blue eyes to me. I could see Dom’s last rays of hope behind her mothers shoulders.


      “No, but thank you anyways.” I felt hollow after I said it. I wanted to, oh yes I did, oh so badly. But I couldn’t, it was their family time.


      “Well then ave a appy Holliday!” She smiled and then Dom turned to me one last time before leaving until the new year.


      “I guess I’ll see you then…” She trailed off hope still in here eyes for some reason.


      “Yeah, see you.” I smiled and hugged her close. I didn’t even want to admit how much I was going to miss Dom over the two week hell that they like to call break.


      “If you need anything, just come over.” She started to walk away to be with her family and waved one last time before turning around and jumping into her fathers arms. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. I sighed tearing my eyes from them. It was time for me to face my family. Father dearest.


      Since I didn’t tell my father that I would be coming home for the holiday I had no way home. It’s not like he would have came to get me if I’d told him, I would be in the same position as now, left with no options other then to…ride the Knight Bus.


      I grimaced even as the thought came to my head. I don't like the Knight Bus all that much. There’s this lunatic driver who practically knocks over buildings, and then there’s the fact that you want to hurl from all of the avoidance of the buildings by the time you get off. Not a pleasant experience.


      Soon enough it was my turn to cross the wall separating nine and three quarters from the muggle world. I trudged through the snow a bit faster and closed my eyes as I went through the barrier. When I opened them I saw the train station lit with people running from side to side. No one was paying any attention to the girl who just randomly appeared out of a wall. I love the muggles, well, at least some of the muggles.


      Eventually I made my way through the crowds and to the exit of the train station. There was a huge Christmas tree outside decorated with plastic muggle lights and garland. It was nothing to the live fairies at Hogwarts. I slowly made my way to a deserted street away from all of the people. It would look strange if I pulled out my wand in the mist of everyone near the tree. I slipped it under my cloak and put my wand and my wand hand out, this would signal the Knight Bus.


      I heard it before I saw it, first there was the giant roar of the engine, then there was the screech of the tires on the snowy ground below them. I looked up to see the giant purple double-decker bus gleaming in the moonlight, I couldn’t help but smile. The doors folded open as a middle aged man stepped out to greet me.


      “Hello, my name is Stan and I will be your conductor for this evening. Welcome to the Knight Bus. Transportation for stranded witches and wizards. Do you need help with your trunk miss?” Stan said looking down to my one baggage item. I’d met Stan before, but he must see thousands of different witches and wizards every year. There’s no way that he remembers me.


      “Yes please.” I said giving him the bag.


      “Say, you coming from Hogwarts?” He asked me looking at the crest on the trunk.


      “Yes.” I felt a rush of warmth once the door shut behind Stan.


      “Well what are ya doing alone then? You going home to see family?”


      “They couldn’t pick me up, family emergency.” I lied quickly. Stan bought it and dragged my trunk to the third bed in.


      “This will be two sickles and a knut it will.” He held out his hands as I deposited the money into them. “If you’d like a toothbrush that’s an extra two knuts.”


      “I’m, fine thank you, I’m going to Nottingham, 31 Fenbrook Way?” Stan looked forward to the “lunatic” driver who’s name is…


      “Hey Ern! Nottingham!” He yelled loudly. Suddenly the bus started flying down the road. I grabbed onto my bed post and held on for dear life as the bed scooted backwards fast. Stan didn’t even seem to notice. I guess that you get used to all of this after you’ve worked on it.


      “We should have you home within the hour, we should. Have to drop Mr. Nettle off at the Leakey Cauldron, and then Ms. Boot off in Redding. Just a couple other stops in London and then we’re off to Nottingham.” He gave me a toothy smile and walked towards the front with the driver. I sat back on the bed and watched as we whizzed by the muggle cars on the freeway.


      What would my father be like tonight? Would he shoot me before he even realized who I was for breaking an entering? Would he have a freak out and hit me? No, I wouldn’t let him hit me this time. Not this time. I would run away if he hurt me hard again.


      The whole bus was thrown forward as I flew off of my bed. The bus had stopped. A tiny old man with a patched up hat shuffled to the front, shook Stan’s hand, and was off. I rubbed my knee and muttered under my breath getting up. Just my luck Ernie started the bus again and I was thrown onto the bed across from me.


      “Hold on Miss—er—what’s your name?” He scratched his head looking at me stupidly.


      “Kiersten, Kiersten McCabe.” I said not even bothering to leave the bed that I was currently sprawled out on.


      “You had better be careful Miss. McCabe, you could get hurt if you don't pay attention.” Well, I had been paying attention. Maybe if your just sane you get hurt, yes that would make much more sense. “What year you in?”


      “Seventh.” I grabbed the bedposts as we made a sharp turn.


      “You cant apparate then?” I let go as he said this.


      “No, I didn’t take the test yet.” This trip should remind me to get on that. I don't want to have to ride the Knight Bus ever again if at all possible.


      “Could I offer you any refreshments? Hot tea or coca?” I couldn’t even imagine how you could drink anything hot on this bus, or drink anything at all really. It would all spill before you could take a sip of it.


      “No thanks, I’m fine.” I smiled at him and then looked out the window again. Now we were traveling through the countryside. I could feel the trees scraping the top of the Knight Bus. What a safe feeling that is.


      I’ve never been home for Christmas since I started to go to Hogwarts. I wonder if he’ll even be awake, it is close to nine and he isn’t a night out. Well, really he usually passes out by then so I’ll have no trouble breaking in. My bed went onto only two legs as we stopped in the streets of a little muggle town. An old lady, Ms. Boot I’m assuming, grabbed her walking cane and started to hobble off of the bus. Stan helped her out and then bang! We were off again now down a narrow London Street.


      There was only two other people on the bus not including myself. One was a younger woman and the other was an older man. I guess they’d never taken their apparition test either.


      “Here we are Mrs. Brawly.” Stan said beckoning her off of the bus flattening the little hair that he had left. “You have a nice night now.” He waited a moment after the doors shut and then told Ernie to carry on. The bus and I groaned together as we flew forwards. It onto another London street and me to the ground.


      “Aw Miss. McCabe, I told you to hold on to something.” Stan came over and helped me off the floor.


      “I was! But the beds aren’t very supportive!” I cried sitting back on my original bed.


      “You get used to em eventually. I don't even notice the stops and starts anymore I don't.” He shook the brass bedpost and it wobbled with his hand. Very safe looking that was. Stan just shrugged at it and walked back to the older man.


      I wondered as I often do before going home if my dad would be different this time. When I was coming home from first year I was almost excited to see him again. I thought that things would be different because we had been away from each other for so long, that excitement was short lived. But he did manage to sober up enough to drive to the train station to pick me up. I even defended him when Dom whispered to me that he was fat. Now I would most likely be the one whispering to Dom.


      I’ve spent seventeen years with him, I should know by now never to get my hopes up when the word Dad is involved, but I just cant help it. I don't know if I could say that I love him. I think I feel like I have to, without him I wouldn’t even be here. But he’s not anything like a parent. Parents are supposed to care about their kids. My mother cared.


      I closed my eyes at the thought of my mother. I try not to think of her if I can help it. You see she did something that my father has never physically done, she left. That is enough to make me never want to think of her again. The problem is every time I examine my face in the mirror I see her. She was younger then me when she had me, my earliest memory of her was when I was three and she was nineteen. Remembering her face there was like looking in the mirror. I hate looking in the mirror.


      “Here we are Mr. Jeffery, Winter street.” Stan said grabbing the last man’s bags and taking them off of the bus. “Have a nice night now.” He then looked back towards me. “We should be in Nottingham in a few minutes Miss.”


      “Alright.” I smiled to him again as the scenery changed from the busy London street back to the countryside. There were few cars on the small roads as we passed them, I couldn’t help but think about the long miserable break I had ahead of me. Two weeks. Two long weeks in this town. At least it’s not as long as summer break. I kept my eyes open this time as the Knight Bus skidded to a stop in front of a street aligned with houses all looking the same.


      “Here we are Miss, 31 Fenbrook Way.” Stan came back to me and helped me get my trunk off.


      “Thank you.” I said to Ernie the crazed driver. Her smiled and nodded to me. I stepped off into the icy wind outside. “Thanks.” I said to Stan grabbing my trunk from him.


      “Of course Miss, thank you for riding the Knight Bus.” With that Stan hopped back on and the Bus started at an incredible speed, then it was gone.


      I turned around hesitantly to look at the house in front of me. “Home sweet home.” I muttered to myself slowly starting up the driveway. I glided my hands across the old Mustang, the only constant in my life here. The drive was covered in icy snow, he hadn’t bothered to shovel, big surprise there. I would get on that tomorrow. This was it, I was in front of the door now. I could A, ring it, B, pick the lock, or C, find an alternate root into the house. I’ll start with B. I reached out for the doorknob and surprisingly enough it turned. He must have forgotten to lock the house tonight. Well, that makes everything easier for me.


      The hallway was dark, the entire house was dark. I slowly pulled my trunk up the little step and shut the door quietly. He was most likely asleep, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I started to pull my trunk up the stairs as I kept my ears open for any sudden movement. Nothing. I put the trunk outside of my room and then tip toed over to my fathers door which was ajar. Slowly I crept inside and heard the sounds of snores. I inhaled a breath of relief and quickly left.


      He wouldn’t shoot me, well, at least not tonight he wouldn’t. I opened the door to my room quietly and then shut it quickly. I flicked the light switch up and stared around. Everything was the same as it was when I had left it despite all of the dust on the surfaces. I have never had a problem with him coming in my room. I think he attempts to avoid it at all costs really.


      I ran my fingers along my dresser looking around at the yellow paint that’s been there since this was my baby room. When I was eight I attempted to paint it pink myself on one wall, the evidence is behind my bed. Lets just say I’ve never been quite the artist. I sighed opening my trunk and finding my pajamas. Without another thought I changed, turned the lights out, and fell into my bed. Tomorrow was another day.




      I woke up suddenly looking at the clock on my dresser. It was six in the morning, great. Suddenly I looked around remembering that I was home. I groaned and sat up stretching. He wouldn’t be up yet, I still had probably about two hours to myself.


      Slowly I crawled out of bed and made my way to the door. I looked down to myself and saw that these were the same clothes that I snuck into the boys dormitory in. I flushed at the memory and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen and the coffee pot. It had stopped snowing and the sky was a grayish color. Snow. That reminded me that I would have to start shoveling soon. Wonderful. I tried to push the thought out of my head and started to make coffee.


      The kitchen was the same color as my room, yellow. My mother had an obsession with the color yellow. She always used to say that yellow made everything look a little bit brighter. I said that it made everything look a little bit more like pee. She would just cluck her tongue and ignore me.


      I poured myself coffee and started to drink it. There’s nothing like the first sip of coffee, well, except the first bight of pizza, but still. I made my way to the sink which was filled with old dishes. I turned the water on low so I wouldn’t wake him and started to clean them. Some were repulsively disgusting, but the smell was worse. My father does nothing while I’m at school. I come home and clean the entire house.


      Some parts of me wonder what will happen to him in the summer when I move out for good. Part of me thinks good riddance, the other part thinks that he may die of contamination. But after school ends I’m gone for good, and nothing could ever change that. Dom and I have talked about getting an apartment together after school ends, I want to be a healer and she wants to be an Auror along with Potter and Freddy.


      Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and dragged me backwards and pinned me against the wall. “Who the hell do you think you are. Breaking into—” I locked eyes with my father and time seemed to freeze. He let go suddenly not breaking eye contact. “What are you doing here.”


      “I—I had to come home for break this year.” I tried not to sound nervous or scared but I think that I must have looked it. He wasn’t drunk yet, he was just hung over.


      “Well who told you that you could come here?” He said it harshly and went to the refrigerator and pulled out a six pack and cracked one open, and so it began.


      “There was nowhere else for me to go.” I said looking to the floor not wanting him to think that I was being sarcastic or anything. Because I wasn’t, it was here or Dom’s house which wouldn’t be fair.


      “You’d better get to work then. This place is a shithouse and I want it cleaned by tomorrow. You can start now.” He took a long chug of beer and then started up the stairs to his evil lair. He was being semi nice because he wasn’t wasted yet. In two hours he’ll be back to his normal self. I sighed again and finished up the dishes.




      My day consisted of cleaning. First the kitchen, then the family room, next shoveling the driveway, a break for lunch, my room, the spare bedroom, and then my bathroom. I didn’t dare go into his room. He hadn’t came out all day and I didn’t go in. By the time five o’clock came around I supposed it was time for me to get out because he would need more beer and he would have to come downstairs to get it. So I went to the supermarket.


      There is one supermarket around me and it’s the one that I’ve been going to for years. Since there’s no food in the house I figured that it was the best place to go to get away. When I’m gone I think he lives off of frozen dinners, that’s what the dishes show anyways. I’m not a good cook, but I know how to put something in the oven instead of the microwave. So here I was at The Gooding Fresh supermarket. Yay.


      “Kiersten? Kiersten McCabe?” Someone called out to me while I was in the frozen section. I looked up to see a familiar face, it was Hannah Fallon, a childhood friend.


      “Hannah?” I asked to her a smile coming onto her face.


      “Ohmihgod yes!” She squealed running up and hugging me. I patted her back awkwardly. I hadn’t seen Hannah since the summer of fourth year, and then it was just a meeting like this. When we were younger, before Hogwarts, she and I were inseparable. Sure, we still hung out the summer of first year a little but after that it was nothing. She was your good old girl next door. Short, only five three or something with little flippy blonde hair and a pink mini skirt. Some people never change. “I thought you were still at that school?”


      “I am, I’m just home for Christmas this year.”


      “Well this is going to be great! I’m having a party tonight at my place, you know, a couple friends, you should totally come!” I could tell by her excitement that she really did want me to.


      “Sure.” I said smiling.


      “Super! Do you still remember where I live?”


      “How could I forget? I used to practically live at your house didn’t I?” I laughed with her and realized how much I missed laughing. I hadn’t done all that much of it lately.


      “Great! Then I’ll see you Kiersten!” She hugged me again and then skipped back up the isle. I shook my head at her retreating back and smiled. Hannah has always been the sweetest person I’ve ever known. I could just see Dom’s face if she ever met her. I laughed at the thought and then proceeded to the checkout lines and bought the food with the muggle money I found in between the couch wile cleaning.


      It was good. I decided as I grabbed the bags and ran to the car. I was getting out. I usually don't get out at all. The old engine started and I pulled out.


      I saw the car coming a second to late. I slammed on the breaks but I didn’t stop in time. Slam—The car collided with my side. The airbags flew me backwards as my car stopped. “Shit!” I said trying to open the door, but it was no use. I wasn’t strapped so I just crawled out of the drivers seat and into the passengers side to get out. “God Damnit!”


      “Oh god I’m sorry!” A kid, who looked to be a couple years older then me, came out of the Ford Explorer that hit me and put his hands on his face. “I didn’t see you! I was messing with the radio and then—”


      “I’m so fucked.” I said looking at the drivers side. The entire right side was dented in except for the bumper which was not attached anymore. “I am so fucked.”


      “Shit I don't know what to say!” I looked at him for the first time and saw that he honestly looked scared to see what my reaction would be. “I have my insurance and everything—I’ll go get it.”


      I just stood there looking at the car, my car, my constant. Now even this was ruined. “Here! Do you have yours?”


      “I dunno it’s not my car.” I said coldly opening the passenger side again and rummaging through the side pocket. Sure enough the papers were shoved at the bottom. I took them out and went over to his car. It was a little bit dented on the side but it was nothing compared to the Mustang. I gave him the papers and he gave me his.


      “It’s ok.” I said managing a small smile at him. “I know it was an accident.”


      “My parents are going to kill me.” He said slamming his fists down on the hood of his car. I let out a hallow laugh.


      “Believe me, mine too.” I Didn’t bother telling him that I was being serious. He wrote down the name of his insurance company and I wrote down the one on the paper. I highly doubt that we are still with them but what the hell. I bet this car is worth less then getting it fixed.


      The engine still worked. That was the only positive I thought of on the ride home. The car was on it’s last legs though, I was sure of that. I wondered what he would do to me. Probably kill me, yes that’s a good assumption. I had to tell him too, if he just went out and saw it…well that would be ten times worse. I’d definitely be dead then. I pulled into the driveway, stopped the car, and then climbed out the passenger door. I could feel my hands shaking as I unlocked the door.


      I would just go up and tell him. Yes, that would be good. I took the stairs two at a time and stopped suddenly outside of his bedroom door. I had to do this. I suddenly heard myself repeating familiar words. “What, are you scared Kiersten?” I waited a few more seconds and then opened his door.


      The stench was even worse then when I left for the school year. It was a mixture of sweat and dirt with a little bit of beer, it was horrible. The lights were out and it was almost dark outside. He hadn’t saw or heard me yet, but I could tell from the beer bottles strewn all over the floor that he had had more then usual today.


      “Dad?” I said loudly causing his attention to snap at me.


      “What do you think your doing in here!” He shouted at me getting up off of his bed tripping over one of the beer bottles. “Get the hell out of my room!”


      “I got in an accident.” I blurted taking two steps back subconsciously.


      “Do I look like I give a shit? No! So get out!” He was still coming towards me.


      “In the car! And the car is…it’s not too good.” I, for some reason, really felt like crying right now. He paused for a moment and stumbled over to the window. It was silent for a moment before he let out a roar of anger.


      “You fucking hore! You think that you can come here and trash my things? DO YOU?” He was right in front of me now. I trembled and shook my head trying to back up farther, but I had hit a wall, I was cornered. “I’M GONG TO TEACH YOU A LESSON!” 

       I’ve realized after several years of this that eventually you don't feel it anymore. If you don't fight back you don't feel it.   I don't know how long it went on, maybe only for ten minutes, maybe for an hour, but eventually he stopped. I heard the door slam behind me as I started to cry. Big aching sobs. I knew that he would be back, and that I had to move or he would start it all over again. I ached all over, my ribs were broken, I could feel it. My head was pounding as I pulled myself up into a sitting position. I grabbed onto the doorknob to help me get lifted up. After three tries I was sort of standing, but hunched over and all. I managed to open the door quietly and crawl out and to my room. Once I shut the door there I looked down at myself. My shoulder might have been dislocated, and I think that my ankle might have gotten sprained. I knew that there was bruises everywhere, I could feel them too.


      I suddenly realized that I had to get the hell out of here. This was just the beginning of what was to come for the car. I couldn’t really stand at all so I just crawled around my room gathering the few belongings that I had taken out of my trunk and put them back in. I realized that I was still crying but I didn’t care anymore. I think that I deserved to cry. I zipped up the trunk and took out my wand. Without a backwards glance I shakily waved it and then lifted the trunk up into the air, it would go to the doorstep.


      I knew that I would get into big trouble for using magic outside of school, but this was an emergency. I think that he left the house, but I was still quiet while I crawled down the stairs and out the front door. It was pitch black outside, it was then I realized that I had nowhere to go except for—Dom’s. I cried harder at that and grabbed my trunk. I didn’t want them to see me like this, but it was going there or staying here, and I’m not staying.


      I have never apparated before but I knew the techniques. I closed my eyes and desperately

concentrated on shell cottage, Dom’s home. It was my last hope. I grabbed my trunk tightly as the doorstep dissolved into darkness.



   So here we are! At chapter fourteen! This chapter was long in both length and plotline wise. I've been planning this one and the next one since the first chapter of the story! I know that it took a while too! I'm sorry about that but I'm very busy right now. It was my birthday...happy birthday to me! And then I was away for four days while the que closed. I know they arent good excuses but it's all I got! And Hannah will have a part further on in the story, thats why she was randomly in there. Please Review!


  A random thought I'd like to share...Originally Kiersten's name was supposed to be Katherine, or just Katt really. So to this day this story on my computer is called KattMcCabe. I know, odd of me to share, but I find it funny!

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