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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 147 : No Looking Back
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No Looking Back
by alicia and anne

I looked out of the window, my heart beating fast, fear flooding through me like cold ice had been poured over me. There was no going back now, I had missed my chance to leave with the others. Missed my chance to save myself from what could kill me.

But I didnít care. I wanted to fight. I wanted to be someone who would make a difference. I wanted to help in anyway that I could to make a difference to this world. Make sure the future didnít have to live in the fear that had gripped us for most of our lives.

I could hear screams from the people next to me as they too saw what I had seen, Giants, Spiders, and all kinds of dark, dangerous creatures had begun their terrifying walk towards the castle. My legs trembled beneath me and I had to force myself to stand properly. People had ran from the windows, whether to safety or to get ready to fight I did not know.

I could feel trembling from next to me and felt someone grab hold of my arm. I turned towards them and saw Hermione staring out in horror to the scene before us, tears were swimming in her eyes and I wanted more then anything to take her away from this place and safe her from harm. But I knew that she would never go, she would fight with us, she was so strong and I loved her for it.

A hand on my shoulder made me look behind me and saw Dean holding both mine and Hermioneís shoulder a determined look on his face. And I knew that he was telling us that it was time to go. I nodded and walked towards Seamus, Ginny and Neville who were standing a few feet behind us, Hermioneís arm still clutching me, Dean had let go of us and walked with us.

We all looked at each other without saying a word, each of us knowing what we had to do. All turning together we walked down the corridor and towards the staircase. With each step I seemed to feel more fear fill through me, I was stepping into the unknown, were we ever going to see each other again? Was this the last time together?

Feeling a soft warm hand take hold of mine I knew that Hermione was feeling the same, and her action had filled me with more strength. I turned to smile at her and saw her looking up at me a small encouraging smile on her face. I smiled back at her and turned to look back in front of me.

I reached my hand out and took Ginnyís in mine. She didnít look up at me but I felt her squeeze my hand, I knew that she was worried about Harry as well just like the rest of us, we didnít know where he was and it scared us.

One by one we all took a hold of hands, Neville taking Ginnyís and Deans, and Seamus taking Hermioneís. We all walked together linked in this way, the action giving us the strength that we needed. Showing that no matter what we were in this together.

Making our way to the great hall we had each taken our hands away from each other and given each other looks of encouragement. There was no need for words we all knew that we were fighting for our lives, and neither of us were ready to say goodbye. We may have had our differences in the past and we knew that we may not make it out alive but now we were fighting for the same thing, now we fight for the wizarding world. Now we were fighting for Harry.

Grabbing our wands and holding them in front of us we entered the great hall, none of us looking back.

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The Final Battle: No Looking Back


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