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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 146 : Final Laugh
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Final Laugh
by Reyes91

This was it. This was the moment I had been waiting for…aching for. My Master had already dominated my horrid old workplace, the Ministry, and had successfully taken over Hogwarts while weeding out the Mudbloods and blood-traitors alike. The last thing left on the list was Harry Potter himself, but he was to be saved for Master. That much was made clear to all of us the moment the war broke out. However, taking out a few of Potter’s little friends along the way wouldn’t hurt.


Annoyed, I stalled my running after a few extra students to address the man who had called. “What is it, Thorfinn?”

A large blonde man moved over towards me, twirling his wand aimlessly in his hand, with hunger firing up in his eyes. “I found some of the Weasley children.”

That peaked my interest. “Have you now?”

“Yes,” Thorfinn said, grinning. “Shall we play with Potter’s new family?”

I felt the corners of my mouth stretch and my heart had begun to pound furiously. “Yes we shall.”

We both took to a run with Thorfinn blasting random students out of the way. It didn’t take long to spot a pair of similar, flaming red hair. The two obvious brothers were busy fighting off others, too busy to pay attention to me or Thorfinn.


The urgency in Thorfinn’s voice caused me to duck before a stream of red light could strike me. A young male charged my way, shooting out disarming spell. I took a quick glance toward my right to make sure that those filthy Weasleys were still in place before focusing in on the foolish student.

Protego,” I shouted, deflecting the student’s spell.


The spell brushed past me, and I glared. Dealing with someone like that was not on my agenda. Those Weasleys would leave soon enough.

Crucio,” I said, and the spell landed directly on the kid’s chest.

He went to his knees, screams endlessly pouring out of him. I could hear Thorfinn laughing cheerfully as he dealt with the other strays.

Keeping my wand trained on the student, I stole another glance at the Weasleys to get a closer look. One of them was Percy. The annoying little runt had Pius in a duel, which he was effectively winning.

As the screams from the student a few feet away from me died down, I redirected my attention on him.

“What of the blood-traitors?” Thorfinn called a bit out of the way while dueling.

“I’ll deal with it,” I called back, staring down at the student all the while. The student glared on back, reaching for the wand that had fallen from his hands. I couldn’t dwell on it any longer. “Avada Kedavra.”

A green light shot quickly out of my wand, striking the kid in the center of his face. The boy fell fully down onto the ground, his painful position still in place.

My attention flew back to the blood-traitors. Percy was gaining the upper hand on Pius, and that brother of his laughed the entire time. Looking up, I spotted a partially broken section of the nearby wall. Perfect. I could end that blood-traitor’s laugh without having to work too hard.

Aiming my wand, I yelled with all of my strength, “Reducto!”

The spell crashed into the wall, shaking a part of the castle. That Weasley boy’s laugh cut off instantly as the wall cracked and broke, sending large pieces of debris flying out at every angle. I backed away a bit as to not be hit, but kept my eyes peeled. The smoke had begun to clear after only a few seconds, and I caught sight of Percy staring down at the ground with wide, fearful eyes. I felt a smile force its way to my face once I noticed what was in his sight. That other Weasley ,the one who laughed, was left permanently silent.

“Rookwood!” Percy screamed, aiming his wand high at me.

He tossed out a spell that easily missed. Laughing, I backed off, keeping my wand up as well.

“All that anger isn’t good, Weasley,” I called out to him. “You need to be able to focus a bit more.”

It only frustrated him further and he charged at me, jumping over the fallen rubble and his dead brother. Tears shown brightly in his eyes, possibly making his vision slightly blurry, but even that wouldn’t slow him down.

“Nice work, Augustus,” I heard Thorfinn say, a smile obvious in his voice.

I didn’t answer him back as there was no need to. Percy was gaining on me with nothing but rage and hatred to keep his adrenaline pumping, and I wanted to have a bit more fun before having him meet up with his precious little brother one last time.

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