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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 143 : Evil Angel
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Evil Angel
by sexyscorp (Ms Malfoy)

Bellatrix was never one to back down from a fight. No, she was rather the opposite. Any pain she inflicted brought a cruel smile to her lips, and a cackle to match her psychotic nature. She killed any whom she thought needed to be, but not before she had them begging for death. They say the darkest hour comes before the light; well she gave them the darkest hour of their lives. She was always reluctant to actually use the Killing Curse, preferring them to take their own lives. Yes, she enjoyed inflicting pain, but when she was the cause of their suicide, she was at her happiest.

The half-crazed look of satisfaction graced her face as she drank in her surrounds. Destruction at it’s best, along with torment and danger. Her eyes glinted with delight as she threw curses around, not caring who or what she hit. Flashes of green and red reflected in her eyes, and she let out a shrewd laugh as a wall of the castle crumbled to the floor.
In her peripheral vision she saw a flash of light from a wand pointed at her, but quickly deflected it. Sharp reflexes were one of her best attributes. Being a master duellist, taught by the Dark Lord himself, she was quick with her wand.

After shielding herself she turned slowly toward Nymphadora Tonks. Her lips curled in a half-smile, the glee evident on her beautiful face. The showdown she had been waiting for for so long. The hardest part was choosing what to do with the mudblood lover. Tonks sent hex after hex at Bellatrix, but she deflected them with ease. She began advancing on Tonks, who stood her ground.

“Not afraid of me? Stubbornness must fun in the family,” Bellatrix said mockingly. Bellatrix had duelled with Tonks on previous occasions, and wanted to finish her off. She hated blood traitors within her family almost as much as the Dark Lord hated Harry. Tonks attempted to curse her again, but Bellatrix was too quick for her.

“The Dark Lord instructed me to “prune my family tree” as he put it. I’ve never really been one for gardening, but now seems like a good time to start, wouldn’t you agree?” she said, ever so conversationally. She aimed a hex at Tonks, who shielded herself, but only just in time. They both began to participate in a heated duel, Bellatrix trying to distract her opponent by yelling taunts across the room.

“Tell me, my dear niece, how has your mother been? I haven’t seen her in so long,” she asked sarcastically. She had always been so cynical, even in her youth. She was spoiled, like most from the House of Black, and abused the powers she held.

“She’s better now that she doesn’t have to associate with you,” retorted Tonks. A harshly fake laugh escaped Bellatrix’s throat, and she threw her head back dramatically, blocking a curse from Tonks.

“The feeling is mutual. I guess when the Dark Lord reigns I’m going to have to pay her and that mudblood a visit, yes?” A flicker of fear crossed Tonks face, Bellatrix taking advantage of the loss of concentration and Crucio-ing her opponent. Tonks fell to the ground, writhing in agony as Bellatrix strutted over to her, her wand pointed at the girl in front of her.

“Tell me, Half-blood, have you ever used an Unforgivable curse?” Tonks looked up at her, her glare barely being held due to the torture she was undergoing. Bellatrix again laughed. Although it was not detectable, the cackle was strained, merely a show; she knew it caused greater insanity to hear the laughter. Even if they didn’t die (which was extremely unlikely, but had happened before), the laughter would haunt them day and night, like a disease lurking deep in the body. With glee in her eyes she looked back at Tonks, lifting the curse. Another trick she knew; lift the curse for a while, make them feel relieved, and then hex them again. Bellatrix herself was insane, so seeing the happiness turn back to pain, the hope in their eyes vanish, that made her ecstatic.

Gasping for air, Tonks dragged her face up to look at her psychotic aunt. Bellatrix lips curled into a smile, and she looked back expectantly, waiting, almost wishing she would speak. She was a master of duel, yes, but she was also a master of retorts and annoying people. When Tonks didn’t say anything, Bellatrix impatiently grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at her aunt directly in the eye.

“Answer me! Have you ever used an Unforgivable?” Bellatrix yelled loudly, her high-pitched voice slicing through the mayhem around them.

“I would never sink to that level,” Tonks spat, mustering all the courage in her body. She was looking danger directly in the face, but like her aunt didn’t back down from a fight. Defiant, that was the word. Bellatrix laughed, looking down at her niece.

“How very… Hufflepuff-y of you,” she said diminishingly. Her eyes shone, a new idea entering her crazed mind. “Would you like to learn?”

“I will never use an Unforgivable!” Tonks said through her teeth. Bellatrix again laughed. For the show, as per usual, to get under her skin, to make her feel small and insignificant. Yes, they were the reasons behind the cold cackle.

“Sticking to your beliefs I see. Something your mother wasn’t very good at,” Bellatrix said in that crazily calm voice of hers, as though she had a smile in her voice. Tonks was still on all fours, weak from the curse her aunt had used.

“I’ll teach you the Cruciatus Curse, I’m a master at it. The best part about it? The power you hold, the pain you inflict, the bliss you feel.” Again Bellatrix laughed. “I doubt you don’t know the incantation, so all you have to do is mean it. You’ve got to really mean it, and put as much power behind it as you can. Total focus, you know. Quite like a Patronus Charm, although when you’ve mastered it, it doesn’t require much energy, see?” Bellatrix flicked her wand lazily, and Tonks immediately writhed in pain for a few moments before Bellatrix released her.

“So now that you know the basics, all you have to do is cooperate. Hmm, who can you torture? Ahh, here we are.” Bellatrix looked up the corridor at a girl running past, fear in her eyes. Using a silent Full Body-Bind Curse Bellatrix stopped the girl, and slowly walked over to her.

Placing a skinny hand on the victims face and pushing it into the other side of the ground, Bellatrix said sardonically, “What a shame, she’s a pretty little thing isn’t she?” Tonks had gotten to her feet, and as Bellatrix turned to her, she tried cursing her. A swift move of her wand, and Bellatrix had blocked the attack.

“I thought Hufflepuffs played nice, obviously not. Come on, do the deed.” Tonks refused, and Bellatrix approached her, a crazed glint in her eye.

“No?” Circling around Tonks, who stood rigid, not making eye contact with her aunt. Leaning in, Bellatrix whispered in her ear.

“Go on, Half-blood, perform the spell.” Tonks made no attempt to move. With a quick Imperius! Bellatrix repeated herself. “Perform the spell.” Bellatrix wasn’t worried about her niece’s resistance of the curse, as she had been taught by the best and was an experienced duellist. She knew that Tonks would stand no chance against her properly performed Imperius Curse.

Adding a little more power to the curse, and releasing the other girl from the Body Bind Curse, replacing it with a Leg Locker one, Bellatrix watched with satisfaction as Tonks begrudgingly aimed her wand. She admired her niece’s resistance to the curse, as many wouldn’t have been able to do it that slow.

“C…Cr…Cr…Crucio.” Tonks had given in. The curse was too tiring to withstand, and Tonks had already lost some of her energy in previous duels in the battle, not to mention being tortured by her aunt just before. The girls upper body jerked in pain as she let out a long scream. It wasn’t as strong as Bellatrix’s curse, and she could tell it was performed with reluctance, but had better things to do. She loved playing with her food before she ate it, true, but loved her master more. He wanted Potter, and the other people who were fighting for the “good” side were supposed to be killed.

With a flick of her wand Bellatrix released Tonks of the Imperius Curse, who immediately rushed to the victims side. Bellatrix laughed at this, wanting the attention back on herself. With a nonverbal Avada Kedavra the victim of Tonks’ curse was killed.

Tonks looked at Bellatrix boldly, rising to her full height. Black eyes met green (Tonks’ choice at that moment) and both women refused to break contact. After what seemed like an eternity, Bellatrix’s lips curled into her crazed smile, and she spoke in mock delight.

“Not that this hasn’t been fun, but my master awaits.” As proof she threw her arm forward, exposing the black stamp. Seeing a window of opportunity, Tonks aimed a nonverbal hex at Bellatrix, resulting in the older witch stumbling back. Tonks mentally swore, knowing her spells weren’t as strong due to fatigue.

After regaining her composure, Bellatrix narrowed her eyes at Tonks, who was sending another curse to her aunt. Reflexes sharp, Bellatrix blocked it and the other curses aimed at her. She laughed mercilessly.

“You honestly think you can beat me? You, a halfblood?” Another short cackle. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your mother and baby for you.” The last part was whispered, hissed, as Bellatrix performed the only Unforgivable Curse she hadn’t used on her niece.

And the last thing Tonks heard was a shrewd, heartless cackle; the laugh of a maniac.

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