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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Hey, this is my first story. The chapters are kinda short, but the whole story will probably be long. Thanks for reading, and please review!

Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Chapter One

Harry awoke to loud music. Rap in fact. He saw Neville dancing around in his robe.
Harry:"Neville, turn that off. Breakfast is in ten minutes."
Neville:"Hi Harry! I don't need breakfast, I got my pills!!!"
Harry gets up, dresses, and is heading out the dorm when he hears loud bangs and clashes. He runs out, and sees a dishevled Ron at the foot of the stairs.
Harry:"You alright?"
Ron:"Yeah, I was about to go down the stairs when I saw Hermione." *points* "Look at her."
Harry:"Ron, why would Hermione make you fall down the-" *faints*
Ron:"I told you!"
Hermione had a tight skirt, small top, and high heels on. She had straightened her hair and wore make-up. She was sexy.
Hermione:"Guys, didn't you remember that today is 'Dress Like a Bad Girl' day?"
Ron looked around and saw every girl dressed like that. Even Ginny.
Ron and Hermione headed down to breakfast. Harry awoke five minutes later and followed suit.
The trio sat in Transfiguration. They were working on how to turn chickens into pot. (A/N: aka: marijuana)
McGonagall:"How are we doing?" *looks around* "Good, good."
Hermione:"Doesn't McGonagall look a little tired today?"
Draco:"Hahaha! She's high."
Draco:"You moron. Wanna go skipping?"
Neville:"Hey Draco, thanks for those happy pills."
Darco:"Anytime, best friend." *smiles*
Harry:"I'm surrounded by a bunch of freaks!" *runs out of class*
Ron and Hermione:"Harry!" *run after him*
Harry runs and runs and bangs into a suit of armor. He falls unconsious. Ron and Hermione find him.
Hermione:"Just leave him there, he'll wake up eventually."
Ron:"OK. Wanna go snog?"
Hermione:"Oh, alright." *grabs Ron and snogs* (A/N: snog=kiss)
A half hour later, they finish and return to class. McGonagall didn't even notice their absence because she was sitting at her desk, laughing at the thin air.
Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be up soon. Don't forget to review!

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Hogwarts Gone Wild: Chapter One


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