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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 18 : Piper and Colette
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Piper and Colette

Dylan couldn’t sleep. The next day they were going home for the Easter and his parents had allowed him to go home if he wanted to. He wanted to go and visit Colette and see if she was any better then she had been a few months ago. He was still really worried for her, she was his god sister and she was crazy. Dylan got up and pulled on a jumper, it was unusually cold for this time of year, normally it was quite hot but not this year. He climbed out of his bed and went down to the common room. The common room was silent and almost empty as it should be at this time of night. The only person was Piper who was writing something quite frantically. Dylan went over and sat next to his sister.

“What you writing?” Dylan asked as he tried to see what she was writing. Piper jumped slightly and quickly rolled up the parchment. But not quick enough, Dylan saw the line ‘Potter is in hiding not-’

“Nothing.” She said. “Letter to James.”

“But you’re seeing him tomorrow.” Dylan said. Piper used her wand to make the parchment disappear and she gave him a smile.

“So?” Piper said. Dylan looked at her suspiciously. “What are you doing up so late?” she asked as she crossed her legs on the sofa.

“I couldn’t sleep. I’m anxious about seeing Colette, last time I saw her she was a bit…she’d just been found.” Dylan said. Piper’s face clouded over with a slightly dark look but Dylan knew she was beginning to forgive Colette.

“I’m not really looking forwards to seeing her. The betraying-”

“You don’t mean that.” Dylan said. “She’s like our sister.”

“Still.” Piper said bitterly. Dylan looked at her sceptically. He didn’t know why but his sister, although she was exactly the same as she usually was, she seemed a bit different but Dylan put that down to her having been kidnapped for a few months.

“Well, are you looking forwards to going home?” Dylan asked.

“Of course, I can’t wait to see James again. I miss him so much while I’m here. The sooner I can leave this school the better.” Piper said with a slightly girly smile at the thought of James. Dylan rolled his eyes. Piper looked at Dylan and laughed. “Come on, go to your dorm or I’m going to have to take points off you.” Piper said. Dylan sighed.

“Alright.” He said as he got up and headed back towards his dorm. He was at the stairs when he looked around. Piper had the parchment out again and was writing again. Dylan frowned but went to his dorm before Piper could do anything to him.

* * * * *

“MOTHER! FATHER!” Holly shouted as she ran to greet Hermione as opposed to the other way round. Ron and Hermione looked at each other uncertainly.

“She gets it from you.” Hermione said to Ron. Ron smiled and Hermione shook her head. Hermione gave Holly a brief hug before Holly moved onto her dad. Dylan stood next to Piper who looked a nervous about something.

“See you soon.” Harper said to Dylan as she ran to a couple a little way off. Dylan looked and noticed that Harper looked a lot like the lady. With them was a girl who was younger then them and Dylan realised the impression Harper had done of her sister a few months ago wasn’t that off. She had a weird far off look but she grinned when she saw Harper and hugged her tightly. She looked quite a bit like Harper as well except that she had lighter hair then Harper and slightly darker eyes. Dylan smirked and looked at his own parents.

“Hey.” Dylan said.

“Hi Dylan, how was school?” Ron asked.

“Eh, it was ok.” Dylan said casually. Ron laughed and ruffled Dylan’s hair. He jerked out of the way.

“Don’t do that.” Dylan said as he straightened his hair. This seemed to be the cue for Kevin to attack him and start ruffling his hair. “Argh!” Dylan said turning around and having a scuffle with his brother on the station. Holly and Ron pulled the two apart.

“At home, not here.” Ron said sternly. Dylan looked at his brother with narrowed eyes. Kevin gave him and grin and they both started laughing.

“We have to finish this.” Kevin said pointing to Dylan.

“Yes sir!” Dylan said as a joke.

“That’s a good boy.” Kevin joked back.

“We won’t be going home straight away.” Hermione said. “I hope you don’t mind but we want to go and see Colette while we’re in London and then go home.” Piper stiffened slightly but nodded and forced a smile.

“Ok.” She said.

“I know you have a few troubles with her right now Piper but I think it’ll do Colette some good when she sees you.” Hermione said.

“I said it’s ok didn’t I?” Piper snapped. Hermione was slightly taken aback.

“She gets it from you.” Ron muttered to Hermione. Hermione swatted Ron’s arm. “Come on kids.”
They were all soon piled in a ministry car, Hermione in the front of the car with Ron and the driver while the four children in the back. Kevin and Dylan had decided they were going to carry on their fight regardless of whether they were home or not.

“Holly control your twin!” Piper said as she moved out of the way just in time not to get Kevin’s foot in her mouth.

“He’s your brother too.” Holly said as she tugged on Dylan’s shirt. “Kevin let go of Dylan, he’s younger then you.”

“Ok.” Kevin said. He let go of Dylan and he tumbled into Holly.

“Ow.” They both said as they banged their heads. Kevin started laughing and hit his leg as Dylan sat down properly.

“That’s so funny.” Kevin said. Piper reached across and hit his head.

“Shut up Kevin.” She said.

“Hey.” Kevin said.

“I’m older then you so you have to listen to me.” Piper said sticking her tongue out. “And I say stop picking on your younger siblings.”

“Holly’s only younger then me by a few minutes” Kevin protested.

“But I’m younger then you by a few years.” Dylan said rubbing his head. He moved over next to Piper for protection.

“Aw, baby Dylan is tewified of his older bwuva” Kevin said. Piper’s eyes narrowed and Kevin shut up.

“I can’t believe you’re my twin, you’re so rude.” Holly said. Kevin grinned.

“Don’t you love it?”

“What does that girlfriend of yours see in you?”

“Well do you know what I want to know?” Kevin said. “What our god brother sees in our sister.” Kevin said smugly. Both Kevin and Holly shivered as if they felt slightly disturbed by it.

“Hey, you two just shut up” Piper demanded.

“Oh, what’s wrong Piper. You normally don’t mind us-”

“Shut up Holly, I’m not in a good mood. I don’t want to see Colette and I’m pretty sure she won’t want to see me.” Piper said glumly. Dylan looked at Piper curiously


“Because I did some things I’m not proud of.” Piper said crossing her arms and looking at Muggle London pass them outside. The three younger Weasleys went quiet and looked at each other curiously.

“So what-” Kevin started to say but when Piper gave him a glare that could have killed him he shut up.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Piper said.

“Hermione, Ron it’s so good to see you.” Jenny said hugging both of them like they were her brother and sister.

“I hope you don’t mind we brought the family as well.” Hermione said.

“No of course not. It’ll do Colette some good.” Jenny said.

“How is Colette?” Dylan asked. Jenny looked at him and frowned,

“She’s getting better.” Jenny said with a scowl. “She can now identify family and Christ Dayton.” Jenny saw Piper. Piper didn’t look to happy to be there, in fact she was looking at the hospital like it was going to attack her.

“Piper, how are you doing?” Jenny asked.

“I’ve been better.” Piper said.

“Do you want to see Colette?” Jenny asked. Piper shrugged. They went into the hospital ward. Jenny in front then Piper and Dylan in front of the rest of the family. Colette was sitting in her bed with Harry. Harry was talking to her and Colette looked like a young child who just felt happy to be in the presence of her dad.

“Colette.” Jenny said. Colette looked up and when she saw Piper her smiled disappeared and fear replaced her face. She literally jumped off her bed and pressed herself against the wall.

“No. No. I’m sorry, no please don’t.” Colette cried. Everyone looked slightly surprised except Piper, who was shaking.

“You’re sorry!” Piper snapped. “Remember what you did to me!”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, no.” Colette sank to the floor crying. Harry got up slightly alarmed and went to Colette’s side. Colette pulled herself away from her dad and made herself as small as possible.

“You knew exactly what you were doing. I don’t get why they let you go in stead of me.” Piper said as if Colette was acting properly and wasn’t crazy.

“Piper, maybe you should-” Hermione started to say, taking Piper’s arm but Piper pulled it away. Dylan turned to look at Holly and Kevin who looked slightly scared.

“Was she like this last time?” Holly whispered to Dylan.



“No. Well yes but she’s never acted like this.” Dylan said.

“Can I speak to Colette privately?” Piper asked.

“Um, I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Harry said as he got up, giving up trying to get his daughter to stand up.

“Why not?” Piper asked.

“Isn’t it obvious how terrified Colette is?” Harry asked. Piper looked at Harry, who was over twice her age with what looked like a look of contempt.

“I just want to talk to her.” Piper said “She was my best friend and unless we get her to be back to normal I won’t have a maid of honour.” The adults all looked at each other uncertainly then Harry nodded.

“Every one out, lets give the girls some privacy” Harry said. He started to leave when Colette grabbed the bottom of his robes.

“No please don’t leave me.” Colette said. She looked at Piper fearfully. “Please, don’t.”

“Colette, nothing will happen.” Jenny said going to help Harry. Colette started crying again but nodded and watched as everyone but Piper left the room. Dylan sat wit Holly and Kevin a little way off from the adults.

“Did you see Colette’s face? Do you think it was a good idea that they left Piper in there with her?” Kevin asked worriedly.

“Piper looked like she could kill Colette.” Holly whispered. The twins looked at each other and went pale. Dylan forced a laugh.

“Piper wouldn’t do that” Dylan said, though the look on Piper’s face had suggested otherwise. There was a scream from Colette’s ward and a sudden flash of light. The door crashed open and Piper seemed to be thrown out. Piper let out a moan and Ron hurried to help her to her feet.

“Thanks” She said as her dad helped her up. Jenny went to the door and went in. From where they where. Dylan, Holly and Kevin could see Colette looking slightly worried.

“Piper?” Colette asked uncertainly, “You ok?”
Kevin looked at them slightly confused. Piper nodded and smirked at Colette, she smiled.

“What happened?” Jenny asked.

“Everything’s fine” Piper said. “I just spoke to Colette then something really weird happened.”

“Hi.” Colette said walking out. Everyone looked at Colette in surprise. “What?” She asked.

“Piper, what did you do to her?” Hermione asked, taking her daughter’s arm.

“We just spoke and something happened then I reckon something in Colette’s head clicked.” Piper said. Colette started laughing and Piper smiled.

“What the-” Holly started to say, they couldn’t actually believe it. There was something very wrong with what had just happened. About five minutes ago Piper had been on the verge of killing Colette and Colette couldn’t say a logical sentence and here they were laughing at each other like they used to.

“When are we going home?” Piper asked Hermione and Ron.

“I want to go home, it’s so boring here.” Colette said. She glanced at Jenny and Harry. “What?”

“Are you ok?” Jenny asked uncertainly.

“Yeah, never been better.” Colette said uncertainly. Harry looked at Piper.

“How did you managed to get her better and the healers couldn’t?” Harry asked. Piper shrugged.

“Best friend touch?” Piper asked.

“But you two were just-” Holly started to say but she was clearly far too confused to finish off her sentence. Kevin didn’t say anything and Dylan was still slightly stunned. How did Piper get Colette back to normal? That was just weird.

“Um.” Ron started to say, “Maybe we should-” He really didn’t know what to say. Colette smiled.

“I have an idea.” She said. “You guys go home and relax. I will stay her, convince the hearlers I’m back to normal and I’ll see you all at school.” Colette said. She looked around before grinning. Piper started laughing, which caused Colette to start laughing.

Dylan was still very confused when he got back home. Piper refused to tell anyone how exactly she’d managed to get Colette back to normal and it seemed that Colette wouldn’t tell either. Piper had barely been home for a few minutes when James apparated to her side.

“James!” She squealed as she put her arms around his neck. James pulled her into a hug and kissed her.

“Oh, get a room.” Kevin muttered as he and Holly headed up to their rooms. Hermione rolled her eyes while Ron looked slightly apprehensive about letting his oldest daughter kiss in the middle of his hallway. Dylan, who had been stuck by the door, tried to get past Piper and James but no matter which way he tried to go he was stuck. The trunks and Piper and James in the way so he just sighed and crossed his arms, trying to look anywhere but his sister.

“Excuse me, can I get past please?” Dylan asked.

“Huh.” James saw Dylan and smiled. “Oh right.” He pulled Piper out of the way.

“Guess what.” Piper said quietly to James.

“What?” He asked with a grin.

“Colette’s back to normal.” Piper said. James looked at Piper surprised.

“What? She is?” Piper nodded. James looked like that had made his day. “Do you mind if I go and see her?”

“Of course not.” Piper said, giving James one last kiss before he disapparated. Dylan was still watching suspiciously.

“What happened when you were talking to Colette?” Dylan asked.

“What do you mean?” Piper asked with a smile.

“One minute you two hated each other and now you two are smiling like it’s nothing and that things are back to usual.” Dylan said watching as Piper went into the living room. He followed her and sat on a sofa. Piper shrugged.

“I don’t know. I just said something and suddenly we were back to normal. I don’t know what’s come over me. I know I wanted to kill her. I was going to kill her actually” Piper said presently surprised. Dylan looked at Piper incredibly surprised.

“You were going to kill Colette!” Dylan asked. Piper nodded.

“Yeah.” Piper said with a laugh, “Funny isn’t it?” Dylan didn’t think it was funny but forced a smile on his face.

“Yeah.” Dylan said.

* * * * *

Heya Soph

Just telling you that I got back fine. I went to St. Mungos today after I arrived with my family and just to tell you that Colette’s back to normal. It was really strange. When Piper and Colette first saw each other, Piper was ready to kill Colette and Colette was absolutely terrified but then we left them alone together and when they came out they were laughing. It’s really strange.

Anyway, just thought you might want to know, I’ve put your Easter egg with the letter and could you give Rachel and Fraser their Easter eggs. I’m going to send Harper her Easter egg using Piper’s owl. Oh, and I saw Harper’s sister Angel at the station. She looks exactly how Harper described her. It’s going to be fun next year when she comes to Hogwarts, can’t wait to see Harper’s reaction if she’s sorted into Gryffindor. Angel wouldn’t let go of Harper when they saw each other.

Write back, or not, up to you.


Dylan folded up the letter and put it on top of the parcel that his owl was sitting next to obediently. He used some Muggle cellotape and stuck the letter to the parcel.

“Ok, this wants to go to Sophie at Hogwarts, ok.” He said to his owl. His owl nodded. Dylan smiled and stroked it’s head. “I’ll send Harper her egg using Piper’s owl, it’ll be too heavy otherwise.” His owl gave a hoot and started out of the window. Dylan got ready to take Harper’s Easter egg to Piper’s owl when he saw it flying out in the distance.

“Oh crap.” He said. The owl had a letter in it’s beak and Dylan sighed. Right, now he had to go and ask if he could use his mum’s owl.

“Dylan, dinner!” Hermione called. Dylan put the Easter egg down and went to have his dinner. To his surprise James was having dinner with them. He was obviously, sitting next to Piper. Dylan looked slightly confused and turned to his dad.

“He’s having dinner with us because he can’t be bothered to make his own dinner.” Ron explained.

“You would have done that yourself.” Hermione said. “Besides, he’s pretty much family.”

“He will be family soon.” Holly said. Kevin and Holly both shivered like they did every time they thought of Piper and James getting married. Piper gave them a harsh look and Kevin grinned.

“Hello Piper.” He said.

“Shut up.” Piper said. Dylan rolled his eyes and sat down next to Holly.

“So, what’s for dinner?” Dylan asked.

“Curry!” Kevin said with a grin. Curry was Kevin’s favourite food and something Holly didn’t really like. Unlike the rest of the family whenever Kevin had Curry he got really hyper and had a tendency of annoying the rest of the family. He also had a tendency of making what ever room he was in stink.

“Mum, why?” Holly asked, banging her head on the table. Hermione smiled as she put the curry on the table. Their mum wasn’t a very good cook but she was getting better, after about eighteen years her cooking was ok. It was Piper’s cooking that everyone had to be careful about.

“Mum, dad. I’m going to be moving out when I finish school.” Piper said once they were well into the meal.

“We know that, we were expecting it.” Hermione said.

“I’m moving in with James.” Piper said. Ron nearly choked on his drink.

“What?” Ron asked. James looked at Piper uncertainly. “But you two aren’t married yet.”

“So?” Piper said like it really wasn’t a problem to her. “You and mum weren’t married when you two moved in together.”

“That was because I had nowhere else to go” Hermione said. Hermione then turned to Ron. “It’s alright, James isn’t going to do anything.” Hermione said. Holly and Kevin started laughing. Piper gave them a harsh look.

“Yeah right.” Holly muttered.

“Holly we know about Piper and James’…private activities” Hermione said. Dylan cleared his throat as Piper went slightly red and James looked slightly awkward. This was a very…interesting dinner conversation.

“I’m completely against it. There is no way-” Ron started to say but Hermione gave him a sharp look. “Fine just don’t hurt her.” Ron said pointing his fork in James’ direction “And you two are not sharing a bed until your wedding night. Do you understand me.” Ron said.

“Yes dad.” Piper said

“Thanks Ron.” James said with a smile. Holly and Kevin were in hysterics now.

“What do you to find so funny?” Hermione asked them. Kevin was laughing so hard he fell off his chair. Holly had to hold onto the table to stop her from doing the same. Dylan started laughing as well. He couldn’t help it, Holly and Kevin’s laugh was infectious.

“I can’t believe you’re trusting them.” Kevin managed to wheeze out. Ron went red and Piper got out her wand. A spark of yellow shot out of her wand and hit Kevin. “OW!” He said. Piper looked at him smugly.

“Don’t take the piss.” Piper said.

“Piper” Hermione said, Piper looked at Hermione. “Language.” Piper rolled her eyes and looked at James, who was laughing now as well.

“Shut up.” Piper said hitting James gently with a smile.

“Sorry.” He said putting an arm around Piper’s waist.

* * * * *

A/N:-Ok, the next Chapter will be the last one in this story but watch out for Adventures of the next generation: The third year. The next chapter will also be INCREDIBLY random. I was running out of ideas. The storyline for this story kinda fizzed out after Colette and Piper's meeting. If you think it's wierd how Colette is suddenly normal, do not fret, everything will be explained by....the sixth story but sortof explained in the next one i think. Tell me what you thought of the story, and if you want me to do some kinda of mailling list then tell me please

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