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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 136 : Ride Again
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Ride Again
by aussieginny

The forest that I had spent so much time in with my best mates as a teenager had not changed. Dark, spooky, secretive and yet strangely comforting. The presence ofthe ones I loved most was even more comforting. My loyal best friends Sirius and Remus, who I considered more as brothers, my beautiful wife, who I loved more than life itself wrapped around me like a warm blanket. But the strongest presence was that of my son. I looked at him in pride. The invisibility cloak that had enabled many historical pranks had no effect on me now. We were the same height and his hair was just as messy as mine was. But his eyes were the captivating green of Lily’s that cause many a night dreams.

My beloved took my hand and looked upon our son with the same fierce pride she had the day he was born. I had been happier then I had ever been on that day. Already planning with Sirius the pranks he would pull once he got to Hogwarts but secretly hoping that he would be more like his mother. Kind, selfless and brave. Braver than I ever was or could be. I got my wish.

Lily whispered to Harry attempting to express the pride that was in her eyes. Harry stared at her drinking in the sight of her. The mother that had done more than any mother had done for their child before.

“You are nearly there. Very close. We are -” I broke off for a moment knowing there were no words that could express what I felt. “- So proud of you”

A whisper slipped from his lips almost unwillingly asking if death would hurt. I had often wondered that myself during the most dangerous days, wondering if I would even know that I was dead.

Sirius comforted him. My brother, who had paid a much heavier price for Voldemort’s actions than I ever did. Remus too.While he didn’t have to bear the dementor’s, the thought of his best friend’s betrayal would have haunted him just as much. And now his son would never know him. Just as Harry had never known me.

Harry looked round at us and whispered asking to stay with him.

I smiled. “Until the very end”

"Stay close to me."

We walked with Harry to the place where Voldemort waited. Some Death Eater’s were on the lookout but of course they could see nothing. They led us to the clearing where he waited. I was proud that Voldemort could predict my son’s actions. That he knew that he would die for his friends said more than anything else he could have done in a fight. Harry stepped forward and as he did the stone dropped from his fingers and I felt the pull back to the peaceful light-filled place that I spent with those that I loved. My old headmaster was right. Love was the most powerful magic there was. Lily and I turned hand in hand watching Harry move forward to meet the one who we had died fighting. As the last of me faded away I turned towards Lily and saw the love that had got my son this far. Now it was up to him.

All italics are lines taken from HP and the DeathlyHallows pgs 560 to 561.

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The Final Battle: Ride Again


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