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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 14 : Hungover
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Chapter 14

        “I need that damn potion!” Ginny screamed from the bathroom. Night before, time of her life, morning after, mistake of her life. She was sitting at the edge of the toilet’s rim, hoping that she wouldn’t vomit once again. But before she knew it, she was gracefully bringing last night’s dinner back into the world. 

            “Two more minutes.” Harry said, rubbing her back. They were in their flat, in which they moved into two months before the wedding. 

            “It’s your bloody fault you didn’t stop me.” She said, after another round of vomit washing through her. 

            “You were about to kill Muriel, why would I stop you?” He said. 

            “Because your innocent girlfriend wouldn’t then be getting sick in front of you, after she nearly killed her own aunt and drank the entire Pacific ocean last night.” She said. 

            “It’s fun while it lasts hun. Muggles go through this with no potion, so for a minute, could you just be a bloody muggle?” He asked.

            “Sure. I’ll go read those stupid books that are about Witches and Wizards, and how they fight evil like all those crazy muggles too.” She said, sarcastically. 

            “Those do mock our kind very much so.” He said. “You have ten more seconds.” Harry said.

            “Finally!” She said, tilting her head back.

            “Until the cauldron is ready for me to brew the potion.” He finished his sentence, and sliding out the door. “Love you Gin.” He called out.

            “WHAT! That bloody potion isn’t even brewed yet! That thing takes hours! Oh no….” She said, getting sick once more. She then heard a little voice in the back of her head; it said ‘I told you that you should’ve stopped drinking.’ It teased. “SHUT UP!” She yelled back loudly. 

            “Say something Gin?” Harry asked, while he stirred twelve times clockwise. 

            “No. Nothing.” She said, resting her head on the side of the bathtub, and drifting off to sleep. 


            “Happy now?” Harry asked, handing her the potion. 

            “Not yet Potter.” She said, gulping the thing down. It took a good ten seconds before Ginny was Ginny again. “I’m good now. Thanks.” She said, handing him back the cup.

            “Good comes to the ones who wait.” He said, while Ginny brushed her teeth.
            “Really, cause’ I’m pretty sure you waited a while for a girl….” She said, walking up to him, swaying her hips. “And you got me, and you know I’m not good…..” She said, pressing her body to his. He licked his lips, and she then kissed him full on the lips. Such passion and thirst, you could tell that they both wanted it. He began to kiss his neck, making her feel pleasure. He ripped off his shirt, and she took off hers. He moved her over to the couch, and she fell on top of him. They continued on until the sun rose the next morning. 

            “Gin, I gotta go into the office.” He said, kissing her cheek.

            “Office! Work! SHIT!” She said, getting up quickly. 

            “What’s wrong Gin?” He asked.

            “I had to be at practice half an hour ago!” She said. “Late to the first practice doesn’t set a good first impression.” She said, throwing clothes around the room. “Where the hell are my Quidditch robes?” She said. She found them slung over the chair, right where she put them the night before. 

            “Gin….” He said, but she cut him off. 

            “Harry, I don’t care right now. All I care about is actually getting to practice not that late.” She said, grabbed all her stuff. “Bye. Love you.” She said, kissing his cheek and apparating on the spot. 

            “Love you too.” He muttered. Ginny landed in the locker room, and put all her stuff away. She practically sprinted to the pitch, and was confused when all she saw, was the stands. It was just her on the pitch. She then walked up to her boss’s office, who she sat there, reading some book. 

            “You’re here early Ginevra.” She said.

            “It’s Ginny, and I thought practice started forty five minutes ago.” She said, sitting down. Gwenog just laughed. 

            “That’s what the team does to a newbie. The say practice is really early, and more often than not, they come late.” She explained. Ginny just tilted her head back, and laughed.

            “Harry’s gonna kill me.” Ginny laughed.

            “Why is he going to kill you? Did he tell you that it started at ten or something?” She asked.

            “I’m guessing he was about to.” She said. “I just didn’t let him tell me.”

            “Oh, yeah. You’re gonna get it.” She said. “So practice doesn’t start for an hour, so you can go shoot on goal or just go and hang in the locker room.” She said. 

            “I think I’m gonna go and shoot for a while.” She said, standing up. She was really going to the locker room, she just didn’t want to seem like she was as lazy as she really was. She walked into the locker room, and she walked over to the fireplace. She called Harry, and he picked up, a smug look on his face.

            “So.” He said. “What’s happening?” He asked. 

            “You knew and you didn’t tell me.” She said. 

            “I tried, but have fun on your first day Gin. I have to go and do Ron’s work. Bye.” He said, shutting down the floo call.

            “I have the best boyfriend.” She said, sarcastically. 

            “I know, I played with him.” Katie Bell, said as she walked into the locker room. 

            “Katie. I didn’t know you played here.” Ginny said.

            “This is my first year as a starter, I was back up for Yurly last year but she left.” She said. And Ginny just nodded. “So, it’s you, I, and Patricia as chasers this year.” She said.

            “And I am here everyone!” Patricia walking into the room. “And you would never guess who proposed last night!” She squealed. 

            “Oh my god! He did?” Katie asked.

            “He did!” Patricia squealed. 

            “Who did what now?” Ginny asked, confused. 

            “Oliver Wood proposed to me last night.” She said. “Oh my god it was so romantic!” She said.

            “So how’d he do it?” Katie asked.

            “So I wake up from a nap last night, after a loonnnnnngggg day at practice you know? And I find a note on my chest. It told me to go to the place where we met, then to our first date, and so forth. Then it led me to a place where I had no idea what was there, and he just jumped out of nowhere and he was on one knee!” She said. “So he then asked me to marry him, and you already knew what the answer was.” She said.

            “So, who’s your wedding planner?” Katie asked. 

            “If you don’t mind….” She said.

            “Oh no. No, No, No. Sorry but you’re a pain in the ass when you get annoying.” She said. 

            “Ummmmm, I’ll do it.” Ginny butted in. “My brother and best friend just had a wedding and I helped her with all the stuff. How different would it be really?” She asked.

            “Thanks Ginny. I can tell, you and I are going to be great friends.” Patricia asked.

            “Ron got married?” Katie asked. “Who actually had the guts to marry Ron?” Katie asked.

            “You know who it is Katie. Everyone does.” She said. Katie still looked confused. “Hermione, Hermione Granger. The person who would always fight with Ron and all that.”

            “Oh yeah. She was in my study group.” 

            “But she was a year below you.” Ginny said.

            “I know. She was still in our study group!” She laughed. “She helped our NEWT scores skyrocket.” She explained. 

            “Well,” Ginny said, sitting down on a bench. “That’s Hermione for yeah. She wasn’t the one really freaking out about her wedding, it was Ron. He wanted everything to be perfect for Hermione. It was quite funny actually.” Ginny said.

            “Must’ve been.” Katie said, and they all continued to talk until practice started, and they all wished they had never been born.


            “Oh. My. God.” Ginny said, flopping down on the couch. “I don’t know what pissed Gwenog off, but she took it out on us.” She said, as Harry made her some tea.
            “That’s what captains are supposed to do Gin.” He said, handing Ginny her tea.
            “I also told Patricia that I would be her wedding planner.” She said. “She’s marrying Wood so I thought that maybe I could help him. She looks like she can really be a pain when she gets heated up.” She said.    
            “Wood? You mean Oliver Wood? Old captain to the Gryffindor Quidditch Team? That Wood?” He asked.

            “What other Wood do you know?” Ginny asked. “Like a Bloke Wood or something?” She asked. 

            “I don’t know Gin.” He said. “So how was practice?” He asked.

            “Well, I nearly died. Enough said.” She said.

            “No, not enough said. Tell me what you did.” He said.

            “Well, I flew. Did Sit-ups. Push Ups. Crunches. Planks. Tossed the Quaffle A Little, and sprinted three miles. How about you hun?” She asked. 

            “I did some ummmmm…..” He said. “Work.” He said.

            “Tell me what type of work.” She said, teasing him. He just bit his lip, thinking of something to make up. Little did she know, Harry had the week off, and he had been doing other things.

            “I had to write an essay. Just turned it into the big boss man.” He said.

            “Wow. Big Boss Man? You’re taller than him.” She teased, getting up and kissing him on the cheek. “I’m going to go and say bye to Ron and Hermione. They leave for their honeymoon early in the morning.” She said.

            “I’ll be there in a couple minutes.” He said, as she was whisked away into Ron and Hermione’s flat, which was surprisingly messy. Ginny walked around all the clothes and finally realized that they were both packing. 

            “Hey Hermione.” Ginny yelled. 

            “Hey Gin! We’re in the bedroom!” Hermione yelled back. Ginny then cautiously began to creep towards the corner. She peered around it, hoping to see nothing.
            “Should I be scared?” Ginny asked.

            “No, but Ron packing is pretty scary.” She said. “No Ron, we do not need to bring our own light bulbs.” She said. Ginny walked into their bedroom, to once again, find everything everywhere.

            “Ginny, do you think I should bring my broom?” Ron asked.

            “NO!” Both Ginny and Hermione yelled.

            “But I’m just saying for transportation reasons….” He said, putting it in the closet, or the space of barely clean floor next to the closet. 

            “Ron, we are going to Paris. They have a transportation system.” Hermione said, packing her stuff.

            “You guys finally decided where you wanted to go?” Ginny asked.

            “Yeah. Ron’s idea.” Hermione said. 

            “What? Turns out that teaspoon got a whole lot bigger.” Ginny said. Hermione laughed and continued to pack. “So, when you guys getting back?” Ginny asked.

            “Boss let me off for a month.” Ron said. “So were going for a week.” He said. Ginny was extremely confused.

            “So he gave you a month off, and you are just using a week?” Ginny asked. “If Harry and I were taking our honeymoon we would take it off for a month.” Ginny said.  

            “Right you are Gin.” Harry said, walking into the room. “I haven’t seen your flat this messy since you moved in.” Harry said, looking around.

            “It isn’t my fault.” Ron said. “Hermione can’t pick out any clothes to wear.” 

            “What makes you think I’m going to be wearing clothes?” Hermione said seductively, looking at Ron. 

            “Oh God.” Ginny said, looking away. Harry was just laughing. “Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely disgusting?” Ginny asked. 

            “No. I just think that they are just getting you back for all the times that you said something like that if front of them.” Harry pointed out. “And they just wanted to see that face that you made.” Harry said. 

            “Ha Ha. Very Funny.” Ginny said, and both Ron and Hermione were smiling. “So we were just coming to say goodbye, and then I’d love to go home and sleep.” She said.

            “First practice today?” Hermione asked.

            “Yeah. And it was the hardest practice I’ve ever had in my entire life.” Ginny said. “I nearly died.” She said.

            “That’s nice.” Ron said. “So how’s the office Harry?” Ron asked.

            “Good, Good. We barely have any cases now, so we are practically just throwing stuff at each other. I hit Seamus the other day, right in the back of the head.” Harry said, nervously.

            “You okay Harry? You seem a little……” Hermione asked. 

            “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” He said.

            “Hey Mate. I have some paperwork for you in the living room.” Ron said, leaving the room and gesturing Harry to follow him. They walked behind the corner, and then Ron rounded on him.

            “What’s wrong?” Ron asked. “Is there something wrong with Ginny?” He asked.

            “No. No” Harry said.

            “I swear if you got my sister pregnant….” He said. 

            “No! No!” Harry said. “At least I don’t think so.” He said. 

            “You don’t think so? So there is a chance?” Ron asked. He looked Harry dead in the eye. “Just tell me that if she is, you will take care of her.” Ron said.

            “You know I will Ron.” Harry asked. “And she’s not pregnant, and if she is, I will jump in front of a bus for her.”

            “Okay mate. So really, what’s up?” He asked. Harry looked down at his shoes, and then took a deep breath. 

            “I’m going to ask Ginny to marry me.” 

Author’s Note: I know I made it obvious, or else I think I did. So sorry about the long wait, I had this written on the fourteenth of July, but I decided to keep it until the Queue opened back up so that way I could be ahead and write more chapters, so that would mean fast updates XD. So, I am now going to leave you, hoping that you leave me a review : ) Anyways, thanks for reading.
HarryandGinnyForEver <3


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