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Assume The Position by Twinklestar
Chapter 1 : Our Friend, The Polar Bear
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Abigail Button.

Amazing image by tina.loves @tda.



Being a Hufflepuff isn’t so bad. People always say that the Huffles are the kids that aren’t so special and have no where else to be placed. I, personally like being a Hufflepuff. Especially when you’re best friends with a psycho Huffler who is obsessed with pig tails, red lipstick, gigantic plants, and Remus Lupin.

Who is my oh-so lovely best friend? Quinnie Carter. The Quinster. Or my favorite, Crazy Q. Quinnie and I have been best friends ever since First year when she accidentally spilled pumpkin juice on me during a trip to Hogsmeade and bought me a Puffapod and many boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to say sorry.

She is incredibly nice but most people tend to scoot away from her. I think it’s because she likes to wear her silver blonde hair in two pig tails like a nine year old, wears dark red lip stick, and She-Devil (Amber Tide) started a rumor that Quinnie talks to her plants like they are her babies. Bloody wanker.

Back to Quinnie. In our Fifth year, Quinnie was partnered with Remus Lupin in Herbology. Ever since then, she has been obsessed with the bloke and drags me to her little spying adventures. Which always end with us getting attacked by an unwanted bug in a cramped place, or jumping into bushes.

By the way, I never signed up for a stalker as a best friend. She’s still the best though.

My name is Abigail, by the way. Abigail Margaret Button to be exact. Quinnie likes to call me Little Red, or Abberz. I only hate it when she calls me Little Red because it only reminds me of how much shorter I am than everyone friggin’ else on this whole planet.

All right, I exaggerated a bit. But to Quinnie I’m like a midget, because she stands at five feet and eleven inches, when I am only five feet and two inches. So you can see why she thinks I’m so little. The red comes from my hair. I have dark red hair that my Mum says reminds her of tomatoes. Thanks, Mum.

I think I got my hair and my blue eyes from my Father. You see, I’ve never met him. My Mum says he died before I was even born. I don’t ask much about him because she gets really teary eyed and I don’t wan’t to make her sad. All I know about him was that he was a Muggle named Alexander.

I don’t look a thing like my Mum. She has dark brown almost black hair with the same colour eyes. She went to Hogwarts but doesn’t even use her wand anymore. She has a weird fond with baking. She bakes anything, really. Cookies, brownies, cakes, pies - you name it!

In my Fourth Year, she opened up a Bakery/café in Hogsmeade named Muffin Top. Quinnie thought of the name. She’s also quite clever and helpful.

Quinnie has this weird obsession with Muggles. She is a Pure-blood and so knew nothing of the Muggle world until she met me. Every time we happen to be near my Mum, she fawns all over her and literally squeals when she watches her bake a cookie. It’s pretty funny.

“Abberz…” I hear a whisper come from the darkness.

I look over from my bed and to Quinnie in her bed beside mine. She looks frightened. I sigh and make room for her in my warm bed. It has to be around midnight.

I see her smile and she jumps into my bed making a big flopping sound. I think she crushed my hip bone making the big fall but I quickly make sure it was all right.

“I had another nightmare…” she explains in a whisper. I nod my head, even though I know she cannot see me because her back is turned to me. I know what nightmare she was talking about. She’s been having it ever since summer vacation.

“I told you not to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at my house during the summer,” I tell her whilst stifling a giggle. I hear her laugh softly before she tells me, “But it looked so interesting. Abberz, they’re mutant ninja turtles! I didn’t think they would give me nightmares but bloody hell they really are!”

I can’t stop the laugh from escaping my lips. Mutant turtles can be pretty creepy.

“Shh!” Oh shut your gob, Tide. Damn girls who think they’re better than everyone else. I wish I could turn her into a Goldfish so I could flush her down the toilet. But knowing me, I’d confess after hyperventilating like a bloody wuss and everyone will hate me and be afraid of me.

I lay back down and after a couple of minutes, I hear Quinnie snoring softly to my left. I giggle softly and count 113 sheep before I fall into a peaceful sleep.

“…and then, they were all crowding around me and chanting these creepy words sounding like Aliens! They wanted me to be part of their cult, Abigail! It was so scary.” Quinnie shakes her head with a frown on her face.

“It was awful,” she wails and wipes away imaginary tears under her crystal blue eyes. I shake my head at her with a huge smile. She is incredibly funny when she is being so dramatic. Which is most of the time.

“Stop being such a drama Queen and eat your breakfast before I take it and feed it to Hoover.”

Quinnie makes a disgusted face at the mention of my pet toad Hoover. She thinks he’s gross and creepy looking. I think he’s handsome and bleeding awesome. Because he is.

“That toad is so disturbing! If you wanted a pet, you should have gotten a cat, or an owl. Then both of our owls would fall in love and fly off into the sunset and have hundreds of baby owls.” She grins at me and digs into her breakfast.

“Oi, look ladies. It’s I-talk-to-plants and her Royal sidekick loser.” Amber Tide has to be the biggest bitch to be placed in Hufflepuff House. I have no idea why that wanker of a hat placed her in my House. Guess she’s just here to make my life miserable.

“Oh, go suck some random blokes d-”

“Quinnie!” I yell before smacking my hand over her mouth to stop her from finishing that sentence. If the Professors hear her, she would have been giving a months worth of detentions. Only Merlin knows if she can even handle one detention. She would go mental and have to be sent to an Asylum.

Of course, I would go mad without my own best friend and I’d somehow break her out of there and we would go into hiding as men named Abelforth and Quinton and run off to Canada. It wouldn’t be as fun as it sounds.

“Whatever, Carter. You’re lucky you didn’t finish that sentence or you would have been so done,” Tide threatens her and stomps off, her clones; Harriet Dodger and Claire Smith, follow closely behind her. Harriet Dodger is the only non Hufflepuff in that clique. She is a Gryffindor.

I roll my blue eyes at Amber’s back and stare at Quinnie cautiously. She better not do anything drastic.

She picks up her wand slowly, and stares daggers at Amber’s head. Oh, dear. For Merlin’s sake, if she lands us in detention I will stick Hoover in one of her rainbow socks as punishment.

She flicks her wand quickly and Amber’s skirt falls to her ankles, revealing huge knickers that my Grandma would be caught wearing. The whole Great Hall erupted in laughter as Amber blushed furiously and runs out in embarrassment.

I can’t help but feel a little bad but when Quinnie smiles lopsidedly at me, I can’t help but grin good naturedly back. She really is the best.

“Thank you, thank you! I know, I am the Queen of payback,” she grins and did a little ‘whooping’ noise. I shake my head but smile. “You very are, Crazy Q.”

She smiles widely for a second before her eyes widen and she smiles even wider. She only does that when she gets a crazy idea. A crazy idea that usually involves stalking. Stalking Remus Lupin. Dear Hufflepuff, help me.

“The Gryffindor Quidditch team is having practice today, and you know that James Potter and Sirius Black are on the team. So I am almost 100% sure that Remus will be there. I mean, they are best mates, right? Why wouldn’t he be…”

I sigh deeply and take a big gulp from my Goblet. There’s no way I’m ever going to get her out of stalking him and to just talk to him already!

“All right, sure. But let me finish my brea-”

“They’re leaving, lets go!” she exclaims and pulls me up by my arm.

So much for finishing my lovely breakfast.

“Aw, he’s so adorable! Look, Abberz, look! He’s studying. Aw. He cares so much for his grades, it’s just so cute. Oh, I just want to go right up to him and snog his face off!”

I sometimes wish I have an off button on Quinnie. Especially when we are on one of our spying adventures. She just goes all jelly and doesn’t shut her trap about Lupin. I mean, what’s so great about him?

Sure, he’s pretty cute. But his two other best friends James Potter and Sirius Black are way more sexier than him. Remus has golden brown hair with blue eyes. He is often pale and has a mysterious scar on his face. It sometimes freaks me out. How in the world did he get something like that? A bear, maybe? I guess he likes to hike.

“Get down!” I hear Quinnie hiss loudly and pull me down beside her behind a huge green bush. One of its thorns pricks me and makes my thumb start to bleed. I want to curse so badly but Quinnie narrows her eyes at me.

“I got hurt because of your stalking,” I whisper to her and she rolls her eyes at me. I grumble curses as I wipe the blood off of my thumb with a leaf. I always manage to either get bruised, or cut during these adventures.

I peek through the bush to find Potter and Black standing only a few feet away from us. Quinnie and I look at each other with worry. If we get caught, we will never be able to show our face around in this school again.

People already think were weird. Or crazy. Same thing.

James Potter is rather good-looking. He has jet black hair that he is known to mess up to make it look like he walks through a tornado everyday. He is tall, taller than Sirius Black. His circle glasses make him look more mature this year.

His best mate, Sirius Black, is better looking though. He has shoulder length black hair with the stormy grey eyes that I often hear the girls in my Dorm discussing about. He is known as the ladies man and no matter how many girls he goes out with, every single girl just can’t help but fall for him. He is quite charming, so I hear.

They are both best mates with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Pettigrew doesn’t quite fit in with them. He is very short and round-like with watery beady eyes that I’m afraid to look at. He seems untrustworthy. Which is odd because he is a Gryffindor.

“I think I have to sneeze, Abigail.”

“Don’t, you’ll blow our cover!” I whisper to Quinnie quickly. I stare at her with my eyes wide. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Were so gonna get caught! Quinnie, if you sneeze I will repeatedly beat you with a pot!

Achoo!” You’re dead to me, Carter.

“Whose there?” It was either Potter or Black who demanded. I wasn’t sure because I was busy glaring at Quinnie who was smiling weakly at me. I’m so going to beat her later.

“I said, ‘Whose there’?” they demand again. I sigh and stand up dragging a frowning Quinnie with me. If I’m going down, so is she. Or in this case, ‘up’. Ha-ha. I’m funny.

All right, Abigail this is not the time to be funny. There are two extremely popular hot boys standing in front of you with their wands pointing at you and your best friend. Bugger.

I clear my throat and look at them awkwardly. Quinnie just stands there frozen. I don’t even think she is breathing. I elbow her in the stomach to make sure.

“Hi?” she squeaks. I stare at her, my mouth agape. Her face is beet red and she just shrugs. James and Sirius look at each other with worried expressions. Flubbin’ great. They think were some lunatics that escaped a mental institute.

“We were just…” I try but fail miserably.

“Looking for a friend!” Quinnie adds with a grin. I grin back before adding, “Yes, our friend! Have you seen him?”

Quinnie clears her throat. “He’s… well, a… polar bear….”

I’m going to slap her. “Yeah. A polar bear….” I add to our little unconvincing story.

“Wearing a bikini! So, yes, we must get going. Thank you, gentleman!” She exclaims and runs off towards the castle.

They both just stare at me. Both looking like fish because their mouths both shape ‘o’. I clear my throat awkwardly.

“Toodle oo!”

I wave at them before racing off after Quinnie. I decide Quinnie and I must wear bags over our heads until Graduation. Yes, bags will look just lovely on us.




this first chapter is all thanks to my forever best friend. You will always be so incredible.

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