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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Introduction
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No criticizing the image! That took me twenty minutes to do. It's very
sad... Yes, I actually am aware that she doesn't look the same as in the
banner, but you know, it's the same chicka.

Enjoy!! XD

Chapter 1: Introduction

Rosalie Brianna Weasley was the type of girl who’d always had everything.

She was beautiful –some say like a vela; she had money –enough to buy the world; she was born with power –to rule the world she bought; brains –smarter than her mum was, and Rose used her brains to advantage her[; she was charming –so much so that it was said that she could commit a murder and, with a flutter of her eye lashes and a well-practiced pout, get out of any punishment at all.

Rose was also kind, patient and loyal ‘til the end, but she had a temper, and when you ignited it, you ran. Fast.

Most people said she had the whole world wrapped around her finger since the day she was born.

And she did.

In school, Hogwarts, Rose was the Queen Bee, going by the name Brianna often so it was Queen B or Queen Bree. It was her who ruled the school, her who charmed the teachers, and her you wanted to be friends with. Because if you were on her Bad List, you were dead. But everyone wanted to be her friend.

And everyone tried. Rosie was always surrounded by a large group of people’ and while she enjoyed making them stammer and squirm at times, making sure they knew she was the one in charge, she always made sure they were welcome until they did something to change the terms of their ‘stay’.

Once you secured a spot as one of her inner circle, one of her followers, you pretty much were set to go, not only in school, but for life.

Because Rose was the type of girl who had connections. To everything.

She was linked to dozens of boys –and a few girls- romantically and dozens more as friends. Even those who were out of school.

Not that she was necessarily with them, but she didn’t stop the rumors.

When Rose graduated from Hogwarts, eighteen years old, beautiful, powerful, wealthy, and famous, she was given the highest scores ever on her NEWTs, had secures more acceptations to jobs and colleges than realistic, and was given an award by the Minister of Magic himself, Fortesne Lackley, for her cure of Dragon-Pox that she’d invented by mistake.

Five years later, when she was twenty three years old, Rose had jumped from job to job in every subject ranging from model to Quidditch Star to Unspeakable.

It was announced publically, on July 13, 2040, that when Lackley stepped down from Minister of Magic in 2042, Rose would get the position next.

By the ripe old age of twenty five years old, Rosalie Weasley would have secured not only the first female Minister of Magic, she’d also be the youngest by at least twenty years.

Securing for herself the most powerful magical position in all of Eastern Europe, and third most powerful in the world.

Rose was the type of person that if she asked for a red 1975 Mustang convertible, it would be parked outside her door the next morning.

She was well liked by nearly everybody, but if you attempted to dethrone her, if you spread a false rumor about her, if you said the wrong thing at the wrong time, and she was in a pissy mood, you were ruined. End of. Out of the circle of people she pretended were her friends, out of the elite, to the bottom of society, never able to climb back up again.

But Ro rarely ruined anyone. She was just too nice. And she rarely ever even had too.

Rosalie Brianna Weasley had it all. She was at the top of the world.

Which made it all the more stunning when it happened.

When she vanished.


Dear Lucy,

               Dearest, darling, little Lucy.

               By the time you read this letter, I will be gone.

               I want you all to know that I love you so, so much. And that, Lucy, is why it kills me so much that I’m leaving. But I am.

               I don’t want any of you guys to look for me, and yes, I know that by now, you were already plotting. But I’ll never let you find me.

Please don’t make me have to use magic to stay hidden.

I think that, one day, I might come back. But for now, I have to stay away.

I have too.

Lucy, I love you. Don’t be like me. I know that I’m in no position to tell you this, but listen to me. Please, listen. Don’t be like I was. I made so many mistakes in my life, more so than any average person. And Lucy, you of all people deserve to learn from your own mistakes, not to be condemned to repeat mine.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Don’t forget me, ever. Please.

                                             With love always,                          



It’s been nearly four years since I found the letter that quite literally changed everything.

Now, it’s like Rosalie Weasley never lived. Her name, and anything relating to her is an unspoken taboo. Not just in our family, but to the entire world.

It is very much like she died. Or was murdered.

But she wasn’t.

But I, Lucy Weasley, new ‘ruler’ of society–thanks to Rose’s training, tips, rules, and regulations–am never giving up hope

Rose will return.

And when she does, her throne will be ready for her.

Safe and easy for her to retake the reigns once more.

I hope.

So this is the very boring first chapter to my very new story. It is in no way, shape or form related at all to Normal? That's Weird... but you know, you can read that too, if you didn't yet.
Also, this story is being beta'd by the amazing and awsome and cool(ish) and whatever the hell else she wants to be:  dream_BIG !!
So, yeah, she's given me a LOT of help with this.

Erm... I seriously doubt this will come out before the queue closes as I'm posting it on the twenty fifth, but I'm trying. :D

REVIEW, please?

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Vanishing Act: Chapter 1: Introduction


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