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Real Thing by jessicanicole
Chapter 10 : Surrender
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except Jamie and her family. All others belong to the wonderful J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Ten
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“And Fleur, well she’s just fit to burst. Oh and your Mum, she gave me the ring. It’s beautiful, and those letters? I think I’ve read them hundreds of times each.” A soft sigh slipped from Jamie’s lips. “I think I’m going mad, to be honest. Things were so much simpler when you were here,” she whispered.

A light breeze rolled through the tall reeds, tossing the brunette’s hair in every which way. The sun was slowly setting on the horizon, casting its yellow and pinks across the sky. It had seemed just like yesterday that she had been kneeling in the very same spot, yet so much had changed.

Fred’s lips curled back into a mischievous grin as he shifted his position on the grass. Jamie wasn’t sure what to make of the sudden look as she raised a brow in his direction. She spun an apple blossom around in her fingertips, focusing on it with an indifferent sigh slipping through her lips.

“Ooof,” she groaned as Fred lunged for her, pinning her down on the grassy knoll and showering her face with light, frivolous kisses. “Fred, Fred!” she giggled, pushing her hands lightly to his chest.

“Jamie, Jamie!” he teased before pressing a light kiss to her lips. “I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you, too.”

Jamie looked over her shoulder as rustling echoed through her ears. George stood a few meters away beneath a small tree, looking sheepishly down at his shoes. His gaze slowly met hers and she averted her gaze discreetly. Fresh tears began pouring from her eyes.

“Georgeee?” Mrs. Weasley’s voice rang through the Burrow. “Jamieeeeeee!”

“Georgeeeeee?” Jamie mocked, sticking her tongue out playfully as she tossed a quaffle she had found abandoned in Ron’s closet up in the air.

Laughter erupted between the two as George leapt from his spot on the bed, tackling Jamie onto the floor as his fingers deftly toyed with her ticklish sides.

“Jamieeeeeeee,” he shot back between laughs, barely dodging the back of her hand as she swung at him. “Oh, you little bugger!”

“Gerrroffffffff,” she mumbled through her fit of giggles, her sides and face aching from the laughter. “George Weasley, I’m gonna tell your mum!”

His face was suddenly centimeters away from hers, expression amused while hers determined.

“And what will dearest Mummy do to her favorite son?”

“Favorite? Pft! That’s obviously Percy,” she scoffed haughtily. Jamie’s expression was serious yet amused as she stared into George’s hazel eyes. He looked seriously offended.

Laughter broke out yet again.

Moments like that she cherished, for she hardly thought of the tear in her heart when George made her laugh like that. Now they weren’t even talking.

A delicate hand fell on her shoulder, causing Jamie to look up quickly, the remnants of tears streaked across her pale cheeks.

“Jay, we may have to leave soon. Fleur’s contractions are getting worse by the second,” Ginny muttered, clearly stressed and annoyed yet impatient and anxious all at the same time.

“Oh, all right. I’ll just say good bye real quick,” she replied, distracted as she turned her attention to the headstone. “I’ll be back soon,” Jamie whispered as she ran her fingertips over the curve of the cool marble. She placed a kiss upon her fingertips and pressed it gently to the carved inscription as she slowly rose to her feet. “Ready.”

Ginny nodded her head and carefully slung an arm over the girl’s shoulders. Everyone had taken the time to say their pieces to Fred, as well as the various other friends who had lost their lives that tragic day two years ago. Jamie had opted to go last.

A sharp cry erupted from Fleur. She nearly collapsed but was saved by Bill’s arms wrapping around her carefully.

“Ze baby ees coming!”

Jamie sat in the waiting room of St. Mungo’s beside the other Weasley children. The occasional head with bob as sleep threatened to overtake their consciousness, but everyone was managing to stay somewhat coherent. The bright fluorescent lighting shined brightly overhead. A cough here, a small sigh there.

No news though.

She glanced up timidly only to meet George’s gaze. She was tempted to look down instantly but couldn’t. He blinked. She blinked. The tension between their stare was almost unbearable. Jamie swallowed the hard lump that began to creep up in her throat. Her palms began to sweat as she wrung her hands in her lap.

George suddenly looked away as the double doors swung open. An elated Mrs. Weasley, with tears streaming down her weathered cheeks, burst forth blubbering.

“A beautiful, healthy girl!”

Mrs. Weasley had never looked so proud as she did in that moment. A great mile stone had surely passed. She was, in fact, a grandmother now. Jamie had a feeling, as her own joy for Fleur and Bill and the entire Weasley family welled up inside her, that this was only the first of many grandchildren to bless Arthur and Molly.

“When can we see--”

“Yeah, mum. When can we see little Vic!” Ginny interrupted Ron, standing up and rushing up to her mother impatiently. She looked so much like her the older woman beside her whilst standing there with her arms firmly crossed over her chest and foot tapping viciously at the tiled floor.

“In due time, dear. Fleur and the baby are sleeping right now,” she replied, shooing away her two youngest children.

Mrs. Weasley crossed the waiting room and sank into one of the plastic chairs, a loud sigh slipping through her lips while neatly dabbing at the tears that stained her cheeks. She shook her head over and over, muttering softly under her voice. Most of her musings consisted of her being so proud or the shock of being a grandmother. Mr. Weasley slipped from the double doors with Bill at his side. Both men looked rather exhausted with a bit of pink in their usually pale faces. Arthur attended to his wife, but Bill sat off to the side and just grinned to himself thoughtfully.

It was a blessing, no doubt. The pain of losing a son would never go away, but now the family could celebrate the birth of a new member. Jamie smiled shyly, to herself of course, as she finally dared to close her eyes for a few moments. Soft murmurs were buzzing in her ears from the left. She assumed it was the new grandparents discussing their first grandchild, or perhaps it was Ron and Ginny bickering over who got to hold the baby first.

After what seemed like only minutes, Jamie was stirred from her temporary nap by a small shake of her shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open to see Ginny with an amused expression shining down at her.

“Fell asleep?”

“Mhm,” the redhead replied with a snicker.

The two girls followed behind the group of redheads through the double doors and into the long, winding halls of St. Mungo’s maternity ward. Jamie felt a little out of place. She wasn’t part of the family, even though at times it surely seemed like that. She stood toward the back of the room politely as the family fussed over the petite, blonde baby with the brightest blue eyes Jamie had ever seen. Even as Fleur laid there, her long tresses sticking to her glistening skin, she looked absolutely radiant. The Veela in her blood certainly did her well in her pregnancy.

Bill was leaning against the bed with a warm gaze only for his clearly exhausted wife. Fleur occasionally fretted over her child as she was shuffled from one relative to the next. Ginny cooed softly to her niece, stroking the babe’s delicate face with the side of her finger. The baby was soon passed to Ron who awkwardly held her for a few moments before passing her nervously to his mother, declaring himself unfit to even be near such a precious package. He apparently feared of dropping his new niece. Mrs. Weasley chuckled as she rocked the baby back and forth, her husband peeking over her shoulder and making faces at the newborn. George held her for briefly a second, as did Percy. Finally Fleur called Jamie from the shadows and she too had the opportunity to hold Victoire.

“Why hello there,” she whispered, allowing the girl to clutch lightly to her index finger. Jamie couldn’t help but smile. “She’s beautiful. Congratulations,” she beamed brightly as she passed Bill his daughter.

Yawns began to make their way through each Weasley, and Jaime soon fell victim to the contagious motion. Everyone bid the new, yet clearly tired parents goodbye and congratulations, exiting the maternity ward with weary faces.

“Will you be joining for another evening, Jamie?” Mr. Weasley asked as they headed out into the dark streets of London.

“I was actually planningto apparate apparating back home. I have so much to catch up on as it is,” she admitted with a delicate frown on her lips. “Thank you so much for hospitality though.”

A small frown pulled at George’s lips momentarily, but as she glanced over to see if her eyes deceived her, he looked away rather inconspicuously.

“Dearie, you know as well as everyone else in this family does that you are always welcome at the Burrow,” Mrs. Weasley assured her warmly.

Jamie allowed the woman to pull her into a warm embrace, stepping back only when Mrs. Weasley pulled away. She nodded her head and smiled through her exhaustion.

“Don’t be a stranger anymore, all right?” Ginny teased with a knowing smirk on her lips.

“Whatever you say, Ginevra,” Jamie replied all too sweetly. “I’ll try to stop by sometime this week,” she assured the family with a light chuckle.

She didn’t even bother to offer George a glance, but instead turned rigidly and began walking to an apparation point not too far off while rummaging through her coat pocket for her wand. Jamie only realized the soft shuffling behind her when she came to a stop in the narrow alleyway. She glanced over her shoulder to see George slowly making his way toward her.

“The joke shop needs attending to,” he answered flatly without Jamie being able to so much as open her mouth to question him.

She closed her mouth to prevent herself from looking like a fish and simply nodded. She grabbed her wand and closed her eyes, inhaling deeply and giving in to the familiar yet uneasy tug at her navel. She exhaled only when the sensation faded away and the lights of Diagon Alley illuminated her face. The soft, almost silent pop of George almost caused her to turn but she kept her eyes set in front of her and walked silently to Elder’s Place.

Blast him for living in the same bloody apartments she thought bitterly. It had been so convenient and now it was nothing but a burden on her shoulders.


Jamie growled in protest despite herself and fumbled with her keys. She finally was able to slide it into the lock and open her apartment, stumbling into its dark confines without so much as a nod or glance in George’s direction. She was allowed to be stubborn. Wasn’t she?

The loud, and probably intentional, clambering of George in the apartment beside her only further irritated her. Irrational, without a doubt. She simply didn’t want to be the grown-up in this situation. Both had seceded from their pride before, but somehow this was different. She couldn’t clearly remember why they were so mad at one another. There hadn’t been a time she could remember where she hadn’t spoke to George for more than a day.

Never more than a week tops.

”I can’t do this anymore!” they both sighed in defeat, Jamie throwing up her arms and George blowing air from his lips loudly.

Jamie sat on the edge of Fred’s bed while George sat in the center of his own, legs crossed and shoulders hunched forward. He looked somewhat haggard, as if he had been losing sleep over their little argument. They hadn’t spoke in nearly a week, which was the longest she had gone without talking to the lanky redhead. Fred had forced the two into the same room and told them, with a fierce tone that strangely reminded them of Mrs. Weasley when she was angry, that they weren’t allowed to exit until they made up. Fred had instantly believed that George was innocent, whilst Jamie allowed the loose gossip of Hogwarts’ school girls to get to her. One week of summer had already passed by and it had been the most awkward week of her life. So there she sat in the small, cramped yet oddly cozy apartment that the Weasley twins had rented near their newly opened joke shop. A loud sigh came from George, followed by an equally loud sigh from Jamie.

“This is stupid,” he mumbled as he looked up at her.

“Beyond stupid,” she agreed with a small nod. “I mean, who doesn’t talk over something that the vile Pansy Parkinson supposedly saw or heard or whatever.”

“Exactly. She’s a bloody toad, and years younger than us. Why would I even bother talking to her at the shop? And, we all know that she’s right mad,” George began to comment, the first sign of a smirk playing at his lips. “Let alone the shop that my brother works at?”

“So you really didn’t say those awful, vile things about Fred and I?” Jamie asked, still somewhat shy over discussing her boyfriend, who just so happened to be one of her best friend’s twin brother.

They were a new couple. It was a sensitive subject.

“Now why on earth would I ever say something bad about my dearest brother, my own flesh and blood who I share that eerie twin bond with, and his lovely girlfriend who just so happens to be the one person who might know more about me than I do?” he asked, in all seriousness.

“Good point,” she commented, a light chuckle bubbling from her lips at George’s quizzical expression.

“So are we good now?”

“Golden,” Jamie grinned, pushing herself off the edge of the bed and into George’s arms in a fierce hug.

“No good tosser,” she muttered, pushing away the memories of easier times.

It seemed trivial now to be mad at such things as Pansy Parkinson gossiping about George telling her that Fred and Jamie wouldn’t last more than a month if that and that they were the worst couple in all of bloody London. George had been rather excited for the couple when they first revealed themselves to the great Weasley clan. At least, it had seemed that way in the haze of her giddiness over finally snagging the boy she’d been pining after for nearly a year.

Jamie tugged at the small zipper on the back of her summer dress. She slipped her feet out of heels and shrugged out of the dress carelessly. A loud groan escaped her despite trying to stifle it. She fell face first into the bed and pulled the covers over her tightly in an attempt to block out the piercing moon beams filtering through her shades.

A small knock echoed through her small, dark apartment and she groaned underneath the cover.

“Go away!” she yelled.

“Jamie?” came a confused voice.

Her eyes widened instantly. The brunette tossed back her covers and nearly fell off the bed. She managed to, not with much grace mind you, pick herself up and scurry out of her bedroom. A letter caught her eye and she cursed mildly under her breath for not seeing it earlier. He probably had been trying to get to her all afternoon and she hadn’t even bothered to tell poor Cormac where she’d been all evening. Did they have plans? Jamie couldn’t remember for the life of her.

“I’m so sorry,” she breathed as she flung open the door.

Cormac’s eyes widened and he carefully ushered her back into the apartment.



“You’re in your knickers,” he chuckled, running his hands down her arms.

“What? Oh!” she blushed profusely after looking down at her practically bare body. “Bollocks,” she cursed. “Stay right there, or rather make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

“All right,” Cormac smiled, keeping his eyes on her face as she walked into her bedroom.

Jamie quickly pulled on a night gown and returned to her living room. She sat beside Cormac with blush still creeping across her skin.

“Sorry, my heads in the bloody clouds,” Jamie murmured in her embarrassment.

“Tough day, no doubt,” he said softly as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I wasn’t sure if you wanted me here tonight, but--”

“No, no. I’m glad you came over tonight. Really. It’s been a tough day indeed, but Fleur brought Victoire into the world so there is something to celebrate after all,” Jamie explained as she laced her fingertips with Cormac’s.

“Why that’s wonderful!” Cormac grinned, though keeping his voice low out of consideration to the people around them.

Jamie would be delighted to know that he disturbed George’s precious sleep.

“She was so pretty. No doubt has the Veela blood running through her veins strong as ever. You should’ve seen the way she cast a spell on everyone in the room,” Jamie chuckled. She leaned carefully into the crook of his arm and sighed softly as he pulled her to his chest.

“If I remember her mother correctly, well no doubt she’ll be the apple of every man’s eye in due time.”

Jamie nodded her head and traced lazy circles on Cormac’s chest. He kissed her temple lightly then rested his chin on top of her head.

“Stay here tonight,” she whispered softly.

“Of course,” he replied with a warm smile on his lips.

Jamie returned the smile and hugged herself tightly to his lean, toned body. He was perfect in every way. He treated her like a Princess and doted on her hand and foot. He was always polite, even around the Weasley family for he finally understood how much they meant to her. Cormac was always considerate and far too understanding for his own good. He never pressured her for anything, and cared about her unconditionally.

Yet despite all that, the silence between her and George was unbearably. He had been there through all the fights, however trivial or detrimental, between Fred and her. His shoulder had always been there for her to cry upon. George had been her rock when Fred had passed for he was the one person who probably understood what it was like to lose their other half. Sure, the circumstances were different but Fred was the love of her life and his twin brother. Although he was more focused on a good laugh than the romantics, that hardly seemed worth fretting over. His clumsy personality couldn’t hold up against Cormac’s suave elegance and grace, but she adored his youthful antics. The man in her arms was flawlessly handsome, but she preferred George’s lanky yet toned body and the disheveled red hair, even the scar that crossed his left brow from a particularly nasty bludger accident in their third year.

“Come on,” she murmured softly, only having to look up at Cormac to push away the thoughts of the man next door.

She wasn’t going to let George ruin this for her.

The couple rose silently from the couch and crossed the living room, gliding down the hall way and casting shadows across the bare walls. Jamie held onto his large, Quidditch-calloused hand in her delicate one as she led him through the darkness into her room. Cormac, with ease, gently lifted the slender woman and laid her on the bed. He pressed a light, timid kiss on her lips with his hands pressed firmly into the bed and body hovering over hers. Jamie pulled his face back to her own, their lips meshing together again in a slightly deeper kiss.

Her breathing became slightly labored while his lips traveled over her neck and jawline, yet each kiss was light and respectful. Jamie could feel Cormac restraining himself. He was a man, and a man had needs--needs that she had all but neglected due to her own selfish desires to be with another.

She pulled his body to hers, snaking her arms around his neck and kissing him with all the passion she could muster up. Cormac faltered, pulling away slightly with nervousness sketched over his handsome face.


“I’ve put this off for far too long. I’m surprised you’re still with me,” she admitted shyly, turning her face to fight the blush.

“You must think more highly of me, love. I’m with you for more than physical gratitude,” he assured her, pressing a tender kiss to her forehead. “And, I would wait as long as you had me do so.”

“I’ll have you wait no more then,” she whispered breathlessly, her hips arching to meet his while their lips collided in a fierce and hungry kiss.

Fabric slid easily over skin. Hands roamed desperately. Lips grazed and collided. Breaths became ragged as the couple transformed into lovers. As the two laid peacefully beneath the soft sheets, nothing could have disturbed Jamie from her blissful state. Her eyes slowly began to flutter shut, the rhythm of Cormac’s steady breathing pulling her down into the abyss of sleep. Curling up to him carefully, she slowly drifted out of consciousness.

Jamie rolled over, reaching out for the warmth that had been cozied up beside her only to find it vacant. She sat up abruptly and rubbed her eyes, blinking the sleep away.

“Cormac?” she called out uncertainly.

She rose and crossed the bedroom quickly, skirting the dresser and rushing into the living room. She looked around as panic began to sink in. Was everything a lie? Dread began to creep through her shaking frame, its tendrils wrapping around her better judgment. Stepping into the kitchen, a sigh of relief slipped from her lips at the steaming cup of coffee and the single white lily came into view.

My father owled me early this morning.
I’m needed at the Ministry for something or another.
I’m so sorry for just leaving but I hope you understand.
I didn’t want to wake you. I’ll send an owl later, beautiful.


Jamie wrapped her fingertips around the stem of the lily and brought it to her face, inhaling the sweet aroma wafting from the blossom. She grinned, laughing despite herself as the giddy feeling washed over the initial fear. Perhaps he was the right man for her, even though as George walked across the street in front of her window a pang of guilt rippled throughout her body.

She just wanted this to be the real thing.

A.N: Well, I finally got this chapter out. Sorry for taking ages but summer has been quite busy. Hopefully you enjoy it. Please leave a review and let me know what you think of Jamie's latest adventure.

Update:Next chapter is in the works! So sorry for the long delay!

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