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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 4 : One hell of an entrance
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Lily opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. The carriage was deathly silent, everyone glancing between Jake, whose jaw had dropped to the floor and the couple standing in the doorway. Luckily, before either of them could explain, Sirius cut in.

“Bloody hell, they look exactly the same!”
In an instant, Lily seized the initiative.

“Yeah James, you never told us you had a twin! What’s your name handsome?”
Jake managed to regain his composure long enough to reply.

“Jake Hunt, and yours?”

“I’m Lily Evans and this is James Potter.”

James grunted his welcome and flopped down beside his sister. Lily sat facing him, in an attempt to direct her attention away from Jake. Luckily for them, the train was just pulling into the station and Jake and Lily were yet to change into their robes. After assuring the others that they’d be quick, they ushered them out.

“What the heck are you doing here?”
They spoke almost simultaneously and Jake gave Lily the courtesy of answering first.

“I’ve been going to Hogwarts for seven years. I didn’t like to mention it because I thought you might’ve been a muggle. Sorry! But how come I’ve never seen you around here before?”

“Use your brain Lils, you always were a clever clogs,” Jake replied, allowing himself a smile.

“Your dad…” she murmured. “He was teaching you magic wasn’t he? And then…”

“Spot on Lily, no wonder they made you head-girl.”
Lily blushed at the compliment. Jake still had the innate ability to make her feel like a little girl.

“Thanks, you’d certainly have given James a run for his money,” she replied.

“So, you and James?” Jake asked vaguely. Lily’s blush turned a horrible shade.

“We’re…He likes me!” Lily blurted. Jake smirked.

“Is that the only reason you liked me? Because I look like him?” he was teasing her now.

“No!” Lily protested. “It was kind of the opposite,” she whispered, embarrassed. “I never really liked him until I realised he looked like you! That and well, he’s a nice guy. But still… he’s only James Potter. You’re…you!”

“I noticed,” Jake smiled dryly. “What we had was good, but summer’s over. It’s time to grow up and move on. After all, neither of us really want to go back to cheap sex right? I know I don’t. And it's not as if we have any real feelings for each other.”

And there, invisible to Jake, was the moment where Lily Evans heart shattered. She wanted to correct him, to scream to the heavens that she loved him and that James Potter could go throw himself off a cliff for all she cared. But something stopped her. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tell him. And as the train’s whistle told them they had to get off and they were both in their Hogwarts robes, all she could say was this:

“Yeah course, see you round.”

Jake met up with Amelia on the platform. She tried to ask him what was wrong but he shot her a look that said: later. A giant man was waiting on the platform, calling out for “First Years.” Jake assumed that that included them, so he headed towards the giant, dragging Amelia along behind him. The giant inspected them, and then raised an eyebrow.

“Right, you mus’ be Jake n’ Amelia.” Amelia winced as he pronounced her name Amy-ee-ah. Jake knew she was about to interject so butted in before she had the chance, digging an elbow into her ribs in an effort to shut her up.

“Yep, that’s us. Hello. You must be a half-giant, too big to be human, much too small to be giant!” Jake bit his lips, realising that wasn’t a clever thing to say. “Sorry, probably a bit too invasive, I’m working on it!” He shot the half-giant a sheepish grin, who didn’t return it.

“Just get on the ruddy boats.”

Amy wanted to know all the pressing details about Jake and Lily and as soon as the pair had a boat to themselves, the interrogation began. Jake was more than happy to oblige, firmly telling his best friend he was still on the market, to which she snorted and informed him he only had eyes for Hayley Potter.

“Bad idea Hunty,” was her opinion of that particular crush.

“Why?” Jake retorted, indignantly.

“Three reasons. One: she’s way out of your league. No offence but even you have to admit that Lily was a one-off and you’re never getting that good again!” Jake knew she was teasing so let her come to her real reasons. “Two: you’re exactly like her brother. No girl wants to date someone who is basically their brother replicated! It’s creepy!”

“Look Amy… I’m sure me and James are very different people!”

“And three!” she interrupted. “Said brother is extremely protective of Hayley. Make a move and he’ll have you for breakfast.”

“How do you know that?” Jake cried, astonished.

“Well, whilst you were off having a heart-to-heart with your ickle girlfriend, I was witnessing James Potter curse some random kid who tried to flirt with his sister. Trust me Jake, she’s untouchable. Hayley Potter is a no-go area for anyone, even you!”

Jake pondered what she was saying for a moment, and then gasped. They had both been so busy arguing, they hadn’t noticed the boats had turned and they could see Hogwarts for the first time. It was unlike anything either of them had ever seen. The huge castle was lit up like a Christmas tree, surrounded by gardens full of fluorescent plants and a huge forest that seemed to glare at them menacingly.

“It’s beautiful,” Amelia muttered, unable to take her eyes off the castle. She moved back and the boat rocked a little.

“Be careful,” Jake said, dragging his eyes off the castle long enough to throw Amelia a worried look. Amelia snorted and leant her hands out of the boat to splash water at him. Before she could splash him, or give him a wisecrack response, something from under the water grabbed her and she screamed. The half-giant looked round as Jake shot a slicing jinx at whatever was holding Amelia’s arm. It backed off but before Amelia could pull her arm out, something else snatched it up and pulled hard. The boat toppled slightly and although Jake managed to hold on, Amelia was dragged under the water. Jake swore and considered his options. After performing a dodgy bubblehead charm on himself, he dived in after his best friend.

Sirius was watching the boats from the side of the lake. The others were waiting for the carriages but he always preferred to wait by the lake and watch the first years as they floated towards the giant castle on their tiny little boats. As he watched, he could tell something was wrong. The boat nearest him begin to topple and he saw a girl fall in. Sirius cursed. The oaf Hagrid wasn’t doing anything, so he was the only person who had any magical experience nearby. Knowing he’d live to regret his decision sooner or later, pulled out his wand and dived into the lake.

Amelia couldn’t breathe. Whatever had dragged her under was still pulling her down and she knew she couldn’t hold her breath much longer. As she felt the arm (if it was an arm) around her neck constrict, she felt her last ounce of strength leave her. As she passed out, she was certain she was going to die…

Jake could just about see Amelia and fired another curse at whatever was holding her. Thankfully, this time, it let her go and scuttled off back into the depths of the lake. But as Amelia floated towards the surface, Jake knew she was unconscious. Her leg was tangled in some weeds and there was no chance of her getting back to the surface on her own. Jake wasn’t a great swimmer, (it was one of the few things his dad had never taught him) and his own bubblehead charm was failing. Jake was forced to head back to the surface for breath, knowing that he might already be too late…

Sirius was swimming fast, hurtling towards the girl who he could see was trapped in some reeds. He saw the last few bubbles of air escape her mouth and as he came up alongside her, he performed another bubblehead charm, hopefully giving her enough air to survive as he used his wand to detangle her from the reeds. Another boy swam up alongside him and as he examined her further, he realised the girl was Amelia and the boy Jake. He gave Jake a thumbs up as Jake grabbed Amelia’s other arm. Between them, they lifted her to the surface and as they broke, gasping for air, Hagrid hauled the trio into the boat.

“Thanks !” Jake gasped, as he checked Amelia’s pulse. She was still alive and, because of the bubblehead charm, she was still breathing.

“Any time!” Sirius wheezed, desperately filling his lungs with much needed air. “How the hell did that happen?”

“She’s a clumsy twit who’s always getting herself into trouble!” Jake grinned.

“I heard that!” Amelia muttered, as her eyes flickered open. “And let's face it; you enjoy getting me out of scrapes like this!”

“Yeah well, I wouldn’t have been able to get you out of this one without Sirius!” Jake replied reluctantly giving him some credit. Sirius laughed, a wonderful sound in Amelia’s ears.

“What happened?” Amelia shivered, fear evident in her voice. “What was that thing?”

“There are creatures in that lake beyond your wildest dreams!” Hagrid interjected. “I’d be more careful in future if I was you, there might not always be someone to save you.”

Amelia shivered again, glancing down at the lake with terror clear in her face. Jake had known she wasn’t a strong swimmer, but he’d never seen her this scared before. Luckily, before he could say anything, Sirius butted in.

“Well Hunt, I reckon it's gonna be an eventful year with you two around!”

Jake, Amelia and Sirius were met by Professor McGonagall who chastised Amelia for her carelessness and begrudgingly praised Jake and Sirius for their recklessness. Jake could tell this was a strict woman and he would have to be careful not to cross her in future. Fortunately, she decided to let the trio off this time (as if saving Amelia’s life just about made up for breaking a school rule) and, after they dried off and warmed up, she sent them into the Sorting Ceremony. Jake and Amelia had heard all about the Sorting Hat, and how it decided which of the four houses to sort them into. Their entrance was slightly spectacular, drenched with a bedraggled Sirius Black in tow, but neither of them minded particularly as they sat under the hat. It barely hesitated before sending them both to Gryffindor, which, they understood, housed Sirius, Remus, James, Lily and Hayley. The pair set themselves down next to the five, who were sat with Lily’s best friend Hope. Hope was quite tall, with blonde hair cut into a fashionable bob and luminous blue eyes that couldn’t quite match Hayley’s. Like Lily and Hayley, she was pretty, but not quite pretty enough to complete for the top boys in the school. As dinner went on, the group chatted more. James and Remus were teasing Sirius for saving Amelia, Lily and Hope were getting to know Amelia better (Lily pretending she’d never met her before) and Jake was trying to get close to Hayley, despite the fact that her mind was elsewhere.

The feast ended and they were sent up to their houses. Jake was to sleep in the boys' dorm with Remus, Sirius and James, whilst Amelia was to sleep with Hayley, Hope and Lily. This came as a bit of a shock to both of them. Neither of them had ever used single sex bedrooms before, as they were used to sharing a room, (after all they had done for 15 years) but neither of them complained. The next morning, the pair was shown around Hogwarts. It really was a sight to behold. There were classrooms full of magical lessons: potions, transfiguration, charms, defence against the dark arts and herbology, which were the only subjects the pair was taking. They weren’t easy mind you. Amelia managed to transfigure Jake’s ears into spoons, much to his displeasure and to Hayley’s evident amusement. She also managed to out shriek a mandrake, which was quite an achievement, even by her standards. The grounds were huge. The forest they had noticed was off-limits, but everywhere else was amazing to explore. They found the Quidditch pitch and although Jake wasn’t a keen rider, Amelia was eager to sign up. James, being house captain, was going to hold tryouts as soon as he could. Jake and Amelia were astounded by the sheer size of Hogwarts and before the day was out, they were both ready to sleep themselves into a coma. But they were also more than ready to get started… 

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