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You lost a brother by ekroman
Chapter 1 : You lost a brother
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Disclaimer: I'm not JKR, nor am I Bella_E_B, who is the author of 'The Memory Box' my all time favorite story, and also the story that gave me the idea for this one-shot.. Find it through my favorites.

Harry wandered the stairs of Grimmauld Place 12 at night. He was tired after a day of Muggle cleaning, but something seemed to keep him awake. He reached the kitchen, where he came to an abrupt halt in the doorway. There at the table sat Sirius with tears running down his cheeks, while he was flickering through some kind of book that lay in front of him. He looked up and caught Harry’s eyes. He motioned for him to sit down, and put an arm around his shoulders, when he did so.



“So down for a late night snack, eh?” he managed to choke out, before he broke down again. He put his head on the table and allowed the tears to flow freely.



Harry stroke his Godfathers back comforting for a couple of minutes, before he asked; “What is it Sirius? What’s wrong?”



“I… He… My… Him…” he said between sobs.



Harry continued to stroke Sirius’ back, as Sirius tried to constrain the tears. At last he sighed and said; “I was looking through some of the drawers in my old room and found this-“ he gestured to the book he had been flicking through “-photo album.”



Something now dawned on Harry. “There’s pictures of him in it, isn’t there?”



“If you by ‘him’ mean Prongs then yes. Loads. I was just caught off guard by some of the memories. See here? You are only and hour old.” He pointed to the picture, he had been looking at, before Harry interrupted. “See how happy he is? He had just asked me to be your Godfather. Happiest day of my life.”



“Do you miss him a lot?” asked Harry in no more than a whisper. Sirius answer was barely audible. “Everyday.”



Harry now realised that tears had begun to run down his own cheeks, but Sirius stopped him, when he reached up to wipe them away.



“No Harry. It’s okay to cry. You miss him… them too. Those are tears of love. A love so pure and strong that words can’t express it. The most beautiful thing in the world…” he trailed of. When a tear escaped and dropped down on the picture of James, Sirius and Baby Harry, he wiped it away with a sad small. “You know, you could use a bath Prongs,” he said referring to the fact that James Potter looked like he hadn’t been showering for weeks, but the broad grin he sent to whoever was holding the camera clearly made up for this.



“Hermione usual says something along the lines of 'grieve is only the love we can’t get rid of’.”



“Your mum used that one all the time, and let’s face it; they’re the brightest witches of their respective times.”



Harry just nodded, a small smile playing across his lips.



“So let’s see,” said Sirius turning the pages of the photo album. “There you go. The last picture ever taken of James and Lily Potter.” His hand shook , when he removed the picture from the album and handed it to Harry who laughed, as a young Sirius came sprinting into the picture from behind the camera. Then Harry turned serious. “The last you say?”



Sirius nodded his head, a silent tear running down his right cheek. “Yeah. You see the date?” he said and pointed to the lower left corner which read ‘October 27th, 1981’. “It was the last time I ever saw your mum, and the last time I saw any of them alive.” Now his whole body shook with the sobs running through it. “Oh Harry, you must think, I’m such a...”, but Harry cut him off.



“No Sirius! Don’t even think like that. You lost a brother that night. We both lost family members, and you have just as much right to grieve as I have. In fact you have even more right to grieve! You knew them so much better than I’ll ever do, and so you miss them as people. I only miss them as parents.”



That was it for Sirius who embraced Harry in a fatherly way before looking at him teary eyed and saying; “You remind me so much of James. He would have been so proud of you Harry. More than you’ll ever know.”



Harry returned the hug and said quietly; “but we will always have each other.”




So what do you think?  Sad?(I hope so) Cute? Rubbish? Please leave me a review; those usual makes my day. Also please point any errors, grammatic and other, that you found out to me so I can fix them. Since I'm not a native speaker of English and don't have a beta, I only have myself to depend on to find mistakes :) And those lovely readers :)

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