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Love is Just a Word by MrsKatieGrint
Chapter 2 : Chapter One: Mature Conversations
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The Burrow always fascinated Hermione. From when she was a school girl visiting in the summer, to even now, as an adult, visiting for various occasions, such as tonight. Tonight just happened to be a get together for a big announcement from Bill and Fleur.


The little house always stood strait, or almost strait, even with everything happening inside. There were always people coming and going, and the little house always seemed at its full capacity. Arriving there tonight was no different for Hermione.


"Oh! Hermione dear. I was getting worried," Molly Weasley said as she embraced Hermione in a motherly hug.


"No need to worry, I was just doing some paperwork I picked up today," Hermione said, cheerfully.


"Always one to get ahead. Well dear, they're all out in the yard. Dinner will be ready in a little bit," Molly replied.


"Thanks Mrs. Weasley," Hermione said, heading out back.


"Mum! Is Hermione here yet?" Ginny yelled.


"I'm right here Ginny."


"About time! I was dying out there!" Ginny said, hugging Hermione.


"I'm sure you were just fine. After all, I'm sure they're all starving." Hermione said with a laugh, "And they shouldn't have given you too hard of a time."


"Yeah, yeah. Well let's go outside!" Ginny said, walking back out the way she had come in.


"Hermione!" Everyone seemed to shout.


"Why hello there," Hermione replied, walking over to hug Harry.


"How are you?" Harry asked, standing up and returning Hermione's hug.


"Just fine, how about yourself?"


"Great! I got tomorrow off for finishing some paperwork early and I think me and Ginny are going to spend the day together," Harry said smiling ecstatically.


Ginny, in heated discussion with Fred and George was to busy to hear what Harry was saying. Yet, the three kept sneaking glances at Hermione every so often.


Not soon after I realized that, Mrs Weasley came out with all the food. Roasted potatoes, stuffed chickens, a garden salad, and many other plates. Everything looking absolutely mouthwatering. Everybody then seated around the table and seemingly dug in. The noise level was at an all time high, so instead of starting another conversation, Hermione decided to listen.


"Did you hear? Danskin is running against Kingsley? For Minister?" Percy asked Ron.


"There's no way Danskin is going to win! He's a terrible head of office," Ron rambled.


"Dear, you have something on your cheek. Here, let me help you," Hannah Nelson, Ron's current girlfriend said, taking her napkin and wiping gravy off the side of his cheek.


"Thanks," Ron said smiling at Hannah.


Hermione looked away. Sure, she was okay with him dating other girls, even though she hadn't been seeing anyone. Of course she thought what happened at the Final Battle was something that happened in the heat of the moment, but she didn't regret it like Ron did. Apparently, he has never had feelings for Hermione like she had for Ron. As Ron said, "It just happened. It felt like something to do. And you know, I couldn't kiss Harry," He told her all this on what she thought would be their first date. Instead it was a big talk about why they couldn't be together. A whole monologue that sounded rehearsed by Ronald. And needless to say she hasn't talked to him since. Not to say that he hasn't tried, but things were going to take time for her to adjust.


"Hermione how was work today?" Fred asked, interrupting her train of thought.


Fred. Her living breathing miracle. She was thankful for him to still be around. And her quick reasoning's too. Because of those quick reasoning's, Fred was saved. And thanks to George too, for not giving up. Getting Hermione had seemed like the smartest thing to do at the time and that helped a lot.


Everyone had thought Fred was dead, but George. When Hermione checked, Fred still had a faint, but fading pulse.


"Fred! Fred! Hang on!" Hermione yelled, standing up quickly.


"Quick! We need to get him some place safe. He still has a chance. And I know I'll do everything I can." Hermione yelled.


George, carrying Fred was right behind Hermione taking him out of the Great Hall with the rest of the fallen heroes.


"You'll make it my brother, even if it's the last thing I do," George whispered.


After that, Fred felt like he owed his life to Hermione. Both him and George occasionaly checked up on her and often taking time to see Hermione every so often.


"It's good. I had to go to Mungo's today and get some paperwork. Just the usual. How's the shop?" She asked.


"Good. Things were kinda hectic today. All the Monday, back to work rush. Plus its the first full week of summer," Fred said smiling.


"Sounds great!" Hermione gushed, "I hope kids aren't driving their parents too mental."


Fred laughed,"Well it wouldn't be too hard with our products."


Before Hermione could say anymore, Bill stood up taking Fleur by the hand.


"We have an announcement we'd like to make," Bill said.


"Go on. This is what we've been waiting for!" George yelled.


Everyone started laughing, even Fleur, and Bill himself. It was like George to break the awkward silence.


"So as all of you know, I normally work all over the world. Working for Gringotts. Well as of yesterday, I got a perminate position, there in Diagon Alley. And a promotion," He said smiling, as everyone clapped. "Thank you. So now I'll get to come to these get togethers more often," He replied picking up baby Victoire.


"Thats great Bill!" Charlie said, as seeing he had come all the way from Romania for this big and exciting announcement.


"Yes, congradulations," Arthur said clapping Bill on the back.


And with that conversations started up again, just in time for dessert.


As Hermione reached over to grab some of the apple cobbler before it was gone, George asked, "Hermione! I've been meaning to ask you, how are you?" 


"Fine. Good even. And how are you?" She asked back.


"I'm good. Fred's okay. And the shop is doing great!" He said, answering all the other questions Hermione would have asked.




"Did I know?" He asked. She nodded her head. "Those are the same question you always ask after you ask me how I'm doing," George said with a smirk.


"Hmph," Hermione mumbled, crossing her arms and later sticking her tongue out.


"Thats very mature!" Fred cut in.


"Coming from someone who runs a joke shop?" Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow in the process.


"Sure. Use the shop against us! Spew president," George retorted.


"I'm not even going to reply. Who's the mature one now?" Hermione replied.


"Not you!" Fred and George both shouted, causing several people at the table to look up.


"Not her what?" Ginny asked.


"Nothing. They're acting mental as always!" Hermione answered quickly.


"Is that so?" Ginny inquired, raising her eyebrow too.


"No were having a perfectly mature conversation," George answered, "Between two joke shop owners and a Spew president."


"Oh really? Perfectly mature?" Ginny asked.


"Yes really," Fred replied. "Its actually a serious matter. Very mature if I say so myself."


"Agreed. Very mature. Its all a matter of sticking your tongue out," George added.


"So this is what we're still going on about? Me sticking my tongue out at you?" Hermione asked disbelievingly.


"Why yes. Can't you see? Its a mature thing to do," George replied.


"Which its not," Fred answered, "In case you're wondering."


"Thank you for enlightening me Fred," Hermione said sarcastically.


"You're oh so very welcome my dear Hermione," Fred said, smirking like George was earlier.





It was well past midnight before Hermione was at her flat and in bed. The night was a sucess and she had to admit, enjoyable. Hermione could feel things were starting to change. She just could just that they were for the better too. A great career, finally going somewhere, with her work for house elves getting noticed, lovely evenings with her friends, and more time for herself. There was still only one thing missing. A child. Oh, how Hermione ached for one of her own. Someone to love her unconditionally. Even when she was bossy, or loud, or downright rude. Someone to look up to her and care for her no matter what she did. To have someone tell her about their bad days and her cheering them up. Someone to read to, and teach everything she knew to.


A child. There was no way around something she had made her mind up about. Yet, she needed a way around falling in love in the process. Something she hoped to do. Something she had to do. Who knows what would happen if she let herself fall in love. Again...





A/N: Annnd? Whatta ya think? Love it? Hate it? Does it seem like Hermione? Seem realistic? Any feedback is welcome.:) And that little review box down there is just waiting to be filled up with a... Review!!:D



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Love is Just a Word: Chapter One: Mature Conversations


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