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My Beautiful Sister by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Ruby.
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Disclaimer; I do not claim to own anything but Ruby & Nina Di Marzo and the plot.

This story is dedicated to my very own beautiful 'sister',
because I know how much you love this story.
Thank you beautiful!

"No" She whispered, her eyes falling to the cold body lying on the floor. It was Ruby, her beautiful little sister Ruby, her always laughing little sister Ruby. She would never laugh again now, Nina would never see her smile or ever hear her calming voice ever again. She felt like someone had ripped her heart right out and jumped on it a million times before ripping it into tiny pieces. Nina fell to her knees, her hands flying to her mouth to stop the loud sobs fighting to escape. This wasn't true, It was just some big nightmare that she would wake up from any minute now.


She shut her eyes tightly, the image of her sisters mangled body refusing to leave her mind. When she opened her eyes she'd be back in her apartment, staring at the blank ceiling. She forced her eyes back open only to see her sister again, She was unable to control herself anymore and finally burst into hysterics. This wasn't right, Everything was messed up. Nina felt a large hand on her shoulder, She didn't have to look around to know who it was. 

"I'm sorry Nina" She shook her head. No one had to be sorry, This wasn't real. She didn't both voicing her thoughts, They'd all stare at her with their sympathetic looks but none of them knew how it really felt. None of them had ever lost the person they held closest to them. None of them had felt anything anywhere close to what she was feeling now. They never showed any true emotions, They were all trained to be as hard as steel even Nina and she was going to stay steel, She was going to get the bastard who killed her sister and she was going to make him suffer, He would feel all the pain Nina was suffering and then he was going to die. His blood on Nina's hand, She was sure to be sent to Azkaban but it would be worth it knowing that she had bought the piece of vermin down. 

Standing up, Nina wiped the tears away from her eyes. She turned to face the rest of the aurors standing behind her and nodded as if to say 'well what the hell are you waiting for?'. They all moved quickly, None of them could stand the gaze of Nina Di Marzo when she was angry. Nina walked over to the cold form of her sister, and bent down so she could investigate. While no one was looking she quickly checked her sisters pulse, Nina's breath caught in her throat- Ruby was long gone.


She reached for Ruby's hand and held it tightly as if to tell her, as she had done many times before that everything would be alright, but of course nothing would be alright. Ruby was dead. She dropped Ruby's hand and leant over her body to close her sisters baby blue eyes for the last time, placing a soft kiss on her forehead before standing up. Nina took one last look at Ruby before turning on her heel and leaving her little sister in peace.

Authors Note; This is for you Lizzie because I know how much you absolutely adore this story. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive!

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