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Just Another Red Rose... by HOLY HIPPOGRIFFS
Chapter 1 : Just Another Night Like This...
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Okay, so Sal has no idea that I've created a story on our account. This should go over well, right? *Crosses fingers* I hope you like it, the idea kind of popped in my head last night, but our dreams are an entirely different story than this one. So...Yeah!

DISCLAIMER!: I have written a poem for your enjoyment:
Although how I wish to be,
J.K. Rowling is just not me.
So the characters, places, and spells,
are her creation that she wished to tell.
I've only created my plot,
I hope that you like it a lot!


The scarlet couch was soft and comfortable as I sat upside down upon it with my head grazing the floor. My feet swung happily off of the cushy back and I was reading an old book about the Chudley Cannons that I'd stolen from my dad, disguised as my Transfiguration textbook.

And they all say I can't Transfigure anything.

"Red? What are you doing?" I looked away from my book to see muddy feet in front of my face.

"Hi, Jimmy." I said smiling.

"Good Merlin, will you stop calling me that?" James asked. He was a year older than I was, and even though we were cousins, he and I were super close.

"Probably not. Have you seen Con-Man, Peachy, or Skeptic?"

James kicked of his muddy shoes and sat next to me on the couch, but he was rightside up. He propped his smelly feet on the coffee table I'd moved aside and sighed heavily.

"Comfy?" I asked smiling.

"Extremely. Whatcha reading?"

"Transfiguration notes."

"What are you really reading?"

"Chudley Cannons book."

"Uncle Ron's?"

"That's the one."

"It's ancient!"

"It's still good. The jersey I have is from this team."

"Will you were a Potter jersey once I get on that team?" he asked cheekily.

"Only if you wear a Weasley one." I shot back with a grin.

Content skipped over to us happily and threw herself into one of the armchairs. "Hello." she sighed giddily.

"There you are Con-Man." I said with a grin. She was already in her baby blue plaid shorts and tank top, completely ready for bed.

"I've only ever conned one person." she shot back as she pulled her smooth black hair out of her chocolate face. "I just wanted some Veritaserum for some...personal purposes. Slughorn happily obligded."

"You conned Slughorn?" James asked, surprised.

"I love how that's all you got out of that statement." I stated sarcastically.

"Well, I already know she used the potion for something evil and conniving."

Content grinned. "You know me so well, James."

"Are you two ever coming upstairs?!" someone cried from the staircase.

"Don't let your panties get in a knot, Peachy Keen." Content shot back.

James chuckled. "You idiots are the definition of irony."

I grinned. "We try. I kept my thorns though."

"I'm all to aware." he said as he stood and left the common room. Dumb boy.

"Might as well head up." I told Content as I attempted to swing my legs around the couch so I could stand on my feet rather than my head. But as always, this didn't work out the way I wanted it to. The couch decided it wanted to keep my feet and I was thrown onto the floor, with my feet stuck in the couch.

"Red! Red, stop kicking, and I'll get your feet out!" Content cried, trying to help me and while avoiding getting her teeth knocked out. She threw my legs off the couch and I rolled over my shoulder, landing in a spawled out kind of sitting position in front of the fire.

"That was surprisingly graceful." Content commented as she helped me up.

We made our way over to the staircase, and I tripped on my way past the couch. "Ruined it." I muttered as I picked myself up off the ground, again, and trudged up the staircase after her.

"Accio pajamas." I muttered upon entrance into the room, and cathcing the pajamas in one hand, I entered the bathroom.

"How is it that you can trip over a ladybug, but you can catch anything with your eyes shut?" Hope asked from her closet.

"I'm a Keeper, Skeptic." I said, pulling the old Cannons jersey on over my flannel pajama bottoms. I then left the bathroom. "It's what I do."

We all had nicknames. We always had them, and we probably always will. I was Red, obvious reasons being my hair color, and then because my face turns tomato whenever I fall or get embarrassed, which is a lot. Peaches was Peachy, or Peachy Keen, because she was the opposite of her name and it amused the rest of the world. Content was Con-Man, because she could get away with anything and always got what she wanted. (Luckily, she uses her powers for evil, so we all benefit.) Hope is Skeptic, because she's anything but hopeful and optimistic. And her last name is Speckt.

"Merlin, Skeptic, you have no faith." Peaches said throwing her pillow at her.

The pillow hit Hope full in the face, knocking some of her blonde locks out of her secure ponytail. Knowing I was standing in the middle of a battlefield, I hurried and leaped onto my bed, opening my "textbook" and beginning to read it for the billionth time.

Hope got out of her bed, Peaches's pillow in hand, and walked over to her. Smiling, she slammed her across the face with it, moving all the brown curls to cover her face.

Burying my face in the book, I tried to avoid becoming a casualty of the pillow war going on in the center of the room. Someone must've hit Content on a backswing, because she was now part of the fight as well.

Everything seemed to freeze when a pillow landed in my face.

I looked up through my red curls angrily, let out a battle cry and joined in the attack. Feathers, squeals, and screams flew around the room in disarray until the door slammed open.

Even the feathers falling to the ground seemed to stop in midair to see who'd interrupted. Turning my head, I let out a groan of dislike. My cousins, Lily and Roxanne were standing in the doorway, looking about as peeved as you could be as a fourteen year old girl.

"What is going on in here?!" Lily cried.

"What's it look like, Lily-pop? A pillow massacre. Go to bed. Both of you." I said flatly, holding my ruined pillow in the fist on my hip.

"We'd like to, but it sounds like my dad when he's inventing a new gag in here!" Roxanne snapped.

"We'll take care of it. Good night girls." I said drooling fake sweetness as I closed the door in their faces with my wand. I cast a silencing charm around the room and then threw my wand onto my bed. "Where were we?"

It's not that I hated my cousins, because I really don't. I just hate girls at their age, before their reality check and they realize that they're not the greatest thing that walked along the face of the earth. Boys I'm fine with. it's just the girls with their issues and drama and was too much for me.

After almost an hour of fighting and all four of us were lying exhausted in a huge pile of feathers on the floor, gasping for air and holding back laughter, we all picked up our wands, pointed them at our ruined pillows and breathed, "Reparo."

Instantaneously, the feathers returned to our pillows which were now sewn shut again.

"I think they're in better condition than they were before." Hope said with a smile.

Cracking up once again, the four of us managed to get into our beds; me in oversized pajamas, Hope in a cotton shirt/dress/thing, Peaches in a silk nighty, and Content in her undersized pajamas.

Yup...that's us. I closed my eyes with a smile and drifted off into a well-deserved sleep.

Well, there you have it! REVIEW PLEASE! It might make Sal not so mad at me for uploading without telling her...who knows! I'll sure appreciate it!


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