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Tantalizing Affairs by Miranda Lupin
Chapter 4 : The Aftermath
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            It’s been a week and Rose still won’t talk to me, and what’s worst I that she’s purposely making me jealous by constantly snogging Brian. I tried to back fire by doing the same with Demi, but she left before we get the chance to snog.

            I’m currently outside in frigid, November in care for magical creatures class, and today we give the dragons back to Hagrid, whom have grown immensely and are now the size of two outrageously tall humans stacked on top of each other.

            Rose and I walked up with Gibby to hand to Hagrid and Charlie (Rose’s uncle. Caretaker of dragons).

            “I’m really going to miss you Gibs.” Said Rose.

            Of course she wasn’t crying because she’s Rose, but you can see how crestfallen she is. I feel the exact same way, Gibby was like my son. He nousled Rose and I, then Charlie hugged Rose and took the dragons away from the wistful students.

            “Oh Freddie I miss our Lenny!” Cried Miranda Brookewillow.

            “No dragon’s like Al and I, Andy!” Cried Pashmina Corner.

            I’m tired of Rose’s bullshit; I decided that I shall confront her about it, so when no one was looking I dragged her away into the forest.

            “Scorpius Malfoy, what the bloody hell is your problem?”

            “Stop being pissed off at me, it’s riving me insane, talk to me!”

           She folded her arms and pouted at me with those rosy lips of hers.

            “It just angers me, that you can’t tell me how you feel!” She confessed.

            “Rose you know I hate getting all touchy feely, I’m a Malfoy remember?”

            “Does it look like I give a damn? Tell me now! I demand it!”

            “Oh controlling aren’t we Weasley?”

            She began to walk away but I caught her shoulders and she turned around.

            “Where do we stand?”

                That question stunned me more than it should have.

            “I mean, I’m basically cheating on Brian and-“

            “Rose, I know it’s wrong but we have kept this a secret, you know our families.”

            “Not to mention friends.” She mumbled.

            I chuckled and kissed her on the lips.

            “We should be heading back to class Weasley.”

            She laughed.

            “Ladies first Malfoy.”



            It was lunch time and Brian was trying to snog me, but I rejected moving it from lips to cheek. Lately the only boy I wanted to kiss was Scorpius.

            “Rosie, what’s wrong?” He asked concerned, stroking my cheek.         

            I removed his hand off my cheek, he looked confused.

            “Brian, please don’t call me that.”

            “Rose, what’s wrong with you?”

            “Nothing, I just miss Gibby.” I lied.

            The truth is, I want Scorpius.

            “What’s wrong McFaggen? No action from your bird?”

            I looked up to see Scorpius, being arrogant to Brian of course, but out of which I thought was very sweet that he was jealous.

            “Malfoy, back the hell off!” Snapped Brian.

            “What makes you think you can talk to me like that McFaggen?” Smirked Scorpius.

            Brian’s face inflamed, but James came over grasping his shoulder calming him down.

            “Well, well, if innit the seeker king himself, James Potter it’s an honor to be in your presence.” Mocked Zabini.

            His back up boys cackled. James is called the seeker king because he became seeker in his first year, just like his father.

            “It’s better than being the Prince of Pansies, why don’t you runoff and shag your mistress here.” Sneered James.

            I giggled and Malfoy flickered his silver eyes at me.

            “You find that funny Weasley?”

            “Actually I do, why, does it irk you Malfoy?”

            I moved closer to him, inhaling his wonderful aroma, but not showing my pleasure.

            “The only thing that annoys me Weasley is you, showing your disgusting face in my presence.”

            “Well maybe I should show my face more often!”

            Scorpius smirked and walked away. James and Al chuckled.

            “Nice one rose! You send that ferret running!” Laughed James.

            I pulled both their arms and began to run.

            “Come on guys, let’s visit Hagrid!”

            When we came to Hagrid’s hut, we entered without knocking which was not unusual, greeted by Fang.

            “Hey Fang! We missed you! Yes we did! Yes we did!” I cooed.

            “James, Al, Rosie! Good to see yer!”

            “Good to see you too Hagrid!” Chided James.

             Hagrid poured goblets of Amber liquid.

            “So how’s everything?”

            “It’s good Hagrid, Rose just told off Malfoy again, how’s Charlie?” Said Al.

            “He’s good, Merlin Rose you could take down a thousand death eaters with yer witty words.” Laughed Hagrid.

            “Er Hagrid, what news have you heard from the ministry about the death eaters?” Asked Al.

            “Your Father hasn’t told you three anything?” Hagrid asked surprised.

            We all shook our heads confused.

            “Well Harry says that Fenrir Greyback is trying to bring the Death eaters back.”

            Our eyes grew wide with terror, our parents have told us about the horrid war in their time, I do not wish for that day to rise again. But I couldn’t help but think that Hagrid was holding something back.

            “Hagrid, what are you not telling us?” Apparently Al thought so too.

            Hagrid let out a loud sigh, and looked out his tiny window, as if the answer was somewhere out there.

            “Malfoy might be leading it.”

            “As in Lucius Malfoy?” Questioned James.

            Hagrid shook his head.

            “As in Draco Malfoy.”

            No! It can’t be! Not Scorpius’ father! How will he take this? Does he already know? Does he condemn his father’s way of thinking? I had to get out everything was closing in on me, the house was shrinking, I think I’m going to be sick, I need to get out now!

            “Rose, where are you going?”

            I didn’t bother to turn around to reply Al’s question; I just bolted out that door into the forbidden Forest. I collapsed on the dirt floor, feeling both betrayal and confusion are these feelings necessary? Or are they completely unreasonable?



            I have to admit, that feuding with Rose is even more fun now that we’re secretly intimate. I know what I’m about to say sounds really cliché and mushy, but I cannot get my mind off her, and I know this sounds horndog-ish, but every time I see her, my trousers become really tight.

            Just now, my family’ owl Octavius flies through my window with a letter in his beak. Octavius perched his self on my shoulder, I take the letter and began to read:

            Dear Scorpius,

I cannot express how much I’ve missed you! These past three months have been torture without my sweet little angel (as in you), strutting about the manor. I’ve just brought this lovely black dress and it just brings out the best of my curves! By the way, your father has been extremely busy at work, so he will not be writing as often as usual! I’ll be sending you galleons shortly, as well as your grandparents. Any who, Stay out of trouble, be a gentleman, and remember to write!

        Always love you,

        Mummy xoxo

            I chuckled at my mother’s affectionate letter. I wonder what she’d think of me falling for a half blood, Gryffindor, Weasley. She’d probably need to be committed to St. Mungo’s. I grabbed a piece of parchment, and quill and ink.

            Dear Mother,

I miss you too. I apologize for not writing to you, I’ve been…occupied. Walking in our lovely home has crossed my mind a few times, but I also love it here at Hogwarts. The dress sounds beaut9ful, especially since you’ll be wearing it. Father has been busy a lot, what do you suppose he’s up to? Anyways, thanks for the future galleons!


            Your son, Scorpius.

            I placed the letter in Octavius’ beak, sending him to my mother. I couldn’t help but think what my father was up to, is he seeing another woman? No, that’s ridiculous, they’re happily in love, snogging every time I see them, it’s a sickening sight, but still…I’ll write him later, for now I’m going to bed.

           I slept through breakfast, exhausted from worrying about my father. I decided to wash my thoughts outs by showering, which did make me forget about my father, but then made me think of Rose.

            “Hey mate, wanna get some booze from the Three Broomsticks?”

            Dem waltzed in with Play Wizard magazine.

            “Actually, nah mate, I think I’m going to take it easy today.”

            He shrugged putting the magazine down, and buttoning up his fine, black trench coat.

            “Suit yourself mate, I’ll go out with Piper instead.”

            “Hey Dem, your still up for Christmas at the manor?”

            “Definitely! You know I love Draco and Toria!”

            After that, I left the dorms and wandered off to the Forest to get some fresh air.

            “Scorpius Malfoy, what are you doing in my forest?” I turned around to see the face I was longing for. Rose’s fire hair flew in the wind like phoenix wings, she smiled radiantly, and my trousers went tight.

            “Vandalizing it with my vulgar presence.” I smirked.

            Rose giggled and dances over to me, jumping into my arms, causing us both to fall to the ground with our laughs harmonizing. I inhaled her familiar and wonderful scent. We started to snog; I love how her tongue tastes. It’s like everything sweet mixed with perfection. She sat up straight up on my lap; I stared into her tantalizing nutmeg eyes.

            “You know it’s been a while since we’ve had contact like this.” She acknowledged.

            I sat up, having one arm support her back and the other stroking hr scarlet curls.

            “How long has it been, a week?”

            “Two weeks!” she corrected giggling.

            “Well you know what I think we should do about that?”

            Rose threw me a puzzled glance. I got on top of her; she now lay on the floor.

            “Scorpius!” She squealed.

            I chuckled and kissed her on her neck, biting down having her moan coming out in a very pleased scream. I moved up to her lips, snogging them sweetly loving their soft and plumpness. But then she broke her lips away and pushed me off of her, buttoning her coat back up.

            “Rose, what’s wrong? Did I hurt your neck?”

            She dusts the leaves off her clothes, and combed her thick curls with her finger.

            “Um, no it’s just that…”

            It looked like she was searching for words.

            “This…is…well, it’s not right.”

            Why is she saying this all now?

            “What’s not right about this?”

            “I’m seeing Brian, you’re seeing Demi!”

            “Technically, Demi and I are friends with benefits, and why don’t you just dump McFaggen?”

            “Because if I dump Brian, he wouldn’t know why and it’s not like he can know!”

            Rose rolled her eyes and combed her curls once again. She sighed boisterously.     

            “I hate this!” She bellowed.

            She turned around not looking at me.

            “I hate sneaking around, I hate we have to keep our relationship a secret because of stupid grudge, I hate that I’m hurting Brian! I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!” She screamed.

            I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tight. The autumn breeze caused my black trench coat to flow around both Rose and I like a cape. I kissed the top of her head and in return, Rose threw her arms around my waist, pushing me back with a grand amount of force.

            “Whoa! Lots of force there for a little lady.”

            “Hey, I’m almost as tall as you Blondie!”

            “I’m 6’0, your 5’7; we’re about 5 inches apart red.”

            She stuck her tongue out at me, and I snogged her, practically devouring her tongue. Rose pulled off my coat and tore off my shirt. While we snog, I pulled off her coat, ripped off her shirt and removed her bra. I kissed her breast cupping them in my hands, so soft. Rose pushed me on the ground ad removes her pants and her panties, standing there naked.

            “Are you insane Weasley? It’s fall!” I laughed.

            “Yeah but I thought you were going to keep me warm, but if you don’t want-“

            “Get your arse over here!” I laughed.

            Merlin it felt just as amazing as the first time. I have to say he’s the best I ever had! After a while, we got dressed and walked about the forest, racing each other, climbing tress, talking. Before we knew it, it was dinnertime.

            “Wanna head back to the castle?’ I asked.

            “Actually, I was thinking we could stay out a little longer, and talk some more.” Suggested Rose.

            “‘Kay, what do you wish to chat about?”

            “What’s your favorite colour?”

            I laughed at her blunt question.

              “Black, yours?”



            “Why what?”

            “Why is your favorite color black? I mean don’t get me wrong, black is a bitchin’ color, but why are you attracted to the dark?”

            I never really pondered why I liked the color, I just did.


            “I’ll tell you why?”

            This confused me, but at the same time it didn’t. Rose knows everything.

            “Oh yeah?”

            “I don’t know your birthday, but I know you’re a Scorpio, so naturally you’re attracted to the dark.”

            “Impressive, yes I am a Scorpio; my birthday is the 18th of November!”

            Her eyes lit up like fireflies.

            “Oh Merlin! I have to do something big your birthday! Anyway…the darkness makes you feel secured and safe, as if when you’re in it, nothing can hurt you, you’re untouchable, and it’s your comfort zone. Also you’re mysterious, and black is the color of shadows, which are full of mystery.”

            “Merlin’s beard Rose, you read me like a book!”

            She grinned sheepishly, and gave me a quick hug.

            “What’s your favorite food?”

            “Why don’t you guess?”

            She touched her chin with the tip of her index finger.       

            “Fancy and rare?”

            “Lamb chops, that’s my favorite.”

            She gave me a quizzical brow.


            “I never strike you as a lamb chops type.”

            “Oh yeah? Then what type did you sought me for?”

She giggled.

“A caviar type.”

I erupted in laughter and she joined me.

“Well I like apple pie.” She concluded.

“You do?”

“Mhm, along with turkey, and chocolate, and mash potatoes…”

I loved how her eyes twinkled, like the stars. I cupped her head in my hands and kissed her with all my heart. I think I might not just be falling for her, I think I’m in love with her.


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