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Passionate Kisses And Crashed Wedding Plans by CedervangXD
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Malfoy's DO feel after all.
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Ginny’s POV


"What d' you think of me?"

Ginny looks at her companion in the compartment of the Hogwarts Express.

"What on earth are you talking about Mal-Ferret?" She snapped.

She had succeeded in finding a medium-large compartment all to herself when she and her family had arrived at the train on Kings Cross. She had thought she would have been able to spend the whole train ride alone, when someone had stepped into the compartment. At first Ginny had been surprised when Draco Malfoy had walked in and sat himself down opposite her, clearly recognizing who she was. So far he had not talked to her at all, which was fine with her.

"I mean what I said, Weasley, I know you're neither deaf nor stupid. What do you think of me?" He snapped back.

Ginny gave Draco one of her looks that just ask: "Honestly?” Apparently he understood her look, because he simply nodded.

"Erhm.. well.. I.. uhm.. I think.. ah.. you're looking drop-dead-gorgeous in those tight black robes of yours. The way your hair seems to always stay in place, softly drawn back on your head except for a single stray strand that keeps falling in those amazing silvery blue-ish eyes... And when you seem to look in my direction, though I know you would never actually look at me.. It's like my blood starts boiling with a secret desire so strong it feels like I'm gonna scream if you don't touch me..." Ginny then realized what she was saying and slapped both her hands over her mouth. She could feel her whole face beginning to turn the same colour as her hair.

Draco's head shot up to look at her. The expression on his face changed very quickly between disbelieving, surprised, fascinated, honoured, amused, smirking, and back to surprised. One of his perfectly shaped eyebrows rose in disbelief and doubt, but that did not stop a famous Malfoy smirk from spreading on his handsome face. His smirk only widened when he saw the way Ginny was blushing. She kept trying to avoid eye contact with him. When he finally caught her eyes, he stared intently to them, to make sure she would be able to see that he was not lying to her.

"Oh really? Fascinating. The littlest Weasley admitting to thinking I Draco Malfoy look good, and evidently turn on her desires. Well, well, well... You wanna hear a secret? Normally, and with that I mean on just about everyone, I think that freckles and red hair looks totally stupid, especially on Weasleys, but on you it's different. It makes you look... petite... Somehow irresistible. Basically, it looks good on you. And the hair. The colour is very different from your brothers', whose hair is almost the same colour as carrots. Yours, on the other hand, looks more like... blood... Or red wine."

Ginny looked at him, very confused. She could not figure out what he was playing at, or trying to achieve. She was afraid to ask, so she kept her mouth shut and they sat in silence.

After some time, Draco broke the silence.

"Come sit over here. There's something I wanna tell you."

"´Why don't you just tell me while I'm sitting here, and you're sitting over there? Sounds better to me."

"Because I don't wanna say it out loud. Someone might be listening at the door."

Ginny rose to her feet, crossed the small space between the two seats and sat down next to Draco, two feet apart. She was beginning to get nervous.

Draco leaned in closer to her and held his lips close to her ear.

"I think I might be falling in love." he whispered.

Ginny stared at her hands which lay in her lap. She was wringing them as she whispered back. "With who?"

Draco placed one of his long fingers under her chin and moved her head so that it was right in front of his own, and moved closer so that their faces were only a few inches apart. Then he said just above a whisper: "A special redheaded, freckled Gryffindor called Ginevra Weasley!" Then he pressed his lips onto hers and kissed her.

The kiss was sweet, innocent and long-lasting.

When Draco pulled away. Ginny's lips were almost as red as her cheeks were. Draco's were a soft pink.

Ginny opened her mouth to say something, but Draco took advantage of the opportunity and leaned in to kiss her once more.

This kiss was entirely different from the first one. This one held something else. Something big. It was still sweet and long-lasting, but it was also filled with passion, desire, lust and need. Like she was the air that was supposed to fill his lungs.

Draco suddenly licked her bottom lip, begging for entrance to her mouth. Ginny gasped in shock, still attached to Draco's mouth. Her shock only grew bigger when she realized what was happening.

Apparently her gasp had allowed Draco entrance. With pure joy, Draco slowly slid his tongue into Ginny's mouth and started caressing her tongue with his own. Ginny got the hint and her tongue started playing along, and soon they were fighting for dominance while exploring each other’s mouths.

Ginny's hands were resting on Draco's chest, and through the thin and soft material of his T-Shirt, she could feel his muscles flexing. Then she lifted her hands to rest on his shoulders for a short moment, before wrapping them around his neck.

Ginny felt Draco's hands glide up and down, rubbing her back. But not for long. Soon they were in her waist long, scarlet and ruby-coloured wavy hair.
After a short while of playing with the flaming locks, Draco let his hands fall to her waist, and then he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Draco rose a little from his seat, started shifting Ginny around softly, so that she was suddenly lying on her back and they were still kissing passionately. He then lowered himself so that he way half on top of her.

After what felt like hours, they broke apart in desperate need of air. Neither of them pulled away. They just lay there, looking into each other’s eyes.

Draco had had his right hand resting on Ginny's waist, but he raised it so his thumb was rubbing her cheek softly. He then slid it back to her waist and pulled her even closer to him.

Draco just held her tight. It was like he was afraid she was going to disappear any second.

Neither of them said anything. It seemed as if words would ruin the feeling of safety and the build-up emotion of being with each other.

They just stayed like that. Not doing anything, just looking at each other, smiling and breathing in the other's scent, with the aura of a couple starting to fall for each other.






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