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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 16 : Of Falling Fortresses and Old Friends
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Damon Aalis :)

Icicles hung from the edge of the house roof, the once-black tiles were completely covered in snow. A large squared section of it fell from the roof and landed on Molly as I pushed her out of the back door. Her house was on a hill in a selection of many, this meant hours of rolling up and down hills for pointless reasons until we are soaked through our thick layers.

Christmas had passed by only a few days, a gold necklace hung ‘round my neck, a small gold heart on its chain; my present from James.

I gazed out over the frozen landscape and fingered the heart between my index finger and my thumb, it snowed rarely in France and if it did it resembled nothing like this. The blinding winter’s sun shone through the clouds, doing nothing to melt the stage of snow.

It had been exactly four minutes before Lucy Weasley had run in to the living room and trailing snow behind her, much to her father’s annoyance. She had said four words, four words that had the ability to make Molly and I jump from the sofas and run to grab our scarves and shoes. “The lake has frozen.”

The four words had enough impact for Molly to drive her stir-crazy mind to her bedroom, wrap a long beige scarf around her neck and sprint to grab her boots. For a moment I considered my choice between a thick and hand-knitted dark blue scarf and a blazing red one of similar structure and consistency. It took me only three of those seconds to remember that I didn’t care. I grabbed the deep blue one and ran to grab my shoes from the front door. They were highly impracticable for snow, but once again – it’s snowing, I don’t care.

I pulled a matching hat over my tightly woven small French plaits and grabbed matching mittens. Molly, all dolled up in poka dot wellies and leather gloves grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back door.

She began to tell me ‘The Rules of Snow’ before rolling her eyes playfully and accusing me of being entirely gullible. I had pushed her out of the back door and joined the small gathering of Weasley’s in the garden.

Louis was the first to notice my presence; he greeted me with a snowball to the face. I dived behind a readily-made snow mound, joining Lucy as we pelted Dominique with handfuls of snow.

A heavy weight landed on me, sending me crashing to the floor. I rolled over and pushed Molly off of my stomach. She smashed a frozen snowball in to my face before pushing another down my back. I squealed unintentionally and pulled Lucy to the floor with me.

Dom came crashing through the fortress of snow and landed on top of her cousins legs.

“Georgie!” Molly squealed as Louis proceeded to pelt her with wet snow. “You’re so dead!”

“Me?” I cried with a playful smirk. “It’s your sister who built the fortress!”

Lucy cried out in protest. “Just because I am younger than you doesn’t mean that I am blameable.” A snow ball landed on my back. I scooped one up in to my grasp, moulded it with speed and looked around for my attacker. Lucy stood with her arms crossed and an arm full of perfectly formed snowballs. They made my single rectangular one look pitiful. “Just because I am little doesn’t mean that I am not exquisitely dangerous.”

“Not with that vocabulary!” Louis snapped in turn making him the new target of her low-burning anger.

I grabbed hold of Molly’s arm and we dived down behind the garden shed. Snow lined the wooden roof and shuddered as we fell against the side, threatening to fall off.

“You’re sister’s mental,” I said as I brushed seemingly cold snow from my jacket lapels.

Molly sniggered. “She’s taking after me, isn’t it great?”

“I bet your Dad’s not too happy about that.”

“Oh gosh no, he hates it.” She took a risky look around the corner of the shed before turning around and sliding down the wall. “He’s trying to keep us far apart from each other; he wouldn’t want two disaster children.”

I blinked. “To be fair, you’re quite a handful yourself.”

She gasped and pulled her wand from her pocket. “Take it back or I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” I probed. “Transfigure me in to a pig with that secret O you achieved in Transfiguration?”

She raised her eye brows and sent me the typical ghetto stare of ‘Oh no you didn’t’. I crossed my arms playfully and she waved her wand. Typically, this would make no reaction, not with the proper training, of which she has had.

On the second wave the shed windows shook.

My hand shot to my heart and I began to start the breathing that had momentarily stopped. “Christ!” Molly cursed.

“Don’t scare me like that,” I gasped. “Molly, how did you do that?”

“Me?” She echoed. “G, I didn’t do that.”

We both stopped to take a stern glance at the other. They had recruited others. Another shake plagued the shed and we looked to the window. A snowball. It had been thrown at the window with an unseen force. More likely it had been aimed with a wand.

We laughed with relief quietly. “I’m going to kill whoever threw that.” I said.

“Scared the life out of me too,” she half-whispered. “I thought that you had some sort of extraterrestrial French power and you were making the shed shake.”


I was cut off by another snowball colliding with the window.

“Alright!” Molly bellowed. “That’s it!”

“NO!” I pulled down on her jeans and pulled her back to a crouching position on the floor. “They might see us.”

She nodded understandingly. “They’re coming from the other side of the house,” she explained. “There is a back way to the hills about a quarter mile north – Aunt Ginny and Uncle George use it when they want to sneak up and annoy Dad.”

My mouth formed a small ‘O’ shape in recognition. It was at that point that I first noticed the direction of the snow balls. The house was behind us, a small wall separated us from Lucy, Dom and Louis who were still fighting in the back garden. We were slumped between the gap in the wall and the shed; my feet sank in to the snow.

To the north of us, the direction away from the small garden was acres and acres of hills. A small fence could be seen in some areas, other sections were covered by the height of the surroundings. Over grown bushes attacked the back fences and some areas were graced with grass and another place, a pond.

“I suspect that your stupid boyfriend is behind all this,” Molly snapped. “Look, I can see the outline of a man out there.”

“You think it’s James?” I questioned, crouching a little higher to see straight through the two equally placed windows in the shed.

She shrugged. “Only one way to find out.”

We snuck around the back, crawling behind the wall. “Molly, I don’t think this is really a good idea?”

She laughed quietly. “Suck it up G, it’s only James.” I calmed myself in my head. I had a bad feeling about this. James wouldn’t have hit the shed; he would have waited until we resurfaced. “If it makes you feel any better, Albus is probably skulking between these hills somewhere.”

“Albus!” I called, standing up from behind the wall. “Albus, my love!”

Molly yanked down on my trousers. “Are you crazy?” the desperation in her stare was obvious. “You could have given away our position.”

I snorted and crawled along behind her. Her wand was still clutched in her hands and she crawled with one hand open and one fist clenched. I figured that I should do the same, pulling my wand from my back pocket; I clutched it in my right hand and sped up the pace.

We ran in to the hills, rolling down a couple as we went. Molly snapped me to a halt and held my stomach. She pointed to the figure on the hill above. It wasn’t James. That would never be James.

The cold that I had before described as ‘seemingly’ suddenly became bitter. It pricked at my skin as Molly tutted.

“Oh that is so not James. G, he is fine!” She cooed quietly. “Seriously, I am talking proper 10 on the 1 – 10 hottie scale.” She pretended to rest the back of her hand on to her forehead. “He is hawt.”

The thoughts suddenly fuelled my emotion and I grabbed hold of her arm. “Molly, do you remember what you told me the other day in your bedroom? Before Christmas?”

“Yeah, I told you about slaggy-Zoey.”

I shook my head. “You told me that not everyone is your friend, not in this world.”

Her brows furrowed in confusion and the figure turned around, he was dressed in black, a long black robe covered a wizard’s suit. My assumptions were right. He licked his lips, as did I. Molly giggled. “Shit, G. Hawtie is staring right at you.”

“Molly,” I breathed, “I want you to turn around and go back to the house. I don’t want you to look back and you can’t tell anyone what we saw.”

If the tone of my voice didn’t tell her, nor the plead in my tone. If not that then the possessiveness in my words – if none of that reached her, the shudder as I said the final few syllables did.

She looked up to the figure once and back to me.

“Ettie!” He called in heavily accented French. It was the true way that my name was spoken. “Nous devons parler.”

“He asked me to speak to him.”

Molly blinked and spoke in nothing louder than a whisper, “Georgie?”

“Molly, I’ve asked you once.” They seemed to snap out as orders and she nodded. “Please, I beg you.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. She wasn’t stupid, she wasn’t dim and she knew a little about my past. She mustn’t have worked to hard to figure out the type of person who I would be talking to.

I waited until Molly had run from my sight before I turned to him. With folded arms I began my treck up the hill.

“Damon,” I spat. “What right do you have to be here?”

“Ettie, qui est en plus du point,” he said, telling me that it was besides the point. His voice was cold, not as I remembered it. Even at Beaubaxtons, Damon had the essence of ‘tall, dark and mysterious’, but he was never a mystery to me; I could read him like a book. “Savez-vous combien je risque en vous parlant ?”

I shoved my hands in to my pockets and ignored his hushed and lifeless tones. He told me that it’s a risk speaking to me, if so, why is he here? “We’re in England Damon,” I snapped. “We shall speak English.”

“But I am not zat good.”

My emotions silenced and all I could feel was shame. “Then you should have considered that before coming here.” He gave me the crooked frown. To me, that was a small smile, a smirk. “Snow balls? Really?”

“I needed your attention. I couldn’t exactly just walk down there; I’m a vanted man.”

I snorted. “Shame.” He cracked a smile. “What is so important that you must speak to me?”

“I don’t know how to say it,” he said sadly.

I rolled my eyes. “D, if it’s so important just say it in French.”

“Zat is not zie problem.”

He must have known that I transferred to Hogwarts, he must know who my friends are, what I have done. He must know that I am shame, I am the definition of it, but he gave no visible indication of it. “Then what is?” He looked to the floor. “Damon, since when have you been weak?” I felt compelled to reach out and touch him, just to make sure it’s real. But I couldn’t. “You said it yourself; you are risking a lot by talking to me. You’re risking your life being in this country. Spit it out.”

“Zame old Ettie,” he chuckled.

I shook my head. “You have absolutely no idea just how wrong you are.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” He tensed a bit, and I tucked a mattered strand of stray hair back under my hat.

I cleared my throat. “When you’re done insulting me…”

“Zat vasn’t an insult, Ett.” My eyes flitted over his face, he was outstandingly handsome. He always has been. His prominent cheekbones and pale skin, dark eyes and hair, it seemed odd that he now seems so lifeless. “To be referred to as zie great Georgette Blythe would be an outstanding compliment…one zat vou could only pay to a Queen.”

I scoffed. “I’m not her anymore.”

“Fine.” He voice matched his appearance: tense, hard, empty. “I can zee that I am fighting a loosing battle.”

“Then give up, go home.”

“How dare you.” He replied tersely.

“How dare I?” He stepped back at my tone. “Damon, do you remember who you are talking to?”

“I thought zat you weren’t her anymore.”

My skin bristled slightly, he had me there. “For you I will make an exception.” I ventured. “You will treat me with the same amount of respect that you always have done.”

“I will,” he said with a small bow of his head. “I will always treat you the same. The Elite went to absolute pot after you left. The kingdom that you built, fell. The bar that vou set was too high for anyone to follow. I will stay with you always, but I can’t stand by it for many others.”

My jaw immediately clenched. “What did you come here to tell me?” His dark eyes blackened to a dark shade of coffee as he stepped forward. “You’re betraying the Death Eaters, D. If they find you-“

“I won’t be caught,” he reassured. I took an unsure step forward and he made the move that I hadn’t been brave enough to do. He reached forward and took hold of my fore arms. “You need to know.”

A frown rippled on my face and curiosity was rippling its way to the surface. “I need to know what? Stop speaking in fragments and finish a fricking sentence.”

His frown deepened, but I could see a different emotion in his eyes. When my brother disappeared, I was left with Damon. It was a bond that you couldn’t replace with anything but time. “First you have to know, that I will be on your side, which ever you choose. I will follow.”

“I’ve chosen.” I spat. “You know where I stand. I went to all this trouble to get away from it all.” This seemed to set him off, he furiously clenched his eyelids closed and tightened his grip on my shoulders. “On that note, how did you find me?”

An unrecognizable emotion crumpled on his face. “I’m the only one who did. Nobody else can. I used contacts, but they won’t tell anyone else.”

“D…Damon, what did you do?” I spluttered as I tried to wrench myself from his grip.

He didn’t let go. “That’s not important.”

The confusion and concern was suddenly replaced with swelling irritation. His tone struck a chord inside me. “Damon, for crying out loud.”

Just then, the sound of a hex flew in to our direction. Damon caught it before I did, he was trained to. He knew all. He knew more than I. Snatching my wand from my hand he used it to cast a deflecting charm, once hand was still grasping my shoulder. “Harry Potter.” He observed in a seething manner. “I have to run, they’ve found me.” He growled.

I tried to pull myself from his grasp once more. I failed. “You. Tell. Me. Now!” I ordered, my stare cutting in to him like a knife. The deflection shield he cast was still up and the curses bounced off of it feebly.

“The Aurora’s found your brother, he’s alive,” he hissed. I stiffened.

He used my wand to Disapperate with before a quick but caring stroke of my cheek with his thumb. He left my wand behind and it lay on the ground infront of me. Damon disappeared in a cloud of black fog and left me standing on a hill. I blinked through the fog, before I could comprehend it, James was by my side. He kissed my forehead and pulled me in to a hug.

“What were you thinking?” he begged. “Are you insane?”

Harry marched up the hill, not quite as caring as his son. He hissed at me icily, “Georgette. Get to the kitchen now.” He thrust his arms in to the air angrily as Albus dragged Lily behind him.

And just like that, it was all over. 

AN: The queue is closing for the summer for a couple of weeks (amazing staffers need a break) and I’m not sure if I can get another chapter in for this story before then, but I will do my best.

So, what did ya’ll think of this little chapter. I know it’s a bit shorter than what I usually give you, but I just had to cut it off there, you know how I love my cliff hangers!
I had to include more of Louis and Molly, I simply love their attitudes. Butwhat do you all think of Damon? I personally love to write him, it’s really interesting as he is totally different to what I usually do, however, what are your opinions?

The next chapter is called ‘Of Kitchen Confessions and Being the Queen’. It’s where everything is explained. Can I hear a huge sigh of relief from all you confused little bunnies?

James’s eyes narrowed slightly, stare growing a little more curious with obvious reasons. I blinked and looked up to Harry Potter though teary eyes. “I’m sorry.” Molly gripped my hand tighter at my choke. “I never meant to cause anyone any harm.”

Tada!! I will update as soon as I can! Don’t forget to review :D

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