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Marlene by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Gideon Prewett walked into the flat he shared with Marlene McKinnon, the tears had long since vanished and all that was left was the stains they had left on his face. He looked around him, expecting everything to be different but it wasn’t. Everything looked the same. It was like the world didn’t know that she had gone, but she had. She was gone forever.

He ran a hand over his face and took in a sigh his whole life seemed to have collapsed around him. Walking over to the sofa he sat himself down and put his hands up over his mouth as tears blinked themselves into his eyes. He shut his eyes for a moment as he tried to contain himself, he didn’t even know why he tried he had already fallen apart. He opened his eyes and looked in front of him; something on the coffee table had caught his eye. He removed his hands from his face and leant forward to pick it up. It was a letter addressed to him; he ripped the envelope and opened the letter.
He felt his heart ache immensely as he read the words, the words of his love, the words of his Marlene.


I’m sorry. I know you told me to stay at home but I couldn’t I had to go after them, I knew that if I didn’t I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. I couldn’t let them get away with what they done. I know that if you are reading this then I’m not coming back; I knew this danger when I left and I was ready to face it. I don’t feel like I could live in a world without them and I needed to take down the people who were responsible. They destroyed me, they took everything from me and I’m sorry that in what I’m doing I’m hurting you, I love you and I’m sorry. I followed the lead that Peter gave us and I’m begging you to please not come after me. Because you need to live, you need to live in this world because it needs you, the wizarding world needs people like you in it to protect it, save the lives I couldn’t.

I am so sorry Gideon. I love you more then you can ever know.



Twelve months earlier

It had been a long day and Marlene was looking forward to going home, she had been moving from place to place up and down the country helping Alastor follow up on a lead Dawlish had gotten from a known death eater called Karkaroff, who they had recently captured, about other death eaters on the loose, who all seemed to have been one step ahead of them today. Alastor finally relented on the chase after they had got nowhere all day and their leads seemed to give them nothing but dead ends.

Taking a seat at her desk Marlene leaned back on her chair and let out a low sigh, it felt so good to be sitting down.

“Did you find anything?”

Marlene looked up at the tall figure standing at her desk, his dark eyes glinting in the light and a set look on his face. Marlene shook her head at him as she set her chair back down on the floor.

“Nothing. The leads were nothing but dead ends.”

He nodded as he turned to look behind him at another man who was built in the same way as him and just as tall; his twin brother was grabbing hold of his travelling cloak.

“Me and Gideon are going to headquarters now if you’re finished?” The man named Fabian told her. Marlene stood up as she ran a hand through her hair.

“Yeah I’m all finished here,” she stated as Gideon walked over to them and gave Marlene a warm smile

“Alastor said that he would meet us there, he wants to have a quick chat to Dawlish about this information he gave. I would hate to be Dawlish right now, Alastor’s rages aren’t pretty,” he threw his arm around Marlene as they walked out of the office with Fabian. Marlene leaned into him.

“Tell me about it, I seem to be on the end of them every other week, for once I’m glad that it’s not me,” Fabian laughed as they entered the lift and pressed the button to take them to the atrium.

“I’m surprised you still work for the ministry” Gideon said a smirk on his handsome face, Marlene laughed as she stood up straight.

Fabian laughed again before becoming serious, “I sometimes wonder that myself.”

“Maybe he’s sleeping with the new minister,” Marlene said trying to hide her laugh as Fabian shot her a glare. The lift stopped and they walked out of it and down towards the exits.

“I just can’t get enough of Millicent Bagnold, and her old lady smell.”

“She doesn’t have an old lady smell,” Gideon said laughing at his brother, before they all took it in turns to leave onto the street.

They blinked and rubbed their eyes as they entered the bright street and stopped to let their eyes get used to the brightness. After a few blinks they carried on their walk.

“Well, anytime I go near her she smells of moth balls and cabbage,” Fabian told them.

“I hope to Merlin that she never finds out what you said, although it’ll be hilarious to see her face,” Marlene laughed, standing next to the two brothers as they grabbed their wands out of their pockets, they planned to apparate.

“Hang on,” Marlene told them suddenly, a movement catching her eye. She turned to look over at an alleyway and saw a figure lurking, eyes fixed on her.

“What is it?” both Gideon and Fabian said at the same time, they turned to look in the direction that Marlene was facing and they too saw the figure, their grasps tightened on their wands.

“Show yourself,” Marlene demanded her wand raised in front of her, the figure walked forward confidently, their own wand in their hand although not pointed at them.

They recognised him as a man named Wilkes, they had been searching for him for weeks and here he was, in full daylight. Outside the ministry of magic with three aurors all pointing their wands at him, this guy seemed to have a death wish, or wanted to be caught.

“I have a message for you McKinnon,” he said not taking his eyes off of Marlene who stood staring at him, wondering when would be the opportune moment to curse him so they could take him in. “From my master.”

Marlene stopped her thinking to focus on what he was saying, she tried to stop her eyes widening and attempted to show now emotion to this death eater.

“He says you have two more chances to join him or you will face the consequences.”

She had had followers turning up to tell her that he who must not be named had wanted her on his side and each time she had told them that she would never sink that low. Most of the time they didn’t get to go back to relay the message to their master as they were arrested or killed in their struggle to get away, but some managed to get away from them. And Marlene would be damned if this one would get away from her. She was starting to get angry at being followed all this time, it made her uneasy how easily they found her or knew where she was going. And she would never admit it to anyone but she felt scared for her safety.

“You have some nerve coming here and threatening an Auror,” Fabian growled inching forward slightly, Gideon copied his movement. Marlene didn’t move, it wasn’t the first time she had been threatened with facing the consequences of her actions, but it still unnerved her.

“I will never ever join him,” Marlene growled through her clenched teeth, “Never.”

Wilkes just smiled at her before saying, “then it’s your funeral.”

Marlene barely had time to move out of the way before a spell was shot at her. Marlene heard Gideon and Fabian both let out roars of anger as they shot spells at the death eater who was blocking them. Marlene threw her wand arm in front of her and shot a spell at the death eater, and within seconds the fight escalated into a blur of movements and bright flashes, three against one, hardly fair but necessary in trying to stop him.
With a large bang, Fabian, Gideon and Marlene were all thrown backwards into the road. Marlene groaned as she held onto her arm, having fallen onto it. She noticed Gideon and Fabian stirring beside her and she looked hurriedly at Wilkes who too had been blasted to the floor. He was lying very still on the floor; Marlene quickly raised her wand and sent a body binding spell on him, just in case he was trying to trick them.

With a deep breath she stood up slowly, and edged towards Wilkes. His eyes were blank and staring straight ahead, Marlene shoved him slightly with her foot and he made no movement.

“Is he dead?” Gideon asked from her side, Fabian was bent over slightly clutching hold of his side as though he had a stitch.

“I think so,” Marlene said leaning forward to check the pulse of their victim, there was no heartbeat.

“Maybe Dawlish was right?” Marlene stated standing up straight, dusting down her robes as they looked down at the death eater on the floor below them.

“Who wants to call Alastor?” Gideon asked looking at the others.

“I’ll do it,” Fabian stated raising his wand and shooting his patronus out of it, which bounded away towards the ministry, “he’ll be happy enough with this to not curse Dawlish.”

“Well, not really,” Marlene told them, Gideon and Fabian turned to look at her, “he’s dead. How are we going to question him about the other death eaters?”

“I didn’t think of that,” Fabian admitted watching after his patronus as though he wanted to call it back but he couldn’t, Alastor would have already received it.

Within five minutes of the message being sent, the body of the death eater had been moved into the Ministry by a group of officials, and Marlene, Fabian and Gideon were all standing in front of Alastor Moody’s desk.

“You did what?” Alastor Moody had shouted, causing the three to take a step backwards.

“Well you see. He turned up threatening Marlene and throwing curses at us,” Gideon stated honestly, “we had no choice but to defend ourselves.”

Alastor stared at them angrily, “and you couldn’t defend yourselves without killing him?”

“We did try but he was trying to kill us,” Fabian piped up.

“Which one of you killed him?” Alastor asked, running a tired hand over his worn face, a low sigh escaping his lips.

“Well that’s the thing, we don’t know,” Marlene admitted looking to Gideon and Fabian for their confirmation, “there was just an explosion and we were all sent flying, when we got back up Wilkes was dead.”

“Although Marlene was the last one to throw a spell if I recall correctly,” Fabian said slowly, Marlene turned to glare at him for telling on her, he looked sheepishly back, mouthing ‘sorry’ at her.

“Well in that case, you are lucky that we’ve found another death eater for you to hunt down isn’t it Marlene.”

“Yes sir,” Marlene admitted cursing Fabian in her head, she saw Gideon give his brother a slight dig in the side noticed obviously by Alastor

“And it’s a good thing that Gideon and Fabian here have offered to help you catch him.”

Alastor challenged them with a look to say anything and they didn’t. Seeming happy Alastor pointed over to the wall of wanted death eaters, “the person you’re looking for is over there, new information has been given on his whereabouts.” he growled at them.

They walked over to the wall and saw a small photo in the middle of the board, they knew had only recently been put up along with the others.

“This small guy here?” Gideon asked hopefully, pointing to it and looking back at Alastor who smiled as he shook his head.

“Try the one to its left,” he told them with a smirk.

They all looked to the left and each recoiled slightly at the image. The man in it was very tall, around six and a half feet tall and was built like a wall.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about Rodolphus Lestrange before?”

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