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Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again by little_welsh_lily
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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DISCLAIMER – I do not own harry potter I am merely playing in JK’s world all the characters you know in the coming chapters are from her ingenious mind.


“Mrs Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy!” A young voice was heard yelling to her. She turned around and saw a young girl following her down the hall of the office floor with a stack of papers in her hand and inwardly smiled. Victoire Weasley had all the ambition that she had when was her age, determined to become a big success she had joined the Malfoy Corporation straight out of Hogwarts and had a bright future ahead of her.

“What can I do for you Victoire?” Mrs Malfoy asked her, “I thought I sent you home over an hour ago, your fiancé will be going mad at you and me!”

“Sorry Mrs Malfoy I just wanted to run the final plans for the Minister’s dinner party on Saturday by you as he’s using the catering sector of the business for it,” Victoire replied.

“The plans will still be there in the morning Victoire, go home to Teddy and I'll see you tomorrow!” Mrs Malfoy replied ushering the young Weasley away, thinking back to time when Victoire could of been her niece had it not been for her ass of a fiancé.

“Ron, Ron!” Hermione Granger yelled, “Ron I desperately need to see you where are you?”

A sheepish Ron stumbled out of the bedroom, trying to button up his shirt without drawing too much attention to it. “I had a shower ‘Mione, I was just getting changed.”

“Who is she Ron?” Hermione asked, “You know I’m not stupid so why are you even bothering to pretend. Who is the slut who you’ve been sleeping with in OUR bed?”

“’Mione, it’s not what you think,” Ron begged in desperation as his fiancé barged into the bedroom to find Astoria Greengrass getting dressed. “We were just talking about –“

“Talking my arse Ron Weasley and what your clothes just happened to fall off and you accidently shagged each other? I really thought you had changed since Hogwarts and the battle but I was obviously very wrong about you. Have your stupid bloody ring back, I never want to see you again,” Hermione yelled ripping off the engagement ring and throwing it at him before disapperating out of his life forever.
*End of Flashback*

Hermione Malfoy twisted the wedding band on her finger and smiled, wondering how she ever ended up with a husband as caring and sweet as Draco. It had been a surreal experience for her when after seeing him out of Hogwarts he was nice to her, and although it took some time she was slowly able to trust him.


Draco Malfoy looked over the paperwork again for both his and his wife’s companies and scowled, how was it that every quarter she managed to make a profit than him. ‘Bloody no it all,’ he thought to himself and smiled. If anyone would have told him when he was fifteen that he would marry Hermione Granger he would of laughed in their face, funny how much things can change really. The day Weasley cheated was the best day of his life; otherwise there would be no knowing how different his life could have turned out .

“Draco,” Blaize Zambini popped his head round the door, “We still going out for drinks after work? You know how fussy Miranda is when I’m late home, so if we’re going we have to go now.”

Draco looked up at his best friend and smiled wearily, “Sure I just need to run these figures once more.”

“Draco give up, Hermione beats you every quarter and you go through the same routine every time, what makes you think this one will be any different?” Blaize asked laughing at his best friend.

“Fine lets go, I’m going to get the secret out of her one day you know,” Draco said putting the papers aside and letting his friend lead the way


“Mi, I’m home!” Draco yelled out to his wife as he closed the front door, “Where are you hunnie?”

“In the bathroom with Cadence, Ray,” Hermione replied, continuing with the struggle of bathing their daughter. “Cadence sweetie the quicker you let mummy bath you, the quicker you can get snuggles from daddy.”

The little girl smirked at her mum before finally settling down and allowing her to wash her. Cadence Louise Malfoy was three years old and both her parents dotted on her completely, although Draco more so than Hermione sometimes as she knew exactly what to do to get her dad’s attention.

Draco settled down his briefcase and went to the bedroom to change into some comfortable clothes, before walking to the kitchen and putting the kettle on for himself and Hermione, knowing how difficult getting their daughter to wash was for her.

Ten minutes later Draco saw his daughter run out into the kitchen before diving into his arms, “Hello Caddy, have you been a good girl for mummy?”

“Of course daddy,” the little girl replied making Hermione laugh as she came in behind her.

“How was work then Ray?” Hermione asked grinning at her husband, knowing full well what day it was today.

“It was great thanks, you did well this quarter,” he replied smirking before setting Cadence down and grabbing his wife for a kiss.

“Yucky, yucky daddy stop it,” Cadence said and walked away from her parents and into the lounge making them break away and laugh at their daughter.

“Ever thought about trying for another, Mi?”Draco whispered into his wife’s ear softly, “Maybe a boy this time?”

“Now you know Ray that that, is all down to you I’m not in control of that factor,” Hermione replied smiling up at her husband.

“You never answer my question Mi,” Draco said suddenly all serious.

“We’ll just have to see,” Hermione replied before removing herself from his arms and beginning to cook dinner.


A/N: Okay everybody I had this idea for a while and I just had to get it down, let me know what you think and if it’s worth continuing.

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