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Myrmecophobia by karinapotter
Chapter 1 : Phobia of Ants.
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Disclaimer: Everything you see, besides the plot, all belongs to the wonderfully wonderful JK Rowling! (:
Dedicated to Ian, because he reads everything I ask without fail. :D

It was all because of those bloody ants. I was twelve when I was told I had the fear of ants. The Mediwitches call it Myrmecophobia. It made sense why I refused to go close to the lake and stay in the Slytherin common room instead. Yet, it was a stupid reason, being afraid of ants! Stupid Andromeda laughed at me when I came home that and told Father. I kicked her in the shin because she laughed, she’s such a git.

“Cygnus, Bellatrix has been diagnosed with Myrmecophobia,” Mother said blandly, her pointed face obviously showing her disappointment with me. Father looked at me from behind his glasses. We were in his office, mother stood behind me while we waited for Father’s reaction.

“How do they know Bella is scared of some measly ants? She’s just a child; she’ll grow out of it.” Father looked at me hard and waved his hand. “Bella is a strong girl, a Black, she’s not afraid of anything. Are you Bellatrix?” Mother squeezed my shoulder and I nodded quickly, “Good girl, now go upstairs and play with Rodolphus and your sisters.” Father ordered me and I pulled away from Mother and left the study.

I turned from the corner to see my sisters, Rodolphus, Regulus and Sirius standing in the hallway. “What do you want?” I hissed.

“You’re afraid of ants?!” Sirius asked mockingly while Regulus tried holding in his laughter.

“NO!” I said heatedly, pushing Regulus down as I made my way over to the leather chaise in the sitting room.

“You’re afraid of ants, you’re afraid of ants!” Sirius taunted as they all walked over to sit by me, wiggling his fingers like it scared me. I scoffed and pushed away his hands as they got closer to my face.

“Stop it Sirius, you’re being a prat.” I complained, kicking him in the stomach with my pointed shoes. For a toddler, that child was very annoying. Rodolphus sat next to me and played with my fingers. I watched my sisters fixed each other’s hair before I pulled my hand away, Rodolphus was being weird.

“Bella, tell us about Hogwarts! Tell us please!” Narcissa piped up looking at me with her bright eyes. She was pulling on Regulus’ hair as he tried running away, making him cry. “Hush Regulus! We’re trying here Bella’s story! Hush him Siri!” Narcissa shoved Regulus over to his brother who just pulled him into his lap and put a hand over him.

“Yeah, tell us about your boyfriend too Bella, about Lucius!” Andromeda spoke up, and I glared at her. I felt Rodolphus freeze up next to me and growl, muttering some curse words.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I screeched pulling her hair; she always would say the worse things that twit.

“Tell us about how you’re afraid of ants!” Sirius cried laughing as he played with Regulus’ arms.

“I’m not afraid of ants! Shut up!” I screamed, pushing myself off the chaise, I ran through the house, my shoes clacking the marble floor into the front yard.

“Are you okay Bella?” Rodolphus said, coming up next to me and touching my shoulder.

“I’m fine Rodol, just my stupid sister and stupid Sirius are getting on my nerves.” I flattened the dark green ruffled dress I was wearing and itched at the silver laced collar. “I just wanna go play.” Before he could invite himself, I bounded away towards the tree at the end of our property.

I giggled as the breeze picked up and ran through the pieces of hair that fell away from the braid that Mother did earlier today. I saw the tree, it looked so peaceful and I turned around seeing Rodolphus and my family standing far off. Good, they weren’t anywhere close to here.

I looked at the tree, my tree, Father planted it the year I was born and it has been forever mine. I gingerly walked up to trunk, looking out for those dreadful creatures. As I walked around the tree in a circle, I hopped over roots and falling twigs and thought about the previous year and the long days of summer that were to come.

I sat down on a fat and thick root, facing the setting sun. “This year’s been such an annoyance, and to think in a couple of years, Andromeda will follow, ick, that will be horrible. Stupid Andromeda being a nosy twat, stupid Rodol trying to hold my hand, stupid Sirius and his jokes, stupid stupid stupid ants!” I grunted angrily, pulling my hair out of its braid leaning against the trunk.

I saw a little ant crawl up past me and I froze. It was just so creepy and it crawled and it had so many legs. What kind of evil creature has more than two legs! I shivered as it walked past the edge of my shoes. My tears started to pool in my eyes. “Come on Bella! You’re not afraid of some little ants! They’re just creepy little things!” I took my wand out and thought of all the defensive spells I had learned this year.

But there was nothing.

Nothing that I could think of that would stop that filthy thing from crawling all over me, calling a few of its mates and devouring me alive!

I sat there not breathing as it trickled closer to my shoe, in one move it would make it to my ankle, then my stomach then my mouth then my ear! Where it will crawl inside of and lay eggs!

I screamed, and pushed myself up and thought of only one thing. Climb.

“Get up there Bella, get up the tree, it can’t follow you! Up, up the tree Bella quickly, it’s coming!” I urged myself on as I reached the first branch, heaving myself up on it. My arms tightened as I scraped trying to keep a firm hold, I would not fall into the ground to be attacked by those…things!

“No, no, no, no, no!” My breathing hitched. Something moved by my finger, I felt my skin prickle and with a slap and shake I removed whatever insect had landed on it. But then, I saw something out of the corner of my eye! There was another ant on the branch I had sat on. I huffed and pulled myself onto the second branch. Still there were ants! Crawling and creeping, coming closer, ready to take me. NO! I screamed again, pulling myself farther and farther up the tree until I was as high as I could go.

I took a breath. “Gone, they’re all gone! I’m safe; no ants will climb up here! They’re stupid little insects!” I smiled peacefully as I dangled my legs.

“Hey Bellatrix.” Rodolphus’ voice ringed next to my ear. Startled, I shifted forwards unbalancing myself almost falling. I felt him catch my shoulder, “Be careful Bella, you wouldn’t want to fall. How will I marry you when we’re older?” I rolled my eyes, yeah, like I’d ever want to marry him unless forced to.

“I don’t know Rodol, I just know that you’re sneaking up on me is not very sweet and husband-like. Why can’t you leave me alone? I don’t want to be around you or any of them!” He played with his fingers. “Wait, Rodol! How are you even up here?!” I looked around he wasn’t clinging onto any branch that I could see.

“Broom Bell, I’m on a broom. I’m only up here because your delightful,” I snorted at that part, “mother wanted me to tell you to come in soon.” He sighed patiently as I watched the sun set. Rodolphus Lestrange was the first boy that I’d ever seen a sunset with. “C’mon Bells, let’s get inside, I hear your stupid elves make a mean porridge. Let’s see then.” He gave me his hand, and I looked at it, eyebrow raised, he really thinks I’m going to go down with him?

“No, I’m fine, go inside, I can do this on my own.” I said hastily, pushing his hand away. He shrugged and pulled away from my tree, landing easily by the front of the house. It took me forever to reach the trunk, once or twice I slipped and scratched my hands. My dress was becoming tatters and there was dirt and sweat on my face from the plunge down. Light was starting to fade as I laid my head against the tree, watching it all disappear.

“Bellatrix, come inside this instant, we are about to start dinner!” Mother yelled at me and I reluctantly trudged away from my tree and into the hall. “By the blood of Salazar Slytherin, you’re filthy, come inside so the elves can sorgify you. Bellatrix Black, I will not have you go around this house ruining your play and dress robes before we sit down for a meal! I forbid you to even visit that blasted tree, you should be inside, learning for the next year, preparing!” She looked at my clothes angrily before ordering the elves to clean me up.

By the time I had cleaned off and was ready for dinner, most of the courses had been served and all that was left was desert. I sat across from Andromeda who smirked as she ate her chocolate ice cream. I kicked her in the shin. Rodolphus sat next to me on my left and was closest to father, he tried grabbing my hand that was folded in my lap but I kept slapping it away.

Mother refused to set my dinner out until everyone else finished and Sirius made it more painfully slow as he ate his dessert in miniscule pieces. My stomach rumbled quietly and Mother glared at me. Rodolphus tried sharing his food but I denied it quickly, Blacks have pride and receive charity from no one! One by one everyone finished, even Sirius, devil curse that boy.

Mother finally let me have my dinner as the rest of the family departed to do their nightly activities. As I reached out for the fork on the right, something tickled my arm. I looked at it immediately but saw nothing. My night robes stopped at my elbows leaving ample room for my goose bumps to run all over my arm. I felt it again, except on my other arm and started to dart my eyes around the dinner table, paranoid.

When something brushed up to my left hand I screeched and pushed back from the table, my eyes watering and heart tightening. I held myself with my arms and quickly started to bawl. Rodolphus came into the room and looked around worriedly. “Bella, what’s the matter?! Why are you crying! Stop this instant! There is no need to cry!”

I sniffled and pointed to the table, “Some-something is on that table! Something tried getting me!” My eyes were tearing again and I squeezed myself farther into the chair, trying to get as far enough from the table as I could.

Rodolphus looked at the table closely as my family members walked in. Mother clicked her tongue as Father looked on disapprovingly. His bravest daughter afraid of ants! How blasphemous! Andromeda and Sirius laughed in the corner as Narcissa went up to me. “Bella, its okay, there are no ants here on the table.” She said soothingly, stroking my partially wet hair. I mumbled thanks and looked at Rodolphus.

“Rodol, tell me there aren’t any ants! Tell me!” I cried pleadingly, clutching the edge of his robe. He nodded and I instantly calmed myself. My face was reddening from the massive amounts of crying I had just done and my nose was wet.

“Bellatrix Black, by next week you will be done with this childish fear of yours! A Black has no fear! They are strong and tough, nothing can put us down!” Mother hissed at me. I nodded deftly as I slowly let go of my arms and stood up.

Regulus tottered his way over to me pointing at my forehead. “What is it?” I managed to stutter.

“Bella, ant, ant!” He cried before I passed out.

A/N: Hey everybody! How are you guys doing this lovely summer's day? Well, look here, challenge number two! Hehe, I'm getting addicted! This challenge was not meant to offend anyone, just for fun. But if someone did, I'm sorry. ): So here we have the evil and merciless Bellatrix Black...afraid, OF ANTS! -Cue humiliating laughter NOW!-hehe, maybe that's why she became so evil, she was afraid to be made fun of...oh, well! It's nice to know that she had her fears even if she still stood tall in the midst of it, though she did kick Andromeda a lot, well she was a violent one...Oh, did you see how Rodolphus Lestrange was CONSTANTLY making a move on her? And she reflected it, aha, poor Rodol, being married to that woman would make anyone evil. Sirius was here, because I love him like that, so you could see how much he loved his cousin -eyerolls- sarcasm sarcasm, my friend. Haha, well this is longer than I expected, so I'm going to cut it...NOW. Thanks for reading, if you want Rate&Review in that gorgeously gray box below. One more challenge and a one-shot for you guys soon...HOPEFULLY! :D Until then!

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