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Close to the Edge by Twinklestar
Chapter 1 : The One Where Al Is Pushed Down The Stairs
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I can’t believe it! It’s preposterous, crazy, mental!

My own flesh and blood. I am so betrayed - and angry! Didn’t he understand how much it meant to me?

My brother chose that thing as Captain instead of me. The ants have finally gotten to his head and eaten his brain, I’m sure of it. There can’t be another reason as to why he chose it over me as Captain.

I have to tell Mum we need to send James to the bleeding crazy house. Or maybe I’ll just send him to Azkaban because I’m pissed.

“Hey Al! Packed all your dresses for Hogwarts, yeah?”

I turned my head slightly to find my git-faced brother leaning against my bedroom door frame. There is a trademark cocky grin on his face. I go back to packing.

“I want to slaughter you and rip your insides out,” was all I said. I still had my eyes on the clothes I was tossing into my bag.

It was the truth. If my Mum wouldn’t beat me with a spatula then I definitely would slaughter James and rip his insides out. But getting on her bad side was like throwing yourself at a bunch of hungry lions. Not good and pretty bloody.

James bangs his hand on my back a little too hard and laughs.

“Oh stop being such a piss! I didn’t give you Captain, boohoo,” he said to me with a roll of his eyes and flew himself onto my bed making everything in my bag come flying out.

“James!” I cried. He smirked at me and then gave me a confused look. Confused my ass!

I wanted to hex him. I really did. My hand was itching for my wand.

But I knew I would never hear the end of it if I turned James into a toad.

It’s not like James is a bad brother, he’s not. He’s what anyone would expect an older brother to be. Overbearing, obnoxious, and in my business. He is in my business so much, he decided against making his own flesh and blood Captain. The motivation is still unknown, but I’m sure it’s there. Somewhere. Damn git.

“Mum says to come down for dinner,” I hear Lily say at my door. Lily was the youngest of us all and the only girl. Well, unless you count James as a girl. He does get a little creepy during Halloween.

I stand up quickly and drop the Gryffindor ties that I had picked up and make a run for the door. James always goes gorilla with anything related to food. Seriously, he doesn’t care who he hurts, as long as he got the last chicken wing. Which he usually does.

I had finally beaten James to the stairs, something I haven’t done since I was eight. But it’s only because Lily trips him in the hallway.

Have I mentioned how much I loved my little sister? She’s the best.

I don’t understand why my Mum is staring at me suspiciously at the bottom of the stairs until she yells, “James!”

Before I can even take a glance behind me, I go rolling down the stairs, pretty sure I am screeching like a little girl. When I finally stop and land on my back, I can hear James and Lily laughing like hyenas at the top of the stairs. Jerks.

“Stop, James! Cant you ever be nice to your good baby brother?” Mum shouted at him.

Baby brother? I am seventeen years old, for Merlin’s sake!

“I’ll try, mother,” James fakes sweetly with a smirk on his face. Mum gave him the Don’t-talk-to-me-like-that-I’m-your-mother look. We were all familiar with that look. She gave me that look when I was twelve and I almost pissed myself.

All right. I actually did piss myself and James laughed at me and told all of his friends. For the first few months of my Second year, everyone called me awful names because of my little incident. Ally Pee Pants was one of them. So was No-Potty Potter.

Lily giggles as she helps me to my feet after handing me my glasses that had thrown themselves somewhere after flying off my face.

I was about to glare at my brother but Mum decides to pinch my cheeks and talk to me like I am little baby.

“My baby, Al! Are you okay? Did James hurt you, my good little pumpkin seed?”

I mentally groaned. Why am I always treated like a baby? Lily is younger than me, but she never gets any attention like this! I force a smile at Mum and she pats my cheeks before pushing me in the direction of the dinning room.

James helps himself to everything in sight. His mouth and cheeks are filthy with food. And I was the one who was treated like a baby. I think James is the one who needs a bib.

As I sit myself across from my lovely brother, I notice Dad sitting at the edge of the table.

Everyone I come across always tells me how much I look like him. I know I do, but that doesn’t make it any easier to hear. I can recite their words as they say them, about how messy my hair is like Dad’s and how my eyes look like Dad’s and they came from my grandma and how I have the same complexion. Sometimes I mouth the worlds along with them.

After Mum settles at the table with the rest of us, everyone except James (because he’s an impatient slob) starts to eat. Lily clears her throat, wanting our attention.

“Yes, Lils?” Dad stares at her interested in what she had to say. Lily always has something interesting to say. She’s funny and has a sense of humor. I think she got it from James.

I remember when Lily was five and she asked our pregnant neighbor why she ate her baby. Mum and Dad had to give her the talk and punish her. It was hilarious. But unfortunately, Lily squealed on us to Mum and Dad because we told her Mrs. Gold ate her baby.

Lily smiles excitedly before telling us, “I‘m trying out for the Quidditch team!”

My face drops. Why did she have to go and mention the bloody sport? Don’t get me wrong, I love the sport. If I could marry it, I would. Err - kidding.

James does a big ‘Whoop!’, Mum smiles warmly, and my Dad grins so hard he looks like he is going to damn well piss himself. Oh, look! Another thing I get from him.

“That’s fantastic, Lily! What Position?” Dad asks her while he leans towards her like its some secret meeting. Lily is only trying out for the damn team, but I’m already on it. Where’s my little secret meeting?

“What position, sweetheart?” Mum’s eyes are dancing as she asks Lily. She used to play Chaser in the day, so I’m sure she wants Lils to play Chaser too even though I’m a Chaser.

“Chaser.” How unpredictable. Not.

All right, I’ll admit it. When I tried out for the team, I was going for Seeker. I wanted to make my Dad proud since he was practically drilling into my head about how he was an amazing Seeker when he was in Hogwarts. James was a Beater and so I felt the need to follow in Dad’s footsteps.

But bleeding Chet Thomas thought I wasn’t right for the position. He gave Seeker to Bree Palmer (I despise her) and stationed me with the Chasers. I was utterly pissed at first and wanted to murder someone. But I grew to love the position.

I suddenly realize I am staring off into space as I stare at the last chicken wing. I look up at James to see him narrowing his brown eyes at me so I raise an eye brow at him.

We stare at each other for a long moment, both daring each other. I know that even if I try to get it, James will probably rip my hand off and get the last blasted chicken wing.

But I find myself reaching over quickly, and instead of gaining a yummy chicken wing, I receive a twisted wrist all thanks to James. I scream in pain and caress my wrist carefully, while I glare daggers at my brother.

“Stop torturing your dear brother, James!” Mum shouts at him. You could tell she was getting annoyed by James’ antics. Hell, so am I!

“I was only playing around Mum. I love baby, Al!” he smirks at me and I want to repeatedly bash his head against a nasty toilet. Hmm, maybe I will do that before I leave tomorrow morning…

“All right. I don’t want anymore of your silliness, and mischief James, your only brother and sister are leaving tomorrow. I don’t want Al leaving with any broken bones.” Leave it to Dad to stop any fighting.

Dad’s always the one that stops the fights. Mum tries, but all she gives us is screeching, nasty looks, and the familiar ‘Stop it James!’ But I’m damn sure you all have noticed that. But Dad’s different. Sure, he yells - every parent does! But he is more calm, and the calmness scares the fucking living out of me.

I know James is scared of it. Or maybe it’s not the calmness its really Dad that gets him all freaked out. When James was ten, I remember Dad and him got into a huge fight because James exchanged Lily’s Barbie doll’s head with Chucky’s head to freak her out, and I caught James crying over it. I hugged him. We never mentioned it.

“So Al, excited about Quidditch this year?” Dad is the one who asks me. I don’t know what to say. He hasn’t a clue that I wasn’t made Captain because it is just too embarrassing and disappointing for me to tell him.

I begin to sweat badly as the nervous feeling faded away, and anger taking over me. I was not made Captain - something I’ve been trying so hard to get since I joined the bloody team.

I take a look at the face of my worried Dad. “Albus?” He says, questioning my awful sweating and scrunched up face. I’m such a tosser.

“Of course I am!” I squeak and run out of the dinning room. I run up the stairs, almost bloody falling as I do, and into my bedroom. I stayed here for the remainder of the night.



If I told anyone that Lily and I fought constantly and acted like normal siblings, I’d be lying. Lily and I hardly ever fight or get on each others nerves. If we do, it’s a big deal. What can I say, I love my little sis.

“So, tell me why you freaked out last night during dinner and squeaked like you were going through puberty again?” Lily asks me looking amused.

She came to help me pack but instead she sits at my desk looking through my stuff. Bloody nosey.

I fake a cough and keep myself busy with packing to avoid eye contact. “I felt sick.” It was a lie, obviously. I am not going to tell my baby sister about my problems like she is my therapist. Not that I need one.

Lily laughs and gives me a I-know-you’re-lying look. She has many looks, most are scary. I think she got it from Mum.

“I am not lying, Lils. Now get your arse up and sit on my suitcase,” I tell her. I grin after she groans and gives me a pissed off look. I pat the top of my suitcase and she sits on top of it as I zip it up.

“Thanks, baby sis!” I thank her and ruffle her red hair. She scrunches her nose in disgust and slaps my hand away from her hair. And I thought James was the only one that cared so much for his hair.

“I’m not a baby anyone, Al.”

I feel like somebody has just slapped me hard against the face, then punched me in the stomach until I threw up my breakfast, and slammed my head against a brick wall. Well, not really but I am bloody shocked right now.

“What do you mean you’re not a baby anymore?!” I exclaim. Yes, she damn is a baby. She’s my baby sister! My baby sister that is far too young to bloody date, or have my mates even take a glance at her.

“Al, I’m fifteen years old,” she tells me this slowly like I’m dumb. I start to hyperventilate because my baby sister is actually fifteen, and not ten like I always thought she was. The world is finally ending, people.

“No boys,” I tell her simply and pat her head like she is a puppy. I receive a playful punch in the arm which I find hurtful but I don’t say anything to ignore embarrassment.

“You can’t forbid boys, Albus. I’m old enough to date, thank you very much,” she says this to me with her hands on her waist with a scrunched up mad look on her face. But I’m not that scared of her to agree with her.

“No. Boys,” I repeat and cross my arms over my chest and narrow my green eyes at her. She stares at me amused for a long moment until she begins to laugh and shake her head at me.

“All right. If it means so much to you, I wont even take a glance at a bloke.”

I sigh relieved and smile widely. Thank Merlin! Now I don’t have to worry about keeping Lily 100 feet away any bloke who isn’t blood related to us at Hogwarts. Damn blokes who even think about Lily of something other than a mate. Something bloody wrong with them in the head.

“Come on, loser. I don’t want to miss the bloody train,” Lily says impatiently at my doorway. Gotta love her.



“Move out of the way, you cruddy child!”

Old people are blasting. All right, I hate old people. Well, most. Grandma Molly tells me how there comes a time in every person when you get tired of all the youngsters around you and just yell and scream at them for no apparent reason.

Like pushing me on the platform when there is just enough room beside me to walk. Bleeding old man.

“Al, come and give us a hug before you leave!” I hear Mum. I sigh and she pulls me in a tight grip while kissing my forehead multiple times. I swear, this mad woman wants me to be the laughing stock of the whole school!

“Ginny, you’re embarrassing the poor boy.” Mum lets go of me because of Dad’s words and I thank him in my mind. Lily is currently chatting with Hugo, our cousin who has too many freckles, orangey red hair, and too many O’s for me to count. He has Aunt Hermione’s smartness, as does Rose. But he’s quiet about it, unlike Rose who gives out Detentions like chocolates.

I am 100% sure that Rose is Head Girl. But yet again, I was 100% sure I was going to be made Captain. I am such a loser.

“Now, Al, I want to talk to you,” Dad tells me with a serious look on his face. I am nervous as I nod my head and walk over to him. He lays his hand on my shoulder and looks down at me. I almost pee myself.

“Son, I just want to let you know that I know you were not made Captain. James told me last night,” he explains to me. I remind myself to kill James later. “I want you to do really well in school, all right?” He went on and I nod quickly. I just want to leave already.

“Excuse me!” a very familiar voice exclaims and runs through between Dad and I. I stare at the girl as she runs off, clearly chasing someone or something. I know that back too well. Her curly brown hair has grown longer, as did her height over the summer.

Bree Palmer. The girl I’ve loathed ever since Second year when she got Seeker over me. The girl who was made Captain, instead of me. The girl I was currently glaring daggers at, even though she does not notice.

“Do you know that girl, Al?” Dad asks me. Of course I do! I’ve hated her since I was twelve years old. Damn her.

“Yes. I know her.” I grind my teeth together and walk away from Dad to see what the bloody hell Palmer was chasing after that caused her to rudely push my Dad and I.

“Arwen!” she calls and I notice her face for the first time since the last day of Sixth year. I notice she has gotten pretty over the summer. You would be blind to not notice she was a little decent to look at, but I hated her too much to really care.

“Arwen!” she yells once more and looks around worriedly. Arwen? Who the bloody fuck is Arwen? I laugh to myself as I think of the poor lad who was hated by his own folks so much, that they cursed him with the name Arwen.

“Oh dear, Arwen! There you are, sweet cheeks.” She picks up a bloody cat and pets him affectionately. Arwen is her damn ugly cat. How could I forget? She’s had that God awful fluffy Persian cat since First year. Believe me when I say, It’s the most ugliest thing to ever have to look at.

Well, unless you count our neighbor’s Chinese Crested dog. That dog made me want to rip my eye balls out of there sockets and burn them alive. Actually, even Arwen was a tad bit uglier.




Hi! This is my first chapter of Close to the Edge. I want to thank Mistress (Author of BTQC &H&S) for everything you have done for me. You're amazing(:

I hope you all like it so far! Reviews would be much appreciated (; Oh, and every chapter title is all thanks to Friends. Gotta love that show (:


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