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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 8 : Confrontations
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I sat in the large white marble tub. While Rose unpacked her things and Nate got himself comfortable, Ginny had drawn me a bath. She hadn’t asked me what happened. I think it was pretty obvious. I almost felt spoiled by being in this tub.

Ginny had placed a few lavender scented candles in the room, and made me a wonderfully hot bubble bath. The bath took away as much stress as it possibly could. Of course, there’s no way I can be completely calm in this situation.

I hoped to the God of all that is merciful and good that Rose’s confession would go much better than mine. Of course, her parents were a bit more laid-back than mine. Plus, she was marrying the man that got her pregnant. The two situations were much different.

For some odd reason, I lifted my left hand out of the water and observed it. The tips of my fingers were awfully wrinkled, my hands were very pink from the heat of the water, and the silver nail polish that I had painted on a few days ago was almost completely gone. Suddenly, I felt the need to get out of the tub before the rest of my skin became wrinkled. Once I tried off, I put on a pair of sweatpants and a bathrobe. My hair was still wrapped up in my towel. I didn’t care how I looked; everyone here was like family to me.

My first stop was next-door to the room that Nate was staying in; the door was closed. I knocked softly, and slowly opened the door. Nate was in the process of unpacking a couple of things. He looked up at me when I entered. I couldn’t read his emotions.

“Nate, can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked him quietly. He stopped what he was doing, grabbed my hands gently, and pulled me down onto his bed. He sat down next to me. “I really meant to tell you. I didn’t think that my mother would…no, that’s a lie. I knew that my mum would flip out. But I was hoping that she would keep her temper in check with company in the house."

Nate exhaled. “So, how far along are you? Now that I know, I can see your baby bump. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before…”

“Honestly, most people haven’t realized it until I told them about it. I’m about four months along.”

“And can I ask who the father is?”

“It’s Teddy Lupin.” I was quite surprised that he hadn’t heard the entire fight. Of course, the part with my sister was a little quieter. “He’s my sister’s fiancé.”

Nate nodded. I could see that he was trying to wrap his mind around the situation. “I never meant for me and Teddy to be romantically involved, but we haven’t been with each other since I started to date you.” I told him, hoping he’d believe me. “I really like you a lot, Nate. But I can understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

Nate took my hands in his again. “This is just a little shocking, that’s all. But I really like you a lot too. And I certainly don’t want to lose you. It’ll just take a little time to get past the weirdness, that’s all.”

“So you’re not dumping me?” I verified, now excited so much that I was practically crying.

He chuckled at my emotional outburst. “No, I’m not.” I was so excited that I pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. “I need to know one thing, though. Are you sure that there’s nothing between you and Teddy anymore?”

I put on a fake smile, hoped he fell for it, and lied, “Yes, I’m sure.”

I felt a pang of guilt. I couldn’t tell him the truth. Was I supposed to tell my boyfriend that Teddy and I were in love? That he was clearly unhappy with my sister and that I obviously met his needs? Of course not! Only a stupid person would do that. I would like at least one thing to be going right in my life.

I trudged downstairs where the Potter family, Teddy, and Rose were sitting and chatting. “Nate is just finishing some things upstairs. He’ll be down in a minute.” I informed them, and sat down by James. He smiled at me, and I smiled back to let him know it was appreciated. Even though I avoided looking at him directly, I could tell that Teddy was still watching me.

Of course, there couldn’t be a single moment of piece because Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione came in through the fireplace. Hermione hurried over to Rose. “Honey, Bill told me that you would be staying here instead of with him. Are you okay? What happened?”

Rose looked at me, silently asking for permission to tell the story. I nodded, and made sure that I spaced off through the entire thing. I had just lived it. I didn’t want to hear about it shortly after.

“Rose, do you want to come home with us?” Ron asked after she was done with the story. I didn’t miss the pitiful glances that my Aunt and Uncle gave me.

Lowering her voice, Rose replied, “I’d like it if I could stay here for a few days. Dom really needs someone.”

Hermione nodded her understanding, but still looked a little hesitant about not having her daughter home. “Look Mum, you and Dad will have to be coming over here every day. You have to help me and Scorpius plan.”

“Plan what?”

Rose was now positively beaming. “Scorpius and I are getting married. And we want to have the wedding this summer!”

There was a chorus of “that’s great” and “congratulations” from around the room. However, Ron and Hermione’s faces fell. “Are you angry about me being engaged?”

Hermione shook her head rapidly. I was surprised that she didn’t have whiplash from it. “No, we’re very happy for you. But you both have another year of school left. Why so soon?”

I now moved away from James and stood next to Rose for support. Her silent support earlier had meant the world to me; I wanted to return the favor. “Mum, Dad, please don’t be angry. But, I’m pregnant too.”

Hermione and Ron blanched, along with most of the other people in the room. I almost felt sorry for Rose. She was telling her mother, father, godfather, and godmother all at once. But thankfully, Ron and Hermione pulled Rose into a hug. I sighed, instantly relieved. There would be no fights or arguments. I’d had enough arguments today to last a lifetime.

Ginny was now grinning, and she looked back and forth between me and Rose. “Isn’t it ironic that you two are both pregnant at the same time? It’ll be great that you’ll have each other during this time.”

Rose grinned at me. “Yeah, we’re baby buddies.” I couldn’t help but chuckle. Rose was so lively when she was talking about this that I couldn’t help but be cheered up a bit. “Maybe we’ll have one boy and one girl, and they’ll get married when they’re older.” This made me actually laugh. We were only a few months along and she was thinking about the kids getting married.

“Let’s deal with giving birth to them first, shall we?” I told her, smirking.

While Rose told her parents what details had been figured out, Ginny pulled me aside. “I’m terribly sorry about what your parents did. I promise you that I will have stern talk with my brother and Phlegm—I mean, Fleur.”

“Thanks, Ginny. But they’re actually the ones that I’m not entirely worried about. I’m worried about Vic. She was really angry with me, and I’m afraid of how angry she’ll be with Teddy.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. What happens with them is between them and up to them to work out.”

I nodded, and I actually glanced over at Teddy. Again, he was looking at me. We held each other’s gaze for a minute before I turned and went back upstairs.

Suddenly, I woke up. I didn’t even realize that I had dozed off. I glanced outside and saw that the sun was setting, making the clear sky streaked with brilliant red and orange. I noticed that a bed had been set up on the other side of my room, and I instantly recognized Rose’s things. I smiled. That girl was the best friend a person could ask for.

There was a knock on my door, and I saw Teddy walk in with a tray of food. “Ginny wanted to make sure that you got some food. I offered to bring it up.”

I instantly shut myself down, knowing that I would look and act coldly towards him. “Thanks. You don’t have to be nice to me because of what you said yesterday. Just because I got told the same things again today multiple times doesn’t mean you should feel guilty.”

Teddy set the tray down and sat next to me. “I do feel guilty, though. I had no right to say those things to you.”

“No. You said what you were thinking. You were honest. That took guts. I commend you for doing that.”

I felt him lightly touch my hair, but I refused to look at him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. You’re the last person that I want to hurt. And I’m sorry.”

I sighed, wanting to lean into his touch so badly. I felt myself tearing up because I wanted it so much. “Don’t waste your apologies on me. I don’t blame you for what you said. I was saying that about you because you’re with my sister. You should be saving your apologies for her. When will you talk to her?”

“I’ll see her tomorrow. I’ll try and patch things over. Hopefully she won’t call off the wedding. I’ll talk to her about staying involved in your life and in our baby’s life as well. I mean, she’s going to be an Aunt. I know that she’ll love the baby no matter what.”

I removed Teddy’s hand from my hair and gripped it with my hands. “Tell me, does she make you happy? Do you love her more than you love me?”

Teddy avoided my eyes, and chose to remain silent. I opened my mouth to repeat myself, but then he asked, “Does Nate make you happy?”

I wanted to say ‘not as happy as I am with you’, but that wouldn’t be smart. So I nodded, not looking at him. “What is he doing here anyway?” Teddy questioned. I had been waiting for that question for awhile.

“His parents are in Russia until tomorrow. He was just going to stay the night at my family’s house. But Mum thought it would be best if he left with me.”

“Were you planning on sleeping with him as well?” Teddy suddenly snapped. Where the hell did this come from? Well, two can play this game.

“No, you asshole. I’m not a complete slut like everyone has made me out to be!”

“Well, our affair was unplanned. Who’s to say that you wouldn’t sleep with him if it was in the heat of the moment?”

“I don’t have low morals like you! You slept with me even though you were engaged!”

“You have lower morals than me! You still slept with me even though I was marrying your sister, and then dating someone else during our affair, and now you’re dating someone even though you’re pregnant! You’re more selfish than I am by a long shot!”

He had drawn the line again, and crossed way over it. “Get out of my room!”

Nate opened the door to my room without knocking. “Is everything okay in here?”

“Yes.” I said coldly. I made sure that I was glaring at Teddy. “Teddy was just leaving.”

Teddy stood up, clearly miffed. I suddenly became frightened when Nate extended his hand to Teddy. “So, you’re the father of my girlfriend’s baby.”

Teddy grabbed the extended hand and said through clenched teeth. “Yes, and you’re the guy that’s dating the mother of my baby.”

“Yeah. I guess we’ll be getting to know each other quite well over the next few months.”

Though Teddy was trying not to show it, I could see that he was struggling to restrain himself. I could tell that he loathed Nate. I was glad that Nate was only staying for one night. Otherwise, I think Teddy would’ve killed him in his sleep.

Nate shut the door after Teddy left as I turned to look out of my window. The sunset was so breathtaking. I could feel a light breeze on my face mixed with the remaining warmth of the daytime. Nate stood right behind me and pulled me close to him. He whispered softly in my ear, “I don’t know what is going on between you two, but I’ll still be here for you, no matter what happens.”

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Flawed: Confrontations


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