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Wouldn't It Be Nice? by GrayLady
Chapter 1 : It Would Be
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A/N: Inspired by the Lady Gaga lyric from “Summerboy”: Don’t be sad when the sun goes down/You’ll wake up and I’m not around.

It didn’t matter that it was cold outside. There was no way I was going to miss my first Hogsmeade trip. Especially since I was going with someone. A guy someone. Named Draco Malfoy.

I’ll admit I was nervous, though. I mean, for one, he’s a year older than me. And also, it was my first date. I had no idea what to do. What’s the proper protocol for a Hogsmeade date? What is he expecting? I really hope I don’t make a fool of myself. That would be just my luck to-


Oh Merlin, it’s him.

I ran down the hill to meet him and, of course, tripped on my own two feet and stumbled right into him. “Hey,” he said. “How are you?”

“I’m good.” That’s actually pretty intelligent for me, considering my brain slowed down when he caught me. He’s that good-looking, in my opinion.

“Well,” he said, grabbing my hand, “let’s see if we can make you great.” Then we started off down the main street, heading straight for Honeydukes.

Draco insisted on paying for everything, which I told him was nonsense, but he didn’t want to hear it. So we ended up with full bags at Honeydukes and Zonko’s, and full stomachs from the Three Broomsticks. Toward the end of the visit, he pulled me a little further down the lane and into a small shop called Madam Puddifoot’s.

We chatted a little in there about music, books, things like that while we waited for our tea. I really wasn’t sure what to do. Every single couple around us was snogging the living daylights out of each other. We just sat quietly, sipping our tea and holding hands. When we decided it was time to go, he put his arm around me…

Tilted my chin up…

And kissed me.

My first kiss, right in front of all those people. Not that I cared about everyone else. I was being kissed. Nothing else really mattered at the moment.

He pulled away and smiled at me. Then he grabbed my shopping bags and we headed back up to the castle.

We reached the Common Room and he gave the password, then told me to wait outside. He disappeared for a few minutes then came back and picked me up, carrying me in. He made his way over to the couch and dropped me on it, low enough that I wasn’t hurt. He pulled me up a bit and sat down as well, then lay me across his lap. He held my hand and drew lazy circles on the outside of it with his thumb.

“I had one of the girls take your bags up to your room,” he told me. “I can’t exactly go up there and I didn’t want to leave them down here.”

“M’kay,” I responded. It was really comfortable, sitting curled on the couch. We watched the fire for a while, not saying anything, just enjoying each other’s company. After about an hour, I started feeling sleepy. It was probably after dinner, but we had eaten so much during the day that I wasn’t hungry, and definitely not willing to leave the couch.

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” I murmured, “if we could stay here all night and be together in the morning?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It would be.”

When I woke up, I was alone in the Common Room in front of a cold, dead fire; Draco was nowhere to be seen.

A/N: Reviews are love!

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