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My Light In Darkness by Harry and Mione forever
Chapter 11 : They Saw Her
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Finally, chapter 11! YAY! Hope you guys like it. Please review; I’d really like to know what you guys think!


All that you recognize belongs to J.K Rowling; I’m just playing with it


They Saw Her


“We are not going to Hogwarts!” Hermione jolted awake once she heard Mrs. Black’s screaming and Ginny's shouts resounding throughout the house. Today they would be going to Hogwarts. Hermione ran her hand through her hair. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do this. She knew that she would be mostly out of contact, which would give Bellatrix all the time she needed to move into her position. Somehow she needed to do her job effectively at Hogwarts, focus on her targets and keep Bellatrix from gaining more power within the ranks. However, none of these things were in the forefront of her mind.


Snape had just about perfected the extracting potion. All that was needed now was for Hermione to create or discover an effective spell. She had poured over countless books for any mentions, but unfortunately had come up with nothing. She was almost half way with a spell of her own creation, which meant that Harry Potter had very little time left in the world. Soon there would be nothing left to stand in the Dark Lord’s way. And then she would marry Draco Malfoy. She shook her head to clear the thoughts from her mind. Draco might not be the heartless wizard his father was but she had seen cruelty by his hand before and underlying resentment. Sometimes she wondered if he was hiding someone just as evil as she was. There was a knock on the door, causing her to jump.


“Sarah? Are you up?” With a start she realised she had not spelled herself into Sarah. Grabbing her wand under her pillow she pointed her wand at her face and mumbled the spell under her breath. “Sarah?” The knocking became more insistent. Hermione jumped up and checked herself in the mirror. Sarah’s tanned face stared back at her instead of her usual pale one. “Sarah?”


“Just a minute Ginny!” She shouted over her shoulder. Looking at the mirror again she forced herself to focus, to leave Hermione behind. She took a deep breath and went to unlock the door. As the door swung open she saw a fully dressed Ginny standing outside. Ginny’s eyes were red and puffy but she tried to hide them as much as possible.

“Are you alright Ginny?” Ginny nodded, but her eyes never left the floor. She turned and went straight to her room. Hermione heard the door lock behind her. Hermione made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley was nowhere in sight. The only person present was Tonks, as she had forced Hermione to call her by, who was leaning over a piece of bread.


“Ah, Sarah, how’d you sleep?” The bread caught on fire before she could answer. “Mother-”

“-Tonks!” Lupin shouted as he walked into the kitchen, hand over his heart. He ran forward and took out his wand.

“No, that’s Sarah’s breakfast!” Hermione felt her stomach curl at the thought of Tonks making her breakfast. Before her stomach could give in completely Lupin extinguished the fire, leaving nothing but soggy bread. Lupin looked at Tonks in wonder.

“How is it that you manage to burn toast?” Tonks blushed to the roots of her hair and mumbled something under her breath. “Sarah,” Lupin said, turning towards her. “I know that we haven’t had time to get you your things for Hogwarts because we didn’t know if you’d be allowed there. But Professor McGonagall has assured me Hogwarts has a plan for students in need and your magic levels tested positive enough to gain admittance, which means that we have less than three hours to get you everything you need.” Lupin said, throwing the bread away.


“-The Hogwarts fund will provide you with what you need,” Lupin said firmly. Hermione felt that tug at her heart for the generosity. She forced herself to ignore it. “So, I’ll see you down here in ten minutes. We’ll quickly pop into Diagon Alley for your stuff and a quick breakfast,” Hermione smiled at him.

“Thank you,” he nodded and Hermione left to go change. As she made her way to her room she didn’t notice Ginny watching her.



As the door closed behind her Ginny found herself hesitant to go through with what she was planning. However, when she thought back to the first day she had met Sarah she knew she had to.


“You know,” she said, almost calculating, “you don’t really seem that upset”

 “Excuse me?”

 “For someone who was held captive, you don’t seem upset. I was once possessed by You-Know-Who and I was a mess for weeks”

 “You were possessed?”

 “Yes, he chose to possess me. I think it was because he knew I would one day be Harry’s true love.”


 “This Harry is your boyfriend?”

 “Yes, Harry Potter” Sarah smiled at her 


She had seen that something was wrong. Sarah suddenly turning up after Harry went missing was too coincidental. Since Harry had been taken she had stopped trusting completely and had become far more vigilant. She wouldn’t ever be that naïve girl again. She had seen nothing in Sarah’s eyes when she mentioned Harry, or when she mentioned that they had been dating. She was hoping that exposing something like that would expose Sarah, if she was a Death Eater. But she had seen something in her eyes when Harry’s name was mentioned the other day. Ginny made her way back to Sarah’s door and decided to prove herself right or paranoid. She knocked and waited until Sarah opened the door, wrapped in a towel and brushing her teeth.

“Can I talk to you?” Sarah nodded and quickly made her way back to her bathroom. Ginny sat on the bed and waited for her to finish. Sarah came back and smiled.


“Do you mind if I change while we talk? I need to meet Lupin downstairs,” Ginny looked at her watch, it was seven. Only four more hours and they would be on their way to Hogwarts.


“Go ahead,” Ginny said. Sarah nodded and started sorting through some of the clothing Lupin had picked up for her. “Are you going to get some new clothes?” Ginny asked, seeing her pull one of Ron’s hoodys over her head.


“Ginny, what did you want to talk about it?” Sarah saw right through her façade. Ginny closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. “Ginny?”


“I miss him,” the whisper was out of her mouth before she had even planned in what to say. It was true, she did miss him. What she was about to say she knew came from the heart. Sarah buttoned up her jeans and started drying her long black hair. “I swore I wouldn’t go back to Hogwarts until Harry came back, until I knew what had happened to him or until I did something for him, that he’d be proud of,” Sarah’s hands paused, and she turned back to the clothes strewn on the bed. Ginny angled her head to see her reflection.


“Ginny, I’m sure you’ve done him proud. I don’t think he’d want you to risk his life for him,” and then Ginny saw it. There was a flicker of something in her eyes. Ginny started, in a second it was gone, but she saw something in her eyes, something strong. She just didn’t know what it was.


“All he wanted was a peaceful life, away from all the death, the pain and the loss. He wants a family,” Sarah’s eyes seemed glued to the dresser. Ginny watched her as she put her clothes away.


“Ginny, I have to go,” Sarah said softly, before leaving the room without a word. Ginny lay down and thought back to the emotion in Sarah’s eyes.



Hermione locked herself in the bathroom and faced the mirror again. He wants a family. She knocked her head against the door. He wants a family. She was beginning to wonder if she really wanted to be the person who would deprive him of that right.



“Ron,” Ron jumped at the sound of his name and turned to find Ginny at his door. He went back to his packing.


“I heard your argument with mum this morning,” he said, folding up his knitted jersey. It pained him to do so, remembering Harry’s astonishment at receiving his as a Christmas present.


“That’s not what I’m here about. I need to tell you something.” Ron turned back to her and spotted the brewing anger in her eyes. He got up and walked over to her. She poked her head out into the hall and looked around. Satisfied she closed the door. Ron felt a sense of unease. “I think Sarah’s a Death Eater,” she said. He froze and stared at his younger sister. The once mischievous girl had disappeared, and all that was left was the cold, angry girl in front of him.


“You’re wrong,” he said, shaking his head. Ginny opened her mouth to argue. “No,” he cut her off, “don’t. You’re making this about Harry. Ginny, not everyone is a Death Eater.”


“Ron,” she grabbed him by the arm. “Please, just put your feelings aside and listen to me. She knows something about Harry. I saw something in her eyes. You have to trust me!”


“Why? You don’t seem to trust anyone anymore. In fact, to you even your family has become Death Eaters. Not everyone is evil Ginny. It’s about time you start realising it,” and with that said he left the room, leaving her feeling completely alone.



Hermione had just made it out of Diagon Alley with Lupin. The streets were empty and shopkeepers were too afraid to remain open for too long, some even refusing to admit people at all. Hermione had stopped when a woman and her child were walking the streets begging for assistance. Lupin had given them what Hermione knew was his last financial support.


“Why did you do that? That’s all you have left.” Lupin remained silent for a moment and then stopped.

“That woman lost her husband and that boy his father, in the attack here. He was one of the shop owners. The Assassin killed him.” Hermione felt her blood go cold. She tried to search her memory for all the faces of those she had killed that day. With a start she realised that she couldn’t remember half of them. If Lupin had given her a picture of the man she knew she would not recognize his face. “This is what it is going to be like if Voldemort manages to take over. That hopelessness will haunt everyone left. I didn’t give that woman money, I gave her hope. And whilst hope and good deeds exist, then Voldemort can never truly win.”


“You said his name,” she whispered, feeling a sliver of dread go through her.


“Yes, if there’s anything Harry, Sirius and Dumbledore have taught me, is never to fear a name.” Hermione knew what saying His name meant, she had designed the spell herself.


“You don’t und-” the sound of apparation made her realise that it was too late. Four cloaked figures surrounded them. “No…” Hermione whispered. Lupin dropped the bags he was carrying and grabbed his wand.


“My my, what do we have here?” Hermione heard Yaxley’s distinct voice. He knew it was her. He was the one of the few people who knew about her cover. She shook her head, pleading with him to be reasonable.


“Stupefy!” Hermione watched, horrified, as the battle between Lupin and the rest of the Death Eaters began. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to use her magic in case it exposed her. But as Lupin took down one of the Death Eaters, the other three started advancing on him. Hermione decided to act on instinct. As three spells shot at Lupin she dived and knocked him out of the way. As she dodged the spells that were meant to be for him, one of the masked figures shot a spell at her.


“NO!” Two of the Death Eaters shouted. The spell hit her on the shoulder and knocked her down. She heard more pops and Lupin’s shouting before she lost consciousness.



Draco shoved Jacobs against the wall roughly. He struggled against his grip. Draco punched him, and shook him. “How dare you!” Jacobs was struggling to breathe but Draco didn’t care. Hermione had gone down hard, and he was the reason for it.


“She’s with the-” Draco’s punch cut him off. There was a large bang as the door opened. Draco felt the Dark Lord’s presence immediately. He moved away from Jacobs immediately and bowed. He noticed Potter and Snape behind him. They were going to try another extraction.


“What is the meaning of this?” The Dark Lord hissed. Draco looked up at him but remained on his knees.


“He injured Hermione sir.” The Dark Lord started. But Draco’s eyes were glued on Potter. His head had shot up and his eyes were wide. The Dark Lord moved over to Jacobs, who was sobbing on the floor.

"My Lord, forgive me!" Jacobs begged. The Dark Lord sneered as he looked down at the pathetic lump on the floor. 

“Crucio!” As Jacobs writhed on the floor, screaming, the Dark Lord turned to Draco. “How injured is she Draco?” Draco saw the panic in his eyes. It was not out of love or affection for her, but at the fear of losing his most prized possession, his secret weapon.


“I don’t know. It was a slashing spell. I’m not sure where it hit her.” The Dark Lord finally removed the spell on Jacobs and turned to Snape, who had Potter by the arm.


“Take him back to his cell Severus.” The Dark Lord took another look at Draco. “I do not care what your feelings may be. You are never to lose control over a senior leader. Do you understand me?” Draco nodded and lowered his head. He soon heard the door close. He was left with Jacobs’ sobbing and his thoughts of Hermione.



“I’m fine, Remus.” Lupin looked at the scar on her shoulder. Sarah noticed his look. “What?” He frowned and looked up at her.


“The scar. The skin its marred is lighter. Like paint that’s been peeled off.” Sarah gave a start. “Don’t worry. It’s the effect of the razor spell. The scar can’t be healed.” He noticed her mind was on other things. “Sarah?”


“When does the train leave?”


“In about an hour. But I told Professor McGonagall that I would rather have you rest a bit and then send you to Hogwarts tonight by means of the floo network.” Sarah nodded, but she still seemed far away. “Why don’t you go and get some rest? It’s been a hard day,” he said. She nodded and left the kitchen, passing Tonks on her way out. “Ron and Ginny?”


“Getting ready for Hogwarts. I don’t think they’ve ever been early,” she said softly. She frowned and kneeled by the chair he was sitting on. Taking his hands in hers she looked up at him with distressed eyes. “Remus, what happened out there?” He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.


“Tonks, something strange happened out there.” Tonks looked at him, confused. “The Death Eaters. It’s almost as if they just wanted to scare me.”


“Remus, that isn’t abnormal,” Tonks said, but his head shaking made her pause.


“Tonks, you don’t get it. They were there to kill me for using their master’s name. But when they got there, it looked like they changed their minds. They might’ve wanted to hurt me, and scare me, but not kill me. Something changed their minds.”


“They saw her.” Tonks and Remus both turned to the doorway. Ginny stood by the door, arms folded, with her eyes as cold as ice.


DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMMMM! Well, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

Till next time x

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