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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 9 : Frightening Fiasco
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When I arrived at the library I had hoped that they were actually getting some work done. These popular kids always appeared to be in a permanent “hang out” phase. Never once do they mention last night’s homework or a big exam the next day. I used to have this theory that they were all nocturnal. But it turns out that they just always receive mediocre marks. The strangest thing is that it doesn’t even bother them. Despite how much I was beginning to enjoy Sarah’s company, her lack of any work ethic whatsoever was beginning to irk me, greatly. Alas, Sarah and Levi were playing Wizard Chess as quietly as they could in the fluffy arm chairs in the corner. I actually had some work to finish if I wanted to get a decent night of sleep.

When you don’t have friends for a very long time, you learn to challenge your energy into different things. I chose my school work. I wanted so badly to go join them in the corner, but my mind told me otherwise so I found a secluded table far away from the two and buried my nose in parchment. I kept my head low in case Sarah or Levi glanced over. I knew that they would spot me some time or another. I managed to get all my potions homework finished before Sarah stomped over to my table.

“Hello,” Sarah pouted. “Weren’t you supposed to meet us at the library?”

“I am here,” Folding my parchment back into my bag. “I just didn’t meet you.”

“Lily, you can be so damn frustrating sometimes I just don’t know what to do with you!”

“What do you mean?” I crossed my arms and looked up at my dramatically frustrated friend.

“I am trying so very hard to set you up, but you just won’t cooperate!” Sarah sat down on the opposite side of the desk and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Set what up?” I had a feeling this had something to do with Levi, but I chose to play it dumb. “A field trip to the library?”

Sarah leaned back her head and groaned. I snuck a peak at Levi who was observing our little scene with a questioning smile.

“I’m sorry Sarah, but sometimes you just have to let nature run its course.” She sat up in the chair and looked over to Levi and back at me.

“But if I don’t do something it will take forever and it’s our last year!” I just stared at her, not really wanting to aggravate her in anyway.

“Besides, I have never seen results from any of my set-ups!”

“Sarah,” I gave her a wary look. “How many of these set-up things have you tried to make?”

She chose to ignore me.

“You will be my first success I just know it!”

Sarah was going to ruin it. She was going to try all of these Hollywood methods to rope us together in a broom closet and it won’t be real. Not that I would ever have a relationship with anyone, especially Levi. It’s just, if I were ever to be…romantically involved with anyone it would have to be up to me and me alone. Even if Levi and I were meant to be great friends, Sarah was going to try to make it something more. I felt like she was trying to turn my life into a cheap chick flick and it didn’t feel so pleasant.

“Sarah, I’d rather you didn’t try to manipulate my life like this.”

“I’m not manipulating Lily; I’m nudging you in the right direction.” She drawled and winked in Levi’s direction.

It was my turn to let out a frustrated sigh. I suddenly had a brilliant idea to stop Sarah’s heinous plan before it was too late.

“I think I’ll talk to him right now.” Sarah’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open.

“What do you mean, talk…to him?” I pushed out of my chair, adjusted my wrinkled uniform and walked over to where Levi was sitting. Sarah still sat agape in her chair, too stunned to move after me.

Levi raised his eyebrows when I fell rather ungracefully into the adjacent chair.

“Sarah is being so bloody obnoxious,” I leaned forward and stared directly in Levi’s crystal eyes. “And do you want to know why?”

Levi chuckled and relaxed back into the plush chair.

“I think I have a good idea as to what she’s up to.”

“Oh so it isn’t bothering you at all?” I was surprised with his nonchalant attitude.

“It’s bothering me, I’m just a little more tolerant when it comes with Sarah’s schemes.”

“But don’t you want to just make her stop, before we are locked in some abandoned classroom or spiked with a love potion?”

Levi rolled his eyes. He obviously didn’t care as much about this as I did. He smirked and inched to the edge of his seat. I moved to lean back but he reached over the chess table and grabbed my chin. Our faces were inches, no, centimeters apart.

“You know how many of these little ‘set ups’ I’ve been a part of?” I tried my best to focus on his eyes, but my gaze kept on slipping down to his lips.

“One hundred?” I asked lightly, trying to distract myself from the claustrophobic feeling that now was creeping up in my chest.

“Close guess,” I wish he would just pull away, because Merlin I don’t have the strength to. “But you learn just to roll with it after awhile.”

“So I’m guessing your plan is to, uh,” My mind was scrambling to form a full sentence, this guy wouldn’t take his hand off my chin.

“I guess I’ll roll with it, carry an issue of Witch Weekly with me in case I’m trapped in a broom closet for an obscenely long period of time.”

“You don’t have any better ideas?” Levi rolled his eyes, released his grip from my chin.

“Lily, you obviously underestimate the power of my friend, you aren't off the hook until she finds another girl who is better than you to be my soul mate.”

I gratefully leaned back in the chair, glad that I had gained my personal space bubble back.

“So we have to find someone else?” I didn’t think it would be that hard to find anyone ‘better’ than me, seeing as I’m a social hermit.

“See, this is where it gets difficult,” Levi said in a serious tone. “We have to make it look like Sarah found someone else by herself. If I just pick some random chick, she’ll split us up in mere seconds.”

“Okay,” All of these silly little tactics seemed like a scheme all in their own. I just wanted Levi to talk to Sarah and assure her that this little “set up” business, would be in no one’s best interest.

“So what we have to do is go through with the plan,” He assured me gently. “Except not become lovers by the end of it”

Lovers? That word sounded so contrived and disgusting in that sentence. As if true love could ever spring from some ridiculous plotting of a power hungry teenage girl. I guess we’ll see who comes out on top and the end of this fiasco.

Well, that was a filler chapter because I've been away on vacation for the last two weeks and when I arrived home I just spat out this thing right here! review please

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