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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 15 : Discussion...
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It all belongs to JKR, apart from the OC’s, obviously.


Chapter 15


They walled back to the castle in silence, Allegra’s defiant expression being enough to keep Renee and Dan from speaking to her.  Once they arrived, Renee tactfully excused herself as Allegra and Dan loitered in the hall. 


“We should talk.” Dan said finally.  Allegra nodded.


“Follow me!” she said and they walked, in silence again, to the seventh floor, by the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.  Allegra paced in front of it, mumbling. 


“Um, Allegra…” Dan started.


“Shhhh” she said, as a door suddenly appeared.  Glancing both ways down the empty corridor she pushed the door open.  They walked in to a small cosy room with a sofa and an armchair grouped around a lit fireplace.


“What…?” Dan began.


“It’s called the Room of Requirement.  It turns into whatever you want before you get inside.  My brother told me about it.  Apparently they used it for parties and stuff.” She sat on the sofa.  He sat in the armchair, not wanting to appear too pushy.  Silence descended again, and this time it was awkward.


“So where were you really?” Allegra asked eventually.


“What do you mean?”


“Come on Dan, you can’t have been that busy.”


“Ok I wasn’t.  But I wasn’t sure how you felt and I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of the fact that you’ve fallen out with Teddy.”


“Oh.” She said, startled.  “You know Teddy and I never… I mean, he’s family.”


“I know… I don’t want to get in the way that’s all.”


“Teddy is one of my best friends.  But we can’t be joined at the hip forever.”


“I just assumed when he asked me to keep an eye on you…”


“He was being big brother-ish more than anything.  Steven would’ve done the exact same thing if he had been in Teddy’s shoes.”


“So I wouldn’t be treading on anyone’s toes?”


“Hello.  He has a girlfriend.” Allegra said, exasperated.  “That’s why we’re fighting remember?”


“I know, but you don’t feel that way about him?”


“I told you he’s like a brother…”


“Good.” Dan grinned.  “That’s good.”  Allegra raised an eyebrow.


“And why would that be?”


“Because I like you Allegra.”  She flushed.


“Really?” she said with uncharacteristic shyness.  He moved over to sit next to her on the sofa and kissed her softly.  She pulled back.


“You know I’m spoiled and stubborn and always right.” She said, grinning.


“I had noticed that.” He smiled.  He reached up and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. A smile spread across her face as she leaned in to kiss him.  He wrapped his arms around her and, one they had pulled apart, leant against him resting her head on his shoulder. 


“Does this mean I’m your girlfriend then?” she asked.


“I hope so.”



The following morning, at the Black house, Terese, Lily and Tonks were having coffee, all curled up on Terese’s huge sofas.


“You would not believe the mood Teddy’s been in since last night.” Tonks commented.


“Why?” Lily said, surprised.


“He was banging and crashing around, jumping down mine and Tabs’ throats when we asked him what was wrong.  In the end Remus went and had a word with him.”


“Did he have an argument with Victoire in Hogsmeade?”  Terese asked.


“No. Allegra.” Tonks told her.  “Didn’t she tell you?”


“I haven’t heard from her for a couple of days.” Terese was now concerned.


“Oh.  Right.” Tonks said, busying herself with sweeping non-existent grains of sugar off the table.


“What’s going on, Dora?” Terese asked, the alarm showing in her voice.


“I’m sorry, Terese, I thought you knew.”


“Knew what?”


“Well, Teddy saw her snogging that boy, Dan, outside the Three Broomsticks.”  Terese relaxed.


“Is that all?  You had me worried.”


“And there’s me thinking you’d get all upset because your baby’s growing up!” Lily teased.


“That girl has been going on twenty one since she was about two and a half.” Terese said, laughing.  “So Teddy’s pissed off with her?”


“Apparently.  Remus said he was upset because she’d made such a big deal out of him seeing Victoire.”


“Aw the complications of adolescence.” Lily said.  “Sounds like James when you and Sirius started going out.”


“It really does.  Although that Dan doesn’t seem much like Sirius at that age.”


“How do you mean?” Tonks asked.


“Well, he doesn’t seem the type to get into fights and loose his temper a lot.  Although if he looks after her like Sirius looked after me at school I have no complaints.”


“What’s Sirius going to say?” Tonks said, laughing.


“I expect it’ll be similar to when Cesca started seeing Dean.”


“That was funny” Lily said, giggling at the memory of Sirius’ sulks.


“Poor Dean.”  Terese said laughing.  “He has put up with lot over the years.”


“How’s Allegra been since Italy?” Lily asked.

“She hasn’t mentioned it as far as I know.  Minerva’s keeping an eye on her, and I haven’t heard that it’s happened again.  I’m just hoping Sirius and James can stop the ministry from trying to use her.”


“I’m sure they will, sweetie.” Lily reassured her best friend.  Before Terese could reply, the front door slammed.


“TESS!!” Sirius’ voice resounded through the hall.


“I guess he’s spoken to Remus…” Terese told them ruefully.


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Finding the Future: Discussion...


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