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The One by 2envy
Chapter 18 : The One with the Nakedness
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A/N: Hello my lovely readers :)
Another Chapter awaits you.
I want to thank all my loyal readers and reviewers.
This chapter is dedicated to daisyketurah. I was really stuck about where to take this chapter, but thanks to your review I had a lovely stroke of imagination.

The One with the Nakedness


“HAYLEY IS MISSIN – oh, what are you doing here!?” I growled, as I walked into the common room, “I was worried sick!”


“Oh, I thought that was your natural look,” Lily said giving me a sly smile.


“And just when we were getting along so well... you had to say that,” I said, flashing my famous grin. I took a seat between her and Remus on the already crowded couch, “Well?” I said, turning to look at Sirius and Hayley, who was curled up on his lap.


“Jackson is Rosier,” Sirius said with the sternest look on his face. His eye didn’t even twitch.


I looked at him blankly, unable to formulate words to his stupidity, “Are you high?” I finally asked.


“Jackson is a death eate-”


“Are you sur-“




“Then are you drunk?” I said giving him my all-knowing nod, “Hitting the whisky this early mate?”




“Look – nothing is going to happen to Hayley, she’s fine – there are Aurors here...”


“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” Sirius scoffed.


“She’s going to be fine!”  I growled, narrowing my eyes at him.


“James, they have Rosier...” Hayley said. Maybe it was just me, but she sounded unhappy about it.


“Where?” I said jumping out of my seat, “I have two words for him - Avad-”


“You’ll do nothing,” Remus snapped, pulling me back down by the sleeve, “He’s with dementors – he was impostering Jackson... the real Jackson is in France apparently.”


“Impostering isn’t a word-”


“What? This doesn’t make any sense- why do you look so unhappy?” I shot at Hayley, cutting across Lily.


“I’m not unhappy.”


“Then why are you frowning?”


“He’s a person too!” Hayley snapped suddenly, breaking her calm, collected exterior, “He doesn’t deserve to go to Azkaban!”


“Are you kidding?” I cried out, “After what he did?”


“So? It’s horrible in there – cold and scary...” Hayley said pouting at me, “Nobody deserves to go there...”


“He doe-”


“James, just drop it,” Lily said, giving me a small smile.


“We should get you back to the hospital wing  - Maggie asked you to return hours ago...” I said. Hayley nodded sadly before standing up again.


“Maggie?” Lily asked, confused.


“Red, you’ve been hanging out with us for almost two months and you haven’t caught onto nicknames yet?” Sirius grinned stupidly. Like a monkey. Yes, he did look like a monkey. I was much better looking.


“Mcgonagall,” Hayley said rolling her eyes at Sirius. I think the rolling of the eyes means that she too sees him as a monkey. She turned to me and pouted, “I don’t understand why I have to go back to the hospital wing – I’ve been here all day and I’m fine.”


“I’ll take you back, c’mon let’s go,” I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.


“I’ll talk to you in the morning!” Sirius called after us as we exited the common room.


“So what’s going on?” I said, as we climbed down the stairs.


“Dunno... got blackmailed, banged up by some death eaters, nearly died – so nothing much...” Hayley grinned.


“Nice to see you smile again, but I meant with Sirius...” I said, slowly. I didn’t want to her to be scared to talk to me about Sirius. Even though I didn’t want to hear about her and Sirius’ rendezvous, I still wanted her to tell me things like before.




“You guys are back together?”


“Yeah, but if you-”


“Look, I know Sirius’ll take care of you – but if he doesn’t he know what’s coming to him,” I said, giving her an assuring squeeze around the shoulders.


“What about you and Lily?” Hayley asked me.


I wasn’t sure how to answer. I wasn’t sure what was really going on with me and Lily. It was all very hazy. We hung out a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was dating or ... or just hanging out. I had asked her out on a date awhile ago but it all seemed so friendly – not romantic. It’s just how Hayley and I hang out. Except I love her in raw-animal-jungle-sex kind of way …Lily, not Hayley.


“It’s getting there,” I shrugged, “I want her to come over for the Christmas Party and then again... you know for the New Year’s Eve...”


“So you can make out with her at midnight?” Hayley asked dryly, giving me the McGonagall look.


“No, no, no ... okay, maybe – yes.”


I could already imagine it, Lily and me – alone ... in the garden. The clock hits twelve and Lily takes off her all her clothes and makes –


“Stop that!” Hayley snapped at me, whacking me on the back of my head.


“What? How could you possibly know what I was thinking?”


“You’re making your picturing-girls-naked face!” she scowled at me, her eyebrows furrowing.


“No, I wasn’t,” I paused, and then added, “Not girls – just girl, Lily and her big-”




“I was just going to say bo-”

“JAMES!” Hayley yelled again, whacking me on the chest this time, “That’s ... Ew... do you talk about all girls like that?”


“Not you and mum...” I said, flashing my beautiful, charming but shy smile, “But yes we talk about all girls like this.”




“No – I mean – yes... yes, yes, yes ... yes... no... yes we- the entire hama sapiens population with the chromosomes X and Y ... yes, us...”


“You said yes seven times – and by the way Mr. Idiotic Genius – it’s homo sapiens,” Hayley said, her eyes narrowing at me, “Does this we include Sirius?”


I gave out a nervous – frog like – laugh, “Yes – but he doesn’t think about you that way – just other hot girls or just girls.” All of a sudden, my palms had gotten sweaty and my face felt like it were a million degrees as I felt Hayley’s deep blue eyes piercing into my head.


“What?!” she hissed. It felt like the venom from her jumped off, landing on me. 


“Well not when you’re there,” I said giving her a nervous smile, “No- what? Did you say something?”


“No, James, you just said my boyfriend imagines every other girl except for me – naked.”


“Oh no, I think – I think that was you,” I said quickly trying to cover up the million stupid things I just blurted.




“Yes Hayley bear, I think Rosier did some more damage than we thought – oh look the hospital WING!” I said, my face twitching with slight fear, “Madam Pomfrey!” I called out as I pushed Hayley into the hospital, “I think – I think Hayley has got armenia – she keeps forgetting-”


“Amnesia, Jam-”


“Poopy - I mean – Poppy – Hayley’s got armsia-”




“James?” Poppy said, emerging from her office.


“James, I want you talk to-” Hayley began, but I cut across her.


“Hayley caught amnesia-”


“You can’t catch-”


“I- I – I – I – I ... I ... I have to go!” I called out as I exited the hospital wing shutting the doors behind me, “Lily! What-what –what are you doing here?”


“Are you okay?” Lily said, leaning in towards me, “I just came to see Hayley quick-”


“Hayley? Hayley – what Hayley?” I asked quickly. Lily cocked one eyebrow up at me and pointed bluntly to the Hospital wing door, “Ohhhhh, that Hayleyyyyy...” I said significantly slower, “Yeah, yeah... she’s got... armensia.”




“That’s what I said!” I snapped at her, dragging her up the stairs, “Armenia!”


“Alright...” Lily said, awkwardly, “Are you okay?”


“Yes, of course Lily,” I said, calming down now that we were a significant distance away from the hospital wing, “And how are you doing this fine evening?”


“It’s barely dark James,” Lily said rolling her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes.


“Captain obvious to rescue, eh?”




Her James; she said it melodically. Like an angel. An angel floating down from heaven. Nake-


She continued, “-You’re the one who said-”


“You wanna get a drink at Gringotts?”


“No... not really...” Lily said, giving me a weird look again, “But maybe, Three Broomsticks?”


“That’s what I said Evans – why do you always have to-”




“Yes?” I sighed.


“Zip it.”



“I’ll have a Butterbeer and a whisky thanks,” I told the barmaid, I turned to Lily who gave me a stern look, “Cancel the whisky – just two Butterbeers.”


“Thanks,” Lily said in her soft voice, “I don’t want to carry you back to Hogwarts drunk.”


“You don’t drink?”


“Not on school nights,” she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.


I smiled and nodded, like I totally agreed. We had spent most of our school nights at Hogsmeade drinking – just a bottle. Not like need-to-soak-the-sadness-up-in-my-life drinking – but one bottle – one small bottle. Not like drunk-ly drinking. More like sipping. Like the French.

Yes, we were Frenchly sippers.


“Thanks,” I said to the barmaid. I picked up the drink and sat at the far end corner of the room, Lily following me closely.


“Er- James,” Lily said, sitting down opposite me as I passed her a Butterbeer. I looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to say something, “You didn’t pay.”


“Oh, it’s okay,” I shrugged, sipping my Butterbeer. I had been here a thousand times and I knew Rosemerta, the young hot waitress, would put it on the family tab.


“It most certainly is not!” Lily said looking livid, “I never knew you for a thief James!”


“Lily,” I grinned at her righteousness, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”


“I think I should lea-”


“It’s on the family tab Lily!” I said shaking my head.


“Oh,” Lily said, sitting back down, “Well, why didn’t you say before?”


“Because...” I mumbled, “I didn’t wanna seem like I was showing off.”  

“So you let me think you were a thief?” 

“I like your hair,” I said, quickly changing the subject.  

“I’m a tomato head.”  

“Well even if you are,” I said giving her my amazing grin, “You’re a very beautiful tomato head.”  

“Thanks James,” Lily said giving me smile, “I like your- your ... ears...” 

“Yes, thank you,” I said sarcastically, “That’s what I’m known for...  my ears.”  

Lily blushed a deep red, matching beautifully with her hair and emerald eyes. I sighed inwardly, imagining what it would be like to run my hands her through her hair and stroking her soft, pink cheeks. Her face cheeks. Not – not the other ones.  

“Excited about Quidditch?” Lily asked, I guess she was trying to get a conversation flowing. 

“No – since Quidditch season is over...”  I said. How could she not know that? “Any plans for Christmas?”  

“No, just planning on stay at Hogwarts – my sister’s fiancé is coming over to stay and he’s a complete bacon-loving, turkey-looking nightmare,” Lily frowned. 

“You can come stay at my place,” I shrugged, trying to act casual and not jumping like jelly beans on a sugar high, “Hayley, Sirius, Remus and Pete will all be there – and we’re having a party...”                                   

“Er- I dunno James... I don’t know anyone there,” Lily said uncomfortably. 

“You know me and you like me...”  

She gave a little smile, “Yes, that’s true... thanks James.” 

And then something miraculous happened.

She leaned forward. And kissed me.



“Sirius – wake up! Sirius, wake up,” I said running into the boys dorm, “SIRIUS! WAKE UP!” His head hit the bedside table as I swiftly pulled him by the legs off his bed. 

“OW!” Sirius yelled, rubbing his head, “I was sleeping!”  

“And the sky is blue, yeah nobody cares,” I said quickly, “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! ...By the way the sun hasn’t even set yet – what are you, like an old man?” 

“I was taking a power nap, zippy,” He grumbled, standing up, “Can you-” 

“YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!” I yelled again, as Sirius groaned. I guess my loud, beautiful voice was making him jealous. 

“You decided to get high?”  


“You found a new way to annoy me-” 


“You found a comb that can tidy your hair.”  

“Haha, no but-” 

“Oh!” Sirius said jumping up, “You lost a couple of pounds – you look fantastic, mate – good job...” 


“You’re gay and you’re in love with me.”  


“Red kissed you.”  


“You found out the reason you smell is- Wait ... what?” Sirius said grabbing me by the shoulders.

“She kissed me!” I squealed, jumping up on the bed.

“Are you sure she didn’t punch you?” he asked sceptically.

“I think I can tell the difference...” I scoffed, rolling me eyes.

“Really?” he said, raising his eyebrows up at me.

 “Hey kids,” Remus said, walking into the room with a wide smile, “What’s going on?”  

“Lily kissed me!” I squealed, jumping off Sirius’ bed and running over to him.

“Are you sure she didn’t punch you?” Remus said with the same look as Sirius.


“Wait – wait... did she kiss you on the lips?” 


“And what did you do afterwards?”

“Ran here to tell you guys...” I said coolly.

“You’re an idiot,” Sirius muttered, putting on a random shirt from the floor, “Why don’t you go ask her to come with you to the Hufflepuff party?”  

“Oh yeah,” I nodded, “We should drop by the hospital wing first – Hayley thinks you’re a perving, horrible, cheating boyfriend.”  

“WHAT?”  Sirius said, looking alarmed, “What did you say?”  

“I’ll explain it on the way,” I said, as we exited the dorm. “Oh hey Lily,” I said as I saw her entering the common room, “Hufflepuff’s are having a date, wanna be my party – no... no... there’s a party – wanna be a date – the – no... my date?” 

“Yeah sure,” Lily grinned, “I’ll meet you outside their common room in ten? I should get changed...”  

“That was so smooth...”  Remus muttered, as we walked out of the common room, “I can see why she likes you.” 

As we walked to the hospital wing, I informed Sirius about my slip-up to Hayley. Well actually, no, I didn’t tell him. BUT I intended to, so I guess that counts. I ran ahead of him so he didn’t have the opportunity to ask me.

“Prongs!” I heard Sirius continue to yell after me as I raced into the hospital wing and took a seat on Hayley’s bed.

“What the Merlin Prongs?”  Sirius huffed as he walked up to me.  Poor guy, I guess he’s not as fit as he seems. 

“You say Merlin Sirius, but the big man knows you mean fu-” 

“James!”  Hayley cut across me, she turned to Sirius and smiled, “Well, don’t you look dashing?” 

“He’s wearing a t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in five years and has the same pants on since last Hogsmeade weekend,” Remus grinned.

“And don’t get me started on his underwear...”  I said, following Remus’ line of mockery.

“Yes and you would know all about my boyfriend’s underwear because...” Hayley said raising her eyebrows up at me.

“Hey!” I snapped at her, “He’s the one that checks out other girls!”

“What!?” Sirius shrilled. His voice sounded like it went back in time to when he was twelve.

“Yes, James told me your dirty thoughts,” Hayley smirked, “And apparently none of them are about me!” 

“The girl I have thoughts about is you,” Sirius said sincerely, “And I would have thought telling James my thoughts about you would be borderline creepy.”

“You have a good point,” Hayley grinned, “So where are you guys going?”

“Hufflepuff party – wanna come?” Remus asked her.

Immediately her face lit up, “Would I ever! I’ve been stuck here for ages... I haven’t seen the outside world in too long-”

“You’re staying here until Christmas break,” Madam Pomfrey said, as she brought Hayley her tray of potions.

“What! That’s another two weeks,” I said, astounded, “There’s nothing wrong is there?” 

“No, just observation,” Madam Pomfrey said, “Now off you lot trot... to sleep.” She gave him a small smile before returning to her office.

“Oh, please let me come!” Hayley pleaded, just as if she was asking a Merlin doll.

“I think it’s best if you don’t,” Sirius said giving her a quick kiss on cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow night...”

“You’re not gonna visit in the morning?” 

“I have a study session with a sixth year – Slughorn’s making me,” Sirius shrugged. We waved goodbye a sullen Hayley as we exited the hospital wing.



Nobody’s P.O.V

“Hayley?” came a soft voice from the door.

“Sheldon?” Hayley asked surprised, “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a party?” 

“Yeah, I saw Sirius there... I thought you might want some company...” he said with a big smile.

Hayley returned his smile, “That’s very kind of you but-”

“Before you reject me – I have Butterbeer...” he asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Hayley sighed, accepting a Butterbeer. She gave him a smile again before taking a sip, “Thanks, I really need some company.” 

"Anytime, I’m here for you,” Sheldon said softly. 

As Hayley turned away to put down her drink, a devilish smirk appeared on Sheldon’s face. He had a plan, and now it was in motion.


A/N: The end to another chapter. This chapter is a bit shorter than the previous one, but trust me I was very tempted to split this in half just because so much happens with James and Lily and the cliffhanger in the end. 
I know I haven't been updating much, but I promise as soon as my exams are over in November, I'll write like James' on a sugar high. And I'm sorry for all the late replies on the reviews, I promise I will get to them sooner. But remember to check my Author's Bio page as I do post updates on the story. 
Again, thanks to all who read this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it muchly and let me know how much you enjoyed it on little white box below :)

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The One: The One with the Nakedness


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