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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 13 : The Day Nobody Thought Would Come
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Chapter 13

Seven Months Later……

            It was the morning of August 27th, a warm and sunny day. Also the day when two best friends would be bonded for life. The bride was in her best friend’s childhood room, getting ready for her special day.

            “Oh my god!” Ginny said, walking in. Her maize colored bridesmaid dress was waving back and forth. It was strapless, and the fabric stretched down to about mid-thigh. “You look absolutely gorgeous!” She squealed

            “Thank you!” Hermione said, turning around in her dress. It was a very simple yet elegant dress. No lace, no unnecessary add ons. Just a spaghetti strap dress that went down to the ground. Nothing much too it. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She said.

            “Oh stop it. You picked out this dress.” Ginny said.

            “Yes, but you wear it very nicely.” Mrs. Weasley butted in. “Hermione dear, you have to be down in five minutes.” She said.

            “Oh my god…” She muttered. “Am I really getting married? Seriously?” She asked excitedly. 

            “Yeah. It makes it more miraculous since it was Ron. We thought you two would never see it coming.” Harry said, walking in. “Gin, we gotta get in place.” He said. “By the way Hermione, you look beautiful.”

            “Thanks Harry.” She said, blushing. A girl can’t help it. Mr. Granger walked in and Hermione walked to him. 

            “Hermione you look…” He said looking at her.

            “I know.” She said sweetly. “I’ve heard it a lot.” She said. They walked to the side of the tent opening, and stood there while Harry and Ginny moved down the aisle.

            “Who would’ve thought these two would actually be getting married?” Ginny said. 

            “I don’t know Gin. Like everyone.” He said, before the split to their two sides. Then the wedding march began to play, and Hermione began to stride down the aisle. Both Ron was beaming, as was Hermione. Ginny winked at Harry, and he just smiled. Mrs. Weasley was already in tears, gently wiping them away with a handkerchief. Mr. Weasley on the other hand, was perfectly fine. Mr. and Mrs. Granger seemed to be holding up pretty well. 

            Hermione stopped in front of Ron, and her father gave her a kiss on the cheek. She walked up to face Ron, and held his hand. They then turned to face a short man, who would be performing the ceremony. They tried to get the man from Bill and Fleur’s wedding, but he was killed in the Final Battle. 

            “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to join these two in Holy Matrimony.” The man said. “If anyone would like to object thee to wed, please speak now or forever hold your peace.” He said.

            “I OBJECT!” A drunk, hundred and seven year old woman said, standing up. A bottle of fire whiskey in her aged hand. 

            “MURIEL!” Mrs. Weasley said. “Sit down!” She yelled.

            “No, I will not let my grandson marry someone like her!” She yelled. 

            “That explains why you never got married you crazy old bat.” Ginny said with attitude. “Now sit down or you will forever hold your peace.” Ginny threatened. Harry loved this side of her, even though he shouldn’t, he just did. Muriel sat down, glaring at Ginny. The rest of the guests were looking at Ginny, and she stepped back to her place and cleared her throat. 

            “Go on. Go on.” She said, telling him to get it over with. He shook his head, and then continued on with the ceremony.

            “Do you Ronald Weasley, take Hermione Granger as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death parts you?” He asked.

            “I will. I mean I do. I do.” He repeated, correcting his mistake. 

            “And do you, Hermione Granger, take Ronald Weasley to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, until death parts you?” He asked once more. 

            “I do. And I actually said it right.” She said, teasing Ron. He just laughed, as did the rest of the guests. Except for Aunt Muriel, who was most likely to be thrown out of the party. 

            “Now, may you both join hands?” He asked. Ron and Hermione held hands, and the short man walked up, and cast a spell. A golden chain appeared and bonded them by the wrists. “I now pronounce you man and wife.” He said. “You may kiss the bride.” He said. Ron put his hand on Hermione’s face, and kissed her. The crowd clapped, and a few wolf whistled after Ron took Hermione into a dive and held her there. He put her back up and they both walked down the aisle, followed by Harry and Ginny. They all then went into the sitting room, where they would all come back out in five minutes time. 

            “Congrats mate.” Harry said, patting him on the back. 

            “That was an……interesting ceremony.” Ginny said. “Definitely something that Aunt Muriel will remember forever.” She said, cracking her knuckles. 

            “Yeah Gin. You sure gave it to her.” Harry said.

            “Oh she ain’t seen nothing yet.” She said, pounding one fist into the open palm. Hermione looked calm, but Ron, on the other hand, looked absolutely bloody terrified. “Not you Ron, Muriel.” Ginny said, and Ron immediately relaxed.

            “This isn’t reality.” Hermione muttered. “This just isn’t real!” She said, excitedly.

            “No trust me it is.” Ginny said, slightly slapping her brother’s cheek. “Yup, seems to be to me. Happy Wedding Day Bro.” She said patting his cheek.

            “Harry!” Ron said.

            “Dude I can’t tame her.” He said, with his hands up in the air while he surrendered. Ginny winked at Harry and grinned. Hermione knew exactly what had happened for a while now, but Ron hadn’t known. 

            “No. No. No.” He said. 

            “It’s okay Ron.” Ginny said. “I’m still a virgin.” She lied. 

            “With what we do, you are definitely not a virgin.” He said, loud enough so that way just Ginny could hear. She smiled, laughed a little, and began to talk to Hermione. Five minutes passed, until the newlyweds, best man, and maid of honor had to make their way out into the party. Harry and Ginny just then casually slipped in, and only Charlie saw them. Harry slipped his arm around Ginny’s waist and she laid her head on his shoulder. Then the Weird Sisters (Harry pulled a few strings) introduced the new married couple.  

            “I now introduce to you all, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley!” They said, and they played a song as they walked out. The clapping was slightly muffled, and the room got brighter when they both walked in. It took both of them a while to say hello to everyone, and by that time, Ginny had had one too many drinks.

            “MURIEL!” Someone heard Ginny yell, stampeding across the room. Then you saw a sober Harry, running after his drunken girlfriend. Everyone thought it would be the other way around, but it wasn’t.

            Harry finally caught up with her, and tried to knock some sense in her. Or just put the sense in a tequila shot that would work just the same, maybe even better. 

            “Gin, she’s somewhere else now.” Harry said, trying to be a calming voice to her. 

            “Hope it’s in hell because that’s where she’s expected in ten minutes!” Ginny screamed, again stomping off in some random direction. Harry hopelessly, chased after her. 

            “What a man will do for love……” Hermione said as they sat down to eat. Ron, of course, was very anxious for the food. It’s Ron, you can’t blame him. They all ate their chicken a la Weasley, and then ate their pumpkin cake for dessert. Wizards had this weird liking towards pumpkin for some reason.

            “So, can’t even take your own blood relatives advice?” Muriel said, walking up to Ron after he had finished eating. 

            “Can’t you? Ginny just told you to go die in a bloody well.” Ron said. But Hermione didn’t disapprove. It was Muriel for god’s sake, that woman deserved what she had coming to her. A fiery, hormonal Ginny Weasley. 

            “UH!” She said as if she was a cheerleader, and dramatically wobbled away. If that was possible.

            “Way to handle it.” Harry said, walking up to Ron. 

            “Mate, you can’t even handle my sister.” He said, teasing him as if Harry wasn’t macho enough.

            “I told you! It’s like trying to tame a freaking dragon.” He said. 

            “Go talk to Charlie about that. He’s tamed lots of dragons.” Ron said, turning Harry’s last statement against him. Harry just gave Ron the Screw-You look, and walked away. It was very awkward when Ginny was sitting next to Charlie, crying.

            “Maybe he really is a dragon tamer…” Harry mumbled under his breath and walked over to them. “You okay Gin?” He asked, putting an arm around her.

            “Yeah,” She said sniffling. “I’m okay now.” She said, hugging Harry for some odd reason. He looked over her shoulder and mouthed to Charlie.

            “What’d you do?” He mouthed to him. 

            “You have no idea.” He whispered back, shaking his head along with the words. Harry just soothed Ginny as she cried into his shoulder. 

            “Ginny dear, why are you crying?” Mrs. Weasley said, walking over. 

            “I don’t know mum!” She said, in between sobs. 

            “Is it…” She asked, pointing at Harry. He shook his head. “Then who…” She asked and Harry shook his head. He didn’t know, well, nobody knew except Charlie. Maybe not even him. 

            Harry then brought Ginny up, knowing that the best man and maid of honor speeches were due in five minutes. They walked over to the main table, where the close family sat. Almos exactly five minutes later, glasses started clinking and Harry stood up.

            “You know, I’ve known Ron for a while, since first year where I met him at Kings Cross. I only knew him for about twenty minutes, before he met Hermione.” This was the part where Ron and Hermione looked at each other. “She walked in because Neville had lost Trevor, his toad. Ron had incidentally been trying to do magic, and Hermione wanted to see. I can’t recall the whole spell but I know someone who might.” Harry said, waving his hand in cue for George to stand up. Not just stand up on his legs, stand up on the table.

            “Ladies and Gentlemen, my brother,” It took him a minute to say it. “Fred…..and I had decided to play a little joke on our little Ronikins over there. He used to have a rat named Scabbers, who was really an old friend of the Potter’s but moving on……” He said. “We gave him a spell that we said would turn Scabbers the rat, yellow. And the spell went a little like this.” Ron had his face buried in his face by then in humiliation.

            “Sunshine daises butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow.” George sat, dancing with every word. 

            “Thank you George, but I think you can sit down now.” Mrs. Weasley spoke up. “Go on Harry."

            “Well, he and Hermione fought with me, even though they had a choice. Ron played a mean game of Wizard’s chess, and Hermione, being the nerd she was, memorized a line the Herbology book. We went through the years together, and united as ever. In second year, Hermione got petrified by the basilisk, and then Ron and I saved my girlfriend, Ginny, from Tom Riddle. Third Year, Hermione had some very important time on her hands and Ron broke his leg. Fourth year, they were both in the second task of the Triwizard tournament, even though Hermione was Viktor Krum’s person to save and Ron’s was mine. They were both too stubborn to admit they loved each other.”

            “Fifth year, feelings unraveled for many of us. Another fight, which they both helped me with, along with many other people. Sixth year, it was a fight. Ron got together with Lavender, who is coincidentally dating who my girlfriend Ginny was dating at the same time Ron was dating her. If that makes any sense.” Harry said. “Well, anyway, Hermione got very jealous, as did I. You could say we were the jealous best friends out to ruin their crush’s boy/girlfriend’s life.” 

            “Dumb it down man!” George yelled out. 

            “George, I’m sorry but everyone else seems to understand it and you’re the only one.” Harry called out. “Well, then we went on our search for things which we were on about two years back. We had to sleep in sleeping bags and more often than not, I would find them both next to each other, nearly holding hands.” He said.

            “Hang in with me I got like thirty seconds left.” Harry said. “So then they kiss right in the middle of the battle, perfect time to realize their feelings for each other. And their relationship had progressed into this marriage and I sound like a sappy guy but I am so happy for you two and to the happy couple!” Harry said, raising his glass.

            “To the happy couple!” They all said, and drank. Ginny stood up and then all eyes were on her, but for a speech this time.

            “I have a couple things to say before I start the speech. One: Muriel is officially out of the building, so let’s get a little cheer going on there.” Everyone started to clap, and Mrs. Weasley looked like she disapproved. “And two: I’m not going to go into deep emotions like my dear boyfriend has done tonight. I met Hermione my first year at Hogwarts, her second. We automatically became friends. While she stayed at the Burrow, she would sleep in my room. We would have late night talks and all that good stuff. But she couldn’t even go two minutes without saying how obnoxious, how rude, and how insensitive my brother is. She once even described it as if he had the emotional range of a teaspoon.” Ginny said. 

            “So then years went on, and her constant complaining, grew into a little crush. She would ask my how to get Ron to notice and I would ask her the same for Harry. But we both said the same thing; be yourself. And look where that got us huh?” She said, motioning towards Harry, Ron, and Hermione. “If you would join me to raise your glass in honor of the newlywed couple.” She said. “To Ron and Hermione.”She said, nearly chugging the entire glass as everyone took a sip. 

            “Nice Gin.” Harry said.

            “Right back at you.” Ginny said back. They all danced the night away, and as for Hagrid and Ginny, they drank the night away.

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