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Hornsack Potion by Fluteline24
Chapter 1 : Hornsack Potion
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It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

He and Hermione were supposed to have the perfect life together. They were supposed to survive the war and just be happy together.

He wasn't supposed to be sitting in this damned cemetery among her family members, all mourning. Some of them kept giving him dirty looks. Like he was the murderer and not Bellatrix.

But they wouldn't understand how hard it was to run. Bellatrix was ruthless until his mother stepped in.

By that time, it was too late. Hermione had already been hit, screaming in pain on the floor. He remembered the fear in her face when he got to her, the tears that were pouring out of her eyes when he lifted her onto his lap.

"Promise me you'll be happy," she'd said.

"What? Promise you? Hermione you're going to-"

"Promise me Ronald! Promise me that, even if I don't survive, you'll go on and be happy."


"Please Ron, I don't know if I-I'll make it."

"No Hermione. You have to make it, you just have to!"

"Please. Just in case."

He couldn't deny her this wish. He knew that her chances of survival were dismal, and he had to make sure if she did die, she died in peace.

"I promise. I'll make sure life remains liveable," he whispered, nodding his head. "Only for you, Hermione Jean Granger."

She gave him a small smile and nodded. "Good. Now do me a favour Ronald and wake up."


Her face became peaceful. "Yes Ronald, wake up…"

"Hermione! Don't leave!"

She was fading away. Her body was disintegrating, and Ron finally understood what was going on- this was just a flashback, a nightmare of what had happened on that life-changing day.

Sure, Voldemort had been killed and the Wizarding World was free from darkness, but it wasn't right without Hermione. A piece of him had died of him that day. Hell, a piece of the entire Weasley family and Harry died that day. Hermione had given everyone a hope that everything was going to be okay. She had plans and knew how to follow through with them.

And now she was gone. Like Fred, like Colin, like Dobby. She was never coming back, and Ron had an empty promise to her. He couldn't possibly do it. He couldn't possibly be happy without her.

He looked up at the ceiling in what was Hogwarts, and promptly realized that the dream was over, and he was staring at the ceiling in his bedroom at The Burrow. It had already been two sodding years, and he still felt the same way he'd felt the day she died- empty.

He put his arms behind his head and sighed deeply. Another day was here. Another day where Hermione should have been in Ginny's room or in Australia trying to find her parents.

"He's really just been doing nothing since the battle ended. I'm at my wit's end trying to get him out of bed," came his mother's voice from the staircase.

She was talking about him to someone else who was going to come into his room and try and make him feel better. Well, it wasn't going to work.

"I'm sure the Hornsack potion my daddy made will make him feel better. It helped me cheer up after my mum's death," was the reply. A breathy, dreamy reply.

Luna Lovegood had come to visit him. She was the last person besides his own mother, that he wanted to deal with. He liked Luna, don't get him wrong, but she was just so odd. Everything Hermione wasn't. She was logical, sure, but her logic didn't make any sense to him. At least Hermione didn't make up creatures or stories and dance around like a pixie.

If anything, Luna was going to make him feel worse.

The thought of rolling over and pretending to be a sleep was extremely tempting, but Ron knew that he had to be awake, or else Luna would do something strange and frighten his mother.

And that wouldn't be pretty either.

Instead, Ron sat up and stared at the door, which was still closed. What the hell was taking her so long?

At last, the door opened, and a familiar blond poked her head inside, her dreamy eyes staring right at him. "Hello Ronald. I heard you could use some company."

He simply shrugged and turned away.

"My daddy made a potion for you to try- it's guaranteed to make you feel better," Luna replied, entering the room and sitting down on the foot of his bed.

 "I don't want anything."

"But you'll feel better. Daddy made this for me when I was sad about Mum's passing. I promise."

"I don't want anything Luna. I just want to stay here and-"

Luna didn't seem to be listening, and leaned over to try and pour the liquid into Ron's mouth.

Ron twisted away from her. "Luna! I don't want to take anything!"

"Come Ron, just a little bit!"

Ron grabbed her wrist, making her collapse onto his chest. He felt a tingle of something, but pushed it aside. He couldn't think about love at a time like this.


Luna sighed and put the cap back on the bottle. "All right. I'll leave it on your night stand. At least come outside Ron! The sky is so beautiful today. It's almost like the Earth knows that Voldemort is gone."


But Luna wasn't listening. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bed, dragging him downstairs.

His mother froze when she noticed him standing behind Luna.

"Ronnie! You're out of bed!"

He shrugged. "I didn't have much of a choice."

His mother looked at Luna, who simply gave her an innocent grin. "All I told him was to come look at the sky."

"Well whatever you did, thank you Luna."

Luna smiled again and pulled Ron out the door into the back garden, where he saw Ginny playing one on one Quidditch with George.

George spotted them first, and flew down to the two of them. "Well would you look at that? The only person to get Ronald Weasley out of bed is Luna Lovegood. What sort of spell did you cast on him?"

Luna shrugged. "No spell George. Just simple persuasion."

That 'persuasion' led to Ron eventually asking Luna out on a date. Hermione would have been happy right? Even though she hadn't liked Luna all that much, she did tell him to be happy in his life, right?

"Luna," he sighed years later. "I can't believe we're parents."

Luna gave him a weak nod. "I know."

Ron held his newborn daughter in his arms and looked at his wife. "What are we going to call her?"

Luna looked up at him and smiled. "I was thinking Hermione."

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