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Marital Bliss by Ginny45
Chapter 1 : Draco&Ginny
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Marital Bliss Part I

(The Never Going to Happen Challenge)



Early one morning the summer sun was rising over the green hills behind Malfoy Manor making everything look like it had a faint glow. The Manor itself was somewhat secluded on the edge of a small village in the English countryside. High fences and a long driveway separated the Manor from the village beyond and the village from the magic lying behind the gates. The Manor itself had a Victorian air about despite being built after that era; its ornate black details making the Manor look majestic also helped by its size. Someone who had previously lived there obviously loved gardening as the garden had an array of flowers from orchids to geraniums all organised in a way that was soothing to the eye. All that could be heard were the light chirps from the birds and the wind whipping through the trees.

Inside the grand stately doors of Malfoy Manor house elves were busy preparing breakfast for the newly wed couple. They boiled, scrambled and fried eggs, toasted toast, and prepared cereal along with various drinks until they were satisfied with their efforts. After the war house elves were granted freedom from there roles unless paid a salary. The ministry had realised how hypocritical they were being fighting a war for freedom yet having certain species working as slaves, so a series of changes were made.

Upstairs in the master bedroom the betrothed couple lay entwined in each others arms, a look of content etched on their faces. Their union along with the murder of Lucius Malfoy by one of Voldemort’s more loyal supporters had healed the last of the major wounds of the war; people began to trust those who changed sides after it was over. The morning sun had started to pour through the little gap between the ivory curtains. The auburn haired Weasley started to move to try and detect the culprit behind her awakening. When she noticed the sunshine she silently groaned before realising the way the sunshine hit his hair made him look even more delectable than normal. She contemplated whether she should wake him or leave him be but she didn’t have to decide.

“Good morning Mrs Malfoy. How is the new bed?”

“Much better than the last one.” She replied with a smirk.

Yes Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy had gotten married four years after the war they had found their peace with each other. The oddest couple you might ever see but happily together none the less. It was only yesterday that they had stood up in front of their family and friends and said their vows. In Draco’s mind Ginny was exquisite in every way from the freckle on her foot to the way her hair got every where. In Ginny’s mind she had found her perfect, very handsome man, he challenged her but never stopped loving her.

Their mothers had formed an unlikely friendship, bonding over flowers and the perfect dress. Fleur also joining in on the festivities when it suited her. Even Ron had accepted the fact that his little sister and his old school nemesis were now together now and always.

So now all the couple had to do was enjoy their marital bliss and make good use of that new bed.


Hey guys this is just a little one shot for a challenge I am doing. I hope you like it I thought it was a really sweet idea. I was thinking of doing a few more with Hermione/Ron and James/Lily but I’m not sure is that something you would be interested in at all?

My next chapter will be Harry/Luna because I have it written I don't know if it will be up before queue closure however as I have a different story waiting.

Anyway constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading. :)



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