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Tantalizing Affairs by Miranda Lupin
Chapter 2 : Custody and After Parties
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“Damn Weasels and Potheads!” Spat McNair.

          Why did I have to fall for someone completely mental and not to mention out of my league?
          Demi wrapped her arm around mine and tossed her long, dark, hair back.

          “Come on Scorp, let’s get to Potions.’

          Demi is Dem’s twin sister, she’s no doubt extremely sexy and we go on and off a lot, the same with Piper. They’re what I call “Friends with benefits”.

          Potions were my first class, it’s a piece of cake especially with Slughorn as my teacher, and he loves me for being a potions master and a Slytherin. Demi, Piper, Dem, and Victor Nott were in my class, so that made it even better.

          “Open your textbooks to page 302; the potion you will be creating today is the Sleeping Potion.” Announced Slughorn.

          Sleeping Potion is easy to make, it’s not difficult like Liquid Luck!

          I looked over to Rose who was giggling at something that her Ravenclaw cousin, Louis Weasley had said whom doesn’t look like a Weasley with that blond; he obviously took on his mother’s genes like his sisters.         

          Merlin she laughed! When Rose laughs, she lights up the entire room!

          Demi twiddles her fingers in my hair, I looked at her and she undid some of the buttons on her shirt revealing her cleavage, and she shortened her skirt. She smelled great, and her dark eyes were mysterious and lusty.

          “Scorpy, do I have a stain on my sweater? I thought I saw one.” She acknowledged, innocently.

 She fluttered her eyelashes and was stroking my arm, as she pointed to her breast, I couldn’t take my eyes off them they’re so perky.


          “Oh, my mistake.”

          She purposely bumped into me and winked.

          “Whoops!” She giggled.

          Merlin she’s fit!

I looked across the room to see Rose rolling her eyes at me, acknowledging what she calls my “sexist pig behavior”.

          Potions ended and Demi lured me into a corner, snogging me. She always was a dirty snogger. An amazing one at that. I ended the snogging and looked confused.

          “Scorpy, what’s wrong?”

          “What exactly does this mean?” I asked cautiously, suspicious of her intentions.

She chuckled and threw her arms around my neck.

          “That you Scorpius Malfoy should just shut up and snog me.”



Yes, care of magical creatures! My absolute favorite class for two reasons:

1) Hagrid’s the professor

2) I love animals

I’m planning on taking the profession of a magical zoologist, like Aunt Luna. During the summer I help her out with the animals, they’re so adorable!

          “Wonder what Hagrid has for us today.” Said Al.

          “Dunno a kelpie perhaps, maybe Hydra!” Jested Frank Longbottom.

We all laughed because we know it’s true, we know Hagrid would bring in any magical creature he can get his hands on. I noticed Dom staring at Liam; it’s so cute that they don’t know that they feel the same way about each other. I walked over to Liam, giving him a good punch in the arm.

“Ow, Merlin Rose that hurt!”

“Shut it Irish, listen up, you promised to ask out Dom and so far no results!”

“Bloody hell it’s only second period!”

“Third if you count breakfast!”

No words came from Liam’s mouth; as usual I leave others speechless with my wit.

“Blimey you’re a bossy lit’le lassie!”

          “Love you too Liam!”

          I watched Liam work his magic with Dom, she’s blushing and giggling uncontrollably, and Liam’s constantly tapping his foot.

          “Oi! What’s going on?” Asked Roxxi.

          “Liam’s asking out Dom.”

          “Well it’s about bloody time! Hagrid stood on a log clearing his throat to get our attention.

            “Mornin’ Class! Can anyone guess what today’s magical creature will be?” He asked.

            The guessing has begun;

            “A fairy?”


            “A phoenix?”







            “Cornish Pixie?”

            “Okay I think that’s enough guessing, I’ll guess I’ll just show yer!”

            Hagrid went behind a tree, and came out with a giant cage full of baby dragons.

            “Now these just hatched this mornin’ I’m assigning you all a project, on caring for a dragon.”

            No way! That’s incredible; I love dragons and know a lot about them.

            “Now you’ll be partnered up, and parent this dragon with your partner, now I’m assigning partners.”

            At this, the entire class groaned, but Hagrid ignored our outlandish cries, and called out parents.

            “Albus Potter and Pashmina Corner, Antipodean Opaleye.”

            Pashmina, a Ravenclaw beauty, blushed when she looked up at Al, tugging her brunette hair nervously; her green eyes still remain on Al.

            “Fred Weasley and Miranda Brookewillow, Catalonian Fireball.”

            A pretty blond Ravenclaw skipped over to Fred with a flirty smile.

            “Demetria Zabini and Hades McNair, Common Welsh Green.”

            “Piper Helios and Dante Goyle, Swedish Short-Snout.”

            “Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley, Hungarian Horntail.”

            Oh no, what the bloody hell was Hagrid thinking?! Malfoy and I? All hell will break loose!

            “Looks like you and I are husband and Wife Weasley.” Smirked Malfoy.

            My face inflamed and I ran over to Hagrid.

            “Hagrid lis-“

            “Ah here’s you and Malfoy’s baby dragon Rosie.”

            He handed me an adorable, spikey Hungarian Horntail who purred. Aw he’s so cute!

            “Hagrid how could you?” I cried.

            ‘What is yer talkin’ bout Rosie?”

            “Malfoy and I? Partners! Hagrid you’ve completely gone bonkers, honestly the mad hatter is knocking on your door begging for his insanity back!”

            But before Hagrid could explain, Malfoy showed up scooping the baby dragon out of my arms and into his.

            “I think I should name him.”

            Oh he’s unbelievable.

            “Um actually-“

            “Draco, the dragon’s name will be Draco.”

            Is he shitting me?

            “No, absolutely not! My dragon will not be named after that tyrant of yours!” I snapped

            “Why ever not? Draco is Latin for dragon.”

            “I don’t care!”

            ‘Fine then what name are you considering Weasley?”



            “Yes, Gibby and that is final, no argument Malfoy.”

            I snatched Gibby out of Malfoy’s arms and walked away form him, he will not ruin this for me!


            “That woman is insufferable, completely mental!”

            It’s Saturday and I’m at the Three Broomsticks with my friends.

            “What do you expect Scorpius? She’s a Gryffindor, as well as a Weasley; they’re over-the-top aggravating.” Concluded Demi.

            “But she’s an insufferable know-it-all; she always takes over with Gibby, and doesn’t let me decide anything, insisting she knows best for him!”

            “Er, Gibby?” Asked Dem.

            “Yeah, it was her idea.”

            “What happened to Draco? I liked that.” Said Piper.

            “Yeah, so did I, but according to Weasley, it’s the name of a Tyrant.”

            “Speak of the devil.” Acknowledged Hades.

            We all looked at the door to see Rose enter with a Gryffindor in our year, Brian McLaggen I believe, he plays Quidditch with her, a very intimidating fit bloke. Anger rose in me.

            Rose looked so pretty in her tight black and white striped sweater, even with that home-made, Weasley vest. They sat all the way in the back and ordered Butterbeer.


            He looked deeply into her eyes and reached out to grab her hand, and she accepted.


            He said something to her and she grinned nodding enthusiastically.


            Merlin’s baggy fucking pants, now they’re snogging!

            “Scorpius Malfoy are you listening to me?”

            I realized that Demi was trying to get my attention.

            “Uh, hold that thought Demi, be right back.”

            I ran over to Rose and McFaggen’s table, and then cleared my throat boisterously. They kept going.

            “Oi!” I exclaimed.

            Finally they came up for air; their faces cringed when they looked up to see it was me.

            “Yes, what do you want Malfoy?” She snapped.

            “Where’s Gibby?”

            She gave me a confused and annoyed look.

            “You know Gibby, our dragon that we’re supposed to love and care for!”

            “Calm down Malfoy he’s in my room sound asleep. I just fed him.”

            “You left him there alone?”

            “Malfoy he’s fine, now if you excuse I’m kind of busy.”

            “Leave.” Spat McFaggen.

            That arrogant tosser!


            I growled and stomped back to my table, angrily chugging down firewhiskey. Demi placed her hand on my shoulder.

            “Scorpius, you seem tense, come with me.” Ordered Demi.

            Demi grabbed me by the arm, dragging me all the way from Hogsmeade to her dorm. She pushed me on her bed and pulled off my sweater and trousers.

            “Well, well Demi, what are you planning to do with me?” I smirked.

            Demi sat on my lap, her legs spread apart, snogging me on a level 5, Merlin it felt good. She started feeling me up, I felt her up as well. I pulled off her sweater, skirt, and stockings, feeling her bare skin. In seconds we were completely naked. She whispered in my ear:

            “Everything bad.”



            That Malfoy is such an arse, interrupting a moment like that! Brian had revealed his feelings for me, tossing me compliments, saying how beautiful, charming, funny, and wonderful I am, leading to him asking me to be his girlfriend.

            “Oh Merlin Rose! It sounds so perfect, of course except for when Malfoy intervened.” Said Lily.

            “Yeah, it was all so romantic!” I agreed.

            “Why did Malfoy bark at you about Gibby? That seems pretty random.” Acknowledged Victoire.

            “Dunno, its Malfoy, he likes to pester me.” I replied.

            Victoire stopped brushing her rapunzel blond hair, and her cerulean pupils grew large with exuberance.

            “Oi! Malfoy has a thing for Rosie!” Exclaimed Victoire.

            What the bloody hell is she talking about?

            “Vicky are you high again?”

            Yes I did say again, Vicky has been known to relieve her emotions with drugs when she has troubles.

            “Everything all right with Teddy?”

            She rolled her eyes.

            “I’ll survive, but I don’t think Malfoy will!” She sang.

            “Stop dancing around and tell us what is going on, straight up Vic!” I ordered.

            “Malfoy obviously possesses romantic feelings for you!”

            This is preposterous, Victoire has no idea what she’s talking about.

            “Vic, I’m sorry I love you with all my heart, but honestly I think that I speak for all of us when I say, you’re a nutter!”

            “I dunno Rosie, I’ve been experiencing and witnessing teenage love for seven years, it’s all right there!” Explained Vicky.  

            “What’s all right there?” I asked astonished.

            “Can’t you see Rosie; he’s been targeting only you to tease for all the six years you’ve been here, he always battles with you, we all catch him staring at you, he didn’t complain about the dragon assignment, and he flipped when he saw you with Brian.” Dom explained.

            “Face it Rose, Malfoy has the hots for you, always has, always will.” Lily established.

            I blushed and turned away, trying not to face my cousins.

            “Dom, Vic you should get back to your Ravenclaw dorms.” I said.

            I picked up Gibby, cradling him in my arms, he snuggled against my chest, believing that I’m his mother, in reality I’m a confused sixteen year old witch.

            “Rose where are you going?” Asked Roxxi.

            “I have to drop Gibby at Malfoy’s dorm.

            With that said I left.

            It was after hours, so the castle was empty. I was walking about in black sporty shorts, a Gryffindor tank, and my hair pulled up into a high clip.  Finally I came to the snake at the Slytherin entrance, before I guessed the password, a voice came from behind.

            “Looking for me are you red?”

            I know that voice of arrogance from anywhere, and by the sound of Gibby’s excited squeal, I knew it to be Malfoy. I turned around to face the foul serpent, but then I noticed how…attractive he appeared. His muscles shone through his black muscle tank, the shape of his legs contrast well with his denim slacks, and with that long tussle of blonde hair, he looked like a rock star. Gibby jerked uncomfortably in my arms for Malfoy. His spikes kept stabbing me.

            “Ow, Ow Gibby stopped stabbing mummy!”

            Malfoy chuckled and took Gibby away and he purred happily.

            “Don’t worry; he does the same to me whenever he wants you.”

            Is he trying to be nice to me? I’m not going to fall for it. I folded my arms and stood my ground.

            “Any whom, I just came by to drop off Gibby, nothing more!” I snapped defensively.

            “I didn’t suggest otherwise.” He replied nonchalantly.

“Well Good.” I replied.

Malfoy stared at me quite uncomfortably, his silver eyes lingered my body making me feel insecure and discomfort.

“Well I should be leaving.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Because I just want to see if Gibby was in good care!”

“Or make sure that I was in good care.”

I stepped closer to Malfoy, so close that I was inhaling his scent, which was surprisingly gratifying. It was a confectionary combination of grass after the rain, sweet mint, aftershave, and brand new shoes. I couldn’t help but close my eyes, swallow in the narcotic pining aroma,            and forget everything else in the world, settling in an endless wonderment dream. Finally I snapped myself out of that pitiful dreaming, realizing that I was enjoying that foul, and immoral Malfoy’s fragrance! How insensible of I!

            “Go to hell!” I bellowed, while stomping off.

            “Be glad to drag you down with me Ginger!”

            I hope by some miraculous event that I find Malfoy’s head on a platter at breakfast the next morning!



            The moment I closed the door, I had missed Rose Weasley. I missed her long and never-ending scarlet hair that smelled of freshly moaned grass, wildflowers, homemade meals, and spearmint toothpaste. Which I found out was my smells of attractions in potions. I missed her pouty ruby lips that almost always frowned at me. Her ever so clever way of thinking, her witty comebacks and insults, her desirably longing chocolate eyes filled with intelligent ideas, I just miss her so much. And by the way Gibby cried and farted out lethal fireballs, he missed all those wonderful things about Rose as well.

            “I know buddy, I miss her too.”

            “Miss who?”

            I jumped when Dem descended from the shadows of the Slytherin common room.

            “Er nobody mate, Merlin you scared me jumping out of the shadows like that as if you were the bloody ghost of Christmas past!” I exclaimed.

            Dem erupted in laughter coming over to slap my back.

            “Sorry mate.” He was still laughing and of course I joined in.

            “So how’s Gibby?” He asked.

            “Misses Weasley.”

            Dem popped open two bottles of firewhiskey and passed one to me.

            “Who wouldn’t miss being pressed to a nice pair of knunga-knunga’s?”


            “What? She may be a Gryffindor weasel, but face it, her curves are dynamite!”

            I crimsoned in anger and embarrassment, because my eyes have crossed her body once or twice, maybe fifty times. She’s not flat and not busty, perfect size, round and perky but tries to not be noticed. Her arse is mind-bottling, its round and slim with very agreeable hips, and because of her being a beater on the Quidditch team, she is very nicely toned.

            “Er listen mate, I’m gonna catch some z’s, see you in the morning.”

            “Yeah, say Scorp, we got a big Quidditch match tomorrow!”

            Blimey, I forgot! Great, more things on my mind.



                        It was morning of the Quidditch match and I was devouring every scrap of food on the table. I know I have to have a lot of energy to sustain my focus, and I’m not going to let Slytherin defeat us.

            “No worries Rosie you’re going to do fine, you always do!” Said Al reading my mind.

            “Yeah and we almost always kick those slimy serpents arses!” Chided Brian planting a kiss on my head.

            “But that’s because of you’re amazing keeper skills and Al’s marvelous Quidditch genes!” I whined.

            “Rose stop bitching! You know you’re a jank beater, everyone does!” Vicky decided to join in.

            “Vic, what exactly does jank mean?” I asked perplexed.

            She tossed her golden hair behind her shoulders and looked deep into my eyes with her remarkable sapphire pupils.

            “It’s my new word, it has a double meaning, it can mean cool, chill, awesome or stupid, fucked up etc….

            It’s decided, my cousin is a freak.

            “Um yeah…”

            “Well I think it’s great.” Acknowledged Teddy.

            Teddy and Vicky started to snog intensely, causing his hair to change different colors like; red, green, yellow, orange, purple…they’re snogging was just down right jank!      

            I was so disgusted that I decided to take a walk around the corridors, it’d be a shame if I hurled all my breakfast up. As soon as I reached the staircase, Brian wrapped his arms around my waist. I knew it was Brian because he always smelt of selbourne wood, leather, and an odd cologne.

            “Hey gorgeous.”

            “Hey look Brian, I don’t feel like snogging before the game, especially after watching Vic and Ted, it was like sex on the dance floor, completely vulgar!”

            Brian appeared disappointed and looked out the window. I rolled my eyes; I didn’t realize I was irresistible to him, or anybody for that matter.

            “Fine, just a quick one okay?”

            He grinned and we snogged for 20 seconds until I heard a cynical sneer.

            “Well well, if it ain’t Weaselby and McFaggen, don’t they make a wonderful lesbian couple Dem?”

            “Yes I dare say they do Scorp!”

            “Shut it Malfoy or I’ll shove my foot straight up your arse!” I scowled.

            “Ooh, well after that hollow threat Weasley let me tell you, that I’m very, very, very terrified of you!”

            On every “very”, Malfoy stepped closer to me. We were now too close for my comfort. Brian jumped in front of me over protectively, you’d think him knowing that I grew up with ruthless boy cousins and a brother, Brian would understand that I need no protection.

            “Leave her alone!” He snapped.

            Malfoy and Zabini didn’t appear the least bit frightened, it didn’t even look like they were targeting Brian, just me.

            “Brian, I can take care of myself honestly, I don’t need a guardian.”

            “Yeah McFaggen, I don’t think she’d feel safe with Glenda the good witch as her knight.”

            I can tell by the look in Brian’s eyes, that, that really got to him. How cruel can Malfoy and Zabini get? This has to stop! I punched Malfoy Square in the face; Brian and Zabini were astonished by my action.

            “We’re gonna fucking kick your squeamish Slytherin arses today, and you’re not getting Gibby back!” I bellowed.

            Malfoy’s face looked hurt, and not from my fist.

            “Weasley you can’t do that, it’s our grade, it’s our dragon!”

            “Not anymore! I refuse to share a child with you Scorpius Malfoy! You’re insensitive, careless, arrogant, insufferable, and a down-right arse!”

            Did I just refer to Gibby as Malfoy and I child? Gibby was just a mere assignment, what’s wrong with me?

            “What is going on here?”

            We all turned around to see Headmistress McGonagall, and oddly enough, my parents, Al’s parents, and an older version of Malfoy standing next to a beautiful, tall brunette woman.

            “Er, Professor I uh-“I was obviously lost at words.

            “Malfoy and Zabini were harassing Rose and I professor, we were just defending ourselves.” Said Brian.

            “I can’t say I’m surprise by your actions Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini.”

            There was a snicker coming from Malfoy’s father.

            “Oi! What are you snickering about over there Malfoy?” Snapped dad.

            “Well if you must know Weaselby, I was “snickering” at how easily ticked off your daughter gets, like father like daughter I suppose!”

            Dad’s face inflamed, he and uncle harry whipped out their wands.

            “Why you-“

            “Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley, do I have to give you three detention, just like old times?” McGonagall reminded.

            It’s pretty funny that you find out that your dad was a trouble maker.

            “Well if it involves taking a stroll with Hagrid in the forbidden forest, then yeah!” Exclaimed dad.

            “Yeah, but I don’t think Malfoy here’s up to it, he’ll probably cry like the last time.” Smirked Uncle Harry.

            “Shut it Potter!” Spat Older Malfoy.

            Uncle Harry obnoxiously wiped spit from his eye.

            “Again Malfoy? Seriously, saliva stays In-side the mouth.”

            “Ron! Harry!” Whined Mom.

            “That is enough! 50 points from both Slytherin and Gryffindor!” Announced McGonagall before leaving.

                Crap, now we really need to win the game! Outraged at Malfoy, I ran up to him.

            “You foul, loathing, evil, little cockroach! How dare you do this! You ruin everything!

            I whipped out my wand; 13 inches, phoenix feather, hawthorn. Holding up against Malfoy’s throat, he just stood there staring me dead in the eye with his gray, cold pupils that were so much like his fathers’.

            “Calm yourself Weasley; it’s not you lion cubs were going to win the house cup anyway!” He spat.

            I began to go at him, with a wave of my wand he could explode, or lose a limb, but my dad picked me up, talk about embarrassing!

            “By the way Weasley, Gibby is still our child, as you like to put it!”

            All I could do now was yelling, and before we left, dad kicked Malfoy, causing older Malfoy to throw profanity at him, mum scolding dad, and a high-five from Uncle Harry. This will be one hell of a game, and I don’t mean the match.



            Damn Gryffindors won. I blame Nott for his lazy arm! We decided to celebrate anyway, throwing a party in the Slytherin common room. I was getting drunk with my mates and shagging Demi. It was all great until I felt sick and needed to leave or else I’d hurl on everybody. I decided to wonder off to the Forbidden Forest. I admired its beauty in the fall, with the red and gold leaves blanketing the grim forest.

            When I entered the Dark forest, I found myself standing in front of Rose Weasley, holding a bottle of Butterbeer, sitting against a tree in her red and gold Quidditch sweater, her brown hooded, fur trimmed coat, and a pair of jeans that was tight but had a flare at the end. She turned around to see me, and her face erupted in anger.

            “What the bloody hell are you doing here Malfoy?!”

            “I don’t have to give you a reason Weaselby! I’m allowed to be here as much as you are, so shut the fuck up!”

            She stood up racing towards me, dropped her bottle and pushed me hard in the chest.

            “Get out! Get the fuck out my life!” She screeched.

            I pushed her back.

            “No! Why should I? Do you hate me that much? DO you hate me so much that you want me out of your perfect fucking life?”

            “There’s nothing fucking perfect in my life Malfoy! Not when you’re the daughter of 2 out of 3 of the most famous wizards of all times, getting hassled with questions and ridiculous expectations, and especially not with you in it!”

            “So you’re saying if I’d die right now, that’d make you happy?”


            “Really Rose? Is that what you really want? Or is what you really want is me?”

            “That’s preposterous Malfoy, why would I ever want you? You’re lazy, arrogant, self-involved, selfish, stupid, insufferable, and a Slytherin! Besides I have Brian! Maybe it’s you that want me!”

            “Do you even love Brian?”

            “I have him!”

            “But do you love him?”

            Rose stopped, completely dumbstruck, taken aback by my harsh words of reality. It was all there in her narcotic chocolate eyes, she didn’t love McFaggen.

            “You’re a right foul git!” She cried.

            Rose turned around to leave, but I grabbed her arm pulling her into me. Kissing her passionately, and she kissed me back with the same amount of passion, swinging her arms around my neck pulling me in. our tongues danced immensely, my hands felt her soft bum and her incredibly soft breast. She didn’t seem to mind, because in return she moaned, which was the on button for my insane testosterone mode.

            Rose and I fell on the ground in the leaf bed. I kissed her neck biting down on it, she groaned boisterously. She bites my neck too, feeling me up, and I knew she was loving every moment just as I did.

            “Rose! Rose where are you?”



            Oh shit, Brian’s calling me! What am I doing here snogging Malfoy? Why was I enjoying it, and why did I get the feeling this was more than pleasure? I shouldn’t be doing this, it’s not right; Brian’s my boyfriend not Malfoy!

            I broke apart from Malfoy standing up dusting the leaves off myself, shaking insanely as if I was a malfunctioning drug addict.

            “This should not be happening! How did this happen?” I screamed.

            Malfoy stood up looking at me with concern in his eyes.

            He looked amazingly attractive in black jeans, a wizard metal band shirt “Dark Magic”, and a black trench coat, with his silver-blonde hair shining in the moonlight, and his silver eyes glittering. His soft hands touched my face and before I knew it we were snogging again, but then I came to my senses, and pulled away.

            “I have to go!” Those were the last words I said to him that night.


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