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Transformation by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5-Would You Lie With Me And Just Forget The World?
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As all the dancing ended I smiled to see Kirsty and Alex still on the floor smiling at each other. Than we all sat down at the table for the wedding party plates full of delicious expensive food sitting before us, and Alex raised his glass and tapped it signaling his toast. Everyone turned and stared at him, and he adjusted his collar before beginning.

“I had no idea for so long what I could say about my best friend and my baby sister. I was blank. And than I began to remember when we were all small children playing together in this very room, or in the rose garden they just got married in. I remembered her constant studying and his constant goofing off, and I remembered so much of why I love these two so much. I admit I was shocked when they ended up together they seemed so different. And than I saw how he doted on her, learned everything about who she was. Learned how sweet she can be and how sarcastic, and learned he loved her, and she learned he loved him. I watched their relationship become something so special and amazing, and I knew they would end up here, married and so much in love. I will forever remember us as small children, forever remember how I threatened Draco’s life if he ever hurt her, forever remember when the first time I knew they were in love. I will always love my sister and forever be there for her, just as I will always love my best friend, my sister’s husband. I will smile when they have children, and help them through the tough times. I love you both and am proud to have you as my family.”

I was in tears I jumped up and hugged Alex so tight. No one could ever be a better brother than Alex was to me. People clapped as he kissed my cheek.

“I love you Car, you will always be my baby sister.” he whispered.

“I love you too Alex that was beautiful.”

Draco got up and they hugged, and than we all sat down to eat. After the delicious meal more dancing ensued, and as me and Draco danced we both smiled and then he stopped, and it took me a minute to realize why.

“May I dance with you wife Draco?”

“Of course.”

And Harry Potter took my hand.

“You came.”

“I said I would be here.”

“But you don’t want to be.”

“Honestly Car I was an ass, and I can admit it. I wouldn’t of missed your day for the world. I’m sorry for everything.”

I looked into his eyes for the first time, and knew he meant everything he had just said.

“I am sorry too Harry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I broke your heart.”

“It’ll heal, I will always love you Car, but I have come to see that no one will love you quite like Draco does.”

When he said Draco’s name it didn’t look like it pained him like it use to.

“Listen Car I don’t want to go another year without talking to you.”

“I don’t want that either Harry.”


“Forever Harry.”

The song ended and he kissed me on the cheek, it was about the millionth time someone had done that today. And than we walked back over to where Draco was.

“You have a beautiful wife Draco.” Harry smiled.

“No I don’t I have the most gorgeous, amazing, fantastic, magnificent, sexy, hot, beautiful wife on the planet.” Draco smiled back.

I scanned the room as Draco wrapped his arm around my waist. Alex and Kirsty were over at the table talking and laughing, and than I caught Alex give her a quick kiss. I smiled, ‘Good for him’ I thought.

The reception eventually ended, and my parents and his walked over to Draco and myself. I could also see Alex and Kirsty were still here as was Harry.

Narcissa hugged us both, Lucius shook our hands, my mother hugged us, as did my father.

“You two should be leaving.” my mother smiled.

“Where?” me and Draco asked at the same time.

“To a wizard resort called Hoodwinks on a small private island in the Pacific! Congratulations both of you, now get to your honeymoon!” my father smiled.

“Wow thank you!” I replied and hugged all four of the parents greatly surprising Lucius.

I than walked over to Harry since Alex and Kirsty were so preoccupied talking, and Draco was talking to our parents. Harry leaned against the wall dark hair falling in his green eyes. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

“So I guess your off than?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’ll see you when I get back though, right?”

“Of course Car.”

“How’s Ginny, she didn’t come.”

“She’s really sick, Ron and Hermione are taking care of her.”

“You left your sick fiancée home with Ron taking care her!”

“Hermione is there too! Besides I had to come Car, not only would Alex and Draco of killed me, but I owed it to you for being such a jerk. I had to come and apologize, and let you know I have missed you in my life. Let you know I wanted to be friends again, Ginny understood, she practically pushed me out of the house.” he smiled.

“For someone who never liked me much she sure is nice to me.” I laughed.

“Eh she stopped being mad at you ages ago.” Harry laughed as we both remembered the death glares Ginny gave me the first time me and her met.

“Well here comes your husband.” Harry smiled, he looked slightly uncomfortable with the sentence, but only slightly. I hugged him tight and smiled, I leaned up and kissed his cheek, and I felt Draco’s hand on my shoulder.

“Well we should get going baby.” Draco kissed my cheek.

“Yeah.” I smiled at Harry, “Let me just say bye to Alex.”

I walked over to Alex whose back was turned to me and hugged him. He wriggled loose and turned around.

“Guess you’re off with you’re husband.” he laughed.

“Yeah off to some island.” I laughed.

Alex hugged me, “Love you sis.”

“Don’t let that one go, try having an adult relationship.” I whispered, and he pinched my arm, “Oww!”

“You better get going.” he smirked, and I punched him lightly in the shoulder.

“See you later.”

I walked back over to Draco, Harry had apparently left, and we apparated off to Hoodwinks.

We stood outside a large lavish looking resort, laughter everywhere, and we could see pools, a Quidditch pitch, muggle tennis courts, and many other activities. We went inside and I looked around in awe at the gold accented room, large marble dragons accented the inside and outside of all the main doorways, marble pillars extended from floor to ceiling, I felt Draco pulling me over to what must be the check in desk. The large mahogany desk was also accented in gold, it all seemed odd a place called Hoodwinks would be so fancy, than again the Reeve’s and Malfoy’s picked it I shouldn’t of expected anything less.

“Reservation for Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.” I heard Draco say and smiled.

“Of course we have been expecting you, I was personally told to inform that everything is paid for, anything yourself and your wife want or need is or will be taken care of.” the man behind the desk looked slightly nervous, and I just kept smiling.

The bellhop came over, “Your luggage was sent by your families and is in your honeymoon suite.”

Than the guy behind the mahogany desk interrupted, “Here is your key it is enchanted so that only you or your wife can open the door, suite 1268, it is on the 12th floor.”

Draco took my hand and we apparated up to the 12th floor outside our room. He put the old fashioned key into the lock, it was kind of charming, and opened the door. We stepped in and I heard him lock the door behind us. I looked around a deep brown leather couch and love seat adorned this first room with all mahogany coffee and end tables, a full size kitchen was off to the one side, and a closed door was on the other. I walked over to the door and opened it, in the middle of the room was a mahogany sleigh bed, king size, with a beautiful canopy which looked to be made of silk. The comforter on the bed was chocolate color, and of course both night stands were mahogany. Two large wardrobes also mahogany sat our clothes already in them.

Draco kissed me on the cheek, “The parents did really good.”

I laughed and he kissed me so passionately and we stumbled backwards toward the bed. I felt him kissing my neck and his tux jacket was gone, his shirt unbuttoned. Slowly I stood up, and so did Draco. He unzipped my dress and slowly slid it off, and than the slip underneath. I turned to him and took off his shirt and his pants, and we both lay back on the bed. As we kissed he slipped off my underwear and I took off his boxers, and he removed my bra. I could feel every inch of him pressed against me, it was causing jolts of electricity and I loved it. I kissed from his collar bone up his neck and across his jaw, nibbling on his lip, and he kind of growled. I felt him move up my thigh, and than his lips crashed onto mine hungry and hard, I ran my nails on his back and entwined my other hand in his hair.

Hours later I lay there on Draco’s chest he had his arms around me, and nothing else mattered.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too."


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Transformation: Chapter 5-Would You Lie With Me And Just Forget The World?


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