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The Weasley Charm by Estelle Black
Chapter 2 : Close Encounters
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Chapter image .. Here's Kacey!!

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Cady’s POV

I sat on the train silently thinking over the incident that had happened earlier on with Fred and my big mouth. I honestly need to learn to control what I say. I think it is like a disease or something, I just blurt out whatever’s in my head before thinking it through. Or maybe I have some little critter living in my head just being evil, making me spit out some of my secrets and also some the stupidest stuff I have ever heard of. It’s normally too late to stop before I say them. Then they’re out there, floating around with the little particles and whatever else floats around. I think I should seek help to see if I can stop myself from doing all this. And if it’s untreatable, well… that would suck. 

So as I sat in silence I would occasionally turn around and look ad Kace who was still lying asleep on the seat opposite me. After a little while longer I heard movement, I turned my head and saw that Kace was slowly beginning to wake up. I must say she looked rather funny with her eyes half closed and her curls all messy on top of her head. I smiled at her before speaking to her. 

“Have a good sleep honey?” she groaned softly before shrugging her shoulders, sitting up properly and grabbing her small hand bag. She then pulled out a brush she had tucked away in there along with many other things, and began to pull it through her hair. Now one thing about Kace is that she loves her hair more then she loves life it’s self. I think that she loves her hair more than normal girls like guys. 

I turned back looking at the scenery but I was getting sick of constantly looking at the greenery passing me by. There is only so much you can look at before everything starts looking the same. I was taken from the scenery by a sharp cough which came from behind me. I turned my head to see a honey blonde haired girl standing in the doorway of the compartment. She looked like she wasn’t a fan of new comers because her face was twisted up in disgust. 

“Since you’re new, I just came to tell you that you may want to get changed before we reach our destination, which won’t be long,” with that she turned on the heels of her feet and walked away 

“Is it just me, or did she seem rude?” Kace asked me. 

“No, she seemed pretty rude. I don’t think she likes new comers,” I stated looking at the doorway where the female had stood only a few seconds ago. I was looking at the spot as if she was still there. 

“Um… Cad, why are you still looking at the doorway as if she’s still there?” 

“I think because of her sudden departure my eyes still think she is actually there, just give me a second,” I joked before flicking my eyes over to look at Kace, “There we go.” A giggle fell from Kace’s lips. 

“So where are our clothes that we have to change into?” Kace asked. I got up off my seat, reached under the seat and found a bag I had stashed there. Opening it I chucked a robe over to Kace, grabbed my own before making our way out of the compartment and toward the back of the carriage where we could change.

As we walked along I came to a stop outside a compartment where I heard a male voice hissing at someone. I listened carefully. 

“You worthless piece of dirt, think that you can give me attitude? Well you have another thing coming.” 

“Cady?” Kace called as she turned to find that I had stopped outside the compartment. “Cady, what are you doing?” 

“Shh… come here.” I beckoned her over with one of my fingers. Slowly, she walked over to me being as quiet as she could. 

“Please, I didn’t mean to give you attitude, it just came out wrong, please,” a small voice pleaded. 

“Don’t you dare give me that, you know that you meant for it to come out like that.” 

“That’s a bit harsh don’t you think?” I whispered to Kace who nodded her head in agreement, “I am going to do something about it.” 

“Cady are you sure?” 

“Never been more sure,” and with that I knocked on one the door, “Anyone for treats?” 

“Oh man, I am so hungry.” I heard a male voice whimper and with that the door opened, “Yeah can I get... Who are you?” 

“Your worst nightmare,” I pushed past him and walked into the compartment where a kid of about eleven maybe twelve sat huddled in the very corner of the compartment. You could see him shivering. An older figure was standing right over him, his wand pointed at him. 

The figure had white blonde hair and pale skin, which seemed almost transparent.
“Oi, what are you doing?” I fired at him as I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back, walking over to the small child. 

“Are you alright?” I asked looking at him, his face was as white as a ghost and he was shuddering which made it hard to put a sentence together, “What the hell is your problem?” 

“How dare you…” 

“Spare me of the ‘how dare you’ speech you gave this kid. You are most certainly not scary.” I groaned. 

“Do you have any idea who I am?” 

“No, why would I?” I asked raising one of my eyebrows at him, I heard the kid behind me gasp and the three other boys looked extremely shocked. 

“You’re kidding right?” I shook my head slowly. 

“Anyway we are getting off subject, what were you doing to this small kid that’s like what half your age?” 

“I am Draco Malfoy son of the famous Lucius Malfoy.” 

“AANNDD we’re getting off subject.” 

“As I am son of Lucius Malfoy you have no idea what I am capable of doing.” 

“This guy is like a broken record,” I stated to the kid behind me. A small giggle fell from his lips, I smiled at him happy that I had cheered him up a little bit. 

“Who are you then?” one of the two males behind Draco shot at me. 

“Haven’t I already told you that?” I asked looking at him. 

“No, now tell us who you are,” Draco stated slyly. Something about this little prat sent warning bells ringing in my head, or maybe it was some little critter having a very loud Disco. I couldn’t quite figure it out so I spoke. 

“My name is Cady, happy now?” I asked the two boys behind the blonde headed rodent laughed while a sneer spread across Draco’s face. 

“Are you serious? That is your name?” 

“Well its sure better then DRACO MALFOY!” I mimicked looking up at him with one of my eyebrows raised. 

“Um… excuse me,” a small voice came from behind me; I turned my head slightly and looked at the small boy. “I wouldn't have said that if I were you.” He whispered, looking at his hands which were cupped together. 

“And why is that?” I asked. 


“Honey, he doesn’t scare me, I have met worse. He is a pip-squeak compared to what I have met. Hang on, Kacey!” I called. Slowly Kace pushed past the two oafs who guarded the compartment. 


“Would you mind taking kiddo here back to our compartment?” 

“Sure. Come on buddy.” 

“Alright, you can go with my friend Kace, and here.” I felt around in pocket before pulling out a few knuts and handing them to the kid, “now don’t spend it all.” He smiled weakly and looked at Kace. “Go on, she won’t bite, unless you want her to.” I looked up at Kace and we both laughed. Then he jumped up and grabbed her hand and walked out with her as Draco glared at him. 

“Right now that he’s gone, I have something that I have to tell you ALL” I stated getting to my feet and looking at the three who stood in the doorway. I noticed Draco had he eyes glued to Kace, I sighed before clearing my throat rather loudly making him snap back around. I smirked, “Right, now that you’re not looking at my best friend, I have something I want to tell you; don’t you ever pick on a kid that age again.” I stated darkly as I walked up to Draco so our noses were almost touching. I could see his expression falter; I saw a wave of horror run across his face before he quickly composed himself again. “Because it’s my job,” I stated in a happy and cheery tone before pushing past him and into the carriage. Walking along I began to make my way back to my carriage before I was bought to a sudden stop outside a carriage where I heard laughter, and a voice I knew so well. I quickly kept walking so that I passed the carriage before they suddenly stepped out. 

“Cady!” he cried before I felt his arm wrap around me. 

“Fred,” I said back a little less enthusiastically. 

“So you going to tell me what you were on about back when we first met?” oh great, I knew that was coming. 

“Nope, not yet anyway,” I stated as I tilted my head up to look at him. I smiled up at him before untangling myself from him and walking back toward my carriage. 

Kace’s POV 

I walked back to the carriage with the small kid hanging onto my hand so tightly I thought he was going to break it. I was positive that the blood had stopped circulating in my fingers. We made it back into the carriage and I entered before sliding the door closed, walking over, sitting the kid down and prying his fingers off of my hand. I flexed my fingers trying to get the blood back in them. 

“So what’s your name?” I asked looking up at him. 


“Henry, that’s a cool name, I like that name.” I stated. “My name is Kacey, and my friend, the one who saved you her name is Cadence but don’t call her that, just call her Cad or Cady.” He nodded his head as he lifted his legs crossing them underneath one and other. 

“Do you want something to eat?” He nodded his head again; I got to my feet and walked to the door. I turned my head to say something as I opened the door. 


I was knocked to the ground, I looked at the person on top of me but it was only Cady. 

“Babe I knew you wanted to get underneath me, but please not here, there are little kids around.” We both laughed as she quickly got off me and grabbed my hand pulling to my feet. 

“So totally Cad,” I stated, “I am just going to get Henry here something to eat.” 

She nodded her head, “Alright, I will stay with him and keep him company so that the big bad wolf doesn’t blow the house down.” I smiled at my friend before nodding my head and walking out of the compartment into the carriage. 

I headed toward where I thought I had just seen the food cart, I must have been going too fast because I bumped into someone accidentally causing them to fall on the ground. “Oh shit… sorry, oh snap did I just swear, bugger it I’m trying to break that habit.” 

“Well you obviously haven’t tamed it yet.” His voice came it was laced with laughter.
I looked down to where the statement had come from and found a teenager about my age slowly getting to his feet. 

“Is it that obvious?” I asked in a sarcastic voice which made him chuckle, I felt my cheeks heat up so I quickly bowed my head over looking down at my shoes which were a pair of ‘Sam and Libby flats’ I think, but I wouldn’t know for sure. Cady got them for me because she thought that I may have liked them, and I do for sure. I love the clothes that Cady gets me; even though she has really different style to mine she can still pick the cute things for me. 

“Sorry about knocking you over,” I mumbled still looking down at the ground. 

“It’s fine, where were you heading?” 

“To the food cart,” I looked up at him and really shouldn’t have because something inside of me felt strange, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it felt weird. 

“Oh well, you’re um… heading in the right direction then, I just slowed you down.” I looked up at him and smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” 

“Kacey…” I murmured. 


“Kacey,” I said a little louder, looking up at him. 

“Oh sorry, didn’t hear you properly. My name’s George.” 

“Nice to meet you,” 

“Pleasure’s all mine.” 

I breathed nodding my head and began to walk toward the food cart again, but I was cut off by George, I tried again but I was cut off by his stepping. 

“Sorry,” he stood aside and let me walk off. “Hey, see you around?” 

I turned my head and replied, “Sure,” with that he turned and walked off. 

Cady’s POV 

“So Henry, how old are you?” I asked casually trying to start up a conversation; he hadn’t talked much since we got him out of the compartment where he was being harassed. 

“I’m twelve, you?” 

“Me, well I’m old nearly as old as the trees themselves,” He smiled his whole face seemed to light up when he smiled. It was cute, in an ‘Aww, I wanna pinch your cheeks’ kind of way. “Nah, I’m fifteen, so you’re in your second year, I’m guessing.” 

He nodded his head before replying, “Yeah, and you’re in your fifth.” 

“Correct, give the boy a prize.” 

“I have one question, why are you here now. When you could have come when you were eleven?” Henry asked rising one of his dark brows, strands of his shaggy brown hair fell in front of his ocean blue eyes 

“Well, long story and I am not going to bore you with it, but let’s just say that I am not a normal girl.” 

“O-kay…” He dragged the word out longer then it had to be because he was thinking over what I had just said, or at least I thought that was what he was doing. 

“Delivery Girl,” I looked up to find Kace entering the compartment with all different kinds of snacks, my stomach began to grumble, telling me that it was time to eat. 

Kace placed the treats down handing some to Henry, some to me and some to her. I had just placed something to my lips when Henry spoke again. 

“Um… you girls know that you have to get changed right.” 

“Oh fudge, fudgity, fudge, fudge.” Kace began jumping to her feet; she quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I only just grabbed my robe before she pulled me out of the door and sped down the carriage with me. She was like she was on a mission, a very important one at that. Suddenly we stopped outside a room. I didn’t have time to look at it before she yanked me in. I was guessing this was the changing area. 

A/N: here is the second chapter of The Weasley charm, I would love to thank my dear friend Ava Pearce for helping me with my grammar

anyway read and review.
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