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Torn by Ava Pearce
Chapter 1 : Torn
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'You're a little late, I'm already torn.' ~ Torn by Natalie Imbruglia


"Neville, are you going to meet the Lovegood girl today?" Gran called from the next room.

"Yes Gran, at twelve," I replied before continuing to fiddle with the DA coin in my hand.

I’d never thought I’d go for a girl like her. I knew that the girl I went for wouldn’t be quite normal but she made unusual seem quite in the norm.

Luna Lovegood was beautiful. I loved her hair, long and the most beautiful blonde colour. Her eyes were the brightest blue, and they had a strange free look to them, like the world never sat on her shoulders, despite that being further from the truth than it was possible to be. She's suffered so much through the war, we all had, and we all lived with it every day. I was in love with her but it was sometimes hard to be around her with all the memories of the war that she brought about.

It had almost been a year since the battle of Hogwarts, and the ministry was in frenzy about setting up a memorial which would be unveiled at a special ceremony on May 2nd.

I thought it was only right for a memorial to be put up in the place where so many had lost their loved ones and some, their lives. I thought about the Weasley family, they would be commemorating the life of their lost son and brother, Fred. I hadn't known him that well at Hogwarts, apart from meetings at the DA and the memorable swamp incident in fifth year, which had been Fred and Georges' last act of defiance against Umbridge before they left Hogwarts.

But then, eventually my thoughts returned to Luna. She was meeting me for lunch at the Leaky Cauldron in about an hour. I was more than happy to be going to see after a few months in which she'd been travelling overseas, working as an apprentice magizoologist under the tuition of Newt Scamander, who'd written our first year textbook 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

I always knew she'd end up working with animals; she still wore the charm necklace that supposedly kept the Nargles away, and with every growing day I grew more horrified at the thought of her taking off the charm necklace, the radish earrings. I loved the way she kept her wand behind her ear and a quill stuck through her hair whenever it was tied up.

I had started off thinking she was weird like all the others but I had ended up loving her for who she was. She was crazy, mad and the strangest girl to walk the planet earth, but she was Luna Lovegood, and I loved her for it.

"Well you better hurry up and make yourself presentable; you'll be meeting her in a half hour."

"I am presentable," I replied, hastily straightening up the collar of my robes.

"Honestly Neville-" Gran walked into the room and stopped in her tracks at the sight of my indeed presentable robes, there wasn't a smudge of soil upon like my usual robes had, "Neville spot on with the robes but won't you consider combing your hair?"

"No its fine like this," I didn't want to comb my hair because I knew she liked it like this. I smiled and stood up to the mirror hanging over the mantel piece in my bedroom. I once again straightened my persistently crooked collar; I consider using a straightening charm before a memory of her voice echoed through my head.

"That collar is rather hilarious. It must have a mind of its own."

So I decided to leave it crooked.

"Goodbye Gran," I called at ten to twelve as I walked into the hallway and apparated on the spot.

Augusta Longbottom stood smiling at the spot where her Grandson had just disapparated.

"He's head over heels for that Lovegood girl," She murmured to herself, before smiling again and returning to the sitting room.


I sat marvelling at the wonderful painting of the late vampire minister for magic, Rufus Scrimgeour. His portrait hung on the wall of the Leaky Cauldron due to him destroying a coven of vampires that had set their sights on Tom the barmen once. Off course, the official version had been that Scrimgeour had donated an amount of money to the pub when a financial crisis had been occurring to Tom the Barmen, but I knew better. Daddy had also received numerous reports from sources about the story and had been threatened with legal action had he published the story in the Quibbler titled 'Helping Mortals; The reason why a new portrait hangs on the wall of the Leaky Cauldron'.

I was waiting to have lunch with Neville, he was meeting me at twelve but I always believed in being ten minutes early to confuse the pack of Nargles that had recently been following me around after stealing a copy of my schedule for the month. Though I was very nervous about seeing him again, after spending a few months abroad studying with Mr Scamander, I'd kindled a relationship with his Grandson Rolf and was now having to break the news to Neville. I knew Neville had feelings for me, it was rather obvious, and he was a lovely person but I couldn't see him as anything other than a brother. I loved Neville, but I wasn't in love with him. I knew it would be painful to tell him about it, but it had to be done.

"Hullo Luna," his voice shot into my consciousness.

I smiled as I looked up at him.

"Hello Neville."

"How have you been? How was the trip, you looked like you've picked up a bit of a tan."

"Oh yes that the month we spent in Greece researching more upon Chimaeras’ courting habits. Rolf nearly lost his arm on the expedition."

"Rolf?" Neville questioned. I gulped; this was the moment I felt like putting off for a while.

"Yes, he's the grandson of Newt Scamander. Mr Scamander is getting a bit old really and Rolf accompanies him on some of the expeditions to help him with the more physically strenuous activities that he finds more difficult to do at his age. He's..."

"Yes," said Neville, his smile quickly fading from his face.

"Rolf's also my boyfriend... I'm sorry Neville; I know how you feel about me. But I love you like a brother, nothing else."

Neville's eyes had dropped to the table.

"I suppose it’s for the best. I love you but sometimes you remind me of things from the war and..."

I stood up and walked around the table to his chair before hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry Neville, I really am."

He was silent but he hugged me back.

"Please speak," I begged him.

"I love you Luna, I love everything about you but I can't make you love me... This Rolf better take good care of you or watch out."

My heart felt like it almost broke at that point.

"Thank you," I whispered into his shirt, feeling a few tears slip down my face and splash onto his face.

Neville smiled weakly.

"Can we still be a friend? I know it’s a silly question. I don't think you'd-"

"I still want you in my life Luna; I still need you in my life."

I felt torn but I knew that Rolf was who I wanted. Neville was still my best friend but Rolf seemed to be my future.

I kissed Neville on the cheek.

"I think we should schedule lunch for another day. I need to go home," Neville whispered.

"Ok, say hello to your Gran for me and Neville... I really am sorry."

"I know, see you around Luna."

I watched sadly as he disapparated out of the pub. A fear tears still ran down my face.

An owl swooped through the open window and landed on my table, it dropped a letter from its beak and screeched loudly. I handed it a few hot chips from my plate and it screeched again before eating them.

I untied the letter, it read.

'To my love,

Will you join me for dinner this evening at my house? I'd be most honoured if you could attend..

Yours truly,


I smiled before returning the owl with my 'yes' attached to it in ink and paper.

It was later that night as Rolf and I finished tea that he began to do something that made me catch my breath.

He got down onto one knee.

“Luna, will you be my wife?”

~A year later~

I sat staring out the window as Ginny and Hermione and River (Rolf's twin sister) braided my hair into an intricate up do. Today I was marrying Rolf and I dearly hoped that Neville had received the invitation I'd sent him secretly, and that he would attend. I'd read in the Daily Prophet of his recent hiring as Herbology professor at Hogwarts. It suited him perfectly and I knew that he would truly enjoy it there, it was literally his dream job, and it would most likely prevent him from attending.

But I really hoped he would.

"Luna my dear, are you ready?" The voice of my father called from outside the door.

"Yes," I called standing up and straightening out my wedding dress which Ginny had described as 'ethereal' which meant 'fairy like'. She said it suited my personality exactly at which I had laughed.

My father opened the door and he stared at me for a moment before exclaiming.

"My dear, you look beautiful... She'll forgive me for saying this because she would agree, but you look even more beautiful than your mother did on her wedding day."

I blushed madly and felt greatly honoured; I always knew how much my Father had considered my mother a great beauty. And she had been beautiful. Even though, as every year passed, my memories of her faded little by little, I still remembered her beauty and most of all her kindness.

"Thank you Daddy."

"Are we all ready," Ginny asked excitedly, I nodded and we exited my bedroom, proceeded down the spiral staircase and through the house out into the garden were the wedding was taking place.

Ginny, Hermione and River walked a head of me in their beautiful yellow gowns and I looked up to the altar where Harry and Ron and Rolf’s friend Jeremiah stood as best man. Though I took notice of all these things, they were but things in the back of my mind as I focused upon the man I loved standing at the altar.

He smiled as he watched me walk up to him. I took hold of his hands and the ceremony began.

And when the tiny wizard who had been at Bill and Fleurs’ wedding had announced up bonded for life. Rolf kissed me in front of the cheering crowd of family and friends and my face split into a huge smile. I turned, holding Rolf's hand and looked out over our family and friends and my eyes spotted the figure of a dark haired man sitting in the crowd.

It was Neville and he was smiling and cheering along with all the rest of us.

And he had a girl on his arm. It was Hannah Abbott, a girl I remembered from Hogwarts.

At the same time I was both happy and envious but I pushed it out of my mind as we began walking back down the aisle, everyone stood up to applaud us and the chairs transformed into tables and chair and a dance floor materialised in the middle of the area.

I took the dance floor with Rolf for my first Dance.

"You look stunning my love," He whispered in my ear.

"Thank you and you look terribly happy," I replied, with my head on his chest as I danced.

"That's because I am," he replied and I smiled.

I danced next with my father and then with Rolf a couple of times and then at the end of a song to which I had been with Harry, a tap on my shoulder made me turn around.

"Hello Luna, may I have this dance?"

"Of course,"

I started dancing with him and he smiled.

"I didn't know whether you would actually come or not."

"I couldn't miss your wedding,"

"Thank you,"

"Though I still wish it could have been me up there."

I glared at him for a second.

"But you're with Hannah," I protested.

"Whom I love, but I still love you as well."

"Well I'm sorry Neville, but you know my thoughts and feelings on that topic."

"I know you still see as a brother."

"Please don't let this end badly. This is a happy day; I want this to continue to be a happy day."

"And it will continue to be a happy day. I'm sorry for being such a git."

I smiled weakly and continued to dance until the end of the song.

"Goodbye Luna," he said as he walked back amongst the crowd to find Hannah.

"Goodbye Neville," I whispered back, a little bit too late.

Hey everyone, I've been meaning to write a Neville/Luna and a Rolf/Luna one shot for a while and then when the oppurtunity for both presented itself when I got given the song 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia for the 90's lyric challenge and instantly thought 'wow, Rolf/Luna/Neville triangle.'
I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and it would mean the world to me if you could please leave a review,
Ava xoxo

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Torn: Torn


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