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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 1 : Muggles dressed in black
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There was a chill in the air. Jake Hunt could feel it, despite the blistering August sunshine and the current heat wave Northampton was experiencing; there was definitely a chill in the air. All was not right with the world. Could it have had something to do with the recent spate of horrifying Muggle murders? Possibly. More likely the fact that it was a funeral. Worse still, a Muggle funeral. Jake knew his dad, knew him well and he knew how much he would have hated to be have had a Muggle funeral. Jake had had a blazing row with his mum after she had announced it, but to no avail. Being the only wizard left in his family, Jake wasn’t surprised. That explained why he was standing by his father’s grave dressed in a black suit. Muggles dressed in black for their funerals. Wizards did too for the most part, but at least they made it look good. All the sad faces around the grave didn’t seem right to Jake. They didn’t know his dad, not like he had known him. They didn’t even know how he had died...

A car crash they had been told. Jake wanted to laugh at the pitiful excuse. His dad would never drive a car if he could help it. Come to think of it, he’d never seen his dad on a broom either. His dad seemed to Apparate everywhere. Jake loved his dad, but he could never see why his dad had married a Muggle. It wasn’t because he had anything against Muggles, after all that was his whole family now, but his dad had always been an eccentric wizard, never the type to settle down with a Muggle family. Except he had. But ultimately, the boredom of living with non-magic folk had killed his dad. He had tried one experiment too many and as a result, what was left of him was in a coffin at Jake’s feet. Jake hated himself for his thoughts but knew they were only because he was angry and sad. He loved his mum and his siblings but they could never understand him. He hated them for that and he hated them for dragging his father to his grave.

Jake felt a hand on his shoulder and turned. For the first time that day, he managed to smile. It was amazing how he could smile but then that was one of the best things about Amelia Middleton; she could always cheer him up. She was wearing a simple black dress, but Jake knew it had been a pale lilac before she had taken her wand to it. Amelia was never afraid to use magic to solve a problem, which was in itself a small miracle. Her hair was a deep chestnut brown and relaxed loosely on her shoulders. Her hazel eyes, usually calm and fun-filled, were full of anxiety and pain. He knew she was close to crying after all, he had been as much a father to her as he had been to Jake but he didn’t want her to know that he knew. She was clearly trying to be strong for the both of them, because Jake’s cheeks were already stinging with wet, salty tears. 

“How are bearing up?” she asked softly. 

At that moment, Jake’s brother Oliver grabbed his brother’s left arm. Jake swung his right and his fist made firm contact with Oliver’s face, sending him sprawling. Many of the people at the funeral threw him ugly looks. Amelia didn’t look shocked. 

“Ah better then I see,” she said, answering her own question. “At least you didn’t use your wand.” 

“I’m in a bloody public place Amy. I may be sad, but I’m not stupid,” Jake snarled.
Amelia ignored the venom in his voice. She knew he wasn’t trying to hurt her. Jake looked at her apologetically, the tears still flowing as she pulled him into a light hug.

Jake and Amelia had been friends since they were 2. Jake, who had always been considered a caring boy, had stumbled across her in a tree crying. When Jake had asked her how she’d got up, she told him she’d had no idea. Jake’s dad had been nearby and had realized Amelia was a witch almost straight away. They hit it off instantly and had been practically inseparable ever since. Amelia hadn’t had a great upbringing by all accounts. Her parents were drunk and abusive and she had been chased by their vicious greyhounds on more than one occasion. As a result, she spent most of her life with Jake and though she always claimed she had to go home, more often than not she’d wake up on Jake’s sofa to find a fresh cup of tea and a rueful smile on his face. So much so that Jake had a second bed in his room specifically for her. Jake’s parents didn’t mind. Jake was always happier when Amelia was around and there weren’t many wizards in the area, so it was good he had found a friend.

His dad in particular had been ecstatic and had insisted on teaching the pair of them everything they would need in life, magical and non-magical. Consequently, whilst all the other kids in the neighbourhood sat in classrooms, learning about maths, reading and writing, Jake and Amelia whizzed around on tiny brooms, cooked up mini cocktails and took a more active approach to learning. Yes, they still learned important “Muggle subjects” as his dad called them, but they learnt them in a fun way. They often Apparated along with Jake’s dad and by their 15th birthday they had both caught on how to do it. They had been 1 year away from fully completing their magical education and now, even though they were both of age, they were heading off to the only magical school in the country: Hogwarts. Neither of them minded too much about leaving the Muggle world behind, but they would both miss the life they had shared for over 15 years.

Jake and Amelia sat for a while. The funeral had finished and the Muggles dressed in black had gone home. Jake felt he needed to do some magic, but he could barely hold his wand. Magic reminded him of his dad and that only made him more unstable. He felt a hand dig into his pocket as Amelia pulled out his wand. She gave it to him and he held it firmly in his hand. 

“Go on,” she whispered. “You need to make the first step.” 

Jake thought hard and flicked his wand. Amelia yelled as she was lifted into the air by an invisible force. 

“Libracorpus!” She yelled, instantly forgetting she only needed to think it. Jake’s spell wore off and she hit the ground with a thud. She stood ferociously, blowing her tousled hair out of her face. 

“OF ALL THE SPELLS!” she cried. She couldn’t help but smile though. Jake was laughing and, as far as she was concerned, he hadn’t laughed in too long. She wasn’t letting him get away unpunished though. 

“Aquamenti!” she muttered, pointing her wand at Jake, whose smile promptly vanished, replaced by a look of horror as a torrent of water flew out of Amelia’s wand. 

After a few seconds, she released the spell, as she was bursting with laughter. Jake spluttered and ran a hand through his raven hair, which was untidy at the best of times. Following its soaking at Amelia’s hands, it was positively bedraggled. His eyes had some life in them again, Amelia noticed as she recovered from her laughing fit. Jake’s brown eyes did seem to have a glint in them. But he had barely uttered a word before Amelia’s jet of water struck him again. Somehow, through the flood, he managed to utter the word: “Protego!” Amelia couldn’t release her spell in time and the water pounded off Jake’s shield, rebounding into her, throwing her off her feet. This time it was Jake’s turn to roar with laughter as his friend picked herself up, looking very dishevelled. Her dress was soaked and her eyes mischievous. 

“Right! Now-” 

She never finished her sentence as Jake sent another spell her way and before either of them knew what was happening, they were kids again, carefree kids duelling in Jake’s garden, both of them knowing the other would never let them win, but still eager to try.

It was getting late by the time they were heading back. They were both filthy and tired, but they’d had fun, for what seemed like the first time in forever, even though in reality, it had only been about a week. There was a girl sitting on Jake’s doorstep as his house came into site. A red-head. Amelia grinned teasingly and as they reached the front door, she kissed Jake on the cheek playfully before heading inside. Jake slammed the door chuckling, she only ever kissed his cheek when Lily was around. Lily was stunning, her long legs and perfectly shaped skinny body showed off perfectly by the shorts and t-shirt that clung to them. Her eyes were a vivid green and sparkled like two perfect emeralds. Her lustrous red hair was short but cute, a symbol of her feisty nature. However, her usually seductive and flirtatious face was different. It was showing the other amazing thing about Lily. She was unassailably caring. Her pink lips were forming a gentle smile and she stood up before Jake had a chance to sit down. 

“Let’s take a walk handsome.”

Jake didn’t want to talk. He had had enough of stupid Muggles telling him they were sorry for his loss, enough of people trying to understand what it was like for him. He wanted to hex them all into oblivion, but he reckoned that it would be frowned upon by the Ministry, especially with the recent mass murder of Muggles by an unknown wizard. Amelia was different. She had talked to him a bit, but had quickly figured out how useful talking was. She didn’t need to try to brighten his day; she had the innate ability to instantly cheer him up. Lily however, was something entirely different. This was the first time Jake had seen her since his dad’s death, as she knew it was going to be tough on him. Lily was, in all honesty, a summer fling. Jake had had a few girlfriends, but nothing meaningful. It didn’t help that every girl he’d gone out with had been jealous of Amelia and on more than one occasion they’d tried to make him choose between her and Amelia. That always ended the same way. Lily was different. She wasn’t bothered about Amelia or anyone else. She only cared about Jake. But, whilst she was nice and kind, the main reason she and Jake were together was purely physical. Yeah, they liked each other and got along, but they were hardly soul mates. This made it easy for Lily to be detached in the bedroom and (though Jake would never admit it) he lost his virginity to Lily. Amelia didn’t necessarily approve of their antics and had walked in on them twice, but she had never complained. She knew Jake was a guy and she left it at that, though she couldn’t help but tease him whenever she got the chance. Luckily for Jake, even on this occasion, Lily didn’t want to talk. She had wanted to show him a secret spot in the forest she had found and what it could be used for...

Lily Evans was a beautiful girl. She didn’t feel big-headed saying or thinking it, because it was true. Her usually long ruby locks, her stunningly green eyes and her phenomenal body made her instantly likeable. However, Lily’s looks weren’t her best quality. She was one of the most caring people you could ever wish to meet and her friends and family meant the world to her. She lived happily and in everything she did, she put in 100%. But there was a problem. Nobody’s life was perfect and Lily Evans’ number one problem was her sister. Petunia. Lovely name (their parents quite obviously loved flowers) but anything but a lovely girl. She was hopelessly jealous that Lily was a witch and over the last 7 years, that jealousy had turned to hatred. Petunia did everything she could to hurt Lily, safe in the knowledge that their parents would never allow Lily to use magic to retaliate. Lily had always tried to make peace with her sister, but it had never worked out that way. Her sister was also jealous of Lily’s looks and every so often, Lily would wake up to find her hair sheared off or her clothes damaged. Nothing a little magic couldn’t fix, but Lily was endlessly frustrated by the lengths her sister would go to in order to seem as good as Lily. It didn’t help that James Potter and Severus Snape were both madly in love with her. Lily had found her own nice guy though, in Jake. She had however, neglected to tell him she was a witch.

“You got your hair cut,” Jake commented in between kisses. 

“Petunia,” Lily explained. “But I like it like this to be honest, thought I might try it out for a while. What do you think?” 

“I think it doesn’t matter how long it is, it’s still gorgeous, just like you!” Jake replied, pulling off his shirt and discarding it into the trees. Lily chuckled as she lay back. Jake lay down beside her, the blanket underneath them magically enchanted to support their body weight, even though they were stretched out between two big branches in a tree. Lily hadn’t really noticed which Jake was glad about; he was taking a risk. 

“How long did you say until you go back to school?” Jake asked. 

“Two weeks,” Lily replied, a hint of sadness in her voice. “I’m gonna miss you.” 

“Well,” Jake replied, oblivious to what the date meant for him, “We both knew this wouldn’t last forever. It was only ever a summer thing.” 

Although Lily was tortured by the words, she made no indication of it. 

“Yeah, I know. Still, it was fun while it lasted right?” 

“Yes, it definitely was.”

Jake’s trousers floated towards the ground and he was about to kiss Lily again when... 


Only one person used his full name. 

“Really Amelia, do you mind? We’re a bit busy!!” 

“Your mom says to get your arse back for dinner. You can see Lily tomorrow unless I decide we need to go shopping,” Amelia yelled, thoroughly enjoying every second of Jake’s evident discomfort from above as she examined his fallen trousers. 

“Come on Amy, just a few more minutes...” 

“NOW Jacob! Or you’ll be spending tomorrow lugging around my shopping!” 

“She’s joking,” Jake whispered to Lily. “I hope.” 

Lily was giggling in the way only Lily could and Jake hated himself for having to leave her. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow babe.”

A/N  Sorry everyone who was just getting into E:AMT but some stuff happened and I had to delete it. However, it's back now and it's better than ever! I hope. 23 chapters already in the finished column only a few more left. For those of you who never read E:AMT, enjoy anyway. As always, but now more than ever, I dedicate my stories to Rockstar, the Amelia to my Jake. She's helped me through so much in my life and she's my inspiration and my muse. It's just a shame we had to go our separate ways. Any mistakes I've made guys could you point them out it's a learning curve. Please review if you can and enjoy the story. Oh and this is JK Rowling's world, I'm just putting my own spin on things. Cheers x


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