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In the Palm of Sin by Cleopatraa
Chapter 1 : Temptation in itís highest level
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He was sin.

Pure, unadulterated sin.

Sin she could never resist. He was her addiction. She needed him like the very air she breathes.

She wanted him, only him. But he didn’t notice her. He never did. She hated him so much. The reason? She loved him. Isn’t it ironic that the things she hated about him were the things that initially attracted her to him? Pathetic, isn’t it?

She hated the way his hair looked like black silk, she hated the way he let it grow long, until it reached his chin, she hated the way he smirked, she hated the way he talked, as if each syllable was a sensual caress on your skin, and she hated the way he walked as if he owned the world.

But most of all she hated the fact that she couldn’t hate him. She just couldn’t.

She was addicted to a kiss that never blessed her lips. Addicted to a touch that never caressed her skin.

She wanted to bury her fingers in his hair. She wanted to touch each part of his body. She wanted to kiss him and let the feeling of pleasure sweep through her. However she couldn’t. It was not meant to be.

He was a true Slytherin, through and through. Ambitious to a fault, cold, calculating and every other trait Slytherin prides itself for. He didn’t mind using his mind or body to get to where and what he wanted. And there were plenty who wanted him for the latter.

Dear Merlin, she wanted him badly.

Regulus Black was pure sin. Temptation in it’s highest level.

He was perfection.

He and his brother were almost identical in appearance. But they were nothing alike.

Slytherin and Gryffindor.
Dark and light.
Mystery and pranks.
Ice and fire.

Sirius was an rebel, but Regulus, he was everything. He was sin.

He would never look at her. His piercing grey eyes looked past her. He would never look at her with his eyes filled with love. Not even lust. She’s, after all, only Ishani Patil a sixth year Ravenclaw student. Another face in the crowd. Another nameless student.

She wanted him to know her. She wanted him to love her. Devour her. Kiss her. Lust her.

Why didn’t he want her? She was a pureblood from a highly respectable family. She was wealthy. She would have been approved. Unlike his brother she was not a Gryffindor. Ravenclaws were accepted by Slytherins. But he still didn’t want her. He even didn’t know she existed.

Why did she fell in love with Regulus? Why not Sirius? The lesser of the two brothers. Sirius had asked her out but she had said no. She couldn’t say yes . She was in love with his brother. Not with him. He’s not him.



Why couldn’t he be more like his brother. Why? Ishani knew she would never change a thing about him even if she could, otherwise he wouldn’t be him. Regulus Black.



Authors note: What did you think of it? Also I imagined Ishani to be the Patil twins aunt. The sister of their father. Please review and rate! Also check out my other stories and my MTA!

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