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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 17 : Chapter Seventeen: A Christmas Proposal
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Chapter Seventeen: A Christmas Proposal
By: MysticPhoenix


When Sekhmet had finally fallen asleep on Christmas Eve night she was very pleased with herself. Everyone was too excited for the next morning to really sleep. The girls spent most of the night wrapping the gifts they bought for the boys and each other. The joke gifts were wrapped in funny Christmas wrapping paper with dancing elves, while the actual gifts were wrapped in pretty wrapping paper as Sekhmet put it.

The next morning Sekhmet woke up bright and early. Her birthday and Christmas were the only two times she was ever in a good mood so early, and it was because she knew she was getting presents. She jumped on each of the girl's beds yelling for them to get up. When she was satisfied that Lily, Isis, and Alice were sufficiently awake she ran to the boy’s room bursting through the door and flinging the curtains open.

"WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!" Sekhmet yelled jumping from one bed to the other.

"What the..." James trailed off as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on, Sekhmet had just launched herself off his bed.

"Sek you are the last person I want to see on my bed Christmas morning." Sirius grumbled throwing a pillow at her.

"Just pretend I'm Isis. I mean we are twins." Sekhmet threw the pillow back at him.

"Yes, but only in looks."

"Since its Christmas I choose to ignore that comment."

"Lucky me." Sirius grumbled getting out of bed.

“Don't push it Padfoot." James warned getting out of bed and grabbing his robe.

"Merry Christmas Remus!" Sekhmet launched herself at Remus kissing him before he could answer.

"Merry Christmas to you too." Remus smiled when Sekhmet finally pulled away.

"Out!" Sekhmet suddenly shouted pointing to the door.

"Huh?" Peter looked confused as he pulled his arms threw the sleeves of his robe

"Think about it Peter." Sirius winked causing Peter to turn bright red.

"Would you get your mind out of the gutter!” Sekhmet stuck her tongue out.

"Like you're not ...." Sirius started.

"I said out!"

"Come on guys." James said pulling Sirius out of the room

The boys walked downstairs joking about what Sekhmet and Remus might be doing. As Sirius, James, and Frank came to the bottom of the stairs they saw the girls sitting on the chairs and couches around the fireplace in their robes and PJs. They each had a mug of hot chocolate in their hands and were laughing.

"Morning Kitty." Sirius said coming behind Isis and wrapping his arms around her, "Merry Christmas." Sirius said kissing her.
“Merry Christmas to you too." Isis smiled as Sirius jumped over the couch taking a seat next to her.

"Nice PJs!" Sirius smirks Isis had left her robe open showing her PJs. They were silk Christmas ones that Sekhmet had bought her the year before with silk bottoms that had little snowmen on them and the top was a blue silk spaghetti strap with a snowman holding a sign that said ‘Merry Xmas’.

“Thanks, you too." Isis smirked looking at his bare chest and reindeer boxers.

"See something you like?" Sirius smiled leaning closer.

"Not really." Isis smirked as Sirius kissed her again

"Oh get a room you two!" James laughed.

"Like you two are any better over there." Sirius commented, Lily turned bright red.

"TIME FOR PRESENTS!" Sekhmet came bounding down the stairs with
Remus following behind.

"He has all the luck." Sirius whined well Isis raised an eyebrow "I'll shut up."

"Silly boy!" Sekhmet started grabbing presents out from under the tree. "Okay now boys you have to open the ones wrapped in snowmen wrapping first!"

"Why?" Peter asked.

"Cause I say so."

"Peter don't argue." Remus said.


Once the snowmen wrapped was off and the boxes opened the boys were shocked beyond words. All the boys revived from Sekhmet condoms and edible underwear. Lily got the boys all look improvement products for those as hideous as a toad. Isis got the boys fuzzy pink handcuffs. While Alice had given all the boys hair re-growing products.

"You girls are so sweet." Frank laughed looking at his gifts.

"Thank you! Now we can open the rest!" Sekhmet grabbed her
presents tearing the wrapping away.

Sekhmet was thrilled by her gifts. From Isis she had received a new video camera. Lily had bought her a book called "How to become a Successful Director". Alice and Frank had given her another called "Movie Making and Editing 101" while Peter had given her one called "Being Successful in Hollywood". From James and Sirius she had received a professional home movie editing program.

"Thank you so much! They’re perfect!" Sekhmet was thrilled.

"Well you have to have the best to be a director." James said matter-of-factly.

"Here's mine." Remus handed Sekhmet a small box.

Sekhmet gasps as she opened the small box, "Remus it’s wonderful!" In the box sat a silver charm bracelet with four charms: a cat, a wolf, a charm of the goddess Sekhmet, and a film reel. "I love it!"

“Merry Christmas" Remus leaned over and kissed Sekhmet. “Alright Sis your turn.”

Sekhmet shoved her gift at Isis which was a box full of sexy costumes. Isis glared at her sister and Sirius attempted to hide the excited smile. From Lily Isis received a fancy new quill and a new journal. Remus gave her the “Encyclopedia of Transfiguration” and James gave her a book on book on the world’s greatest qudditch players in the past century. Frank and Alice gave her “Guild to Becoming an Aurora” and Peter gave her a box of her favorite Honeydukes candies.

“Don’t forget mine.” Sirius beamed handing her his present.

"Oh Sirius it''s beautiful!" Sitting in the little box was a white gold heart necklace with a topaz tear drop in the center, "I love it." Isis kissed Sirius and Sekhmet pretended to throw up.

"Okay Lily's turn!" Sekhmet shouted.

Just like Isis Sekhmet had given Lily a box full of sexy costumes much to James delight and Lily’s embarrassment. Isis gave her a beautiful coat she had been eyeing the last time they had gone shopping, Remus gave her “Great Healers in History”, Honeydukes candies from Peter, Sirius bought her a brand new set of fancy quills and different colored inks, Alice and Frank got her the complete set of
encyclopedias for Healers.

"Don't forget mine." James handed Lily a small box as Lily opened the box her mouth dropped. Sitting inside the box was a pair of lily shaped diamond and emerald earrings.

"Oh James they’re so beautiful!"

"Merry Christmas Flower." James kissed Lily who couldn’t stop staring at her present.

Remus was the next to open his presents. Sirius, James, and Peter had all pitched in and bought a handsome pocket watch for him. On the front was a howling wolf and the back had been engraved with his nickname. Sekhmet gave him a new pair of fashionable dress robes after hearing he had none. As Sekhmet put it her man has to always be ready for any function. This made everyone laugh. Isis got Remus a new series of books he had been eyeing over the summer at a Muggle bookstore and Frank and Alice got him a new leather wallet.

Isis gave Sirius a handsome new wristwatch while Sekhmet gave him behind the scene footage and photos of Isis the movie, most of them were when she was in very suggestive positions. James got him new Chaser's gloves, Peter bought him his favorite styling products, Remus got him his favorite Zonko’s products, and Alice and Frank gave him a new broom servicing kit.

Lily had a Muggle lettermen’s jacket made for James, who was very impressed that Muggles had jackets that showed their sports achievements. Sirius gave him new arm guards and gloves, while Remus gave him a new whistle and play book, James’s old one was full. Isis gave him the "Aurors guild to Advance Defense Against the Dark Arts" and Peter got him all of his favorite Zonko’s Products. Sekhmet gave him a photo album full of pictures of Lily.

“Thank you guys.” James smiled giving Lily another kiss.

"Open mine first Alice." Frank said looking very nervous.

“Ok.” Alice gave Frank an odd look as he handed her a small wrapped box. “Oh! Oh my!”

Frank got down on one knee taking the ring from the box and slipping it on Alice’s figure, "Alice will you marry me?"

"YES!" Alice flung her arms around Frank knocking him to the ground, "Yes!" She repeated kissing him. The gang erupted into cheers. Alice was completely speechless with a huge smile on her face while from wore a look Frank joy and amazement.

"Congratulations!" James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius took turns shaking Frank's hand while the girls were jumping up and down and fawning over Alice's ring in-between giving her hugs.

"I have to go owl my parents!" Alice said suddenly before she shot off out of the common room with Frank hot on her tail.

"Well all this excitement has made me hungry! Food time!" Sekhmet grabbed Remus and made a b-line for the door.

"We should clean up first!" Lily yelled at Sekhmet's retreating back.

"Nice try Lily." James laughed as he grabbed all of his gifts.

Everyone gathered their present; Lily helped Isis with Sekhmet's. Hurrying upstairs the girls quickly dressed, Lily wearing her new earrings and Isis wearing her new necklace. Isis couldn’t help but smile at how the necklace looked, she could not stop smiling.

"Oh Sekhmet forgot her bracelet." Isis noticed the box lying on her bed, "I should take it down to her."

"Are you ready yet?" Lily asked coming back from the bathroom.

“Almost I just need to put on my shoes."

“Sek is probably half way through the food by now. I don't get how she can eat so much and still be so skinny. It's not fair."

"Yeah tell me about it." Isis put her last shoe on "Okay let's go eat."

After breakfast, and much convincing on Sekhmet's part, the gang headed outside to play in the snow. Sekhmet whined that she would get wet, but Remus assured her that they were just going to build snowmen, that didn't last too long. Within twenty minutes of being outside Sirius decided to throw snowballs, the first one hitting Sekhmet. Sekhmet scream running after Sirius until Isis threw a snowball at her as well.

"TRAITOR!!!" Sekhmet screamed and the snowball war began.

Nobody was safe and no one play fair. Isis and Sekhmet both turned into their cat forms, unnoticed by the rest of the group, in order to climb higher into the trees. Sirius managed to follow Isis into the tree she had chose and back down while Sekhmet pelted everyone in sight with snowballs. No one bothered with magic, the Muggle way was much more fun. James chased Lily around the edge of the lake as she tried to hide behind trees and boulders throwing handfuls of snow as she did. The snowball fight lasted a good two hours before the gang made their way soaking wet back to the common room.

"I think I'm going to take a bath and warm up." Isis announced as her Alice, Lily, and Sekhmet stripped down to the driest layer of clothing. Isis grabbed her bath things, a towel, and a pair of sweats and left the room.

For Christmas dinner Sekhmet decided that the girls needed to dress up. Sekhmet brought out dresses for each of the girls and she went crazy doing everyone’s hair and makeup saying that they boys needed a good shock. If she was being dramatic enough already, Sekhmet announced that the girls were to walk down the stairs one by one so each of their guys got the full effect, Alice first since she just got engaged.

The boys waiting in the common room impeccably dressed. They had found slacks and dress shirts lying on their beds. Sirius was wondering out load what was taking the girls so long when the sound of heels coming down the stairs caught their attention. Franks mouth dropped when he saw Alice coming down the stairs in a deep purple off the shoulder number that hugged every curve stopping at her knees. Her shoulder length hair hung in loose curls.

"I really am the luckiest man in the world." Frank said as he met her at the bottom of the stairs with a kiss.

“I see you boys found your outfits and managed to dress yourselves properly.” Sekhmet smiled as she descended the stairs. Remus's eyes nearly pooped out of their sockets as she walked down in a halter red number with no back and strappy read heels. Her long black hair, like Alice's, hung in loose curls and she sported ruby red lips to match her dress. "Close your mouth before you start drooling." Sekhmet put one fingure under Remus's chin closing his mouth. "I will not have my man drooling."

"I think I've died and gone to heaven." James fell dramatically off the couch onto his knees.

"Oh quite being so dramatic James it’s just a dress." Lily walked down the stairs shaking her head. She wore a forest green v-neck dress with a flowing pleated bottom that stopped at her knees. Her long red hair was pulled up in a half ponytail and in tight curls, her new earring sparkling as they caught the light. "Please get up off the floor."

"Anything for you my Flower." James said kissing her hand.

"Sometimes a question why I'm your girlfriend."

"As do the rest of us." Isis laughed coming down the stairs.

"!" Words failed Sirius.

"Did I just render Sirius Black speechless? I should get an award." Isis came down the stairs in a strapless, curve hugging, knee length, midnight blue dress and strappy heels. Her normally wavy hair was completely straight and her new necklace hung around her neck.

"I could give you an award." Sirius smirk

"I'm sure you could. Now when you done undressing me with your eyes I think we should head down to dinner I think Sek is a little hungry."

Christmas dinner was amazing. There was only one table as the school was close to deserted. Parents had quickly whisked their children home for the holidays. Frank, Alice, Lily, the twins, the marauders, and one or two students were the only ones left in the castle besides the teachers. Dumbledore made a quick speech wish everyone a Merry Christmas and congratulating Frank and Alice. When dinner was over the gang made their way back to the common room. Once there Sekhmet said that no one was allowed to change out of their outfits and that it would all be explain in two hours time and disappeared.

“Well in that case I'm going for a walk." Isis heading for the portrait Sirius following.

"Where are you going?"

"No idea just walking." Isis's voice sounded a bit off as she headed down the hall.

"Ok love what's up?" Sirius asked after several minutes of silence

"I guess I'm just thinking."

"About what?"

"The future. I just can’t help but thinking that Voldermort is out there somewhere and once we leave Hogwarts none of us will be safe. Frank and Alice or so lucky and I can't help but wonder if I'll ever have that." Isis sighed leaning against the wall.

"You will." Sirius said standing in front of Isis tucking strands of hair behind her ear "But for now you shouldn't worry so much about the future. Enjoy now, today. Enjoy Christmas." Sirius kissed her lips softly.

"I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it." She leaned her head back, "Sekhmet and I have never really had a family until we came here and met you guys. Even though we always fought it still felt like you guys were our family." A single tear fell down her cheek, Sirius brushed it away. "I'm just scared that one of these days I'll lose you, all of you!"

"I won't say that it may never happen, but all of us will fight to the end if that is our fate. But until that day comes, and hopefully we will all die of old age, we will still be together." Sirius leaned his head against hers, "I know what you mean when you say the group is your and Sek's family cause you guys are mine too." Sirius paused for a moment, "I love you Isis."

"I love you too Sirius." Sirius smiled before passionately kissing Isis wrapping one arm around her waist and while the other cradled her head.

"You do realize if we're late and don't look wonderful Sek will be mad."

"She said two hours we have time." Taking a moment to really take in how Isis looked in her dress.

"I should have worn another dress." Isis laughed pretending to be embarrassed.

"No you should wear this one more often." Sirius said while playing with the zipper on the side of her dress.

"Santa was wrong about you, he should have given you coal." Isis laughed.

"Apparently." Sirius replied kissing her neck, "What do you say we steel away to the Room of Requirements for a little while?"

"I say yes."

Two hours later everyone was back in the common room waiting for Sekhmet to return. Sirius and Isis made sure to make a quick stop by the bathrooms to make sure there was no evidence of their little make out session.

"Alright it's party time!" Sekhmet came bursting through the portrait hole with a bag, everyone look confused.

Sekhmet ignored the looks as she pulled all the tables together setting out tiny plates before waving her wand yelling "Engorgio!" The plates instantly become large platters with mounds of food and sweets. There were also buckets of drinks, butterbeer, firewiskey were among the selection. With another wave of her wand a large banner hung itself above the fireplace, it read: CONGRADULATIONS FRANK AND ALICE!

"Sek were you planning on feeding an army?" Remus asked picking up a caldron cake.

"Yes, there are five of you boys, thus there is an army to feed."

"She has a good point." Sirius commented filling a plate.

"Of course I do!" Sekhmet waved her wand and the radio began to play music, "Let's get this party started, but first a toast to the happy couple. Lily I think this would be your area.”

“From the moment you two started dating there was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that you were meant for one another, it was just a matter of how long it would take Frank to work up the courage,” Lily paused a moment allowing everyone to laugh, “and he finally did. To Alice and Frank we wish you all the happiness in the world! Congratulations!” Everyone cheered as they raised their glasses.

That night was the best Christmas anyone could remember. Alice and Frank practiced their first dance dramatically waltzing around the common room. Even Professor McGonagall joined in on the celebration for a bit. With no worries of school the next day and holiday homework forgotten the group ate, drank, and danced until the sun shown over the hills.

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